tagNon-EroticWelcome To the Family Ch. 01

Welcome To the Family Ch. 01


Authors note – Hello everyone and thank you for reading. This story may be a bit long and will span over numerous categories. It will involve things such as BDSM, Lesbian sex, group sex, and maybe more. I will put each chapter in the category that best fits it. The first chapter is non-erotic so sorry if you came here looking for quick sex but that doesn't happen in this story. It will soon so if you can hang around until then I think you will enjoy the wait.


Chapter One – The Family

I have always been what most people would describe as shy but most people don't realise that it runs deeper than that, in my early teenage years I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. This, in a nutshell, means I am terrified of people. I am terrified of embarrassing myself in public, terrified of people's reactions, terrified that they will become hostile or even violent. Due to this it shouldn't be surprising that I spend a lot of time on the internet.

On the internet I don't need to be afraid of everyone I speak to. I can take my time to think about what I am going to say, reducing the risk that I will say something stupid or silly. There is no risk of me tripping and falling over and making a fool out of myself. There is no risk of people becoming violent and if they become hostile, there is always that handy little 'block' button. On the internet I feel safe. Safe to be myself.

That's how I ended up on a popular fetish website. Through my browsing around the internet I had discovered the world of kink, purely by accident, and I was intrigued and enthralled. I quickly lost myself down the rabbit hole and never looked back.

I came to the conclusion that I am a submissive. Giving up control seemed to have such an appeal to me. My everyday life always felt out of control and I was powerless to change that. Giving someone else that control over my life sounded like it would be such a release. I didn't just want to be controlled sexually; I wanted nearly every aspect of my life controlled, from what clothes I wore, what I ate, where I went and even what I did. I wasn't too sure whether the reality of this would be how I imagined it but I could only hope.

So I set out about finding a Dominant. I wasn't exactly too picky in my search, gender didn't matter to me and I wasn't really too bothered when it came to someone's appearance. The main thing I looked for was someone around my own age. The idea of having a Dominant who was several years my senior or my junior didn't appeal to me.

That's when I found her profile. She was, in my opinion, absolutely stunning. I know I said I wasn't too picky when it came to looks but I could still appreciate when someone was as attractive as she was; wavy auburn hair down to just below her shoulder blades, milky flawless skin and curves to die for.

Her profile said she was twenty-six years old, only two years older than myself. It went on to explain how she was one of two Dominant parties in a polyamorous D/s household. This intrigued me. I had read about polyamorous households online before and I assumed that it worked the same as those just with the D/s lifestyle added into it. I was very curious, so I sent her a message. I figured if it wasn't for me I could say so and there would be no harm done.

I learnt that her name was Rebecca and her partner was Jacob. They were the two Dominants of the household and at that moment in time had two submissives in the house also. They were interested in finding a third. I expressed my interest but also made it perfectly clear that I wasn't sure this was for me, but wanted to know more before making up my mind.

So me and Rebecca spent around six months just talking. We didn't always speak about the kinky stuff, we also got to know each other as well. Rebecca lived on a farm that she had inherited from her Grandfather and on the farm they mainly bred horses. She explained how her Grandfather used to breed and train racehorses, and was so good at it he had also been able to leave her a decent amount of money when he passed. I told her how I actually had a fair amount of equestrian experience. She enquired into what experience I had and I explained how I had been riding since I was a little girl and when I was a teenager I had studied horse management a bit so I knew my way around stables and horses.

"It must be fate that you found my profile" She said to that.

I was starting to like Rebecca and she was starting to like me as well. So we arranged a meet up. She only lived in the next town over so invited me to come and have a look around their farm and to also meet the other members of her household. I accepted the invitation but also warned Rebecca of my Social Anxiety. I didn't want her to think I was being rude if at any point I wasn't speaking much. She said she understood and we planned a day and a time for my visit.

So here I was, driving along a long country road to meet Rebecca and her household. I was so scared I was having difficulty paying attention to the road. What if she didn't like me that much in person? What if I made a fool of myself? All of my usual anxieties were overwhelming. I put on some music to try and drown out those thoughts. It helped a bit but the tell-tale signs of my anxiety remained. My hands were sweaty, my arms and legs tingled and it felt like there were butterflies in my stomach that were slowly eating their way out of me.

When I saw the house appear at the end of the road I had to pull over to get my breathing under control as I had started to hyperventilate. Remembering the breathing exercises my therapist had given me I soon managed to get my breathing back to a semi-normal pace. Once the light headedness went away I continued the drive up to the house.

When Rebecca had said she had inherited a farm I didn't think she meant this.

This wasn't a farm. This was a mansion. The house was huge, the grounds beautiful. It was obviously a very old building but had been kept in good condition without modernising too much. In front of the house was a large garden with a fountain and well kept trees and flower beds. It took my breath away. To the left of the house were several fields where I could see a few horses grazing.

My inspection of the property was interrupted when I saw Rebecca walking towards my car, a warm smile on her face.

She didn't look as glamorous as her pictures but she was no less beautiful. Her hair was tied up and pinned away from her face and she was wearing riding gear. Black riding boots, tan jodhpurs and a simple white shirt. I took a deep breath and got out of the car just as Rebecca reached it.

"Annabelle! It's good to finally meet you." Rebecca embraced me in a warm hug, catching me off guard.

"You too! When you said you lived on a farm I didn't expect this!" I replied looking around.

"Most people don't." She chuckled. "My grandfather was a very good horse breeder and an even better trainer. He made quite a name for himself." She explained as we walked towards the house. "So how was the drive? You found us okay I hope."

"It was okay, I found you fine." I replied, but Rebecca gave me a pointed look.

"What is it? What happened?"

"Nothing really. It was fine." Rebecca stopped walking and put her hands on my shoulders turning me to face her.

"Annabelle tell me." She said sternly. The look she gave me made my insides melt. How could I refuse her?

"I had a little bit of a panic attack coming up the road." Her expression changed to one of concern so I quickly added, "No its fine! Really. I have it under control."

The stern look was back. "Annabelle, even if you have it under control you need to tell me these things. I can't begin to help or even understand if I don't know. If you decide to join our household you need to be honest with me about these things."

I looked down at the floor. "I just don't want to bother anyone with it." I said so quietly it was almost a whisper.

A few seconds went by and then I felt her hand under my chin, gently but firmly making me look at her. "You won't bother anyone with it. At least not here. How can we judge others in any way when most people would judge us for our lifestyle?" She asked, her hand felt warm on my chin and made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

I thought about it coming to the conclusion that she did have a good point. I nodded my understanding and she smiled. "So come with me and I'll introduce you to everyone. After that I'll show you around and you can even meet the horses." She took my hand and led me into the house.

Inside was just as beautiful as the outside. The entryway was a large room with a large staircase leading upstairs and several doors along the walls. Stunning paintings decorated the walls, so much that it felt like I had stepped into an art gallery.

Rebecca led me through a door to the right and into a large kitchen. The kitchen had a very country feel to it while also being more modern than what I had already seen of the house. In the kitchen were two people. One man and one women.

"Annabelle this is Jacob and Emily." She introduced us.

The first to greet me was Jacob. He strode over to me with confident strides and also welcomed me with a hug. Jacob was a tall man, easily six feet tall. His hair was a dark brown and was quite long, held back in a ponytail. He had bright blue eyes and a small beard.

"It's good to meet you Annabelle, Rebecca has told us so much about you." I smiled and nodded, my words failing me.

Next was Emily. She was a short woman, around five feet tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and eyes that were almost grey in colour. She bounced over to me, smiling and also embraced me.

"Lovely to meet you Annabelle! None of us bite, not unless you ask anyway, so there's no need to look so scared." She laughed and I smiled in return. Emily seemed to have such a bubbly attitude that it was infectious.

"Emily behave." Rebecca warned her, sounding stern.

"Sorry Mistress." She replied. Her casual use of the title surprised me. Rebecca must have saw my shock.

"I have instructed everyone to act as they normally would while you are here Annabelle so you can get an accurate feel for how things work." She explained and I nodded. That made sense. "Emily make yourself useful and fetch Dani so she can meet Annabelle as well." She instructed.

"Of course Mistress." Emily turned and left the kitchen.

"Have a seat Annabelle. Would you like a drink? Tea, Coffee?" She asked.

"Tea would be nice thank-you." I sat down at the table and Jacob joined me.

"So what do you think of the place so far?" He asked as Rebecca started making tea.

"It's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it. I put a lot of work into making this place look nice." He smiled. I heard Rebecca cough pointedly behind me and Jacobs smile turned into a cheeky grin. "We put in a lot of work." He amended.

Just at that moment the kitchen door opened and in walked Emily followed by who I assumed was Dani.

Dani looked so much different to Emily. She was a little larger and taller, around 5"5'. Her hair was cut very short, almost a buzz cut and was bright pink. She had a couple of facial piercings and her ears were pierced and stretched. She walked over towards us with confident strides.

"Hi Annabelle, I'm Dani. It's nice to meet you." Unlike the others she shook my hand in greeting. I nodded in reply, feeling a little tense now that there were four people in the room who I had only just met.

Rebecca walked over and handed me a cup of tea, giving me a reassuring smile. I tried to return her smile but it couldn't have been very convincing because Rebecca turned to the others and in what I can only describe as a commanding voice said, "Right girls. Go and make yourselves useful. The playroom needs cleaning."

Emily smiled and said, "Yes Mistress. It was nice to meet you Annabelle." Before leaving the room. Dani simply nodded and followed behind her. Rebecca joined me and Jacob at the table.

"So Annabelle. Do you have any questions so far?" Rebecca asked.

"How does all of this work? I know you explained it somewhat but..." I trailed off, not sure how to explain my confusion. Rebecca seemed to understand.

"Basically me and Jacob are the Dominants, and Emily and Dani are our submissives. They belong to us. Both of us." She explained, glancing at Jacob and smiling.

"Is it all of the time?" I asked.

This time Jacob answered, "That would be up to you if you were to join us. You would be expected to help out around the house and farm but if you wanted to have a day off from being a submissive that would be discussed and a day, or days, agreed upon." He smiled warmly.

I nodded in response. "And what sort of things are they expected to do? As submissives I mean." I asked.

"Again that would be up to you." Rebecca answered. "Before things started properly we would sit down with you and have a long conversation about it. What we did with both Emily and Dani was we came up with a list of things that we would like and they said whether there was anything on that list they weren't okay with. If there was anything they were unsure of we asked them whether they were willing to try it. In a safe environment of course."

"So they're not both expected to do the same things?" I asked, noticing I had finished my cup of tea by this point.

"Well the list of things we gave them to begin with was the same but they both crossed out different things. This does mean there is a decent amount of overlap though. So we have plenty of material for group play." Rebecca laughed softly glancing at Jacob once again.

I must have looked a bit panicked because Jacob quickly said, "Group play is optional too Annabelle. Don't worry about that. We would prefer to have the option but we don't want to do anything that you wouldn't enjoy." He smiled.

I looked down at my hands. This was all a bit much for me all at once. I had to admit to myself that so far the whole thing sounded like something I would enjoy but it also terrified me. Disappointing one person was bad enough but disappointing up to four people?

I looked up when I felt pressure on my hand. Rebecca had taken my hand in hers.

"It's okay. Don't look so terrified. If you were to decide to join us we would be with you every step of the way. Yes we would be your Dominants and we would be strict. We're not unkind though. Your issues would be taken into account. Now," She said standing up, "Come with me and I'll show you the horses." She pulled me to my feet and I followed, her hand still in mine.

Rebecca led me outside through a door in the kitchen. We walked through a back garden that was as beautiful as the front. There was a stunning array of flowers, shrubs and in the centre of the garden was a big oak tree. Underneath the tree was a wooden bench. I thought I saw some ropes coiled up underneath the bench but I couldn't be sure as Rebecca led me out of the garden and into the stables.

The smell instantly calmed me down. I couldn't think of a better smell than the smell of horses.

"At the moment we only have four horses, one of our mares is pregnant though." Rebecca explained leading me down the row of stables, so far all of them empty. We walked until we reached the end of the row. "This is Spirit our stallion," She said motioning towards a beautiful Palomino, "And this is Mindy, our pregnant mare." She motioned towards a grey mare who did indeed look very pregnant.

I walked over to Spirit and lifted my hand towards him. He gave it a sniff and moved closer. I slowly began petting his nose.

"He's beautiful." I said my voice hushed.

"He really is. He's the sire of Mindy's foal. I'm excited to see what it will look like." Rebecca explained.

I walked over to Mindy repeating my motions as I had with Spirit. "They're both stunning animals."

"Thank-you. We're very proud of our horses. Mindy is mine and Spirit is Jacobs. The two outside belong to Emily and Dani." I glanced up at Rebecca.

"So you all have a horse each?" I asked.

"Yes. We don't train racehorses any more. That was my grandfathers area. We do still breed them though. Once Emily and Dani had been here a while it seemed only right. As long as they don't neglect the animal or their other duties the horse is theirs." She explained.

Rebecca showed me around the rest of the house and even let me ride Dani's mare, Bailey. After that we sat in the kitchen and spoke for what seemed like hours. When at last it was time for me to leave Rebecca walked me to my car.

As I was unlocking my car door I felt Rebecca's hands on my shoulders, firmly spinning me around. Before I had a chance to react she pressed me against the car and embraced me in a passionate and firm kiss. Her tongue touched mine and my insides seemed to melt.

Much too soon for my liking she pulled away. He eyes seemed to burn bright with passion. My heart fluttered slightly at the sight.

"I hope you decide to join us." She whispered then turned and walked back into the house.

I stood there in a daze for a moment, willing my legs to work. I finally regained control of myself and got in my car.

For the next six months I progressively spend more and more time at the farm. Rebecca didn't kiss me again and simply let me get used to the place and the others. Slowly I felt comfortable there. No one mentioned the D/s stuff to me but they didn't hide it either. Such as the time Emily was hovering next to me and when I asked why she didn't just sit down she explained,

"I can't. Before you came here today I got cheeky with Jacob and he punished me. I can't quite sit down comfortably yet." I must have turned an unattractive shade of red at that because Emily laughed, "Don't worry. I deserved it."

After six months when I went around one night I asked if I could speak to Rebecca and Jacob privately. I think they suspected what I wanted to say as they shared a pointed look before asking Emily and Dani to leave the room.

"What's on your mind Annabelle?" Jacob asked.

I took a deep breath. "I would like to join you." I said looking at my lap.

I felt one of them take my hand but I didn't look up. I was scared that they wouldn't want me. That I'd look up and see expressions of disgust.

A few seconds past in silence and I felt a hand under my chin forcing me to look up. What I saw wasn't what I feared. Rebecca was holding my hand and Jacob was the one with his hand on my chin. They both were looking at me with similar expressions of happiness and concern.

"Are you sure this is what you want Annabelle?" Rebecca asked giving my hand a squeeze. Jacobs thumb was caressing my cheek. At that moment I felt safe. Cared for. Even loved.

I took another deep breath and nodded. "Yes." At my answer I leaned my head into Jacobs hand and entwined my fingers with Rebecca's. "I've wanted to for a bit now but could never find the confidence to say so." I admitted quietly.

Rebecca gave my hand a squeeze. "It's okay. We understand."

"When would you like to move in then and do you need help to transport any of your things?" Jacob asked.

I thought about it for a moment. "I should be able to pack everything up in about a week." I nodded to myself then looked at Jacob. "I would appreciate some help. It would take me a few trips in my car."

"I would be happy to help." He replied and then he surprised me by leaning in and kissing me, long and deep. I sighed against his lips, the tension and anxiety that I would be rejected melting away. When he pulled away I couldn't help but smile.

Rebecca leaned over and kissed me also, her tongue mixing with mine. When she broke the kiss she rested her forehead against mine and sighed. "I am so very happy you decided to join us." She whispered softly. I smiled.

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