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Welcome to the Inferno


Authors note:

First off apologies for the delay in getting this finished, I was taking a much need break from anything work related.

This is a spin off from my 'Tale of Two Switches' series and takes place between Chapters 3 and 4. It is slightly more BDSM than my normal hence why I have posted to this section, although it will be a little tame in comparison.

I hope to have chapter 5 good to go shortly where things will return to the norm.

Enjoy ATM


Welcome to the Inferno

Dominic surveyed the room below. His private lounge had an entire wall windowed with mirrored glass, so that he could watch events in Purgatory while no one could see him observing. There was no real need for him to do this, as he knew that Jinn and her team of enforcers were, if anything over efficient at interrupting any trouble before it started, but he was very conscientious person and liked to ensure he knew what was happening at all times.

His family had always joked that while his twin sister Zabina had been born with all the personal skills, he had gained all the intelligence. They hadn't been far from the truth. Zabina from an early age could wrap anyone around her fingers with her easy charm and charismatic personality. She was always the centre of attention, whereas Dominic was serious and quiet. Often reading or studying and hovering around the peripheral of conversations. It wasn't until they were ten when people realised just how different he was. A boy at their school had made the error of bullying Zabina. Dominic had found her in tears and even though the bully was two years older and far bigger, Dominic proceeded to beat the boy senseless. This in itself wasn't odd, but people did begin to notice he hadn't shown any real emotion when he actually carried out the beating. No anger, no hate, no fear and certainly no remorse. After several visits to various doctors and psychiatrists the diagnosis was that Dominic had a severe personality disorder. Words like 'high functioning' 'sociopathy' and 'bordering on psychopathic behavior' were mentioned. A long list of advice was given, including various drugs and other more invasive treatments.

Zabina watched her intelligent, beautiful brother become a lifeless shell as adults pumped him full of medicine that would 'cure' him. The bond between the two was so strong she couldn't stand by and watch her brother fade away. Out of desperation she hatched the plan for her to teach him how to act 'normal.' Six months later the doctors called it a miracle cure and patted each other on the back.

Needless to say Zabina was never bullied again.

As they grew in to adulthood, the inseparable pair of siblings they branched out in their interests. Studying didn't hold any attraction for Zabina and very little kept her attention for long. Instead she used her talents in the fashion world, managing to charm a few of the big names in to selling some of their goods through the boutique she opened. One thing led to another and before long she owned a chain of very upmarket shops selling high end designer goods.

Dominic was the polar opposite, he studied a lot. He had an ability to soak up information like a sponge. If a subject interested him, he consumed everything there was to know about it. Chemistry, computing, architecture and engineering were all devoured and still he hungered for more. With an IQ estimated in excess of one hundred and forty, Dominic was singled out by several talent hunters, one of which was a member of the Triple Nine Society, and a high ranking member of the Directorate of Science and Technology with the CIA.

The world that the Intelligence agency offered appealed to Dominic and he flourished within it. This was multiplied when he discovered that he had an uncanny ability to read other peoples emotional reactions to the point he could almost tell what they were thinking. His multi talents led him to become a rapidly rising star as an interrogator and analyst. But as with everything he had absorbed, he quickly became bored and began to look for other challenges. He left the Agency under good circumstances and after a lunch discussion with Zabina went in to partnership with her in opening a small restaurant. The unpredictable demands of the industry for some reason held his attention for longer than anything else had in years, and before long they had expanded to the ground floor of a large building down town, until once more boredom struck. Dominic decided to expand the restaurant by buying the remainder of the building and completely re designing the upper and lower floors.

That was when he met Jinn.

Jinn, a native Australian had been working as a surfing instructor and went looking for work at the end of the season. She applied for a position in the business and was interviewed by Dominic. He was immediately taken with her. As someone who didn't have any emotional connection to anyone apart from his twin, this was as close to love at first sight as he was ever going to experience. It was Jinn that open the door to the world of BDSM for Dominic and Zabina. Dominic was, unsurprisingly a natural at domination. He was never cruel to any of the women that came seeking his talents, but he could take them to heights they hadn't dreamed of before and Jinn made great use of her athletic build to dominate any man or woman that paid for it.

One day an old colleague of Dominic's came calling. The CIA had picked up a terror suspect and wanted Dominic to conduct an interrogation outside of the department. He suggested using the BDSM dungeon they had constructed. After all what better place to torture someone than a torture chamber. The plan worked so well the Agency ensured that the club was allowed certain leniencies in its licencing in exchange for Dominic and Jinn supplying the needed talents for any information extraction interviews they required.

And So the Ascension Club was born.

Now three years later Dominic watched over the eatery that had become Purgatorio, one of the three levels of the club. A small commotion caught his eye as a blonde woman groped on of the waitresses. He shook his head silently. He would have to have a few words with the man that had brought the blonde to the club as a guest.

He headed down the small flight of stairs, through a hidden door and out in to Purgatorio. He aware that Jinn was already speaking to the man, who looked extremely worried. Dominic wondered exactly what Jinn was saying to him, whatever it was, it would be less than gentle.

Smiling more out of instinct than actual pleasure, Dominic watched his sister Zabina doing a fairly good job of showing Alexandria how to tango on the dancefloor. Although they really needed some detailed instruction on how to correctly perform the dance. He approved that she had found someone who loved her for who she was. They made a beautiful pair.

Then the blonde rose from her chair and shouted something to Zabina and Alexandria.

In Dominic's mind, a single transgression of the rules could be forgiven after a warning. A second infraction was unforgivable.

Across the room Jinn's glance caught his. A slight nod was all that was needed to convey the necessary instructions.

Fixing his normal smile on his face Dominic crossed the room.

"Ladies." He acknowledged Zabina and Alexandria, using his seductive voice. "Please allow me."

He softly placed one hand on the blonde's elbow and the other in the small of her back. With very little effort he turned her away from his sister's table and in to the hands of Jinn.

"Zabina, Alexandria." Dominic greeted. "On behalf of the Ascension, I apologise for the interruption to your evening. It will not happen again."

"Thank you Dominic, I think we will be alright." Zabina replied.

He allowed a casual smile to run across his lips as Alexandria paled. She had seen through his veneer of humanity. Zabina had been correct that she was very intuitive.

"There is no need to feel fear from me Alexandria. You out of all the people here are amongst the safest." Dominic said to her letting the emotionless smile touching his lips again as the look of shock crossed her face.

"When you grow up unable to feel or express emotion you learn to read others easily. After a while it becomes almost instinctual as to what people are thinking. It also helps if you want to push someone to the limits of their body. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to."

He nodded to Alexandria, kissed Zabina's hand and crossed back to the doorway through which he had entered Purgatorio. Instead of returning to his office he took another flight of stairs downwards then through another door in to a lounge area dominated by wall of blank monitors. Several comfortable couches and chairs occupied the remaining floor space. In one of the chairs the blonde from the floor above sat. Jinn, looking menacing, hovered behind her chair.

Dominic crossed to a large drinks cabinet and poured himself a large glass of a very excellent cognac then took a seat directly opposite the sullen looking blonde.

He had played this game so many times it was as easy as wearing the false smile that he greeted people with. He took a packet of cigarettes out of a jacket pocket and lit one with a plain stainless Zippo. Another part of the performance. Still in silence he exhaled smoke lazily while taking a few seconds to study Jinn. The black suits and red shirts had been Zabina's idea, the face paint Jinn's. There was something about the confident Australian that fascinated Dominic. In any other person it would be love, but to him it was recreation. Not that Jinn complained. She was totally dedicated to Dominic and fully understood that his attention to her was a deep as it could be.

A minute glance passed between Dominic and Jinn. A signal for the next step of the performance to begin.

Jinn stepped forwards and passed him a sheet of paper. Without looking at it Dominic knew it would be some basic details of the woman in the chair. Nothing complicated. Name, address, date of birth, who invited her to the club. Enough for Dominic to work with.

He glanced at the paper for a few seconds. Memorising the majority in that small amount of time.

A perfect smoke ring was expelled and drifted towards the ceiling.

"Miss Cindy Jackson." Dominic said, his voice flat and words clipped. "You were an invited guest of Mr David Ward. I am sure Mr Ward would have explained the rules before you came here this evening. So I would assume that you knew beforehand that out staff are not to be touched unless prior arrangements had been made."

The woman scowled in reply. "Is this about some cheap slut waitress?"

Part of Dominic rejoiced. The game was far more enjoyable when it was at the least a bit of a challenge.

"Miss Jackson. None of my staff are cheap sluts. You would be very wise to remember that."

"You have no right to keep me here. I'm sure Dave will be waiting for me, he'll be worried."

Dominic allowed a slightly emptier smile to be displayed.

"Mr Ward has already left the building. I am sure by now he will be on his way home to his wife. So I doubt very much that he will be either waiting or worrying about you."

A look of shock and surprise played across Cindy's face.

Exactly the expressions Dominic had planned for.

"Oh, I am sorry Miss Jackson. You were not aware he was married."

Cindy remained silent for a short time. A sulky frown etched on her brow.

"I would still like to leave."

"Miss Jackson, we are not keeping you here against your will. You can check out anytime you like. We just wanted to ensue you were made aware of the rules in the eventuality you had the desire to experience more of what we have to offer."

Cindy stopped half out of her seat.

"So apart from the nightclub and the eatery, what else do you have?"

Dominic had never tried fishing. The idea of trying to persuade a fish to bite a hook had never appealed to him. The act of baiting a person to agree to do something that normally they wouldn't was a very different matter, but at the same time a very similar process.

"You haven't been made aware of our special areas?" Dominic asked with a fake look of surprise on his face.

"I was just told that is was a very good place to eat with a live music area and other entertainment." An expression of curiosity now decorated Cindy's face.

"Then let me educate you a little Miss Jackson." Dominic offered as he activated a remote control.

The bank of monitors sprang to life showing the various acts being carried out in The Inferno.

A gasp of surprise escaped from Cindy's lips, as she took in the scenes depicted.

"We cater to a very private need for most forms of BDSM in the Inferno." Dominic told her as he flicked through the displays showing a man chained to a cross brace being tormented by two women, then another with a man whipping a woman tied to a rack. "I assume from your expression that this may interest you." Dominic asked. Even though he already knew what her answer would be.

"Do you supply the victims?" Cindy asked, not taking her eyes off the displays.

"For the right price and for the right person, we can supply anything."

"How much as we talking?"

The false smile touched his lips briefly. "Before we allow anyone to experience everything the Ascension club has to offer, we have to perform a small initiation." He waved his hand as if to pass off the comment as inconsequential.

"And that would be what?" Cindy asked.

"Some forms to sign, a small tour and a supervised session." Again Dominic brushed the reply off as unimportant.

"That doesn't sound unreasonable. What sort of forms?"

Dominic re directed his attention to Jinn. "Could you bring me the standard membership form Jinn. And possibly a drink for Miss Jackson." Dominic switched his attention back to Cindy. "Nothing too taxing." Dominic answered. "Just your standard waiver, more for insurance purposes in case of the unfortunate event of injury. As you can imagine there is a high opportunity for... how do we say... accidents." He let the last word hang in the air.

Cindy licked her lips.

Dominic knew very well that the cruel streak in the woman was salivating at the chance to inflict pain on someone vulnerable.

Jinn placed a drink in Cindy's hand then passed a sheaf of papers to Dominic, then moved to stand behind Dominic.

After rustling some pages of forms, Dominic stood and passed them to Cindy. "Just sign there." He said offering a pen.

Cindy looked at the paperwork, casting her eyes over the legal jargon.

"Wow the Senator is really getting it tonight." Jinn said loudly watching one of the monitors.

Cindy's snapped up from the paperwork.

"Jinn, remember what I told you about confidentiality." Dominic admonished, then turned his attention back to Cindy.

"Shall we have the tour now? That is if you have signed those forms."

Hurriedly Cindy scribbled her signature and handed the paperwork and pen to Jinn.

"Please, finish your drink first Miss Jackson. There is no rush." Dominic suggested with his customary empty smile.

Cindy gulped the wine down in one swallow and stood. "Ready when you are."

Again the emotionless smile touched Dominic's lips as he stood and opened a door. "So Miss Jackson, this is the Inferno and the main feature of our little dungeon. Obviously we have to insist on total confidentiality of all our guests."

An expression of thoughtfulness flickered across Cindy's face briefly. Much to Dominic's amusement.

The trio walked along the gantry overlooking the dungeon then down a flight of stairs to a side corridor lined with doors. Dominic paused in front of a door.

"This is one of our private rooms and where we will conduct your supervised session. I am sure you will understand, we have to ensure that you have a full understanding of how things work before we allow anything unsupervised."

Cindy nodded in agreement as she moved in to the room, her eyes taking in the various restraining devices eagerly.

"Now Miss Jackson, if you would be kind enough to stand just here, we will commence the first session?" Dominic indicated to the centre of the room.

Looking slightly dazed Cindy moved to the indicated spot as Jinn wheeled a sturdy metal frame over to her. Efficiently the Australian fastened shackles around Cindy's ankles and wrists.

"You may have noticed you do not seem to be able to concentrate on anything." Dominic informed her as Jinn activated controls on the frame to tighten the chains. "That is because the wine you drank was laced with a small concoction of my own design. A little something to help you relax."

As the chains tightened Cindy was lifted off the floor until she was suspended six inches in the air, her arms and legs spread in to an X. Carefully Jinn slipped a ball gag in to Cindy's mouth and tightened the straps holding it in place.

"Thank you Jinn." Dominic said as he checked the Rolex on his wrist. "If I am correct in my assumption my sister and her lover will be making their way down here shortly Jinn. Would you be kind enough to meet them and show the around. I will be unavailable for the next hour."

Jinn smiled, nodded and left the room.

Dominic checked his watch once more. "Now Miss Jackson, the drug you so eagerly ingested was a form of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, or GBH as it is also known. In its normal form it is a sort of date rape drug. But I have altered its base state slightly. The first stage was just to make you a little more compliant and will begin to wearing off. After all we wouldn't want you to miss any of this experience. And just in case you are wondering the forms you signed were consent to everything you are about to experience."

Exactly as predicted Cindy's eyes regained focus and she began to struggle against the restraints that now held her. But the frame had been designed expertly and the taught chains held her so securely that the only thing she could move was her head.

Dominic lifted a dangerous looking knife off a table next to him allowing her eyes to focus on the shining blade.

"This is a Tantō. A rather beautiful instrument made by a specialist weapons master. This particular type is called a Kubikiri. You will notice the cutting edge is on the inside of the curve rather than the outside. These were supposedly used to remove the heads of enemies of the Samurai. I however have an entirely different use for it."

He moved around behind Cindy, who tried to twist her head around to see what he was doing. Slowly Dominic slipped the leading point of the blade in top the top of her dress with the curve towards him.

Cindy stiffened at the touch of the cold metal against her skin.

The blade slipped easily downwards, cutting through the material as easily as it would through water.

When the Japanese blade reached the bottom to the dress Dominic stepped back to let the ruined garment fall to the floor.

Briefly the blade touched her skin twice more as her underwear joined the dress on the floor.

"Now we have those out of the way, we can get down to the serious business." Dominic told her as he scooped the garments up and dropped them in to a receptacle set in to the wall.

"The next part of the drug should now begin to take effect. This is a fairly powerful aphrodisiac. Normally it would make you beg for sexual fulfillment, but I find it has far more use when mixed with a hallucinogenic."

Dominic turned his back to her and pulled a hood over his head, then a pair of gloves on to his hands.

Reality began to blur for Cindy as her body began to burn with the need for raw sex. She had never felt the need for sexual release as much as she did at the moment. Then to her horror the need began to grow. It was almost as if she was at the very edge of the most immense orgasm she had ever experienced, but the climax just didn't happen. It just kept building.

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