tagNonHumanWelcome to the Jungle Ch. 02

Welcome to the Jungle Ch. 02


A few days went by since Dana had gotten a chance to into the zoo. She delivered her babies a week or so early, and once she recovered, she went back to the zoo, trying to cope with quite a few emotions and hormones left over from a pregnancy that really wasn't hers to keep the result of. She'd no sooner than closed the entrance gate behind her when a familiar voice rang in her head.

~Hello, Dana, you don’t seem to well, dear. Come by my pen when you can, I'll do what I can to cheer you up.~ A ridiculous image of the busty cat girl wearing a cheerleader's outfit and jumping up and down with pom-poms and mewing cheers for the keeper entered Dana's head, and despite her depression, she couldn't help but smile.

She went back to the 'Employees Only' section of the park and donned her brown shorts and short-sleeved shirt, looking down at her deflated tummy, really wanting her babies back. She clocked in and smiled a bit when she found out that she would be in charge of the cat-girl's exhibit again today. Her boss had even gone so far as to write that she had 'a rapport with the animal'. She picked up the tray of meat on the counter labeled with Sarah's scientific name, hefted it onto a golf cart and drove to her enclosure. When she got there she sighed softly. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty," she cooed, knowing that is would get a chuckle out of the cat.

Musical laughter filled her head as the cat girl laughed happily. ~Oh, stop it! You are too cute sometimes. I left a path for you to find to track me, see if you can find where I'm hidden. You'll like the surprise.~

Her tone of voice was slowly regaining some of the strain she'd had before dining on the zookeeper- the satiating effect it had had on her was slowly wearing off. nowhere near as urgent as it had been a few days ago, but it was coming back.

~I've been practicing a few Nekomimi tricks in anticipation of your return,~ she giggled and then went silent, waiting for Dana to start hunting for her.

She took the tray of meat and opened the enclosure and stepped inside. Once the door was latched, she dropped the tray on the floor, knowing that Sarah would only eat it if she were really hungry, preferring the 'fresher' meat she got the other day. Dana placed her hand over her stomach protectively, a habit from when she was pregnant. A flood of emotions washed over her and she sniffed softly. She found the trail that Sarah had left but knew how to get to the cave from before.

"Sarrie... are you in there?" she said as she peered through the underbrush.

~You can go to the cave but I'm not theeeeeeere!~ she replied in a singsong voice, giggling a little. ~I made a path for you to follow for a reason. practice all that useful knowledge I taught you about tracking and find me, silly!~

She rolled her eyes and spotted a cleared path in the trees. 'This way?' she asked the cat mentally.

~I give no help! follow the trail and you shall find me. Lose the trail and you can wander until your feet hurt,~ she spoke calmly, confident that Dana would find her.

Dana knew it was impossible to track a nekomimi unless they wanted to be tracked. There were subtle signs that Sarah had left for Dana- a leaf out of position, a spider web that had a single strand snapped by someone’s passing, twigs scattered on the ground from someone stepping on them. She saw other signs as she went on; a puddle that had been stepped in, a tuft of hair on a briar.

'Someone is shedding,' she said with a smile, hoping to get some reaction from the cat.

~SHEDDING?! I, my dear, do NOT shed. That's left over from grooming, thank you very much.~

There was no anger, just playfulness and happiness. Nekomimi, so far as Dana knew, were humanlike cats- fur from head to toe like regular cats, though their bodies were closer to human ones than feline ones. Dana wandered seemingly aimlessly, spotting little hints that the cat was there. She came to a part of the 'jungle' where the birds didn’t chirp and the bugs didn’t buzz. She looked around, knowing Sarah must be close.

A deep rumbling purr emanated from the thick foliage above and the branches on the trees here were all thick enough and closely spaced enough that climbing up to Sarah would be as easy as climbing a ladder.

~Nice to see you. Come on up, Dana.~

'Hey cutie,' she said in her mind, trying to seem as lighthearted as possible, even though her heart was on a roller coaster ride from hell. She dusted off her hands and grabbed one of the lower branches, hoisting herself up and getting a good footing. As soon as she saw Sarah, she almost fell. The Nekomimi's already huge breasts had become unbelievably huge, two vast round globes hanging down from the cat morph’s body as she lay sprawled on her stomach on a tree limb.

~Now, now, no use lying to yourself or me. You’re feeling miserable after having those two babies of yours leave, aren't you? Come on up, dear and I'll do what I can to cheer you up.~

Her eyes were immediately drawn to the massive breasts before her, wondering if the tree could hold such weight. She had a thought run through her head; a quote from a television show, "Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun... you get a sense of it and you look away!" and she turned away, choosing to look at her own hands.

~Yeah, but you won't go blind looking at my cleavage, darling.~

Dana spoke softly aloud, "I missed you Sarah, how have you been without me?"

~I've been kind of okay. They throw the steaks in and slam the door- no one dares come in here any more- I missed you a lot.~

'I missed you too! Surprisingly that got me through a lot after I gave birth. I figured if I couldn’t take care of them, I could come look after you. Maybe become a damsel in distress and have more stupid people come in and try to rescue me like Thompson did!' she grinned wickedly.

Dana inched closer to the cat and made a motion, indicating that, if acceptable, she wanted to rest her head next to the cat's. The nekomimi yawned hugely, purred and stretched, still laying on her branch. With one swift motion she'd pulled Dana close and cuddled close to the smaller woman.

~They'd catch on eventually, though. I can only block thoughts for so many people for so long. someone will notice and put two and two together,~ she sighed, ~I'm going to break out of here in a while, though. want to come with?~

'You want me to break out with you? Sarah... not to sound rude or inconsiderate but I can come in and out as I please. But I want to help you... just as long as you promise to come and visit!' she said with a mocking scowl.

Dana was really sorry that she could do nothing really for Sarah but even if she could she wouldn’t know what to do! The cat could bust out of here in a heartbeat, Dana truthfully didn’t know why she hadn’t already. She was smart enough and strong enough if it came down to brute force... it would be a cinch.

~Because everything happens for a reason and the reason for me to leave hasn't happened yet. And besides, wouldn’t you want to have kids again?~ the big cat girl purred nuzzling Dana and smiling.

'Of course I would but my next surrogacy wont start for another few months at least. Even if I were offered a job today it still takes 3 months for all the paperwork and legal stuff to go through.'

~What if you didn’t have to worry about paperwork? And you got to see the kids every day?~

She looked at the cat quizzically, 'What do you mean?'

~I'll answer when you do. What if it worked that way?~

'I would be ecstatic,' she thought, with a huge smile on her face.

~So you'd like it to work that way?~

'Yes, but it doesn’t,' she said, becoming downhearted again.

~It can. With a little help and a little traveling. You feel up to it?~

'Travel? Where are we going to go?!' she said, a bit upset. She stared into Sarah's beautiful eyes, honey brown met lightning blue. She cuddled the cat. 'Sarah, I would go anywhere with you,' she thought.

Sarah grinned and pulled Dana close, the slender girls' body pressed gently against Sarah’s right breast.

~Good! Then you'll come with me when I leave?~

'Yes... I have no true obligations, not even a pet at home to keep me company' she thought sadly. She nuzzled Sarah's breast, breathing hot air onto her.

~Thank you. Nekomimi... do no bear children easily, though with the magic we have, we've occasionally found people like you to be surrogates for us.~

'Really? That is so great!' she thought joyfully.

She got into surrogacy to bring love and joy to those who could not conceive on their own and loved it when she could offer them hope.

She smiled, ~Yyyyyep! Glad you agree! Now hop out of my tree so I can get down, beautiful. I have something for you.~

She stretched her muscles and groped her way down the tree. "It was so much easier to get up the tree," she vocally complained.

~Easy for you. not for me. I probably tripled my weight with these monsters, and that's just from that one zookeeper.~ She grimaced and stretched again, the branch creaking. ~You down yet?~

Dana hopped the last few feet to the ground and looked up at the graceful cat.

'Yeah, I'm done... get your butt down her already,' she smiled.

~Done!~ She swiped at the branch, weakening it to the point where it snapped and she tumbled down.. down.. down.... landing silently on all fours, her huge breasts spread out beneath her almost to the point where she COULDN'T stay on all fours. ~You need companionship, sweetie... let's go to my cave and get you relaxed.~

She got a surprised look on her face and just began stammering. 'Umm... but... don’t you think... how would... I-I-I'

~What? Just say it, dear~

'I-I-I... are you sure??' she said to the cat.

~If I didn’t suggest it, I wouldn’t be sure. Besides, you said you liked them the first time we talked.~

She blushed a brilliant shade of red and looked at the sexy cat woman. 'That actually sounds really good right about now,' she thought and smiled sweetly.

She smiled, stretching and gingerly standing up on two legs, her huge breasts right at face level for Dana, the massive mammaries swaying ponderously as the cat girl began walking to her cave. ~come on then.~

Dana practically drooled and wanted to take her right there but the risk of being caught was completely unacceptable. She followed to the cave, her stomach a nervous ball of knots. Sarah smiled walking into the cave, vanishing around a corner for a half second, one paw beckoning the girl to follow. Dana stooped low and entered the dark cave and smiled softly at the cat girl, so anxious to be with the sexy creature.

The cave was lit with small spheres of lightning and the cat girl... she’d gone from a human-looking feline to a true anime cat girl. Hair on her head, and a little between her legs, and a thin layer over her catlike ears, digigrade hand-paws and feet-paws and tail, the tail waving wildly with feline excitement.

“Mmmm... like what you see?” her voice rang through the air.

She blinked her eyes closed for a moment and smiled when it wasn’t a dream. She reveled in Sarah's pure whiteness and couldn’t wait to get to touch her soft skin.

The cat smiled, her huge breasts bare, the tiny nipples erect and begging to be sucked. "Go ahead and get undressed, girl. I can wait."

Dana nervously turned around and began unbuttoning her brown shirt and slid off her tacky brown shorts. She stood with her back to the cat as she unfastened her bra and wriggled out of her panties; the final touch, letting down her long hair. She turned slowly and revealed herself; a belly, despite just given birth was fairly toned, her breasts were fully engorged with milk and though dwarfed Sarah's, they were still quite impressive. She stared at her feet and waited for the verdict.

The neko girl smiled, her tail waving faster and laying down on a soft mattress from who knows where, laying on her back. "Come to me, sexy. I need this as much as you do."

She curled up on the mattress and nervously rested her hand on Sarah's hip. She looked her body over and smiled sweetly. “You are beautiful Sarah”

She smiled. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. what do you think of my breasts?"

”Those are nice enough to turn a gay man straight! Mmmmm I want to suck and nibble on them so badly!” she half whimpered.

"So go ahead! I'm not stopping you! touch them!"

She lifted a shaky hand and just barely touched the firm nipple. Dana let out a moan as she began her ministrations on the cat woman. She palmed her nipples and softly licked her puffy areolas. She relished in the subtle taste of her skin. She wanted more, had to have more!

Sarah moaned happily, pressing Dana against her breast. "Yess... oh yes... please, more..."

She took the little nipple in her hot mouth and sucked on it as she toyed with the other. She wanted to badly to please Sarah, feeling an unmistakable connection with her. The cat purred, the tiny pencil-eraser nipples stiff, the dime-sized areolas puffy and sweet, and then she felt milk gush into her mouth, hot sweet, delicious, unlike anything she'd ever had.

The cat girl was happily mewling and purring from Dana's touches and moaned happily. Dana breathed heavily, suckling on her teat, loving the sensations it produced, such incredible sweetness. She purred in her own little way; a soft rolling of her tongue in the back of her throat which was intended to send vibrations through Sarah's sensitive flesh.

Sarah gasped, purring and moaning her paws kneading her huge breasts, milk spraying as the space between her thighs became soaked, her tail sliding between Dana's thighs.

The keeper gasped audibly, feeling the tail invade her moistness. She moaned and shuddered, getting even more turned on. The tail started pumping hard and fast, sliding in and out as those huge breasts swelled bigger, rounder, softer, milk spraying from her nipples like geysers.


Dana sucked and flicked her tongue over the hard nipple. Her hand found its way in between Sarah's furry little lips and sought out her clit. Finding it she arched her back and stroked it with such fervor.

"Aaaaaaah!" She shivered and came again, her breasts swelling a little bit bigger, her body quivering as her tail thrust in and out of Dana far faster than any man had done to her and it felt much better too. Dana’s eyes fluttered and her body began to tremble as the keeper was caught in the throws of her own orgasm. She came hard, clenching her pussy rhythmically on the cat's tail, 'milking' it as if it were a man. The cat morph gasped, her breasts quivering and jiggling, each one big enough for Dana to use as a mattress, the soft pillowy flesh warm and sexy to the touch, "Aaaaahh!"

Dana panted and came down off her high, feeling Sarah's sticky tail still buried deep within her.

She smiled and purred. "Feel better?"

The keeper nodded over and over and cuddled close to the cat, softly licking the sweat off of her body.

She smiled, "Mmm... happy?"

”Yes Sarah... how could I be any happier?” she smiled.

"You could a have a litter of cubs in you. or, preferably two or three litters..."

She looked at the cat woman with wide eyes. “You could do that for me? Would I get to see them often like you said in the tree?”

"You'd be living in our community, with their parents. Short of having them wander off to be captured, you'd see them every day."

”Captured... what do you mean?”

"How do you think I ended up here? I got captured by hunters."

The keeper sat on the floor and crossed her legs, looking just like a toddler, ready for story time.

“Sarah... tell me all about it, please. I want to know what your communities are like and how you were captured and everything else!”

"Well, the entire place has a lot of magic in it- compasses and GPS stuff don’t work- they always get let away from our home. There are houses in the trees and on the ground, and everyone lives together and loves together- anyone can sleep with anyone else of age.”

She smiled, cuddling Dana close, slowly kneading her huge breasts and purring. "How long do you think you would need to get yourself together? I'll go when you're ready."

"Only a few days... I don’t have much," she said, smiling softly

"Just gather clothes you need and leave everything else. Can you find some long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt and a baseball cap for me? We'll travel legit, as humans would, and I'll need a hat to hide my ears." She smiles.

"And where should I bring all of the clothes for you? Do you want them in the zoo or in a public place?"

"Keep them at your house- I'll get them when I come there. Don’t bother with a bra, but get one of those long cloth bandages, an Ace bandage- you know what they are?”

"Yeah, I have a couple smaller ones for when my ankles get sore after carrying those babies. I also have a rather wide one that I used to wrap my stomach when I was interviewing for another job... didn’t think they would hire a pregnant woman."

"I'll use the big one. Can you get big boots for me, too?"

"Sure," the keeper looked down at the cat's feet and knew she would have to get a fairly large man's size. "You know what they say about cats with big feet, right... they have a long tail!" and she held the cat's tail gently in her hands and bathed it with her tongue, getting all the sticky residue from her fur.

She giggled, "THAT won’t be a problem, at least." She smiled, purring, "You'll have to go soon- they'll come in looking for you otherwise."

She nodded but didn’t want to go, "They wouldn’t come in here with that ferocious cat girl stalking the enclosure... unless they trip the switch that fills this place with knock-out gas! That wouldn’t be good! Me naked in your arms, wreaking of sex would put a damper on things," she giggled.

She chuckled. "They don’t know I'm immune to such things, do they?"

"If they did I don’t think they would have installed that apparatus... it cost the zoo $80,000!"

She giggled, and transformed back into her cat girl appearance and mewed. ~Go back now- I'll be ok. I'm here to talk to, you know that.~

She smiled and pulled on her clothes, 'accidentally' leaving her panties by the head of the mattress for her sexy lover. She found her way out of the enclosure and latched the door behind her. She was distracted all day and when she got off work she went right to Wal-Mart and bought her a nice big hat, a big pair of hiking boots, a long extra-large shirt to cover her chest and a pair of stretch jeans. She brought her things home and took out the large ace bandage. After setting them all out in a pile on the table she sat nervously and thought about all the events of the day. Her fingers could not help but wander into her shorts and stroke her bare pussy. She quickly brought herself to an explosive orgasm and rested in the afterglow on the couch

She'd managed to recover from the sex enough to be able to walk again, and once able to do so, Sarah climbed up into a tree, sprawled out on a branch, and slept, dreaming silent happy dreams, waiting for tomorrow.

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