tagLesbian SexWelcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood


Judy had watched the house beside hers go up for sale. There was no animosity between her and the current owners but, she had to admit that she was not sad to see them go. Her mind thought ahead to the people that might one day move in next to her. She wished that for once there might be someone that she could become close with. She hated that no one who could hold her interest ever moved into the neighborhood.

When the new owner finally did move in, Judy had been more than a little surprised. The new owner was a beautiful Latin lovely in her mid-twenties with long ebony hair and a pleasant disposition unlike most of the people in the neighborhood.

A month went by in which Judy watched this stunning woman. Now, being one of the only lesbians within a five mile radius did not mean that she ogled every woman that passed by but, she did find herself looking repeatedly at the woman whenever she would leave for her morning and evening run. There was something about the athletic woman wearing black spandex running pants and a matching sports bra, filled to near burst that was driving her mad with erotic fantasies.

Judy never failed to stop whatever she was doing to make time to watch the woman return from her run, chest heaving, eyes fiery and a marvelous glisten of sweat coating her lean body.

It was Saturday. Judy was out doing yard work. No, it wasn't glamorous work but, she enjoyed it which meant that every weekend without fail, she was out in her usual jeans and a t-shirt up to her knees in dirt, doing whatever she had to do to keep her flowers looking the best in the neighborhood.

This morning Judy was more than a little disappointed. She had hoped to see her neighbor go out for her usual morning run but, for some reason, the woman had not done so.

Thinking about the chance of, perhaps, introducing herself did nothing but, make her unbearably nervous. Judy wasn't shy but, there was something about this woman that made her more than a little weak in the knees.

She raised her head as she heard a woman's voice followed by a loud crash.

"Are you alright?" Judy asked staring at the woman lying in her driveway after crashing into her mailbox.

The woman lying on her back began to laugh as she looked up at the sky. Her hazel eyes left the sky above her to look down at the rollerblades on her feet.

"I've figured out how to get going," she said. "I just haven't learned how to make a graceful stop, yet."

She contemplated trying to stand but, thought twice about it. After taking off her rollerblades, she padded over to Judy in her socks. With a wonderful smile, she extended her hand.

"Hi, I'm Madison," she greeted. "You must be, Judy."

Judy was a little surprised by the fact that Madison knew her name. "Yeah, that's me. How'd you know my name?"

"Oh, Betty told me."

"Betty," Judy mumbled. "That figures."

Madison observed the weary sigh that left Judy's lips. Before she could comment on it, the older woman emerged from her house.

"Hello, ladies," Betty called.

"Right on cue," Judy said. Leaning forward, she told Madison her theory. "I think that she's got the entire neighborhood bugged."

Together, they looked to the house directly across from Madison's. A gray-haired old woman with a love to gossip waved.

"Hello, Betty," they said in unison. They looked at each other instantly feeling like they were back in grade-school.

"Maddy, are you alright?" Betty asked. "I saw your spill. Should we take you to the hospital?"

"No, Betty," Madison assured her with a smile. "I'm fine. A little embarrassed but, I'm fine."

"You're sure?"


"Well, if you're sure. You, two be good."

"We will."

"She sees everything that happens around here," Judy said even as she smiled and waved at the departing woman.

"Do we like her?" Madison asked. She kneeled down in front of the line which separated their property, looking to the woman across from her, who was tending to her tulips.

Judy was an attractive woman in her thirties. Her chestnut hair was pulled back into a ponytail, taking a few years off of her face. The years had been kind to her body which was still in very good shape. The smaller woman still possessed firm breasts which were displayed proudly in her t-shirt and her legs weren't as firm as they might have been ten years ago but, they were definitely nice, nonetheless.

"Oh, Betty's harmless," Judy answered absently. "But, if you value your life, do NOT take any baked goods that she gives you."


"Trust me," Judy said raising her blue eyes to meet hazel eyes. "You don't want to know."

"Thanks for the warning."

"Your welcome."

It was then that Judy realized that she had made it through most of their conversation without completely doing something to humiliate herself in front of this stunning young woman.

"So, why have you been holding out on me, Jude?" Madison asked playfully.

Judy's stomach knotted instantly. With Madison's words a flurry of erotic images danced before her eyes. "Pardon."

"You must have some wonderful secret for how to get the perfect garden. So stop tormenting me and spill it."

"But, we just met," Judy said, hearing the slight flirtatious tone in Madison's voice.

"Oh, come on. Do you mean to tell me that you have no intention of telling me your trade secret?"


"Give me one good reason why not."

"I told you," Judy laughed. "We just met."

"I said a good reason, love."

Judy felt the intensity of those hazel eyes upon her. It was invigorating.

"I'll make a deal with you," Madison said with a wicked smile.

"What kind of a deal?" Judy was dying with curiosity.

"A secret for a secret. You tell me your deepest darkest secret and I'll tell you mine. This way you know that you can trust me to keep your little gardening secret."

"You're kidding."

"No, I'm not. Try me." Madison saw Judy's hesitation. "Come on, love. Tell me your favorite fantasy."

Judy stopped tending to her garden. She crossed her arms, looking at her new neighbor. For a brief moment, she debated telling Madison any number of the fantasies that had involved her since her moving in one month ago but, opted against it.

"You go first," Judy dared.

"Ooh, love. I'm going to like you," Madison said with a smile. She motioned for Judy to go. "Ask me!"

Before Judy had realized that she had said it, the words were leaving her lips. "Favorite position?"

Madison's face brightened with mischief. "Ew, a sex question. How delightfully wicked."

"I knew you wouldn't answer."

"Oh, I'll answer, love. Just one thing first."

Judy's heart was racing. "What?"

"Guy or girl?"


Madison repeated the question for her neighbor, waiting for a response.

"You're bi?!" Judy gasped.

Madison reached for the nearby decorative water fountain, using the water inside to sprinkle over her forehead. She rubbed at her head. "Damn, I thought I scrubbed that label off before I left the house, today," she joked.

Judy reached out her hand, resting it on the younger woman's arm. "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to offend you."

"You didn't, love. I was only playing."

A sudden case of foot-in-mouth syndrome left Judy speechless. Luckily, Madison saved her.

"Since both seems to be my motto of choice," Madison chuckled, "I'll answer both questions." She tapped her chin in thought. "With a guy, I think it might be... hmm, 69 has always been a lucky number for me."

Judy would have loved to have told Madison about the sudden vision of the two of them doing that very lucky number but, she lost her nerve. "And with a woman?" she asked.

"Oh, that one's easy," Madison said. "I like to be on top with her nails digging in my back, legs wrapped around my waist and her lips right beside my ear so I can hear EVERY little sound she makes. There's something amazing about the way a woman moans. Drives me nuts."

Judy was forced to look away as she felt her lust showing through her eyes.

"Are you hot, Judy?"

"What?" The older woman looked up at Madison, who was looking up at the hot sun.

"Man, it's got to be like ninety out here," Madison groaned. "Would you like a drink?"

"That would be nice. I am a little hot."

That was an understatement, Judy's inner voice joked.

Madison led the way into her house, tossing her rollerblades to the side, swearing that she might never wear them again. After telling Judy to have a seat at the kitchen table, she went to go get a pitcher of iced tea.

Offering Judy a freshly poured glass, Madison sat down beside the woman. "So now, it's your turn, love," she said after taking a sip of tea.

"For what?" Judy asked absently.

"A secret for a secret, love," Madison reminded.

"Okay. What secret do you want?"

Madison smiled. She moved to her knees in front of the attractive older woman. Raising up the t-shirt, she allowed her hands to move over a full breasts.

"What are you doing?" Judy asked even as her body began responding wonderfully to the woman's touch. She could already feel her nipples hardening, poking painfully against her bra.

Madison stared at the chest in front of her. "I'm trying to decide which secret I want," she said. "Which would you prefer? Left or right?"

Before Judy could answer, much less think, Madison removed Judy's bra, taking the left breast into her mouth.

Judy gasped with the feeling of a tongue swirling around her nipple while a skilled hand teased her other nipple between finger and thumb. She smiled as she realized that obviously Madison's motto had once again come into play.

"That feels wonderful, Madison," she purred into the woman's ear, knowing that Madison would like it from her own admission. "Thank you."

"Another secret, love," Madison said after backing away from Judy's hardened nipple.

"What?" Judy asked. Then, she realized how this had all started. "Okay, tell me why you are doing this to me."

"Another easy one," Madison smiled. "It's because you've been driving me nuts in that t-shirt since the day I moved in."

Judy cupped Madison's face, bringing her close for a kiss. She charted her mouth with her tongue before ending the kiss with a sensual bite at the woman's full bottom lip. "Your turn, Maddy."

The latin temptress let her hazel eyes rake slowly over Judy's entire body. "There are so many secrets that I might like for you to give me," she admitted softly.

"Pick one," Judy encouraged.

Madison gave a child-like pout. "Just one, lovely?"

"Take them all, if you like."

Tan hands moved to unbutton Judy's jeans. Judy did her best not to scream with anticipation as her pants were guided down her legs then tossed absently away. She shivered with delight as she heard, "I want this secret, please."

Madison hooked her arms around Judy's thighs, pulling the woman hips forward. She stopped with her lips, just a breadth away from the small diamond of hair tickling her face. Inhaling this woman's excitement, she felt her nipples harden.

"You're wet," she said, taking in the lovely glisten over this woman's sex.

Judy nodded, running her fingers through long black hair. "You have that affect on me a lot."

Madison's arched her brow curiously. "Do I?"

"Yes. I wished that we could do this for a month now."

"Oh, Judy, you should have told me." Madison's tongue flicked over the woman's swollen clitoris, causing Judy to jerk. "I would have done this for you whenever you wanted it."

Judy closed her eyes as a warm tongue slid up her vaginal lips. It had been much too long since a woman had delved into the depths which Madison was reaching with an alternation between tongue and fingers. As her clitoris once again became the focus of Madison's hungry mouth, she felt the suckling and nibbling intensify.

The two fingers sliding in and out of her with such skill were greeted by the tightening of her muscles. She felt Madison smile against her with that little trick.

"Faster, please," Judy moaned. She spread her legs, hoping that Madison might go deeper.

Madison knew what Judy wanted and she rammed her fingers deeper into the woman with a hard thrust. Judy cried out in response to her actions but, her inaudible cries soon became eager requests for her to, "Do it, again." and "Harder, Madison. Fuck me harder."

Madison continued to do everything that Judy's soulful voice asked until the woman's instructions ceased, becoming nothing more than a cry that filled her house. She drank every drop of the woman as Judy pulled her mouth tightly against her quivering sex. The nectar of orgasm was her reward for a job well done until the trembling legs slowed their shaking before finally stopping.

Judy clutched Madison, bringing her close for a kiss. Her tongue slide over Madison's lips, tasting her juices all over the woman. "My turn, now," she said, locking eyes with the younger woman.

Releasing her hidden fantasies for this woman, Judy pulled Madison up to her feet. She stood behind the woman, ridding her of the light windbreaker. Her hands grabbed the breasts aching for attention beneath that restrictive sports bra. While her left hand continued to massage and caress Madison's breasts, she kissed the woman roughly, sliding her hand between the woman's legs, stimulating her clitoris through the spandex pants.

Judy pushed the woman's upper body down over the table, then went back to her seat at the table. Sitting down behind the younger woman, she stared at the beautiful form in front of her. Her hands slid over lean thighs then once again went to stimulating the woman through her pants.

How many times had she wanted to do this, Judy wondered. She ripped the crotch of the pants, hearing Madison begin to protest but, she raised her fingers to her lips, signaling for the younger woman to be quiet.

Moving black panties to the side revealed the intimate places of this bronzed vixen. Judy leaned forward devouring the young woman with just as much eagerness as Madison had displayed.

Madison's grunted moan articulated her surprise at her lover's zeal.

"You're sweeter than I imagined," Judy said.

Judy withdrew her fingers from their home deep within Madison. She licked her fingers. Then acting impulsively, just as she had in her favorite fantasy, she found a wrinkled orifice, inserting her finger deep within it in one hard thrust.

"Oh, God!" Madison cried out.

"Has anyone ever had you there?" Judy asked feeling how tight Madison was.

"No," Madison answered not knowing how happy she had just made her new lover.

As Judy's other hand began moving in time with the hand now, deep within her sex, Madison began to feel the initial pain and discomfort begin to be pulled under by the powerful tide of orgasm.

"Faster, Judy," Madison begged.

"Are you going to come?" the older woman asked into Madison's ear.

Madison tensed. "Do you want me to wait?"

"No, lover. Give it to me!"

Judy's hand felt the explosion of wetness against her hand as well as the inner muscles twitching in a wonderful massage around her fingers. She leaned forward, pressing herself against Madison's back. As the young woman breathed in a wild pant, struggling to catch her breath, she whispered into her ear.

"Welcome to the neighborhood."

The End?

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