tagGay MaleWelcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 06

Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 06


Disclaimer: Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long with the update. I finally got around to finishing up this chapter. I still have a few more chapters up my sleeve for Cory and Nick. Please let me know what you guys think. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


CHAPTER 6: The best way to wake up.

As Cory flipped over the fourth pancake, I smelled the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla fill the space between us. He stood there, cooking breakfast and looking over at me every few minutes to make sure I was okay. I sat on the counter beside him, dangling my legs below and leaning back against the cabinets.

Flicking his wrist, he flipped it without even needing a spatula. I sat there, impressed, asking, "So where did a big military guy like you learn how to cook?"

He smiled over, "Well when you're on your own all the time like I am, you either learn to cook or you starve."

Mumbling under my breath, "You clearly don't starve."

Cory whopped back, "You fat-shaming me, Grayson?"

I grinned, gearing up my next comeback. Cory stopped me, shoving a fork into my mouth, ordering, "Shut up and eat your breakfast."

Leaning in, I kissed him on the cheek. "I'm kidding. And thanks Cory, for breakfast, and for having me over."

He replied, "My pleasure. It was either that or wake your ass up to get over here."

Raising an eyebrow, I commented, "Well that explains why you insisted we not put our clothes back on."

He pushed his chair out, waving his hand over to me saying, "Come here."

I stood up, taking a few steps toward him. My cock swung between my legs, getting hard with every step. He sat there, legs apart with his dick resting along his thigh. He was incredibly sexy with his messy hair and devilish grin. And he wanted me. He bit down on his lip, watching me as I made my way towards him. Swinging my leg over, I sat on his thighs facing him. Our cocks touched as I bent down and I let out a soft moan. Cory ran his big hands down the side of my back and I felt his skin against mine, warming me with every touch. They finally made way to my ass and he squeezed my cheeks, showing me that they were his and his alone.

I rested my hands on his chest as I leaned in towards his mouth. I caressed the back of his head with my hand as he looked at me with hungry eyes. He whispered in a low moan, "Such a beautiful boy, you know that?"

I grinned, almost red from the comment. He noticed, leaning in for another kiss. "You don't have to be embarrassed around me, Nick." I leaned in to kiss him, hard. Cory noticed, feeling his face push into me with such strength that I almost fell back. But he held me in his arms and I curved my body, humping his crotch. I rubbed hard, feeling his cock brush against mine with every moment. His hands cradled my ass and I ran mine against his jaw, holding it up and leaning in for deep kisses. He stopped every now and then to breathe out and I knew that I had him right where I wanted him. His cock began to drip pre-cum against mine so I scooped down a bit with my finger. Bringing it up to my face, I made sure he saw me lick my wet fingertips, coating my tongue with his juice.

He grunted hard, pushing my forehead to mine and exclaiming, "Fuck Nick, you're driving me crazy, sexy boy."

I pulled pack as he tried to pull me close. "That's the point", I remarked, only irritating him further.

He peered his eyes, debating on whether he wanted to regain control or let me have this one. But he let me continue as he sank into the chair, helpless and at my mercy. I raised myself up, moving his cock behind me as I continued to grind him. He let out hard moans as I rubbed my ass against him, feeling his cock press against my cheeks, lathering them with his precum. Cory was hard for me and my growing erection between our bodies proved the feeling was mutual. I needed him inside me. Bad.

I reached over to the island, grabbing a condom from the top of the counter. Part of me wondered if he had planned this by putting it there, the other part didn't give a fuck. I brought it to my mouth and ripped it with my teeth, spitting the wrapper to the side. Cory raised an eyebrow, impressed at my eagerness. I reached back, managing to slide the condom on his cock, hearing the rubber snap against it as I reached the base.

Grunting under my breath, I commented, "Damn that barely fits."

He kissed me, savouring my lips, "You talking about the condom or your ass?"

Lifting myself up, I replied, "Guess you'll have to find out."

And as I said that, I dropped down on his cock. Forcing myself down until I could feel his pubes brush against my cheeks. I bit down on the pain, grunting as I felt the sharp sensation rush up my spine. What was next would be worth it.

Cory exhaled deeply, raising his voice, yelling, "FUCK NICK. Christ are you trying to make me cum? A warning would have been nice."

Softly punching his chest, I remarked, "I'm in control now Cory. Just sit back and look pretty."

He nodded, leaning into the back of the chair, spreading his legs across the seat. I lifted myself up, finally used to the size of his huge cock, feeling it press against the walls of my ass with every inch. Cory's cock was barely in me with the head about to pop out of my hole when I sat back down, driving him crazy. He proceeded to grab my face in his strong hands and pull me into a kiss. I rode him while his tongue entered my throat. Cory let out rough moans as my legs found their rhythm. Fuck he felt good.

His cock continued to rub against my insides as his tongue tasted every inch of my mouth. Between the motions in my hips and his tongue pressed against my throat, I struggled to breathe, letting in small gasps of oxygen at any given opportunity. I raised my foot, stepping on the side of chair for leverage. Cory followed, cradling my low hanging balls in his palm, resting his fingers against his cock. He watched me as I slowly lowered myself down, this time taking long deep strokes as his fingers traced my hole around his cock. It was like he was trying to finger me and fuck me at the same time. I'd be lying if I said I wanted as much of that man as I could get. He pulled his fingers back, raising them and slapping against my chest.

He exclaimed, "You take that cock good, Nick. Ride me." I felt a slight coldness as his fingers covered in spit and precum rested against my chest. But it only lasted a few seconds, outweighed by the heat growing between the two of us. I had broken into a sweat after riding him so long. It was different really, after being used to him getting all sweaty and dripping all over me. This time, I was wet in every sense of the word. Cory leaned in and licked along my chest, curling his tongue on my hard nipple and biting down ever so gently. I'm happy he liked the taste.

His face was eating at my chest when I felt that familiar sensation. I was close, and his nibbling at my nipples, feeling his warm breath on my skin, only made me even more ready. I cradled his jaw, lifting his face up and kissed hard.

Our eyes met and I grunted in a deep voice, "You got me so close, I'm about to bust!"

Cory brought our foreheads together, and while caressing the back of my head, looked to me and instructed, "Cum for me baby, I want to make you feel good." And with that word, that single word. I lost it. Cum shot out of my cock painting his abs. I exhaled deeply as Cory moved from my lips, kissing against the nape of my neck. I held him in close. That word made the entire orgasm all the more sweet.

Cory thrusted into me a few more times before lifting me slightly, setting me on his thighs. He pulled off the condom, flicking it aside and I watched as his cock pulsed in his hand, just seconds from exploding. He pulled off his dick for a second, just enough to collect my cum in his fingers and spread it on his cock. I moaned at the sight and watched that boy bring himself to completion. I felt his body tremble as ropes of cum exploded from the tip of his cock, this time landing against my stomach. He finally caught his breath when he grabbed my face and kissed, laughing slightly.

Grabbing both of our cocks in his hand, he gently stroked, saying, "I wish I could start my morning like this every single day."

I laughed back, kissing him softly on the cheek. He let go of our cocks and spread the remaining cum on my stomach between our bodies. He continued, "I'd say you deserved a nice warm shower."

I joked, "I don't know if I can walk after all that."

He raised an eyebrow, "Then don't." And suddenly I felt him cradle my body in his arms, lifting me into the air.

I shook my head, surprised, "What-what are you doing?"

He just smiled, looking at me with endearing eyes, asking, "Do you trust me?"

I wrapped my legs around his ass and, interlocking my fingertips at his lower back, replied, "I do trust you...baby."

Cory led me down the hall and up the stairs. I braced myself against his biceps as he took each step up what seemed to be the longest staircase ever. He noticed my tension, cradling me in tighter and seeing if I was okay. I finally relaxed, curling my arms around his. He onto me like I was fragile, yet tight as if I would break. We made it to the bedroom door when I felt his arms relax, moving down my backside and resting along my ass. Kicking the door in, he pressed me against the wall, causing all of the hung picture frames to tilt. Then he leaned in, looking for my lips as if they provided a reward for his strength. I kissed him like they did. We stayed like that for a few minutes, but he had more plans for me than the bedroom wall. A few more steps and he finally set me down on the bathroom counter. I felt the cold countertop against my bare ass before I clung to him, searching for warmth.

He grabbed my arms in his hands as I said, "Props for not dropping me down the stairs. I'd sue you know."

He shook his head, running his knuckle down the middle of my chest, replying, "I think I underestimated how beefy you are, Nick."

I raised as eyebrow, flexing my abs and he traced along them, mouthing out the number with every motion. He leaned over and swung the glass door open, instructing, "Time to get you clean, dirty boy."

I grabbed his outstretched arm as he led the way, saying "Yes sir."

Cory turned on the water, filling the room with steam. We stood there for a few seconds, just watching each other as streams of warm water rolled down our bodies, emptying down the drain. I left my inhibitions behind, knowing that this would be the most intimate. Just our two bodies, as exposed as can be- nothing but water and some soap between us. Cory wanted to get my clean, but I couldn't think of anything dirtier.

I walked towards him. Cradling the back of his head in my hand, I slammed him against the glass wall, catching his body. He grunted, kissing me hard as I felt along his body. He always looked great, but now he was completely wet. The water dripped down his torso with hair hanging down his chest, legs and crotch. Fuck he looked good. I stepped forward with my leg between his. I could feel his cock pressed against my thigh. As my tongue found Cory's throat, his hands found my ass. He grabbed them in his hand, squeezing hard before rubbing gently.

Cupping my cheeks he commented, "Your ass is so big. I can barely fit it in my hands."

I snickered, "It's all yours baby, use me."

Cory dropped, squatting before my ass. I felt the water drip down my back, running between my cheeks. Cory followed soon after, lapping my hole with his tongue. I felt him kiss against my hole. I puckered when I felt his lips against mine as I pressed my face against the wall, creating condensation on the glass. Cory pulled back my cheeks with his hands and he lunged into my ass deeper and deeper. As wet as could be, I could still feel his spit on me. A couple minutes later and I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled Cory up, nearly knocking the both of us down in the process. Gaining our footing, I pushed him against the wall once more. Cradling his jaw in my hands, I kissed him as water ran between our lips. We were so close in that moment. Just the stream between us with his cock resting against mine and our legs nearly intertwined. But I wanted more.

I turned around, resting my hands on the glass as I grinded on Cory's cock. He moaned as I felt the shaft slide against my crack. I whimpered as he slapped his cock on my ass. He grabbed my chest, cupping my pecks in his hands. Humping me, I felt his cock slide against my hole. He was teasing me- between his motions and the way he muzzled into my ear. God I wanted him.

I reached back, grabbing his cock in my fist, and stroking it. He hummed, letting me play with him before completely losing it. I turned back slightly, aligning his cock with my willing home and started to push back. I closed my eyes trying to savor that familiar moment when his cock would push past my walls...but it never came. Instead I was met with a pull as Cory muttered in my ear, "Not here- baby. I want you in my bed."

I shook my head, removing the streams of water than fell on my face. Lighting punching his chest, I snarled, "You could have told me sooner you tease!"

He cupped my ass, leaning in, "I love seeing how crazy you get- it makes the orgasm that much worth it."

I walked towards the bed, still dripping water with every step of my bare feet against the cold tile. Cory followed behind me, eyes fixed on my back and moving south quick. I turned around and he leaned in for what he thought was a kiss. But I've had my taste of being in control and I wasn't giving back just yet. I pulled away, hearing a growl from his throat having not gotten what he wanted. Instead I sat on the bed, pulling back as he pushed forward. I caught his glance to see how irritated he was getting.

Finding support against the headboard, I leaned back slightly. I pulled my legs back with my feet just inches from his face. He leaned in and kissed them before pushing them aside. His sights were set on something else. I watched as he stuck his thumb into his mouth, gathering spit before placing it on my quivering hole.

I let out a soft moan as he traced his thumb against me. He looked down, with eyes of concern, "Are you sore?"

I caught his gaze, affirming, "No I'm not." Letting out another moan as he started to probe me.

His motions stopped, insisting again, "I don't want to hurt you Nick. You know that once you get me going, I can't stop."

I leaned in, squeezing his cock in my fist. He exhaled as I grazed my thumb against the slit of his cock, lapping up his precum before bringing it to my willing mouth. Cleaning off, I urged, "Then don't stop."

He didn't even wait for me to finish the last word before he lunged at me, pressing his big hands against shoulders. His mouth hit mine with force, and his tongue followed suit, waiting to enter my mouth. I kissed him back, inhaling the scent of clean air between us. I knew that soon that would be replaced by sweat and musk- I swear if I could wear that as cologne, I would. My legs wrapped around him as his arms found my back. And there we were, so close it was if you couldn't tell where his body ended and mine began.

He grinded on me as his lips mixed with mine. Fuck he tasted good. My hands ran through his short hair, collecting water that hadn't dried off. His mouth moved south towards my neck, finding that familiar spot and sucking hard. I knew it would be purple by the time that I'd leave. As his teeth grazed my neck, I could feel his cock sliding up against my hole. He was wet- dripping precum from all of the movement.

Reaching down and grabbing his ass, I cried out, "Cory I need you now. I need you in me."

He found his breath, pulling away from my neck, asking, "Lube?"

"I think you got that covered, your dick is dripping." He let out of soft laugh, lapping up some of his cum and spreading it on my hole. He slowly started to push into me and I tried to muffle my groans. I may have lied about not being sore, but I wasn't lying about how badly I needed this."

My legs spread and I felt his pubes brush against my hole. I hadn't exhaled until that moment. Cory kissed down on me, I shuddered, feeling his warm breath against mine. "Fuck baby, I love how your hole just grips my cock tight. I love being inside you."

Kissing him back, I panted, "You can thrust now. I can take it."

And he did. His hips swayed back and forth into me as I rolled my eyes back. Pushing past the pain, he filled me in the best way. I started to moan uncontrollably. My hold was beyond tender as his cockhead swept past my spot. I swear if I could play out that moment for hours, I would. But I knew I wouldn't last that long.

His hands grabbed my face, pushing his lips closer into mine as he fucked me. We fit together just right with our noses nestled against each other, his cock barely fitting into my begging hole. His green eyes pierced against my deep browns. I was as vulnerable as could be with my hole opened up to him, but it was his eyes that really made me feel exposed.

We closed our eyes shortly after, not needing vision to ride through this session. Our touch and sounds were enough. I felt his arms swoop around my back, cradling me as his thrusts came in swift and strong motions. My hands moved down- fingertips interlocking against the small of his back.

Cory's breath grew short with every leading motion. I knew he wouldn't last long and I carefully clinched my hole against his cock, hoping to milk out every drop. He took notice, kissing me once more in between his low growls. Seconds from his satisfaction, I knew it was coming- and I knew where I wanted it.

I tightly locked my legs around his ass with my hands joined behind his back. He caught on, knowing I didn't want him to pull out. And soon, with a bated breath, I felt him release into me. For the first time, his warm cum filled my willing hole. His mouth found mine, and I swear I was pushing past a hundred degrees. He thrusted a few more times, and I felt his cock slide easily against my well lubricated hole. After a few minutes he pulled out- unable to take the sensation of my skin against his now sensitive head.

His body went down and he gripped my cock in his hand. I watched as he took my entire length in his mouth. There's nothing sexier than watching him swallow my cock. I'd realise in a few moments I would be wrong. I felt his tongue flick against the slit of my cock in anticipation. And soon, as he jerked me with his hands while sucking hard with his soft lips, it would be the end of me. I moaned as ropes of my cum shot out of my cock, hitting the back of his throat. He tried his best, but he couldn't keep it all contained. Streams of my thick cum, oozed out past his lips and dropped down his chin. That- that was the sexiest thing I had seen.

He continued to suck until my cock was clean. And even after, he kept going as if trying to get me to cum once more.

I panted, "Babe, I don't think I could give you any more cum even if I tried."

He looked up, broken from his trance and laughed. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up so he was on top of me. He looked down with warm eyes and kissed me so gently as if I was made of porcelain.

He cupped the back of my head, "So that's what? Four cumshots between the two of us in a span of two hours? And it's not even eleven am!"

I joined in, "That's a new record!"

He laughed along before finding a spot beside me, resting his head on my chest. He looked up after a few minutes, his voice now low. "Nick. I'm sorry I didn't use protection. I-I just couldn't control myself and I know I-"

I cut him off, "Cory. It's okay. I wanted this- I wanted you."

He continued on, "I promise you I've only ever used condoms- this was the first time I ever went in raw."

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