tagMatureWelcome to the Suburbs Ch. 03

Welcome to the Suburbs Ch. 03


An hour later I fucked Julia a third time in the shower. I didn't tell her that I thought someone had snuck into her house and watched us in the throes of passion. The last thing I wanted was to unnerve this woman who had given herself completely to me, despite her initial apprehensions.

She kissed me at the door, sad to see me go. She reluctantly wished me an enjoyable nights rest and expressed her interest in doing this again. I looked around my neighborhood seeing the bright lights of families gathered in their dens, watching television or just doing what families do. I entered my empty house, grabbed a beer and planted myself on the couch, revisiting the amazing experience a simple lunch had turned into.

I had been in this suburb a very short time and had met some wonderful people. It had never dawned on me when making the choice to move here that I would find myself in the middle of adventures I had come to experience. I moved here looking for quiet, but I had found so much more than that. I had stumbled across a community of under-appreciated women in need of passion in their lives. I worried a bit about how all of this would unfold but I was willing to ride it out to the end.

The next few days were quiet. I continued my daily jogs through the neighborhood. Casually glancing at the faces of those I encountered, to see if I could pinpoint who had watched my performance with Julia. Everyone was suspicious, but nobody was a dead giveaway. As the days passed, I let it go. Perhaps it was just my imagination and we had not been watched. Every time I ran past Julia's house, I would see her looking out from behind her curtain smiling and waving. I would wave back and move along. I wanted to give her time to marinate in the memories of our encounter. I did just enough to show her I was interested without making her think it was a one-time thing.

Rose, on the other hand, had taken to emailing me pictures of herself in various stages of undress. If her asshole husband only knew what she was doing, for me, with his beloved golf clubs. On one of these days, after receiving a picture, I heard a knock on my back door. I opened it to see Rose in her husband's trench coat. She rushed inside and parted it, showing me her nude body beneath. This woman was hot to trot and I gave it to her right up against the refrigerator door. She quickly left just as fast as she had arrived.

I checked my mailbox and saw an invitation from the Garner's (Melissa, who I had met twice before was married to the towns richest man.) It was a black tie affair at their home. I dreaded the idea of being stuck in a room with stuffy men bragging about their golf game and their prowess at business. I am not particularly interested in politics, and these men loved to use social events to rant about everything that was wrong with the country. Being neighborly, I knew I had to attend. It would look bad if I didn't show up.

It also did not hurt to have a friendly association with the upper echelon of people, who influenced those who lived around me.

I donned my new suit, gave myself a once over and sipped on a bit of cognac to make the night's events more digestible. I hopped in my car and made my way to their home. I arrived ten minutes later, invitation in hand, where I was met by a valet who took my keys and greeted me to the estate of the Garner's. The house was the biggest house around. Mr. Garner had purchased several surrounding homes to build this monstrosity, and tribute to French over indulgence.

Inside, the chatter of attendees filled the vast rooms. Waiters with drinks and food circled the room, making sure no hand was void of a drink. Melissa Garner walked over in her red gown and greeted me, thanking me for coming to their shindig. I politely thanked her for the invitation as she guided me over to introduce me to her husband.

As the richest man in the room, as well as host of the event, he was surrounded by every sucker who aspired to be like him. Mr. Garner was a dry man who had little in the way of a sense of humor. I don't believe Mr. Garner, or Ted as he asked me to call him, had very much experience with people of color. He sized me up quickly and launched into a plethora of questions about my origins, education, and profession. I had dealt with this in the corporate world, so I was prepared and answered every question as politely as I could, even if I found the questions to be insulting.

He eased up once I divulged that I held patents in information technology that he and his buddies were sure to use. The fact that I was in anyway responsible for helping these men increase their wealth was a welcomed bit of information. I was of use to them, or so my background led them to believe. I was the perfect example of their mantra that anyone can pull themselves up by their own britches in this country.

For a good portion of the evening, he paraded me around introducing me to his social circle as some sort of trophy acquisition that had overcome his humble beginnings. It didn't hurt that he had talked me into making a hefty donation to one of his causes, to which I knew I had to quickly agree.

I eventually had enough of the introductions and freed myself from his net. I worked the room greeting neighbors I had come to know from meeting casually around town. Everyone was dressed in their best and the wives were much more receptive of me than their husbands. A few suggested I meet this daughter or that niece, much to the consternation of their husbands. I enjoyed the reactions of the husbands and took it all in as fun. Then, I politely declined, much to their relief.

As the night wound down, I learned more and more about my new world. This was certainly a place where everyone was trying to keep up with the Joneses. A woman I hadn't met before bumped into me and slid a piece of paper in my pocket, then excused herself. I found the nearest bathroom, one of six in this home. I relieved my bladder and washed my hands before pulling out the paper and reading the note put there by the mysterious woman. The note was short but very clear. "I saw you at Julia's house, find me."

I crumbled the note and flushed it down the toilet. This was a very daring woman and clearly she had been the shadow I had seen that night at Julia's home. I had to get down to the bottom of this. I knew Julia was at this event because we had been stealing glances at each other the whole night. Men were trying to chat her up, but she was more interested in following me with her eyes. From time to time, I would notice she was a bit jealous of the obvious flirting some of the wives were doing.

I crossed the room and joined Julia, I smiled and said hello. She looked at me with her twinkling eyes and said, "I wondered how long it would take you to find me." I apologized and told her I was just being polite to these bores. She laughed and agreed with the bore jab I had made. I asked her if I could see her after the event, she lit up and nodded. I had to figure out a way of bringing up the subject of the mysterious woman without raising suspicion. She told me that she would be heading home soon, and that I could join her at my own pace. I agreed that I would continue to mingle for a bit before finding an excuse to leave.

For the next half hour, I chatted up people and listened to some of the worst jokes I had ever heard. I graciously smiled and halfheartedly chuckled. I had been keeping an eye out for more of my neighbors, but even with three more hours at this party, I would not have been able to meet them all. I decided to take one more trip to the bathroom before taking off. I had given time to allow the liquor to work its way through my system, so I could drive to Julia's without risking an accident or a possible arrest for driving under the influence. As I made my way down the corridor, Melissa step out of a nearby doorway. She smiled seductively at me, the intoxication quite evident.

"Hope you are enjoying the party," she offered. I gave her a big smile and complimented her home as a guest should. "This palace, all too myself and many dark corners for lots of deeds," she replied. I don't know if it was the champagne that was bringing this forwardness on her part, but she had always come across as much more reserved. Her emerald eyes playfully drank me in, she undressed me and put me back together with her smoldering look. "We should get together sometime," she spoke low, as to not be overheard. "I'm practically here alone all the time."

I told her I'd take her up on that offer, and made my way to the john. Ten minutes later, I was on my way to Julia's home, already at half-mast and ready to go. A few minutes later, I parked my car in front of my house and walked over to Julia's house. I thought that if a neighbor saw my car there in the morning, it would send the rumor mill into overdrive. She recognized this when she welcomed me in and thanked me for being so thoughtful. "Wouldn't these bitches love a good story to spread," she stated while she laughed.

Julia had changed into a silky robe that came down to her upper thighs with a pair of white three inch heels. She seemed as ready to go as I was, except this time she didn't require any building up. It hadn't been that long since our last joined climax, but it was long enough to well up new needs in her. She hugged me and kissed me. She spoke seductively as she stated clearly how much she wanted and needed me to have my way with her. This time, she didn't need to lead the way anywhere. I was going to have this woman wherever and however I wanted.

I picked her up in my arms and laid us both down on her white carpet, slowly reaching to untie the fabric that held her robe closed. She stared longingly at my every action. Beneath her robe she wore nothing at all, her delicious body exposed fully to my eyes. She probed my eyes for reaction and I certainly gave her plenty to read. I licked my lips, but this time I wasn't going to wait, I wanted this woman and I wanted her now.

I pulled off my suit jacket and tie, stood up and dropped my trousers to the ground and stepped out of them and my shoes in two blinks. I was back down between her legs in seconds, my hard cock aimed at the pot of gold I was about to work over. Her body was ready for me, it needed no preparation. It was awake and calling out to me, when I tested the waters her pussy was soaked with her excitement.

I worked my head into her as she spread out her legs wider to accommodate me better. This wasn't going to be making love, this was going to be fast and hard. Once I was halfway in I dropped all my weight into my next motion and buried myself deep in her. Her guttural sounds told me she loved it, the full weight of my body sent my cock shooting into her pussy like a bullet entering a gun's chamber.

The warmth of her pussy was a welcomed feeling, she was still as tight as ever. Her hands pawed at my back and worked their way down to grab my ass while she cried out to me how much she loved my cock. It pleased me to no end to hear her vocal expressions of lust. The gentleman in me decided to take the night off and the bar crawling bastard in me decided to pay a visit. I worked her pussy long and hard. I bit at her neck and roughly handled her tits, hands, and mouth. I rolled us over and had her ride me while I watched her tits bounce up and down, as her neck craned her head back from pleasure. The woman was gone, she was over the edge and sought no way back. She rode me with her strong legs for all I was worth. My hands worked her juicy ass and helped her rise and fall.

I shot my first load of cum deep into her and she roared and trembled. I wasted no time and gave her no time to relax or come down. I grabbed her and bent her over her plush couch in the most undignified doggy style position I could, spread eagle with her ass in the air I stepped behind her with my still hard cock angrily searching for her deepest depths. The combination of her many orgasms as well as my own made the passage slick and easy.

I grabbed that long black hair of hers and wrapped it around my fist, I pulled hard. Her head jerked back naturally at the force of my pull. My other hand slapped at her ass leaving an imprint of my hand across her ass cheeks. She loved it and moaned her approval. I rode her hard and fast for the next half an hour until we both collapsed into a heap of on the couch. Still inside of her, our heartbeat became one and our breaths came deep and ragged. She cooed and reached to her pussy to rub it, as well as my still embedded cock.

"You make me feel so alive," she stated as she felt the mixture of our cum dripping out of her. I didn't want to move, neither did she. My cock still half erect didn't plop out, so I felt her pussy still throbbing around it. This woman had lost a lot of time and wanted to make up for it. I took this time to ask her if she had enjoyed the party. She replied that the party wasn't in the remote vicinity of how much she had enjoyed this. Casually, I made light of some of the people I had met that evening.

I started with the husbands, then switched to the women. I hoped she would volunteer the information I had sought, and she did. The woman in question was Victoria Winchester. She and Julia had been friends for over fifteen years. Victoria was a divorcee who was raising two young children and had done very well for herself in her divorce. Julia seemed fond of Victoria, so perhaps I should handle this situation with a level of delicacy. The last thing I wanted was to ruin a good thing by being too greedy.

It was late into the night before we finally rose from the couch, my sleeping glistening cock dangled between my legs in an obscene fashion. It swung with each step. We were too tired for a shower, so we made our way to her bed and fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I looked over and saw Julia lying next to me. What the fuck? I asked this out loud as I rushed from the bed, taking two steps at a time. I arrived at the bottom landing with the thud of my feet smacking against the hard wood floor. I looked around and headed straight for the kitchen. There at the small table Julia kept in her kitchen sat Victoria, sipping a cup of joe with a wicked smile on her face.

She looked me up and down. I was still completely undressed with my junk in its perpetual morning wood salute. "Well now that's what I call a good morning," she said slyly. "My coffee could use some creamer. I hope Julia left some for me to have."

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