tagMatureWelcome to the Suburbs Ch. 04

Welcome to the Suburbs Ch. 04


Note to reader: If you haven't read the previous three chapters I suggest you to have a better understanding of what's taking place. I am working on an extended fifth chapter for the story at the moment. Thank you for the overwhelming support.


I had woken up at Julia's the night after the party at the Garner household. In a state of panic, I had rushed down to her kitchen, still naked, and now stood there in the buff in front of her friend Victoria. My morning wood was making its appearance, much to the enjoyment of this woman sitting at the table drinking her coffee. I was too stunned to react and the idea of covering up never crossed my mind.

"Joaquin, how sweet of you to make us..." Julia's voice came to a sudden halt as she came around behind me and noticed her friend sitting there. "Well good morning," said Victoria in a joking manner. "Definitely looks like you had a good night." Julia looked horrified as she stood to my immediate right. We both looked at each other, searching for answers. She pulled me to the bottom landing and gave me a knowing look. I understood right away that these two women had much to talk about and I probably shouldn't be around for it. We both headed upstairs, where I got dressed and Julia put on a robe, a few minutes later I kissed her goodbye and headed home.

With the mystery of our audience now solved, I couldn't help but wonder what was about to happen. From Victoria's reaction this morning, I doubted she looked was embarrassed by this situation, but I didn't know the dynamic of their relationship. I could've asked Rose about it, but I quickly decided not to. Rose had limited our interactions to flirting and sexual encounters. I did not know if she technically knew what was going on between Julia and me.

The next few days were pretty quiet, my emails and texts with Rose continued. She was out of town with her husband, visiting friends, but her torrent of flirtations didn't stop. I hadn't heard from Julia, but I had received a few calls and invitations from her other friend Melissa. I had put off any of suggestions of meeting with her because it was starting to feel like I was playing with fire and there was a risk of things exploding in my face. I took to my work, I had been ignoring my project. Part of the reason I moved to the suburbs was to have less distraction from creating new software. Tedious and focus consuming work, I found myself trying to hammer out this new algorithm most unsuccessfully. Even my daily run had been put off the last few days.

I decided to drive down to the city to visit a few friends and do a bit of shopping. I returned home later that day reinvigorated by my outing. I stopped by an art gallery and picked up a few pieces to decorate my new home. I wasn't all that interested in art, but they were great conversation pieces. I rang Julia up hoping to use my new pieces as an excuse to see her. She sounded pleased to hear from me and agreed to stop by in the next hour. I uncorked a few bottles of wine I had picked up and put on a bit of jazz.

Julia came over and smiled when I greeted her at the door. I ushered her in and walked her over to my new hanging art. She stood back and observed it as most art lovers do. Processing the lines, contrast, and hues as they do. Eventually she disengaged her attention from the frame and turned it to me. "You have fantastic taste," she said. The conversation turned to her inquiring about my visit to the city, how she should visit this or that gallery herself.

"I'm surprised but pleased you called," she said in her sultry tone. "I thought perhaps the other morning scared you away," she continued as she inched closer on the couch. She went on to tell me that she and Victoria usually did their speed walk together every morning, and when she hadn't shown up that morning Victoria had come over and let herself in. This did not explain why Victoria had been there the other night, but I wasn't about to bring up the subject. I was too embroiled in relief that we could laugh and move past her obvious predicament that awkward morning. I planned to keep things light that evening but she had other plans. She suggested we head over to her house, she had something she wanted me to see.

It was dark out, so the likelihood of being seen by our neighbors was slim. We walked the short distance arm in arm like two excited lovers. We entered her house and made our way to her media room, there awaited a bottle of wine and two glasses. Seems she had planned for this, and now I was more curious than ever what I was actually in for. Julia had been pretty transparent up until now, so all this mystery had me a bit on edge. "Have a seat," she instructed. I sat down in one of her plush recliners which she pushed back into its most comfortable position. She poured us each a glass of wine and joined me in the adjoining recliner. She fiddled with a remote and the large screen before us lit up.

Before anything came on the screen she looked over at me and said "I hope you aren't too shocked, or think less of me after what I am about to show you." When her words ended she pressed play and a film started up.

The scene before me seemed like your typical home movie. A gathering of friends, people smiling for the camera, and drunken individuals socializing. A minute or so later the screen cut to a new setting, only Julia and Victoria could be seen in this shot. The camera had obviously been placed on a tripod or a table because the scene was a steady one, unlike the shaky experience its predecessor showed. The two women locked lips, I immediately noticed a difference in Julia's hair length, and assumed this video was not made recently. I looked over at Julia who was so engrossed in the video she did not notice me watching her face. Her left hand was working its way up her panty hosed leg and nearer to the hem of her loose fitting skirt. The effect of the video clearly evident, I was having my own reaction to watching these women make up and fondle each other.

My attention returned to the screen just in time to watch Victoria slip one of Julia's nipples into her mouth. Julia's head shot back and she pushed her chest out to Victoria. For the next few minutes, I watched as Victoria devoured my lover's tits. The screen cut to black and then the next scene appeared, both women were naked and passionately kissing again. One of Julia's hands were between Victoria's legs obviously stimulating her pussy. I again looked over at Julia who now had stuffed her hand up her skirt and was ever so casually stroking her pussy. My cock throbbed in my pants, its angle causing some discomfort so I decided to free it from its confines. The scene I was watching was so hot and the sounds these women were making were turning me mad with desire. I watched closely as Victoria got up and straddled Julia's face, lowering her pussy onto her mouth. She then bent over and spread Julia's legs in an effort to gain access herself. For the

next fifteen minutes I sat there watching as they licked, sucked, and fingered each other to climax.

When it was over, I returned my gaze to Julia who had closed her eyes and was wantonly fingering herself. With the sounds of the video now gone, the squishing of her fingers rang out like the sweetest song to my ears. I got out of the recliner and crawled over to her, I kissed my way up her legs and soon after found my nose nestled between her labia. Her fingers, coated with her juices, pressed against my cheek, urging me on. I flicked my tongue over her clit in rapid successions that caused her to raise her hips from the recliner. She humped at my mouth like a woman gone wild, her thighs clasped around the sides of my face and her pussy gushed its nectar all over my chin. She collapsed back into the recliner, still moaning and trembling, as the aftershock of her explosive orgasm still coursed through her body.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me, her eyes were glazed over, her face covered in sweat. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up, so we ended up face to face. She kissed and sucked her own juices off my lips, she kissed and sucked her juices off my chin. When she was done she said, "I'm sure you have a million questions for me." She was right, but I wasn't about ask now. I was more interested in getting my rocks off, and she too recognized this. I sat back in my recliner and she took the hint, she strode over pulling off her sweater and skirt. She draped one leg over my abdomen and reached for my cock. She rubbed it across her pussy a few times before inserting it and lowering herself on it.

"I've missed your hard dick so much," she moaned as she gyrated her hips and worked it in and out of herself. A dozen strokes in she climaxed again and her nails scratched at my chest. She kept riding me for all she was worth, she leaned down and started kissing my neck and ears. "I love the taste of pussy, even my own, but I love this cock more than anything in the world," she whispered. My natural reaction was to grab her hips and thrust up into her. My cum surged from my balls up the shaft and exploded into her. She cried out as the spurts caused my cock to throb in her, she continued riding me milking the last few drops. She got up and down between my legs and licked it clean before reaching down between her legs to scoop up the cum that was seeping out of her freshly fucked pussy. She sucked her fingers in bliss, lost in its taste, all while staring into my eyes deeply.

Seated back in her recliner, she finally got around to telling me how she found comfort in the arms of Victoria after her husband's tragic death. It had started out innocently enough, she pouring out her heart to Victoria over glasses of wine. That had relaxed her and one thing led to another on one such occasion. They had been lovers intensely at first, but when Victoria's now ex-husband started suspecting something was going on they slowed down. They had gotten together from time to time since, but not as regularly as they had in the past.

My limp dick started waking up listening to the sordid tales of their encounters, I reached down and grabbed it. She noticed instantly and chuckled, she stared at it hungrily and licked her lips. The woman I had once perceived as conservative was all but conservative. Despite her perfect public appearance, she was just as much a freak behind closed doors as me. For the next hour or so, we exchanged candid details of our most adventurous sexual experiences, my dick stayed hard the entire time. The knob on my desire was turned all the way up as I listened intently to her most private moments. When things had died down a bit with Victoria, she met a Puerto Rican woman from the city named Nydia Rivera via the internet. Things between them had progressed rather quickly, it was her first experience with another race and she was hooked. The way she described Nydia with such passion and detail gave me the impression that she felt deeply for her.

Nydia was about five foot tall, with beautiful eyes, and a body to die for. Apparently, Nydia was fiery and had introduced Julia to sexual wonders she previously hadn't imagined. Listening to this was too much for me, I needed to fuck something soon or I was going to blow my load sitting there just listening. "I have another surprise for you," Julia told me. She grabbed my cock and pulled me to my feet. She led me upstairs in this most awkward fashion, her grip on my dick was strong and she wasn't letting up. At the top of the landing, she turned and kissed me while stroking my engorged and excited cock. "Remember, whatever happens, it's because I want to share this with you." Just then she walked off into her room without another word.

Curiously, I waded in after her. What I saw took me by complete surprise. On the bed, a blindfolded and bound woman lay. Her wrist tied to the headboard and her legs were wide open and tied to straps that looped around the posts at the foot of the bed. Julia stood next to the bed admiring her and running a hand over the woman's flat stomach. The woman's ruby red lips parted and a moan escaped, as Julia's hand crept lower the moans rose in volume. How long this woman had laid there, tied, I did not know, but if she wasn't complaining who was I to complain for her.

Julia raised one finger to her lips instructing me to keep quiet, and then beckoned me over with the same finger. I finally got around to removing my shirt while I closed the distance between us. Julia leaned in and whispered "I want to watch you fuck her," she kissed my ear and then added, "I want to suck your cum out of her pussy."

I needed no additional instructions or commands, I walked over and placed the head of my erect cock on those red beautiful lips. Her lips parted and instinctively took me in, her warm wet mouth started sucking me. This woman could suck some serious dick, she craned her head the best she could with her constrained body. I helped by pushing more of myself into her mouth, I could feel her breath on my pubes and my balls gently slapping against her chin. I was now fucking her mouth freely and holding her head in place. I looked over at Julia who was standing in a nearby corner playing with herself, fingering her pussy and pinching a nipple. "Go for it," she silently mouthed.

With a plop, I pulled out of this delicious mouth, my cock coated in spit and precum. I made my way to the foot of the bed. Her shaved pussy left no doubt that it was wet and ready for action. I gripped my cock at the base as I climbed onto the bed between her restrained legs. Slowly, I inched myself into her, she was tight. Tighter than any woman I had sunk my cock into previously, this was going to be an exercise in control. I pressed my full weight onto her and worked myself in and out of her. I could hear her nails scratching that constraints unable to get a hold of me, she cried out in passion. "Fuck me, fuck me harder," she instructed. I reached up and grabbed her forearms and pressed them to the bed and pistoned my cock almost all the way in and out of her. My strokes long and powerful as her pussy throbbed. We were one rhythm of passion and want.

"Give it to me," she demanded. I was more than happy to oblige, I kissed and sucked at her neck leaving my mark all over it. Bright red marks of passion that she happily welcomed in the throes of passion. "You are making me cum," she cried out. I responded with the filthiest stream of words my brain could conjure up. Her reaction was as expected, it drove her over the edge again. She liked being talked to dirty and I had plenty experience in speaking filth. I understood this woman liked being submissive, and I was going to enjoy this, in the event it was my one and only chance to leave a lasting impression. Julia wanted a show, well I was going to give her one for the ages.

I waited for Nydia's next orgasm before undoing all of the restraints and setting her free, or so she thought. I did completely remove the leg restraints, but the cord of the arm restraints I did not. I flipped her body over, into a most obscene spread eagle doggy style position. I grabbed her arms and placed them at her back, I grabbed the cords like a horses reins and inserted my still hard cock into her in one swift stroke. She grunted at being invaded again, I pulled on the reins to keep her in place, forcing her to push back on me. My free hand reached for her long hair and pulled, forcing her back onto my cock even harder. She loved every action I took, her ass rippled and jiggled at the force of our fucking. The room was filled with cries of passion and skin smacking into each other. I completely forgot about Julia's presence, until I felt her slide under me between my legs and felt her hands grab my ass. Her mouth rose up and started working at

the shaft of my dick on the out stroke. Her nails dug into my ass, surely leaving their mark as they pierced its flesh. Fuck this was hot!

I was trying to prevent myself from cumming, but it was difficult as hell. The double sensation of both pussy and tongue was breaking down my resistance. Nydia wasn't slowing down. She was continuously cumming from the invasion of my cock and Julia's fingers stroking her clitoris. The woman was now uttering all sorts of obscenities and other indistinguishable words, between her pants and moans. I encouraged her by fucking harder into her, and then I felt that familiar feeling. That sensation that shoots from a man's entire body, when he knows he cannot stop the impending rush of his climax. It felt like a thousand fingers had wrapped themselves around my dick and were milking me of my soul. My body shuddered and both women knew it was coming. Julia lowered her head and latched her mouth onto my dangling balls.

Nydia turned her blindfolded eyes back towards me and said, "give it to me lover." My body shuddered once more and I came and came until I collapsed on her back, totally spent. I felt my dick slip out of her abused pussy and onto Julia's face. Julia sucked on my over sensitive head driving me crazy, I was too sensitive to let her continued so I pulled away much to her displeasure. That sadness soon faded as she was left with her face under Nydia's cum filled pussy. My seed had started dripping out, and Julia wasted no time raising her face to lick and suck dry it's source. At this point, Nydia's restraints were loose allowing her to remove them herself as well as the blindfold. I saw her full face for the first time and her eyes were absolutely gorgeous. She looked at me lovingly while Julia continued her efforts of licking her clean.

I laid down next to Nydia and grabbed a pillow to prop my head on. Shortly thereafter, Julia was done and joined me by laying down behind me and wrapping her arms around me. Nydia used the bathroom and then joined us, we soon fell asleep spooning each other.

Four or five hours later, I woke up to the sensation of my cock being sucked, behind me Julia still slept and her arms remained around me. I looked down and saw Nydia's head bobbing on my dick, she laid in the bed sideways, facing me, and was working my dick with her fantastic abilities. I had cum twice already that night, but I was hard and loving what was being done to me. I felt Julia stir, as the bed rocked from Nydia's efforts. She cooed in my ear, and rubbed my pecs and abdomen with her hands. "You can have us both, whenever you want," she spoke into my ear and then she slithered her body down my back and stopped with her face just behind my ass. I wasn't sure what this woman was about to do, but she soon answered by parting my ass cheeks and shoving her tongue up my ass. I came for a third time that night, right down Nydia's throat. It wasn't a massive load, but it was all I could muster. Nydia gave my dick one last suck, and she and Julia started

making out, sharing my cum.

I laid back on my pillow, watching them kiss, knowing a lot more fun would be had between the three of us. I closed my eyes and returned to the land of sleep, looking forward to continuing this party once my body had time to recuperate. Life in the burbs was turning out better than I could ever imagine, the only question now was how could this get any better?

We slept late into the morning, exhausted and drained from the previous night's fun. My daily runs had prepared me to push the envelope of what my body could handle. I woke up feeling fresh and warmed by their bodies pressing me between them. I laid on my back with both women's heads on my chest, the light that shone from the gaps of the blinds lit up the room, and their bodies for my gaze. I couldn't believe how things had unfolded, my plan was to fuck Julia, but this had been so much better. I liked the idea of enjoying these two women, as I remember Julia saying I could have them both as I pleased.

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