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Welcoming Arms


Alice closed her eyes against the low morning light and waited with the patient commuters for the traffic light to change. She didn't much care for the daily routine anymore but the reward, when it comes, had to be good. A life clocking on at the office must reap a reward at some stage, she thought. She awoke from these passing thoughts and threw the car into first and played follow the leader in the traffic all the way to her secure job in the centre of the city.

James padded about the kitchen and marveled how clean Alice left the worktops after her breakfast, he just needed to pour a bowl of cereal and all that good work was undone. He knew she deserved better and he should change but he allowed himself some latitude as he was starting out on post graduate studies and you can't be tidy and bright, sure that would be too stressful. He could almost hear Alice's mocking tone even as he thought this.

Alice clocked in with the click of a mouse button and started another day as a loyal servant of the State. A job she still enjoyed if only for the rewarding personal relationships she had developed with colleagues who she considered friends. She thought about the shopping trip she had planned that lunchtime to the nearby department store and some of the delicates she planned to buy. Alice always enjoyed the finer things next to her skin. Anyway she thought it was well past time to replenish that top drawer in her bedroom. And enjoy that new fabric feel again.

Later that lunchtime Alice strolled through the store, fingers trailing on the soft satin and lace panties and bras. Every colour of the rainbow was on display as well as some very risqué models on the mannequins. Alice felt her cheeks flushing pink as she saw a young couple shopping together, choosing a rather revealing bit of lace that looked about the size of a postage stamp. She remembered past shopping trips with her husband, who preferred sheer to slutty.

Alice picked up a racy looking black set with high cut panties and a caged bottom, then quickly put them down. She took a few matching sets in her size to the dressing room, being mindful of her short window of time. Hurriedly stepping out of her button down blouse and dark navy skirt in the narrow mirrored dressing room. She looked at her body in the mirrors, admiring the curves of her thighs and stomach. "Not bad for a mature woman" she thought as she turned and posed. She was long overdue for some new delicates, as her current utilitarian "granny bra and panties" stared back at her.

Her breasts were nicely rounded, not as firm as when she was younger, but she felt good as she tried on the new sets. She had the traditional white and beige sets for everyday wear, but she ached for a bit of colour. On the rack in the dressing room was a set in a soft purple lace that was left behind by the previous customer. She checked the size, smiling as she saw they would fit. Trying them on, she saw how the colour transformed her skin, making it appear peach and gold. The panties were low on her hips and cut high on her bottom, revealing her cheeks. She looked amazing. The bra lifted and slightly raised her breasts together, making her cleavage deeper. The practical side of her said not to take it, but the romantic and sexy nature that was long suppressed won. Alice looked at her watch, gasping at the time and scrambled back into her clothes. She bought three sets and had the clerk wrap them up and grabbed her parcels as she hurried out the glass doors.

Back at the office she stuffed her bags under the desk, she smiled happily and even hummed to herself as her afternoon passed. Mike, a coworker at the next desk arched a brow at her obvious good mood. He had noted the bag when she returned from lunch, and had to tease her a bit. "Had a nice time trying on some naughty lace bits for me, Allie?" he whispered in a husky tone.

She blushed and swatted him with a rolled paper. "Definitely not, you pest" she snapped back in a joking tone "you are too married and not my type."

He chuckled at her tone, shuffling his papers together as they finished the workday. "I always tell you that I have lots of single friends that I'd like to set you up with, but you always shoot me down." Alice picked up her jacket and bags, walking with Mike to the lift.

"Well, I did date that one, the accountant, and all he did was talk about himself and tried to grope me. No thanks Mike." She looked at him and grinned, "I'm fine just being alone."

"Don't you get tired of being alone? Mike held the lift door for Alice.

"I suppose you are right, but I am not quite ready for the compromise." Alice stepped in and Mike saw a steel and sparkle in her eyes. At that point Mike guessed Alice was fulfilled and not at all without options. He let the subject go and they chatted about plans for the weekend, a topic they both felt more comfortable discussing.

James stretched one last time in his uncomfortable chair and pushed back paper and pens, closed the laptop and called it a day on his research. "Have to make an effort at Friday dinner" he thought "or at least peel some spuds." He ambled off to the kitchen to make a start. After some basic veg prep he popped chicken breasts in the oven and made for the shower.

James climbed the stairs two at a time and shrugged off his loose fitting clothes and took his first shower of the day. It would be just the two of them tonight as his girlfriend Jean couldn't visit this weekend. And next weekend was his turn to visit hers. They took turns like that, James hated leaving Alice alone every weekend and Jean really got on with Alice and this made for a happy relaxed household. James wanted to include Alice in his life. She was after all the mother of his best friend.

James wrapped himself in a towel and remembered to return to the kitchen and pop the cork on some wine for dinner. As he returned to his room he fumbled in the airing cupboard and sorted through freshly laundered clothes. He peeled off pair after pair of Alice's panties until he found sets of boxers and socks. He grabbed his laundry and neatly replaced Alice's sets. James never thought her underwear looked grey or tawdry. He paused a moment and held the pristine gusset of a black pair and rubbed the lace backed panties between finger and thumb. James knew these were high quality, Jean had remarked on it when she was rooting for fresh towels. James remembered she whispered to him; "Alice buys really good knickers and bras they cost a fortune they are not your usual everyday stuff."

James stored his clothes away and dressed for a quiet evening with Alice.

Alice unlocked the door and saw the wine open on the counter with two glasses out and smelled the potatoes boiling gently on the stovetop. Smiling, she walked to the living room and saw James stretching on the sofa, wearing a pair of jeans and a relaxed polo shirt. He was advancing the remote, searching through the TV for something to watch when he saw her.

"Hello Alice" he chimed as he stood to greet her. "You've been busy today." He nodded to the store bags. Alice put the bags down and saw his wet dark curls and smelt his clean fresh skin.

"Yes, I've spoiled myself and bought a few things that I've needed to replace." He looked at her with a lopsided grin.

"Can I see them, see what kind of lacy bits you wear?" He teasingly reached for the bag, but she beat him to it, holding it close to her body.

"You are an awful brave tease, James." She turned towards the bedroom, sliding her jacket off. "Would you put the chicken in the oven, please, and I'll just be a minute in the shower".

"I have it in already" James replied "take your time and have a nice bath instead. It won't be ready for another 45 minutes." Alice's eyes smiled warmly at him, so happy and proud of the way he took care of her. He was a good man and she had been very happy with their living arrangements. She placed the shop bags on the bed and went to start the bath. She stripped out of her clothes and placed them in the hamper. Tying a soft plush robe around her waist, she began unpacking her parcels. She gasped as she saw, not the pretty sets she had purchased, but a sheer black teddy with a pair of thigh high black stockings. A lacy blindfold and pair of gloves were also in the bag. She quickly went to the second bag, gratefully finding the correct items, including the lovely purple set. Breathing a sigh of relief, she put the items down. "I'll call the shop and let them know I have the other customers bag" she thought as she brushed her long brown curls up into a loose bun. The bath was ready, hot and steamy. She slipped the robe off and stepped in, a soft groan escaping her lips as she settled her aching muscles.

James smiled as he heard the splash of water, knowing Alice was feeling comfortable. He set the table carefully with her good china, wanting to surprise her. He went to his Alice's bedroom to get the linen napkins from the press when he saw the lingerie on the bed.

James let out a low whistle "nice colours Alice" as he admired the purple set. He heard a movement of water in the bath as Alice moved in response to James voice behind the half open door to the ensuite bathroom.

"You mind your own, that's my present to myself. And before you ask the other items were given to me in error. They go back tomorrow." James hadn't noticed the black set he was still admiring the shapes of the purple bra cups and the line of the panties.

"Was just getting the napkins, I'm glad I came in now."

"Are you now?" came back the reply. Alice soaped herself nonchalantly the soapy water flowing and making soft splashes in the suds filled bath.

"They say the purple is the colour of passion" he called. James snooped at the bra label it was 34F cup. James knew Jean was 34 but the cup size was not the same, Jean was smaller.

"OK young man now you know what to buy Jean for Christmas! Don't let the chicken burn and put your tongue back in your mouth." James guiltily dropped the delicate fabrics and rummaged and pulled out napkins from a nearby drawer.

"I will bear that in mind. Anyway you will look sensational I have no doubt. Save it for a big night Alice." James departed and let the bedroom door close softly behind him."

"Maybe I will." Alice said aloud to herself. Alice lifted her F cups and cleaned and primped the nipples. She knew gravity had worked its dubious magic on her breasts and she was able to lift and inspect each in turn. She was blessed with good skin tone and not being a sun worshipper the cleavage had not suffered the ravages of creasing. She placed her hands on the baths edge and her breasts floated gently back in place. "You're looking great" she said to herself and laid back to enjoy the heat and let stresses melt away.

James finished in the kitchen and waited for Alice to complete her bath. He chided himself for feeling turned on by seeing her new bra and panties on the bed. They would look gorgeous with her coloring and he liked that she treated herself nicely after working so hard all these years. She was a great landlady, a good friend and confidant. He admired her, but also felt her loneliness since her husband passed. It's hard to believe that he had been gone for 15 years, James mused as he stirred the sauce for the chicken. He knew Alice occasionally dated, but her relationships never seemed to last more than a few weeks. She was a very deep and passionate person that seemed to be satisfied with her role in life, not willing to share it with another person. The fact that she accepted Jean easily into her home showed that she trusted his choices. He sipped some wine and went to the door of the bathroom.

"Alice, dinner is almost ready" he called as he knocked softly. "You don't want to get all pruny". The door was slightly ajar and he stopped as he saw her face reflected in the mirror. Her eyes were closed in concentration and her mouth softly open and panting. She had a hand on one breast, softly kneading and pulling a large pinkish brown nipple. Her other hand was below the water, making waves and splashes as it moved between her legs. James was transfixed, having never seen her face in this way before. She was a gorgeous woman, flushed skin and so obviously aroused. He felt his cock stirring in his jeans, unable to look away. He held his breath, hoping to watch this beautiful woman masturbate. Her perfect breasts floating in the bubbles, her feet shifting, one moving to balance on the edge of the tub. Biting her bottom lip as she touched a sensitive spot, eliciting a soft moan from her self and an inner groan from James. "Dinner can wait", he thought as his hand slid down to stroke his dick inside his tight jeans. "Fuck dinner".

James teased his cock tip with finger tips as he struggled to make a fist around it in his tight jeans. His fingers brought his stiffening rod to full erection through his tight cotton boxers. He loved this sight before him, the soft breast flesh dimpled by her fingers, the brown nipple glistening in the bath water, small soap bubbles playing around the bumpy areole. He was peeping and he knew it was wrong; invading her private domain, her private moments. He in that instance was conflicted to bring himself to a wonderful sticky finish or bow out gracefully and return to the kitchen and maybe store this image to use tonight. He could explode in comfort alone later. His reverie was broken when Alice spoke "Damn can't get it".

James stood stock still, he knew that phrase as he heard it before from Jean. Her orgasm finish was unreachable, James slowly pulled away from the door and silently made his exit. He doubled back in the hallway and made a big show of knocking on Alice's bedroom door " dinners ready Alice, come and get it."

"Cumming is my problem" Alice said bitterly under her breath. "Thanks James, be out in a flash." Alice raised her bathed body slowly to a stand and grabbed the towel to pat her caramel toned skin, her ample breasts swaying with the effort and her little tummy tightening with the exertions. These are the sights James could have been peeping at, Alice looked like a Greek goddess just at that moment.

Alice dressed quickly, after drying briskly with a towel. She put the lacy purple bra and panties on, thinking I'm a special occasion, might as well enjoy myself. She put a soft black knitted dress on, ran her fingers through her wet curls and slipped her feet into sandals. Out of habit, she put on her favorite perfume, rubbing it into her wrists, neck and onto the top of her breasts.

James appeared distracted as Alice walked into the kitchen. He looked at her, then seemed to blush as he turned to bring the chicken to the table. She smiled quizzically as she adjusted her napkin on her lap "is everything ok, James?" She sipped her wine. "Everything looks wonderful here, my gorgeous boy". He slipped into his seat quickly, hoping she didn't notice the bulge in his jeans.

"Sorry Alice I have to 'fess up I was hoping you would wear the purple. I was cheering inwardly" James blushed as only an adult man can.

"I see" Alice replied not sure exactly how to take this kind of flattery. She quickly decided to accept it as a fashion compliment. She looked down at herself "I think it works with the dress it has all the curves in the right place you can't see seams, can you?" she asked matter of factly.

"Not at all, I can see a little bit of the strap, that's all." James got up and faced the counter top and only when he was carrying the gravy boat suitably placed hiding his front did he add the final touch to the table.

Alice leaned over to James and pecked his cheek "thank you for the lovely meal."

"One more thing to make it perfect" James said and walked to the counter behind Alice and returned with a square plate holding 3 lit candles. He dimmed the kitchen lights just enough. "You look perfect." James finally felt free to stare at Alice, the candle light gave him cover. Her creamy breast flesh was glowing in the light.

"Eyes back in" Alice said and smiled at him, "you'll give me a complex, lets eat and perhaps not eat me with your eyes."

Alice felt her cheeks flame slightly under hid intense gaze. She quickly glanced at her plate and focused on her food, trying not to let her hands tremble. "It has been far too long" she mused as she mechanically chewed and drank. She watched James over the edge of her glass, nodding and smiling as they shared their day. He was a very handsome boy, no, she corrected, a handsome man. The candles made his dark blue eyes sparkle and she could see the shadow of ruddy brown whiskers coming in on his chin and upper lip. Her hand gripped her wine glass stem hard as she felt a frisson of desire snake down her body. She tossed the wine back in one quick gulp, trying to stop looking at James in the same way he had been looking at her earlier. Like a man desiring a woman. It must be the wine or the bath or the long day. She must be imagining things.

After doing the dishes, Alice sat on the sofa with her shoes off, curling her bare legs and feet under her bottom. James quickly looked away from her soft tan legs to the telly, finding an old movie for them to share. It was one that Alice and David, her husband, had seen in the cinema years ago.

Alice smiled wistfully at the screen, hugging her arms around her knees. She looked pretty and carefree in that pose, as she recalled that happy day. David and Alice were newlyweds that budgeted every penny. David met Alice after work for tea then they went to the film. Alice could recall his cologne, the feel of his hand gently stroking her thigh in the darkened room. She remembered feeling very turned on by both the romantic story and by occasional soft kisses and caresses they shared. She recalled being very naughty and bold, opening her thighs slightly in a public place, wanting David to touch her and know how she wanted him. When they left the theatre, they walked swiftly back to the flat. The door closed and David pushed her against the inner door, kissing her with hot eager wet lips. Both of them undid buttons, and belts and zippers, clothes falling about them as they kissed and groped each other. David pushed Alice's skirt up to her waist, pushing her knickers to the side and sliding a thick finger inside. He smiled against her lips, murmuring "you are so wet, my dirty girl". He pulled his boxers down and he sprung free, hard and thick. They fucked quick and hard on the doorway, cumming together as he held her knee up. They collapsed, panting and made it back to the sofa, a tangle of limbs and clothes.

Alice smiled and James looked at her, knowing she was miles and years away.

"So what is your sudden fascination with my underthings honey? Is this something you and Jean have explored. Have ye cross dressed together?" Alice had decided to get to the bottom of James attentiveness.

"Maybe I am lonely for Jean this week and got caught up in the sensuality of things rather than the person. Does that make sense?" James raised eyebrows as he tried to reason it out.

I was at the airing cupboard earlier getting my laundry and for the first time in a long time my eyes were drawn to the colours and textures of your things. And then seeing your new set on the bed it kind of brought it full circle for me." James dropped his eyes back to his feet concerned he had over shared.

"You felt free enough to comment to me while I was bathing though. You could not have bothered. I am curious why you spoke and let me know what you thought of the set." Alice got to the heart of the matter like a surgeon expertly making an incision.

James felt emboldened, smiled back "I think deep down I may have been hoping for a floor show." He grinned a toothy grin and broke the tension in an instant.

"Ahh! He finally comes clean, he wants to see the collection. I have heard it all. That's such a male fantasy. Pretty Woman played out with the good stuff. Not the workaday grey knickers, you instead want to see me in the crème." James put both palms up in submission in response.

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