tagInterracial LoveWelfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Ch. 3

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Ch. 3

byStardog Champion©

"You want me to what?" Jean-Luc intensly interrogated.

"...Fuck me...," Bobbie Jo whispered distantly.

"Uhh..Huhhh," Jean-Luc sighed. "How...do you want me to fuck you?"

"...hard....," Bobbie Jo tried to reply before Jean-Luc cruelly slammed his crotch forward, shoving the steely weight of his erection all the way into Bobbie Jo's syrupy depths before she could get the word 'hard' all the way out of her parched mouth.

"Just like that," Jean-Luc seethed as the white woman's quivering pink quim choked his black erection.

"Yesss," Bobbie Jo's voice trembled. "Please...Just like that."

"Then take it you nasty Cunt," Jean-Luc growled in his barely discernable English, ramming his ebony spear deep between Bobbie Jo's pink folds as she tried holding her hand over her seething crotch, guiding her rubbery vaginal lips apart so the black teenager could have free reign over her entire sexual being.

The rapid, wet and messy sounds of Raoul and Ivan pumping their cocks filled Bobbie Jo's ears as the two Latin studs frantically jerked off right above her face. She also swore she could hear them viciously laugh as they knelt above her, taking extreme joy in the way she was sadly degrading herself.

Feeling the puffs of air ripple against her cheeks from both teenagers' selfish act of perversity, Bobbie Jo was sure she could faintly taste the salty male pudding that was preparing to shoot out of their rigid cocks and all over her waiting face, before they even released it.

"Stick out your tongue, 'Ho," Bobbie Jo blindly heard one of the Puerto Rican men bark down to her as he deliberatly jacked off right above her eyes.

Almost at once, Bobbie Jo's glossy pink tongue emerged from her trembling lips and gracefully extended out towards the two rock solid penises dangling only inches above. Seeing the groggy white woman submit to their demands with such ease, all three men smiled and cast a knowing glance at each other, coming to understand the depths Bobbie Jo would be willing to go to satisfy her depraved lust.

Watching as the young mother of four helplessly flailed her tongue towards the cocks near her mouth, Jean-Luc proceeded to increase his thrusts into overdrive for nearly 30 seconds until the sloppy squishing sounds of their crotches slamming together muted out everything else in the small cluttered room.

"The nasty slut will do anything we want," Jean-Luc hissed as he suddenly grinded his veracious assault to a halt.

Easing the length of his black endowment slowly out of Bobbie Jo's snatch, Jean-Luc marveled at how disgustingly coated his dick had become from the woman's scalding vaginal secretions. Inching his erection out all the way to its uncircumsized, meaty head, Jean-Luc held it against the entrance of Bobbie Jo's cunt until the glimmer of an idea sparkled in his head.

"You wanna get fucked so bad huh.....You want this cock drilling deep inside ya...well then why don't you just fuck yourself with it then..you're so desperate to get yourself off Bitch..why should I be the one to work up a sweat," Jean-Luc hummed.

A temporary paralysis seemed to infiltrate Bobbie Jo's body as Jean-Luc's words sunk in. Her entire body went still for a few moments, with the notable exception of her groin whcih still twitched and gyrated spastically, trying to keep the friction of the black stud's virile beast tight against her itching vagina.

"I said fuck yourself with it, Slut...its there waiting..take it in your hand....and split yourself down the middle with it while the rest of us just sit here and watch," Jean-Luc laughed luridly as the two Latin boys continued to jerk off.


Raoul Nieves had seen a lot of things sexually in his short but productive life. From the gangbang he, Ivan and several of thier co-workers had taken part in with the Korean wife of the owner of the cleaners, to the line of local girls that gave all his friends a blowjob on the subway a few weeks earlier. But nothing he had ever witnessed matched the lurid, chilling vividness and erotic potency of seeing the small town country girl flat on her back, her teeshirt hiked up revealing her huge breasts, while their teenage Haitian friend held his dick inside her raw pussy, imploring Bobbie Jo to brutally fuck herself with it.

Jerking off his uncircumsized erection directly above Bobbie Jo's right cheek as he visually absorbed the whole mindnumbing scene, Raoul nodded over to Ivan when Bobbie Jo's sweaty white hand closed around Jean-Luc's beastly girth. Both boys felt their cocks harden even more in their grips when they saw the overmatched mother of four's elbow unhinge and begin to rotate back and forth, clumsily shoving Jean-Luc's manly pride and joy in and out of her soupy cunt.

"OHHH...YEAH," Jean-Luc huskily groaned from deep within his gut as he fixated on the way Bobbie Jo twisted her right arm and wrist at an ungodly angle, trying to force his throbbing appendage in and out of her womb.


"MMMPPHHHHMMMMMAAAHHRRGGHHAA," Bobbie Jo incessantly shrieked as her back arched obscenly off the bed, trying her damdest to slide as much of Jean-Luc's slick battering ram into her depths.

Feeling her internal mercury rising to critical mass, Bobbie Jo started flapping her knees up and down on the mattress as she tried to fan the flames of her pussy while Jean-Luc rested haughtily between her thighs, smiling lewdly as the lustcrazed white woman followed his every order.

Lost in a daze of lurid disbelief, Jean-Luc could only shake his head from side to side and massage with his heavy balls as Bobbie Jo's greasy white fingers clutched his dick and shoved it as far back into her cunt as she could until the tall Haitian stud could feel his peehole tickling the back of Bobbie Jo's innermost regions.


"Holy Fucking Shit," Raoul cringed to himself. "I ain't ever seen anything like that."

Squeezing his cock even harder, Raoul's hips started to gyrate rythemically as his eyes scanned the vivid scene in front of him. Pawing his manhood with increasing viscosity as he watched Bobbie Jo frantically shove Jean-Luc's black cock in and out of her snatch, Raoul looked over at his childhood friend, on the other side of the white woman, and saw that Ivan was doing the exact same thing.

Scrapping his balls passionatly against the chubby slut's scalp, Raoul's face contorted wildly as his semen started to boil out of his testicles, straight up through his penis and then out onto the waiting face below.

Flinching madly before finally going tense, Raoul looked as if he had been stabbed as his seething lust splattered free from his cock and covered the white woman's slick forehead. Pressing his twitching cock between his wrenching fingers and Bobbie Jo's sweaty brow, Raoul milked every last drop of cum against the slut's face as if he was squeezing toothpaste out of a throbbing brown tube.

Reaching down with his left hand, Raoul took a vicious handfull of Bobbie Jo's left tit and the same moment Ivan did the same with Bobbie Jo's right. Molesting the white woman's breasts in unison, Raoul gleamed up through his slitted eyes and watched with glee as his friend's body went through the same violent mannuerisms before he shot his own copious wad all over the opposite side of the young woman's now jellified face.


Eventhough the blinding warmth of both boys' cum was saturating her from scalp to bosom, Bobbie Jo kept up her frenetic assault on her pussy with Jean-Luc's piercing erection. Manipulating his girth into places she didn't even know she had, Bobbie Jo eerily harkened back to the times she was pregnant from the way she was filled with another living entity in that part of her body. The only difference was that this time, the thing growing inside of her not only had a life of its own but was squirming around as if it were a rampaging serpant trying to find a place to plant its seed.

The hyper visual images exploding behind Bobbie Jo's clenched eyelids burned with inferno-like intensity as the suddenly overwhelming rush of orgasm crashed through her spine like a tsunami hitting an island. Forcing Jean-Luc's cock as far back into her vaginal sheath as she could, Bobbie Jo desperaly rocked her hips high into the air and gave herself the fucking release of a lifetime as the three men knelt there in stunned silence.

"EEEGGGHHHEEAAAHHHHHHMMMHHAAHHHHHHHMMPPHHHAAHHHHHH," Bobbie Jo helplessly barked out, filling the entire motel with the sounds of her shrieks, even causing her light sleeping babysitter on the other side of the wing to stir awake, thinking someone had been attacked outside her room.

Holding back his explosion for as long as he could, Jean-Luc winced and seethed out loud as he closed his dark hand over top Bobbie Jo's sweaty grip, sandwiching her hand between his hand and penis until the two were mutally masturbating the lower half of his shaft, siphoning the libidnal male stew that boiled in his balls all the way out of his cock and against the inflamed backwall of Bobbie Jo's pulsing cervix.

Filling her cunt with firehose like velocity, Jean-Luc drilled his crotch forward and pressed his manhood in and out of Bobbie Jo's gushing quim with jackhammer speed.

"UUUMMMPPHHHHHH," Jean-Luc grimaced, the viens in his neck and forehead flarring out grotesquely at the same time sweat rolled down the rock solid black oynx of his chest.


With all three mens' languid and sticky emmissions bathing Bobbie Jo's body, both inside and out, the white woman's spent body went completly limp on the mattress as Jean-Luc, Raoul and Ivan slowly regained their collective breaths above.

Pulling his dick free from Bobbie Jo's cavernous snatch with a mighty, Lancealotian tug, all three men smiled brightly at Bobbie Jo's pained expression of loss when Jean-Luc's sword was pulled from her cunt.

An eerie silence settled in the room as the three tried to determine if they were through with Bobbie Jo or if they had anything left for her. Swinging his legs off the bed so he could retrieve his cigarettes, Jean-Luc gazed at Raoul and Ivan as he lit up and asked them if they had any ideas.

"Not really," Raoul answered as he wiped the night's work off his hands with Bobbie Jo's shorts that he had picked up off the floor. "What about you, Ivan?"

"I could use a beer," He quipped.

"I've got an idea," Jean-Luc barked between puffs of his Newport. "I'm gonna go take a piss..why don't you two guys go and see if that winno is still laying on the floor down the hall..if he is... maybe he'd like a crack at the slut too."

Raoul and Ivan looked at each other with a sick but humorous grin as Jean-Luc's suggestion sunk in.

"We'll be right back," Raoul answered, as he cast a glaring eye towards the sexually comatose woman on the bed. "Besides..it don't look like she's going anywhere for a while."


Wilber Milner never had a chance in life. Born into a Northern Kentucky coal mining family in the early 1950's, Milner naturally assumed he follow the same honest but lifesapping path both his Father and Grandfather taken, hundreds of feet below the Kentucky bluegrass.

Wen his draft card came a few weeks after his 18th birthday however, Wilber saw it in a perverse way as his ticket out of the Kentucky coalfields, and the life he had been destined to live.

Eighteen months in the sweltering Vietnamese jungle however created more Hell inside Wilber's head than two lifetimes in a Kentucky coal mine would have ever done to his body.

From the day he landed back in the States for good in late 1971 to the nearly 30 years later where he found himself sitting with his legs extended on the filthy floor of the same New York City motel that the three men were having their way with Bobbie Jo Hottinger, Wilber had been subjected to a 348 month blur of alcholic schizophrenia.

Resting there in his cozy hallway nest with a nearly empty bottle of Thunderbird nestled tightly in his groin, Wilber actually thought the demons that tortured his days and nights were coming for him as Raoul and Ivan's hazy figures approached.

Either that, or he thought he was about to be mugged for the 11th time that month. Even in the shroud of mental illness and booze that he constantly stayed under, Wilber had enough foresight to question the sanity of others who would knock him around just so they could riffle through his pockets for loose change.

So as Raoul and Ivan flarred out to each side of Wilber's seated frame and grabbed him by his dirty coatsleeves, he drunkenly begged up to both their shadowy faces to leave him alone and that he didn't have any money.

Wilber's pleas didn't see to deter the Puerto Rican boys a bit however. Eventhough they seemed pleasant enough in the way they talked to him as they dragged his limp body down the hall, Wilber was sure the fifth of Thunderbird that was swimming in his ears had caused him to totally misunderstand what both boys were saying they were going to do with him.

Despite the fact that he was awful at making out foriegn accents, even when he was sober, Wilber seemed sure he heard them say the word, "Fuck" , over and over as they dragged him on.

Having been violated in every way possible, mentally and pyhsically from his life on the streets, Wilber realized he was too drunk to even mount a defense as he faced the dreadful misunderstanding that the two teenage boys were about to have their way...with him.

All Wilber could do, as his heels scooted down the dimly lit hallway, was continually mouth the words, "Ain't this some shit" over and over to himself as Raoul and Ivan tugged him on.


Seeing the light coming through the opened door of Room 118 getting closer and closer, Wilber tried his best to scan his fried mental databases, tryting to visually place the tenant that lived in the room Raoul and Ivan were leading him towards.

Before he could match Bobbie Jo's weathered mug with the room however, Wilber found himself being dragged through the threshold of the doorway, right up to the bottom edge of the bed where the overfucked white slut was laying on her back, her knees splayed obscenly as she lightly slept.

Wilber felt his own knees growing weak from sheer disbelief as he tried flinching his eyes open and shut, trying to process the impossible sight of the brunnette's pink pussy that looked as if a greased torpedo had been shot through it.

With Raoul and Ivan still propping him up, Wilber stared blankly at the vivid image on the bed for more than a passing moment, until out of nowhere, something creeping up to his right caused Wilber's neck to slowly creak to the side.

Wilber swore he could feel the heat from Bobbie Jo's vagina wafting out between her legs and brushing against his cheek as he strained his neck to the side to see the imposing and naked black frame of Jean-Luc suantering closer.

"Holy..Fuck," Wilber whispered under his breath as the shadowy presense of the Haitian youngster crept closer. "He's as big as a God Damn tree."

Scanning his beaty eyes down Jean-Luc's dark torso, Wilber's already shellshocked expression turned into one of unmittigated awe when his sightlines hit Jean-Luc's crotch and he saw the kid's softened manhood hang like a fleshy black snake from his groin, creeping easily three quarters of the way down his thigh.

"GOD...." Wilber drunkenly gasped, instinctivly matching the gaping hole that was Bobbie Jo's cunt to the huge impliment that hung limply to his right.

Inspecting Jean-Luc's girth even closer, Wilber could also see the glistening, languid traces of the white woman's feminine ejaculate crusting on the entire upper half of the black stud's endowment, as Jean-Luc patiently stood there with his hands on his hips, amused by the Winno's intoxicated expression of disbelief.

"Get him ready to fuck the Bitch," Jean-Luc bellowed over to Raoul and Ivan. "I'm gonna see if she has anything to drink in her fridge."

As Jean-Luc paced over to find some refreshment, Raoul and Ivan leaned over top of Bobbie Jo and patted their strong brown hands against the woman's sweaty thighs and belly to show the homeless man standing there that she was now all his.

Squeezing his hand tightly around the meaty swells of Bobbie Jo's tits, Raoul looked up at Wilber standing there and said," You want some of this?" at the same time Ivan was behind Wilber, gently nudging him forwards toward the V of Bobbie Jo's parted thighs.

A dreamy sense of paranoia swept through Wilber's alcohol laced body as he felt his shin meet the bottom edge of the bed in front of him. Gingely nudging his knee up onto the mattress to keep from toppling over, Wilber started to crawl on top of the naked woman splayed out before him. Clumsily fumbling for the snap of his trousers, Wilber sloppily attempted to free his burgeoning cock from it's constraints.

"This girl must be as poor as dirt..she aint got a damn thing to drink in here but some stale Kool-Aid," Jean-Luc barked from the kitchen.

"You can have the rest of this guy's Thunderbird," Ivan offered sarcastically."He's kind of detained at the moment."

"No thanks," Jean-Luc thirstily laughed back as he poured a glass of water from the sink.

When he finally re-entered the bedroom nook and saw how Wilber had collapsed on top of Bobbie Jo, Jean-Luc stopped cold in his tracks, taking in complelty the crass, yet sickly amusing sight of the homeless man with his pants shoved down below his knees, drunkenly trying to ease his bouncing erection towards the gaping slit of the young slut's vagina.

Jean-Luc could see that Bobbie Jo's eyes were still sealed shut as her shallow breathing caused her heavy breasts and belly to heave up and down under the drunk's squirming weight. Looking down at the shrimpy erection that bobbed like a curved thumb from Wilber's groin, Jean-Luc took a sip from his glass of water as Raoul and Ivan eased over to him.

"Pretty sick huh," Jean-Luc sighed.

"Uh..huh," both Latin Boys replied as they shared a swig of tap water from Jean-Luc's cup.

"She ain't gonna feel a thing when he sticks that little sausage of his up her cunt..bet she doesn't even wake up," Jean-Luc casually predicted.

True to his word, Wilber's sexual escapade with Bobbie Jo was over almost before it began. No more than a minute after he dipped his small but rockhard penis into Bobbie Jo's cavernous opening, right into the gooey molten mass of Jean-Luc's still steaming cum, Wilber awkwardly thrusted his hips several times until he exhaustedly shrinked away, removing his cumcovered and spent cock from the dark, flooded tunnel.

"Look at all that mess boys that I made in there," Wilber drunkenly spat, falsly thinking he was the one responsible for the overflow situation inside Bobbie Jo's genitals. "I filled that Bitch up!"

Not having the heart to tell Wilber the truth about the way he had just stuck his cock into a pit of another man's cum, Raoul and Ivan did the best they could to keep from bursting out laughing as they helped the weaving homeless man out of the room.

Allowing the two Latin boys to farrot Wilber out of the room, Jean-Luc approached Bobbie Jo from the side and tapped her on the shoulder, just enough to cause her to stir slightly as he watched the cum sizzle out of the entrance of her hairy cunt, just like cream streaming out of the side of an eclair.

Looking over his shoulder to make sure Raoul and Ivan had been successful in getting rid of the homeless drunk, Jean-Luc decided to reach down and give Bobbie Jo's inflamed vaginal lips a good squeeze, causing what semen that remained inside to rapidly bubble to the top.

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