I didn't mean to, honest!

I just needed to use the john.

We were all at a backyard party, beer was flowing out of the little pony keg as cold as ice.

I guess I had my fair share.

My wife Katrina (they named a storm after her, I teased) is a redhead. I mean a REDHEAD, you know the type. Round wire frame glasses, piles of hair right out of the Farrah Fawcett days, she has a sway back and bubble butt like that Bardot actress.

Yep, freckles everywhere, the usual constant concern with skin problems that drives her crazy. Our bathroom cabinet has more lotions and creams than any department store but she has that sort of under control as long as she doesn't wear any makeup.

Which she doesn't, no need.

Add in the fact that Kat is nasty as it is possible to be in the bedroom and loves to tease outside of the bedroom, and I run around with a woodie about half the time. More than once I have walked into the bedroom after she has spent all day teasing me mercilessly, to find her spread-eagled on the bed, naked as a jaybird and flicking her bushy red beaver at me.

That is her way of hinting that she wants me to lick her tasty little button, which I do.

I can't complain, with her pale nipples almost exactly the same color of her surrounding flesh she is one sight to behold.

Kat is well aware of the effect she has on men, so most of her tops are those skimpy criss-cross things, her boobs are always almost out.

At parties I have seen the guys bend into the damndest positions trying to catch a peek of an elusive nipple, but the funny part is even when she does let one peek it is so light colored they are just never sure.

So here we were, getting nicely drunk, the TV set tuned to the stock car race where the pros were busy running over each other at 180 mph.

Barry was plopped down on a lawn chair, his t-shirt slid up over his ample stomach. He was about three sheets to the wind and working on four, long since past trying to sneak a peek at any of the gals. His wife Mary had been running around in this yellow two piece bathing suit that we all waited for her to take a dip in the pool wearing. The thing vanished when it was wet and she pretended to not notice. Mary had a set of pussy lips to die for, her pink little button shoved out against the front of the tiny yellow triangle as if she was naked. But Mary was also flat chested, her top didn't need to contain anything. Her nipples were long and poked out though, making dark circles under the thin cloth.

I never got used to her climbing out of the pool and walking over to plant one leg on each side of a lawn chair, then lean back.

She knew, all right. Barry seemed like he didn't notice, either. But of course Barry spent lots of time "helping" Kat with things like carry stuff back and forth, he was always trying to sneak a peek down her top and she was always doing her best to help him catch one.

Well, until he got a few beers down, then he usually dozed off.

The other couple were Jenks and Sherry. How the name "Jenks" stuck I am not sure except his last name was Jenkins and his first name was Norman.

He hated the name Norman. Jenks was a little older, maybe 40 or so, the rest of us all early 30's including Sherry.

Sherry was dark haired, big busted, big bottomed. One of those hourglass shaped types but just big. Not fat, round is the term.

Sherry always had on one piece suits designed to hide everything, kind of a shame considering how spectacular those puppies were.

The first few times Jenks and Sherry came by she looked at Mary a bit disapproving. Over time it was like she got used to it though. Jenks never did, his eyes were always darting this way and that.

Well, mine too I guess, Kat sometimes teased me and told me I had eyes like a lizard.

Yep, good parties, lots of fun, we all got a good show but that was it. There was never any hanky panky.

Just good parties, lots of beer, jokes, then the gals would bring on the grub.

But like I said when I started, I didn't mean to.

Kat and Sherry were talking about their hair. It seems that Sherry had a few gray ones popping out.

Jenks and I were sitting watching Mary do her antics, Barry was fast asleep. Mary seemed to be in and out of the pool a lot more once Barry dozed off. Kat knew I was taking peeks and didn't care, I don't think.

I didn't even notice when she and Sherry left, I was engrossed in the quarter inch of dark nipple that Mary had managed to let slip out of her top. Her suit had dried out so both Jenks and my attention had shifted upwards. Mary's top was one of those loose kind that wandered around at the slightest motion, I must have seen her pointy nipples a hundred times. When the other gals were close by she would tug at the top periodically, but if they were out of sight she sometimes just let them slide out and stay there.

Then I needed to take a leak.

This get together was at our house, and off the pool deck we have a bathroom for guests. Our main bathroom is inside and down the hall, I didn't even think, I just headed for it and opened the door.

There stood Kat, her hands on Sherry's head. Sherry was leaning over the sink, water was running over her head, they were obviously rinsing her hair.

The top of Sherry's one piece suit was pulled down to her waist, those big round boobies were dangling down, her nipples extended and soft looking.

I came to a stop, staring.

Kat turned to look at me, started to say something, then her expression changed to a grin.

She turned back to washing Sherry's hair, with the water running she hadn't heard me open the door.

I stood there for a solid two minutes, watching. Then her nipples firmed up, and started to extend. I even stepped closer to get a better look as Kat's busy hands kept Sherry leaned forward over the sink.

Then Kat nodded her head towards the door, I beat a hasty retreat, back down the hall and used the guest bathroom.

It took me a bit, hard to pee with a woodie.

They came out several minutes later, Sherry was fluffing her hair which now had a slight reddish cast to it.

"Well, what do you guys think?" she asked.

Jenks grinned and nodded, telling her he liked it.

Being a bit tipsy, I made a wisecrack.

"They are spectactular!" I told her. Sherry gave me an odd look, then flushed slightly.

Then she walked over and plopped down next to Mary's chair. Mary was back in the pool, Jenks and I were sitting there waiting for the next act.

Kat wandered over to the pool, slipped her coverup off. I noticed she had changed to her green bikini, I wondered about that since the top is just a nipple cover and the bottoms are just a patch covering her front.

There isn't a back, just a thin string.

Through the fog of the beer, I suddenly became alert. I looked at the one remaining chair, it was straight across from me. Jenks sat right beside me, Barry was softly snoring on the other side of him. Sherry sat right across from her husband, we were all so close that if we stretched our legs out, they would touch.

"How in the hell is Kat going to be able to sit down in that chair?" I wondered.

I looked over as she and Mary stroked side by side the length of our pool, then back. I watched as they climed up the steps in what seemed like slow motion, then slowly walked the 30 feet of so to where we sat.

"Anybody need a cold one?" Kat asked as Mary sat down, planted her feet on each side of the chair like usual.

Jenks held up his beer, so Kat gave me a wicked grin and headed over to the pony keg. This afforded us a spectacular view of her fanny, which looked to be completely naked exept for the string around her waist and the beginnings of the string heading down between her cheeks.

"Sweet Jesus!" Jenks muttered, loud enough for me to hear.

I stared after her, there was a white band across her ass where her regular bikini bottoms normally were.

Kat drew a glass, turned and began the slow walk back. She was like a damned model on a runway, all I could do was stare. I had a feeling we were being watched but both Sherry and Mary now had on sunglasses so I couldn't tell.

I realized I had better readjust or my dick was going to run out the pants leg of the bathing suit I wore. God Kat looked...hot?

She stepped up to Jenks, leaning over and handed him the glass. I looked at her bikini top which gapped away about an inch and realized I was looking at a darker rosey colored nipple?

She had to have put some rouge or something on her nipples? What the hell?

Then she walked over, stepped over the lawn chair and sat down. She smiled that same wicked smile, reached down to the side and reclined the thing.

Jenks actually leaned forwards in his seat, I thought that was funny until I realized I had done the same. Kat pretended to ignore us, sitting there with her legs open blatantly.

The string did nothing to hide her, it ran up to the bottom of the tiny V, her lips protruded out both sides. Only her clit was covered, and if Kat moved or scooted at all, even that would not be...

I was then wondering where her red bush went?

Kat scooted down in her chair, the tiny bit of material bulged and moved. She sat there with her legs spread, her now swollen lips almost completely on display. Her hand dropped down and idly scratched at her side, tugging the string in the process, moving the cloth even more.

Then she reached up, untied the string at the top, rolling the bits of cloth down to just the tops of her nipples. Her eyes closed, she started to doze. The top soon slipped off her breasts, she seemed to not notice.

There was dead silence except for the TV.

Jenks finally turned to look at me.

"Kat is sure beautiful!"

"Yes, I know."

"All of our gals are beautiful!" He added.

I looked at Sherry, her face was flushed.

"I wish I wasn't so fat!" Sherry suddenly exclaimed.

"You aren't fat!" Jenks and I responded, almost in unison.

"Besides, you have gorgeous breasts!" Jenks told her.

"I do?"

"Yes," I responded quickly.

"No reason to hide such a fine pair."

"How do you know?" she looked at me pointedly.

I took a chance.

"I saw them...by accident..in the bathroom."

"Oh. I thought I heard something. How much did you see?" She was smiling at me.

"Just a glimpse." I lied.

"Longer than that. I heard you."

She looked over at Mary and Kat, who was now awake. Kat glanced down at her bare chest, looked back up at me staring. Her eyes had a smokey look to them.

"Honey?" she looked at Jenks.

"Can I? Do you mind?"

"No, sure. Be as comfortable as you wish.", He told her, his voice suddenly soft.

Sherry reached up and slid her arms out of first one strap, then the other. She held the top to herself for a moment, looking at me. Then she stood up, dropped the top down.

I was right, they were spectacular, standing firm and upright, her big black nipples the size of silver dollars.

"Oh, why not?" At that she slid the suit down her hips and stepped out of it. Her face and her cheeks flushed pink, then she sat down, completely nude. She kept her legs together but that helped just a little.

Sherry was fully shaven, her vagina curved softly to a small peek of flesh flaring out right at her opening. Her clit was swollen and excited, peeking out barely.

"I am going to do it!" She said to herself but I heard her.

With that, she put her legs outside the chair, leaned back. This brought her to full exposure, she even opened her lags more than required.

Jenks and I both just sat there, we were almost in shock.

Mary was watching with interest.

"Oh, the hell with it."

She reached down and tugged the tie at her side, pulled her bottoms off, then untied the top setting both aside.

Jenks and I sat there with the best show in town.

After a few minutes, Kat looked at me and grinned, by now her suit lay on the floor beside her, too.

"Well, guys?"

"Well, what?"

"Are you going to join us?"

I looked at Jenks, he shrugged. We both stood up and dropped our suits, no point in trying to hide my solid erection. Jenks had the exact same concern.

"What about Barry?" I asked as I sat down, making no effort to hide my 6" prong pointing straight up.

"The hell with him." Mary said with a grin.

"We will tell him about it later, maybe he will learn to not drink so much."

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