tagBDSMWell Disciplined Husband Ch. 03

Well Disciplined Husband Ch. 03


Exiting the condo, Janice and Brenda were, as expected, waiting for Agnes and Alfred.

"Sorry to keep you lovely ladies waiting, but I gave hubby a little reminder to mind his manners tonight," chuckled Agnes. "Didn't I?"

"Yes, ma'am, you did," was the contrite response. And he felt even more uneasy as he heard the three women laughing loudly at his admission.

Brenda offered that they knew of a nice Italian restaurant a short walk away and Agnes and Janice quickly agreed that it sounded good with them. No one bothered to ask Alfred!

Upon entering the restaurant which seemed quite busy, they were led to a table in the back of the seating area. Agnes snickered as she realized the chairs were wooden with no padding on the seat...how perfect for Alfred's sore bottom! She quickly shared her observation with the others, again raising Alfred's level of humiliation and causing his face to redden some more.

During dinner the conversation between the ladies never included Alfred. He just endured hearing them chat about fashion, actresses and actors, and other things he found mundane. Only when he started to squirm in his seat as the waitress was clearing the dessert dishes was he invited into the conversation.

"You seem to be quite uncomfortable, Alfred," quipped Janice. "Is something wrong? You are squirming like a little boy who has a sore bottom!" This just broke the three ladies into laughter again, making Alfred wish he could just magically disappear. Just when he thought his humiliation could not get any worse, the young waitress inquired of Alfred if he was okay.

"If I had known the hard chair would not be good for you, I could of brought a pad for you to sit on. Why are you so sore anyway?" inquired the waitress.

Instantly Alfred's face got a deeper shade of red, quickly noticed by Brenda, who made mention of it. "Just look how red his face is!"

"Well tell her why, Alfred," demanded Agnes. "Tell her why your bottom is so sore."

"I, I, I was rude to a waitress at lunch and my wife punished me," was all he could stammer.

Agnes picked up the conversation for him, "Yes, he got a good dose of my hairbrush on his bare bottom while over my knee. Then just before we came out tonight, I 'reminded' him to mind his manners tonight using the bristle side of brush between his little cheeks."

"Oh my god, that is the funniest thing I have heard in weeks. A grown man having his bottom blistered by his wife! You are such a great lady," gushed the waitress.

As all four of the women now had a good laugh at Alfred's expense, he just sat there, red faced as he could be, looking down at the table, afraid to look at any one of them, hoping that nobody else in the restaurant had heard the conversation.

When the bill arrived, Agnes chided Alfred, telling him to leave a generous tip for the waitress since she was such a wonderful lady.

On the walk back to the condo, Agnes reminded Alfred that he was still getting the rest of his punishment from earlier today. "You didn't think I forgot now did you," teased Agnes.

"No ma'am, I know I am getting another dose of your hairbrush for my poor behavior at lunch. I know I deserve it," admitted Alfred.

"That's right, and don't forget getting cleaned out so I can use your back door as well!" reminded Agnes.

At those words, Alfred nearly stumbled as she had now shared even more info with her new friends about his punishment. He wondered if there was no limit to the humiliation she was heaping on him.

When they reached the condo, Agnes spoke to Alfred sternly, "Now go inside, I want to speak with Brenda and Janice privately. You know what to do!"

As he meekly went into the condo, Agnes turned to her new friends, "I know you both seem interested in how I have trained my husband to be obedient. Today has been a struggle for him as we have always kept this part of our life private from anyone else. Although I have many times threatened to show him off or tell others about how he is disciplined, the opportunity has never really presented itself. But now that I have met you lovely ladies, would you like to come in and watch me give him a good over the knee hairbrush session?"

Brenda and Janice looked like two women who had just won the lottery, with Janice exclaiming, "you don't know how much I would enjoy seeing a man put in his place, which is over his wife's knee!" Brenda quickly agreed but wondered how Alfred would like this new turn of events.

"Oh he will be embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief, but that is not our problem ladies, only his well roasted ass needs to be of any concern to us," was the merry reply from Agnes. "If anything makes you uncomfortable don't be afraid to leave the room if you need to, I won't be offended."

While the ladies chatted outside, Alfred had immediately stripped naked except for his cock restraint as soon as he entered the condo. Then he knelt on the floor facing the front door and waited for Agnes to come in and deliver the rest of his punishment. The longer he waited, the more his mind seemed to race with worry and concern over how hard she would spank and what was to take place after the spanking, namely being cleaned out and having his back door used, Agnes's way of telling him he was going to be subjected to one or more enemas, then she would sodomize him with a large strap-on dildo until she was satisfied. He truly hated having a dildo forced up his poor asshole, but Agnes seemed to get great pleasure from it, so he had long ago come to accept it as part of his life with her.

After what seemed like an hour, the door finally swung open and in stepped Agnes who excitedly announced, "Brenda and Janice are going to watch me tan your bottom with my hairbrush!! They want to see a grown man quiver in pain and sob like a little naughty boy."

Alfred looked up to see Agnes standing there with Janice on one side of her and Brenda on the other, both looking rather pleased at being allowed to witness his punishment. As Agnes stared at him she was certain she saw his bottom lip quivering in fear, and that made her smile even more. Kneeling there naked in front of two women he had just met that day seemed almost too much to bear for Alfred, but he knew it was best to not move until directed to by his loving wife.

"Come on, let's get this show started shall we?" asked Agnes.

Alfred really started to get nervous now wondering where this was all going to lead. It wouldn't take long to find out!

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by Anonymous

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by jamieanne6309/11/18

Moving his discipline up a notch!

Poor Alfred...he’s certainly learning his proper place and I suspect he’ll be quite respectful to the waitresses he meets in the future! Very much enjoying this delightful tale!

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by Anonymous06/04/18


This is awesome. I myself am in a bdsm relationship with my husband, with me being the dom. Of course it is more relaxed than this. Anyways I love this story and this certainly gave me some ideas for mymore...

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by Anonymous01/11/18

Drivel guy!!!

Hey he’s back! Lol hater trolls that just have to read these kinky femdom stories are the best testament to great writers lol!!! 5 here, hope to see more fun in all their future! Sooooo wish I were himmore...

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by Anonymous01/09/18


I hope all the lovely ladies get a chance to insert their fingers, tamales, cigars and whatever else happens to be lying around into his quivering arse. Great story!!

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by KidG100001/07/18

To the anonymous troll underneath me

Have you ever heard of bdsm? It’s the category this story is filed under and it involves bondage and kinky power dynamics in a relationship. If that’s not something you are interested in or even understand,more...

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