She comes to the dinner dressed in her best dress though she knows she is only there to serve. She’s very nervous but knows she will do her best to please her Master.

During the first part of the dinner, her job is to stand silently near the table in case anyone needs anything. Very nervous, she tries not to fidget. She tries not to listen to the conversation because it’s very hard for her not to contribute. Someone rings the bell. She hurries to the table as the adrenaline starts pumping

‘Yes, Sir’…she says to the Master.

“Where’s my coffee?”….he demands, looking at her sternly.

“I don’t know Sir…would you like for me to go check on it?”


She hurries into the kitchen, not liking the idea of leaving the Masters out there alone, but not having another choice. She gets to the kitchen and sees no one has made his coffee. She gets a cup and fills it then hurries toward the door, hoping no one else needed anything while she was gone. As she gets to the table she slows down and puts the cup in front of the Master.

“Good girl. Pull your dress top down for me. Show me your nipples.” She gulps but does so, feeling the familiar stir. He dips his finger into the coffee and dribbles it on her nipples. He leans down and sucks each one in turn very hard.

“That’s for being a good girl.”….then he twist each nipple as she squeals in pain. “And that’s for taking so long. Get back to your corner.”

She goes to pull her dress top up, but he smacks her hand. She goes to her corner with her head bowed and her lovely breast hanging out for all to see. The other girls come out to serve the food and see her ½ naked in the corner, wondering what happened, and wondering what’s going to happen to them. After the food is served, they disappear back into the house, trying not to look over their shoulders at the ½ naked girl.

Once the men have started on their food, the girl gets the tea pitcher and shyly makes her way around the table of bawdy men asking if they’d like a refill on their glasses. The first one grabs her hair and points her face toward his glass.

“Does it look like I need a refill,” he asks.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then don’t ask, just fill it..and don’t spill a drop,” he says as he starts to lift up the back of her dress trying to find her moistness. Her hands start to shake as she feels herself exposed. She misses the glass and spills the tea. He pinches her clit and then gives her a swat on the ass, dropping her dress. He grabs the pitcher from her hands, grabs her hair and forcers her head to the spilled tea. “Lick it up girl”.

She does so, trembling in his hands, darting out her tongue trying to get it all up. He fondles her breast as she finishes cleaning up the mess. Pinches her nipple and then hands her back the pitcher. Shakenly, she curtsies and moves onto the next Master.

Should she ask if he wants a refill? Should she just refill it? Imploring she looks at the next Master hoping he’ll give her a clue. He just looks back at her. She decides to take a chance. “Would you like a refill Sir?”.

“Yes, I’d love a refill, thanks for asking,” he says with a smile. She pours the tea into his glass. He takes the pitcher from her surprised hand and spreads his legs, pulling her to him. She feels his member through his pants as he places her hand there and kisses her deeply. The throbbing between her thighs is uncontrollable at this point. She moans into his mouth as he reached up and fondles her heavy breasts. He then pushes her away and hands her back the pitcher. She is very flushed at this point and is walking on very shaky legs to the 3rd Master.

“Wwwwould, (deep breath), would you like a refill Sir?”

“No, I’d like something else. Would you like to get it for me?” he asks with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh yes Sir. I’d like that very much,” she whispers.

“I’d like my cock sucked. Get on your knees” he demands. She hesitates, not sure if he heard right.

He grabs the tea pitcher. “Did you hear me girl?” He pushes her down to her knees and unbuckles his pants.

She thinks to herself….. “oh my word, this is really happening” as she sees his cock being released from his pants. Then he grabs her hair and presses himself into her mouth, over her luscious but surprised lips. It’s so hot. She starts licking and sucking as he fucks her mouth with his hand wrapped through her hair. Fucking her hard. It feels like he’s going to fuck her until he explodes, but with a grunt he pulls back out of her mouth and zips up. He sits down and starts eating again. Very shakey at this point she attempts to stand. The final Master gets from his chair and helps her up.

“I’m curious,” he says. “I wonder how wet you are from this?”

He starts unbuttoning her dress. She just stares at him wide eyed. She’s breathing very heavy wondering what he plans to do but powerless to stop him. All 3 of the other Masters are watching him unbutton her dress. When he’s done he brushes it off of her shoulders. It falls in a heap from her naked body to her feet. He leads her over to the wooden table and makes her sit on its roughness. She winces as her tender skin touches the wood.

“Spread your legs,” he demands.

“Sir?” she says in a trembling, questioning voice.

“Spread your legs.”

Slowly she does so, knowing everyone is watching her while they are eating. He reaches down to feel her pussy and feels how wet she is. As he touches her, she takes in a shocked breath. Her thighs start quivering. It feels delicious.

“Oh we have a good one here men, she is soaking wet,” he says as he slides in two fingers.

Her head drops back with a deep moan and bounce of the hips. He drops his face to her thighs and starts licking her. Burying his face and gorging himself on her juices. She starts squealing in delight.

The other slaves come out to clean the dishes off the table and gasp at what they see.

Is it gasps of shock? Or of envy? Or of just pure lust?

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