I know she's older than I am, but that's okay. It's a purely sexual relationship, for both of us. It started by accident, since neither of us had even considered the other in a sexual way, but once we did, the sparks flew right away.

She's the senior secretary at my best friend's company. She works directly under the president of the company, and since my best friend is the president, I see her all the time. It's not a huge company, and there are really only a few employees, but it's his company, and he can call himself anything he wants. I spend a lot of time in his office, since I'm the "senior vice president", as he calls me. I prefer to think of myself as the co-owner, but I let him have his little fantasy. After all, I get to bang his secretary. A fair trade, if I say so myself. Of course, if he knew I was banging his secretary, I'd most likely be out on my ass, after he beat the shit out of me. I guess it's something to do with the idea of his best friend and his mother having sex.

Yes, his secretary is also his mother, and we've been knocking boots for almost a year. It wasn't something either of us planned, but once it happened, and once we realized how good we were together, neither of us saw any reason to stop. She's married to a nice guy with almost no sexual drive whatsoever, and I'm young, single, with a massive sex drive that won't leave me alone for a minute.

When we started having sex, I was in the process of putting together a video proposal for a potential client, and was spending a lot of late nights at the office. Wendy had stopped by to see how things were going on her way home from a girl's night out, and caught me in an embarrassing situation. She had managed to come in pretty quietly, and caught me looking at internet porn. I was pretty well engrossed in checking out the pictures of an older woman with big tits when she walked up behind me.

"Obviously, you're busy editing the proposal."

I jumped about five feet, scrambled to put something different on the screen, and generally panicked like a complete idiot. Once she stopped laughing at the look on my face, Wendy put her hand on my shoulder.

"Relax, Mickey. You weren't looking at anything I've never seen before. Although, I've seen better tits than those."

"Excuse me?"

"I've seen my share of porn, Mick. My first husband was quite the perverted soul, and had a huge collection of magazines and movies. He liked women with big tits and bigger asses, which is why we got along so well, I suppose. He always said my ass was my best feature, then my tits."

"Umm, I have no clue what to say right now."

She grinned, and leaned closer to me, giving me a peek into her blouse. She did have great tits, and I was actually surprised I'd never noticed before. I looked up to make eye contact, not wanting her to realize I could see so much, and saw the grin on her face. Belatedly, I figured out she wanted me to see what I was seeing. I could smell alcohol on her breath, and realized she was a bit drunk.

"I've always thought that my tits were my best feature. For a woman pushing 50, they're still pretty damn firm and shapely. Of course, I work hard to keep my figure, not that anyone has really noticed recently."

"I've…noticed, Wendy. You are in great shape."

"You're only saying that because I dropped a big hint. Can I ask you a question, Mick?"

"Sure, Wendy. Ask away."

She sat on the edge of the desk and crossed her legs, letting her skirt slip up to the top of her stockings. I could see the clips that held them up, and a vision of her in a garter belt flashed in my head. My cock stirred in my sweat pants, and I shifted slightly, suddenly uncomfortable with where this was going, but not about to change the subject.

"As a young guy, I'm sure you have women throwing themselves at you. Can you ever envision a day when you stop being interested?"

"In women? Uh…no, I don't think I can. Or want to."

"Well, imagine being with someone with zero interest in sex. Someone who is an incredible man, a wonderful partner and friend, but has no sex drive whatsoever. Someone oblivious to the most obvious pass in the world."

"Have you tried just asking for it straight out? Maybe he's just really, really bad with subtlety."

"I've jumped in the shower with him, grabbed his cock and begged. He said he had to get to work, and didn't have time. His cock didn't even twitch."

I sat back, imagining Wendy naked with a cock in her hand. I know my cock did more than twitch, it sat up and demanded attention. Wendy must have noticed the growing bulge in my pants, because she leaned closer, giving me another glimpse of the pale skin hidden underneath that blouse.

"I have to admit, Mickey, you don't seem like the type to let a lady suffer if there was anything you could do to help her. Are you that type?"

All I could do was shake my head, and she grinned.

"I didn't think so. Why don't we get out of here, and go back to your place, and let nature take its course. If that's okay with you, of course."

"Are you sure you want to do this, Wendy? I mean, aside from the fact that we work together, you're also my best friend's mother. This could turn into something pretty dangerous…"

"As long as you can keep your mouth shut, and avoid falling in love, I don't see a problem. To be brutally honest, I'm looking for a young stud that can fuck my brains out, not someone to grow old with. I think you are one of the sexiest young men I've seen in a long time, you're single, and most important, you can keep a secret. I know you slept with Joey's ex-girlfriend, but you've never even hinted."

"How do you know?"

"She told me, hoping I'd run to Joey and tell him, thereby destroying your friendship, and our business. I told her that if she ever breathed a word to Joey, I'd cut her tits off and mail them to her in pieces. She believed me."

I looked at Wendy with a new respect, and with more than a little lust.

"I think we should head out of here, then, don't you?"

She stood, and slipped her arm in mine.

"I thought you'd never ask. Lead on, my young stud."

I jumped in my car, and she followed me to my house. I told her to park her car in the garage next to mine, and closed the door behind us. I led Wendy into the house, hoping I'd changed the sheets lately. As it turns out, that wasn't an issue. We never made it past the couch. As we entered the living room, Wendy pulled on my hand, stopping me. When I turned, she was already half naked. She had shed her skirt during the walk through the kitchen, and her blouse was wide open. I pulled her to me, and planted a deep kiss on her. She met it hungrily, pushing her tongue against mine. Her hands ran my body, lifting my t-shirt over my head. We broke the kiss briefly, and she took the opportunity to unhook her bra and let it fall. Her breasts were still firm, and showed little sag for a woman approaching fifty. Her nipples were huge, and begging for attention.

I bent to suck first one, then the other as her hands untied my sweats and shoved them down. My cock was bulging in my shorts, and she wasted no time in setting it free. I felt her hand wrap around my cock, and give me a good firm stroke.

"My god, you're so fucking hard. I love the way your cock feels in my hand. I wonder how it tastes? Shall I find out? Do you want me to suck on your cock, Mickey? Should I suck that tool for you, hmm?"

I responded by pushing her down on the couch, so that her face was in my crotch. She wasted no time in engulfing my cock in her hot mouth. For a woman who claimed to not get much in the way of sex, she was a damn good cocksucker. It took all of my willpower not to blow my load right away, and she knew it. Wendy ran her fingers along the crack of my ass, and fondled my balls. I moaned, and ran my fingers through her hair. She licked and sucked me to the very edge, and before I knew it, I was filling her mouth with my seed. She never hesitated, but swallowed every drop of come like it was water, and milked my cock dry.

I collapsed next to her on the couch, spent. She kissed me once, letting me taste myself on her tongue, then fed her large tits to me to suck on again. I reached down to fondle her crotch, and felt the heat and wetness through her panties. I slipped my hand inside, and she moaned instantly. I was quickly able to slip my fingers inside of her, and she clenched her pussy muscles in the first of what I planned to be many orgasms. I peeled her panties down, and she climbed up to straddle my face, so that I could get to that wet pussy the right way. I spread her lips and wiggled my tongue inside of her, causing her to shudder and shiver in delight. I felt her juices running down my chin, and I buried my face in even deeper.

Wendy moaned and groaned her way through several more orgasms, until she couldn't take it anymore. She lowered herself off of my face, and we kissed again. She ground herself on my now-erect cock, and broke our kiss with a smile.

"I think someone is ready to fuck me the way I need it. Can you do that for me? Can you fuck me the way I've needed to be fucked for so long?"

In response, I stood behind her, and bent her over the arm of the couch. Without a word, I slipped my cock deep inside of her, and quickly built up a strong, steady rhythm. She rocked back to every stroke, and I felt her juices now running down my balls. She leaned up to give me access to fondle those big tits, and I kissed the back of her neck, earning more moans for my efforts. Wendy worked the muscles of her pussy to maximum effect, and helped me build my own explosion. With a huge groan, I shot my load deep inside of her, and she came in response. We collapsed together on the couch, both of us spent.

Eventually, she got up and got dressed. Neither of us said much, until she was ready to leave.

"Mickey, I know you're a little conflicted right now, and that's okay. So am I. I'm also sure that if we keep our mouths shut, and pretend by day that this never happened, this can happen pretty much every night, if you want. Richard never wonders if I'm going to be home late, and never questions my whereabouts. Joey is so focused on the company, he'll never realize anything is different. I know I just had the best sex I've had in a long time, and I want a lot more of it."

"You are the best lover I've ever had, Wendy. I think we can keep the secret as long as we need to. I really want to explore your body in every way possible, and if we need to pretend, that's fine by me."

"Good. I'll see you in the morning."

I walked her to the car, and she kissed me once at the door before she left.

"Get some rest, lover. You'll need it. I have a lot of pent-up sexual energy I need to burn, and you're going to be the one helping me do it. I want you in good shape to keep up with me."

I smiled, and went to bed. Over the next several weeks and months, Wendy proved to be good to her word. We explored every possible sexual situation, including a threesome while on a business trip back east. I've never known a woman to be so totally sexually driven, and I have a feeling I'll never know another one…

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