tagInterracial LoveWendy & Duane Ch. 01

Wendy & Duane Ch. 01


In order to understand this story please read satinlvr_mwf series Forced first.

I lay on my bed unable to figure out how I knew that I was pregnant. I knew the moment Duane spewed his African seed into my unprotected womanhood he impregnated me. I had been having unprotected sex with Jawan his son since the fourth of July three or four times a week. Mr. Davis my fathers friend has also had unprotected sex with me threatening to tell my father about Jawan.

I lay on my bed toying with the copious amounts of Duane's semen as it leaked out of me staining my sheets. I have three weeks left before I leave for college should I tell my dad? He was so protective of his little angel I couldn't break his heart he would absolutely kill me.

My thoughts were shattered when I heard my parents car doors slam. I jumped up pulling on some clean panties and shorts before going down to meet them. I wiped my eyes trying to hide the fact I had been crying. Putting on a fake smile I greeted mom as she walked through the door, "Hi mom," I greeted.

My mom smiled "Hi honey," my mom said before kissing the top of my head, "What's the matter Wendy?"

I looked up to her, "Nothing why do you ask?"

She hugged me before answering, "Your eyes are red and puffy, have you been crying?"

I sniffled a little, "I was just thinking about college and leaving home for the first time,"

She hugged me tightly, "I had the same feelings when I first left home you'll be alright."

She let me go and I went upstairs to take a shower before she got a whiff of Duane's semen soaking my panties.

I took a shower before returning to my room. Duane's jizz would not stop leaking out of me I had to put a panty liner in before pulling on fresh panties. I changed and hid my sheet before a knock on my door, "Who is it?"

My dad answered, "It's me honey dinners ready."

Feeling the wetness against my labia, "I'm not hungry I'll get something later."

"Okay sweetheart," he said as I heard him walking away.

I lay on my bed listening to music when my cell phone vibrated on my night stand.

It was a text from Jawan, "Meet in the Park."

"Can't parents home," I typed.

"We got unfinish'd business," He responded.

My pussy gushed out more of his dads spunk, "I want to but can't tonight."

Jawan didn't respond after that.

I got up and spritzed my vagina with perfume trying to cover the pungent aroma being emitted before sliding into clean shorts. I took a deep breath exiting my room before going downstairs. Dad was in his chair reading the paper mom was in the kitchen cleaning up, "Hi mom."

Mom rinsed a plate putting it in the dishwasher, "Hi honey, leftovers are in the fridge."

"Thanks mom maybe later, I'm going to take a walk," opening the door.

Mom had started drying the pans in the strainer, "Okay dear enjoy you walk."

I skipped out the door feeling a squish between my thighs. I had no idea where to for a walk. Absent mindedly I walked up the street past Jawan's house seeing his car was gone I let out a disappointed sigh before continuing on.

There was a trail through the woods that lead to a clearing where a stream flowed. I walked into the woods to the stream. Sitting down tossing pebbles in I heard a twig snap, "Whose there?"

No one answered. I listened intently for more sounds but none came. I went back to tossing pebbles thinking. I was startled at an, "Ahem," behind me.

I turned to see Duane, "Wh....what do you want?"

He had a nasty look in his dark eyes, "You trying to get me in trouble? You nasty ho."

I shivered with freight, "Wh... what are you talking about?"

He tossed the panties I wore to his house earlier at my feet, "Yo forgot these."

I shook my head, "I..I'm sorry," I stammered.

He moved closer to me and I started to shake nervously, "Yo fucks me and tells me you not protected afta I blasts ya full."

My vagina quivered when he said that, "Y...you forced yourself on me."

He now stood right in front of me, "I did no such thin' ya coulda said no but didn't."

I stood frozen not knowing what to say his finger moving up to caress my hardening nipple, "Please..........." was all I could say.

His hand trailed down my stomach, "Please what ho?"

I could not answer as his hand patted my just below the waist band of my shorts. My hips having a mind of their own starting to gyrate, "Please what? Answer me."

His fingers unsnapped my shorts and unzipped them in a practiced motion, "Duane please stop I have to tell you something."

Both Duane's hands were on my hips for a second before moving up taking my shirt with them, "Ya's got nothin' I want to hear."

My arms had risen for my shirt to be removed and flutter to the forest floor, "Duane please......."

My thought disappeared as his lips attached to my nipple. My hips shimmied as Duane tugged my shorts down, "Oooh Duane, please don't stop."

Duane peeled my shorts and panties down to my knees where they fell on their own. I stepped out of them kicking them aside. Duane kissed me instinct took over and I undid his belt and pants pushing them to the ground.

I was so worked up being outside with a man about to mate like god intended like two animals the thought of telling Duane I might be pregnant left my left my mind.

Duane kissed me again our lips parted for our tongues to meet in passion. Duane's cock was mashed against my belly as he lifted me by my ass. Duane's shaft rubbed over my little pearl as it split my vaginal lips. He lifted me a couple of times for his ebony shaft to stroke my bud and slit he lifted me once more until his purple head kissed my pussy opening.

Dropping me slowly his shaft entered me like it had a mind of its own, "Ooooh fuck yesss," I moaned tossing my head back breaking the kiss.

Duane lowered us to the rock I had been sitting on before speaking, "Cracka like gettin' a good nigga fuckin'"

My hips went ballistic to meet his thrusts, "YESSSSSS," I wailed not realizing how loud.

He bent my legs back over my head to gain maximum penetration. It was the same awkward fucking from earlier. My cervix hurt every time he bottomed out the feeling of pleasure made up for it.

My honey pot was convulsing around his shaft uncontrollably his pubic hairs stimulating my clit had me on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. When it struck I screamed out my pleasure once again, "AAAAAH!!! CUUUUUUUMING."

My vision was blurred with shooting stars and bursting colors. Duane's shaft was expanding as he plummeted into my depths hard. My vagina had expanded to take his girth comfortably, "Cracka like bein' bred black don't she?"

I could only mumble, "Yes, yes I like it."

He grunted trying to hold back his orgasm, "Likes the chances of ruinin' your pure white lineage?"

I was moaning, "Oooh yes."

Gritting his teeth now, "Want the millions of African warriors I have stored in my balls release inta, ya's unprotected Caucasian pussy."

My hips arched up as he drove into me one last time. I felt no pain this time as his cock bottomed out opening up my cervix to accept his seed, "YESSSSSSS!" I exploded in another orgasm as his African spear sent jet after jet of the potent swimmers into my Caucasian baby oven.

He lay on top of me after he finished cumming my love box milking out every drop it could while we caught our breath.

Duane soon got up pulling out with a slurp he pulled up his pants and left.

I lay there in a state of euphoria still recovering until I heard a twig snap and dog bark. I jumped up grabbing my shirt to cover my naked body, "Whose there?"

No one answered until Mr. Davis appeared walking his dog, "You sure are a noisy little whore aren't you?"

Mr. Davis tied his dog to a fallen branch and walked over to me. I started to pull my shirt on ripping my shirt from my grasp, "You don't want daddy finding out his precious little angel has turned into a black cock loving whore would you?"

I don't know where it came from but I stood my ground and tried to scare Mr. Davis off, "You better leave me alone unless you want me telling him you raped and knocked up his baby girl."

He laughed reaching into his pocket he pulled out his cell phone. Looking down to the phone he thumbed to a picture before showing it to me, "You can tell him anything you want but I have the proof," the picture clearly showed my face with Duane's cock deeply embedded in me.

I knew I was beaten then I just slumped my head. Mr. Davis pushed me gingerly back down onto the rock while unzipping his pants.

I couldn't help but giggle when Mr. Davis pulled his penis out. My giggle went unnoticed.

When Mr. Davis entered me it was almost unfelt after having Duane's impressive manhood in me. Mr. Davis lasted about ten strokes before ejaculating and dismounting.

Mr. Davis zipped up and proceeded to untie his dog and I started laughing, "What's so funny Wendy?"

He turned to look at me as I toyed my love bead, "Nothing, nothing what so ever quick draw."

Mr. Davis looked dejected as he stormed off with his dog.

I lay there another minute or two before getting up and redressing to head home.

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