tagLesbian SexWendy and Her Boss

Wendy and Her Boss


This story follows the Testing of Wendy series but is not directly linked.

After Wendy had found out what had happened to her and how she had been betrayed by the men in her life she went off sex with Mark, or any man in fact. She didn't want to give them the satisfaction of being pleasured by her. Deep down she missed it but felt they had no right to treat her that way, and needed to be taught a lesson.

It affected her thinking and at times she felt on edge, something that carried on during the daytime, even when Mark wasn't around. Wendy worked for an advertising agency, and even at work her female boss, Sandra, could sense something was up and that Wendy was tense and more agitated than usual.

One evening, whilst Wendy and Sandra were working late on a project Sandra asked Wendy if anything was bothering her.

"I don't really want to talk about it, if that's ok?" said Wendy.

""Look, we're nearly done, let's finish up and go round the corner for drink. It's on me" Sandra replied.

Wendy wasn't really that bothered but agreed and they both walked to the bar round the corner. She didn't bother to ring Mark as he already knew she would be late working.

Once in the bar Wendy wasn't relaxed enough to tell Sandra what happened, she couldn't possible tell her anyway, could she? She worked closely with her boss but not that closely.

Wendy just said it was "man trouble". Sandra could tell that Wendy was holding back for a reason other than just not wanting to talk about it, but Wendy was curious as to why Sandra was so probing.

The questions didn't stop…."Did he sleep with someone else, honey?" "Is he getting you to do things you don't want to do?" "Is he not making you orgasm? And the questions were all centred around fucking.

Another set of drinks later and Wendy started to reveal a bit more "Why do they think they know what you want? The lengths they go to get you to do what they want, without thinking of what you may want".

Sandra still couldn't tell what was going on but she knew she soon realised she had to play the "men are bastards" card.

"Look honey, they think they earn the money but they don't, they think they own your body but they don't. My husband is the same but I put him in his place. You got to be yourself and do what YOU want to do. Having said that, what you need to do first is relax. You're too stressed and alcohol will only go half of the way to solve it"

"Tonight alcohol can solve everything" replied a slightly tipsy Wendy.

"Let's have one more drink, but we'll make it a double for you" said Sandra "but after that I will give you the other half of the relaxation treatment you need".

"I'm not too sure I like the sound of that. What do you have in store for me?" enquired Wendy, becoming even more drunk by the minute.

"Wendy, have you ever had a massage, a full body massage?" enquired Sandra.

"Yes, I think so" came back Wendy.

"A proper one" Sandra carried on, "not one from your husband that lasted 5 minutes before he stuck his dick in you, I mean a proper full body massage, a good hour, with oils, scents and some ambient music to help you relax properly?"

"Suppose not then" replied Wendy.

"Well, I am trained in aromatherapy and am offering, no demanding that I give you one, right now" Sandra said forcefully.

Being a bit drunk had loosened Wendy's inhibitions and she said "Yes, ok then, why not? Won't do any harm."

They finished the drinks quickly and jumped into a cab "It's not too far in a car" said Sandra.

"But I thought you lived on the edge of town?" queried Wendy.

"I do," said Sandra "but I have access to the Sea of Tranquillity aromatherapy centre in the city. It's closed now, it shuts at about 7pm, but we can use it for private clients after hours. None of the masseurs ever do, as none of them live anywhere near here. They tend to work from home for private clients. Trust me, we won't be disturbed."

Wendy wasn't too sure about being in a fairly empty part of town, late at night, but she wasn't alone and had worked with Sandra for a couple of years so wasn't too worried. Without realising it the alcohol reduced her fears too.

They jumped out of the cab in a dark street, literally not a sole for blocks. They approached a little alley where the doorway to the aromatherapy centre was and in a flash Sandra had unlocked the doors and turned the alarm off. Once both were in she relocked the downstairs doors from the inside. "Better to be safe and I don't want you running away from me" joked Sandra in a wicked manner.

"You just can't unwind, can you darling? said Sandra as she placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders, feeling the tension.

"OK let's get you upstairs and naked, I'll have every muscle of yours relaxed by the end of the evening" commanded Sandra as she slapped Wendy across her bottom in a playful, drunk but sexy manner.

Wendy was a little shocked by the palm across her bum. It reminded her of Mark spanking her when they role-played and not something she equated with a massage..

"Come on, come on" Sandra said to Wendy as she strode past her up the staircase.

Wendy followed her up the stairs and into the second massage room along. It felt warm and inviting. Sandra put on some calming music and started preparing her oils.

Wendy looked around the room, she thought she would be getting undressed behind a screen but there wasn't one there.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to get undressed in front of me, darling. We can't access the fancy changing rooms after hours and the staff shower room is just a tiny cubicle. Don't worry, I'll be seeing you naked on the table" Sandra continued.

"Do you want everything off?" asked Wendy.

"I prefer it if you did just in case some oil gets onto your underwear" replied Sandra.

Wendy would probably have asked for a towel if she was sober but the thought never crossed her mind. At this moment in time she was looking forward to just lying down.

Wendy started to undress, unbuttoning her blouse revealing her sexy, lacy bra to the room. As she took her blouse off completely she noticed that although Sandra had her back to her she was looking at her through the mirror in front of her.

"Nice underwear, did you choose it or your husband?"

"I did" replied Wendy.

"I thought so, I bet it would have been far more revealing and slutty had Mark chosen it" Sandra probed, desperately trying to delve in the bedroom secrets of Wendy and Mark.

Sandra had now completely turned around and was facing Wendy as she undid her bra. Wendy cagily slipped it off, momentarily hiding her naked breasts with her arms before letting them fall naturally down.

"Don't be shy, you have a nice figure, nothing to be ashamed of".

"Thank you" mumbled Wendy as she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall down onto the floor, revealing a matching lacy thong. She stepped out over the skirt, bending over to pick it up, her D cup breasts swaying gently towards Sandra. She slowly removed her thong, awkwardly catching them on her high heels she was still wearing. Seconds later she had kicked them off, her head was spinning with the effect of alcohol made worse by standing up too quickly twice in succession. She didn't want to bend over again.

Sandra had made her way round to a now naked Wendy.

She stood in front of Wendy and placed her hands on her shoulders, feeling the tense muscles. "This is going to be a challenge" Sandra mused.

Sandra's fingers softly kneaded her skin, and as she did so her forearms gently brushed against Wendy's nipples. Wendy stood frozen, she seemed rooted to the spot, her nipples starting to harden after Sandra's touch.

"I think you need to lie down darling" Sandra whispered into Wendy's ear as she brushed past her to get to her oils.

Wendy began to wonder about Sandra. She had never called her darling before today. And had she meant to brush against her nipples? Maybe she was reading too much into it.

Wendy laid down on her front, pushing her face into the hole at the top. Sandra dimmed the lights a bit more.

"Now I want you to let yourself go, Wendy. I want you to let your body turn into jelly. I'm in control now".

Wendy did as she was told, momentarily wondering where Sandra was going to put her hands first but she started at her feet relaxing her instantaneously.

A few minutes had passed, the soothing music intertwining with Sandra's soothing hands as they wrapped themselves around her calf muscles, slowly working their way up to the back of her thighs.

Sandra's hands kneaded her soft flesh, her fingers rolling around her leg from the outside inwards. Suddenly Sandra's hands slid in between Wendy's legs and slowly but firmly began to push them apart. Wendy was jolted from her half slumber.

"Don't worry, darling I need to reach all of your muscles, now relax again" Sandra reassured her softly.

Wendy closed her eyes again and just enjoyed the feeling of a pair of hands massaging her oily flesh, hands that moved closer and closer to her buttocks but still rolling in between her thighs. Sandra's fingers were shifted closer to her pussy, each stroke getting closer and closer.

"Don't be so silly, she is giving her an all-over massage, of course she needed to touch her everywhere – she is a qualified masseur" thought Wendy to herself.

Just then Sandra's fingers brushed against her hairs, seconds later the tip of one finger brushed the lips of her now wet pussy. Moments later Sandra transferred her hands to the other leg, maybe Wendy just imagined what had happened. A few minutes later Sandra's silky fingers were inches from her pussy and asshole. She worked them up to her butt cheeks and as they came down another finger brushed over her anus, a second finger quite firmly brushing her pussy on the way back up.

Wendy was now mixed up – part of her wondered if Sandra had just got too close as she had been drinking, the other part thought how wonderful it all felt and how turned on she was becoming.

Sandra had also noticed that Wendy was turned on, as she slid her fingers over Wendy's lips her juices had covered the tips. Wendy wondered what was going to happen next and was a little disappointed that Sandra had carried on up to her back, shoulders and arms.

Sandra was true to her word now and gave Wendy what she had promised and eased a lot of tension from her shoulders and neck. She felt sublime, both relaxed and turned on, as that feeling had not worn away yet.

In fact it was about to heighten as Sandra ordered Wendy to turn over onto her back. Wendy's breasts felt exposed as she twisted round and laid back down. This time Sandra started at her shoulders and down her body, touching the side of Wendy's breasts which overhung her body due to the D cup size. As she brought her hands up her fingers brushed over her nipples again, just as her arms had done earlier.

Wendy's nipples hardened. "Are you enjoying this so far?" whispered Sandra.

"Yes" said Wendy quickly but softly.

"What about this?" asked Sandra as her hands came down over Wendy's breasts once again, this time her thumbs rolling around her nipples on the way down.

"Hmm, yes, er,, I think so…" mumbled Wendy, wondering what was going to happen next.

"How about this?" Sandra asked as her hands continued down to her bush, stroking over her clitoris before sliding several fingers between her dripping lips.

"Wendy's eyes closed as she let out a gentle squeal. Sandra pushed two fingers into Wendy's warm, wet hole, her thumb caressing her oily clit at the same time. Wendy squirmed at the sensation.

Sandra's other hand moved its way up to Wendy's breasts, her fingers and thumb squeezing her nipples as her palm brushed over the soft flesh.

Wendy began to moan gently. Sandra moved her hand from Wendy's breast and put her forefinger onto Wendy's mouth, then feeling all the way round her lips she pushed her finger into her mouth. Wendy instinctively started to suck on it.

Sandra started to roll the tips of her fingers around her swollen labia, gentle pushing them apart and teasing her with a gentle push if a finger into her hole. With the other hand Sandra had her fingers in Wendy's mouth, stifling her moans. She took the fingers out of her mouth. "Does it feel good, Wendy?".

"Hmmm, …….yes, ……mmm.." came back the response.

Sandra continued to stroke her fingers in and out of Wendy's pussy, brushing against her clitoris on each stroke.

"How about this?" asked Sandra as she manoeuvred one of her free fingers against Wendy's anal ringpiece. With each thrust of the fingers in her pussy the third finger nudged into Wendy's arse.

Wendy was now feeling a wide range of emotions. From the drunk state to the relaxing mood to heightened sexual tension from having her pussy, clit and ass exploited by her boss of all people and a woman at that. One thing for sure was she had let herself go and was not thinking at all about Mark – he was far from her mind.

Wendy had never had any lesbian feelings before and with the array of thoughts in her head it hadn't really struck her what was happening as so much seemed to be happening, without her being able to focus properly.

The only thing now going through her mind was that sexual emotions building up to a climax that she had not felt for some time with Mark.

Sandra's fingers were now deep into Wendy's holes, the thrusts quickening, as her thumb was flicking against her clitoris with more intensity.

Wendy's moans were now gasps and pants, with the odd squeal as Sandra became less gentle with her probing. "Yesss, yess, faster, faster" shouted Wendy as she could take no more. She needed to cum , and she couldn't wait anymore.

Wendy's hips raised off the bed as she tried desperately to get more of Sandra's fingers into her. Sandra pushed her fingers in as far as they could go, the gap between the thumb and forefinger now pushing hard down onto her clitoris. Wendy screamed as she came, her pussy now so wet that Sandra's fingers slipped out, cum juices dripping down her wrist.

Sandra started to lick her fingers, tasting Wendy's sweet cum. She then took the same hand and fingered her own pussy for a few seconds before pushing them into Wendy's mouth to taste.

"Does that taste nice?" Sandra asked Wendy. "Have you ever licked another woman's pussy?" Sandra continued.

"Hm, no" replied Wendy.

Suddenly, BANG BANG BANG. There was series of loud bangs on the front door of the message premises. Someone was at the top of the stairs. "It's Patrick, security guard. Is everything alright in there?" shouted Patrick, the security guard for the shop below. "I was just checking the shop when I heard screams, are you alright".

Wendy jumped up, frightened. She suddenly realised what had just happened and that any moment now someone could walk in through the door.

"Shit, didn't lock the one upstairs" Sandra said through gritted teeth.

Sandra went out of the room, Wendy, unsure about what had just happened and pretty sure she was happy for it to end there, took the opportunity to quickly get dressed, wiping herself down with a towel so her clothes didn't end up with too much oil on them.

"It's all ok, in here" yelled Sandra, slightly annoyed as she felt she had lost the opportunity to have Wendy make her cum with her tongue.

"OK" shouted back the security guard.

Sandra walked back into the room to see Wendy putting her bra back on.

"Are you leaving me like this, darling?" Sandra asked Wendy.

"I'm sorry," replied Wendy nervously, "I need to be getting back, it's quite late now, Mark will be wondering where I am".

Sandra approached the half-naked Wendy. She stared deep into Wendy's eyes and then grabbing the back of her head she kissed her full on the lips. Sandra thrusted her tongue into Wendy's mouth and French kissed her for only seconds but what seemed like 5 minutes to Wendy.

Sandra stopped and broke off the kiss. "I better get you home" she said.

Standing inches from her Sandra whispered into Wendy's ear "Looks like we have to get together again another time".

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