tagInterracial LoveWendy & The Witchdoctor

Wendy & The Witchdoctor


"There goes the neighborhood," said Wendy looking out the window.

Stan looked up from his dinner. His six foot tall, buxom blonde wife was framed in the sunlight staring out the window. She could have joined the Swedish bikini team she was so beautiful and stacked, everyday he was reminded of how lucky he was and today with the sunlight shining on her was no exception. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"It looks like the new neighbor's a black guy."

"Well you can cross twenty thousand dollars off the value of our house then." Stan got up and joined his wife at the window. "Man he's huge, he's probably just a moving man." The man bulged with muscles and had a shaved head. The black giant wasn't working though, three other black men were unloading boxes from a truck.

"You're probably right," she replied watching as the three workers finsihed, they bowed their heads towards the bald giant and left.


Stan was wrong, the new neighbor was the black man. Stan saw him outside the next day as Stan was flipping burgers on the grill. "Hello," he called.

"Hello," said the black man coming over to the fence.

"Stan Marsh," said Stan shaking hands with the biggest man he had ever seen, watching his own normal-sized hand get swallowed up by the black man's. He was also the darkest black man Stan had ever met.

"Mobutu Tanaka, Dr Tanaka."

"Where you from Dr Tanaka?" The man had a strong accent.

"I am from Kenya. I am Masai

"What brings you to the states?"

"I am taking a class at the university on new medical techniques to take home to my people.

"Just one class?"

"Yes, you would call it a refresher, then I will go home."

Stan couldn't help being impressed. This man had bought a house to live in for only three months. He came from money. "Would you like to come in for a burger?" Stan thought Mobutu might be an interesting guy to talk too.

"Would you have Americn hot dog?

"Sure, I can throw some on the grill."

"I have not had American hot dog since college."

"Wendy, bring me out a couple dogs from the fridge," Stan yelled through an open window.

A moment later, Wendy opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto the porch with two hot dogs on a paper plate. Mobutu looked up at the statuesque blonde. "Perfect," he said.

"What?" asked Wendy. She wore an attractive business proffessional outfit, short skirt, heels, and jacket. The sunlight made her blue eyes sparkle.

"You are magnificent."

"Ah... thank you I guess," she said blushing.

Stan was frowning, but he quickly shrugged it off and took the hot dogs from his wife. The black man stared at Wendy until she became uncomfortable and returned inside.

"Your wife is tall for a white woman."

"Yes, she's six feet without the heels." Stan took the food off the grill. "Lets go inside, we have some fixins set up on the table and I will get us some drinks. Would you like a beer?"

"No, milk or water please."

"Ok...I think we have some milk."

"That will be satisfactory."

Wendy returned, walking downstairs having changed into jeans and a tee shirt. The jeans hugged her perfectly round ass as did the tee shirt, stretching tight around her large, full bosom. "Here you go Mobutu," said Stan handing him a glass.

"You will call me Dr Tanaka or your highness."

Both Stan and Wendy were taken aback by his unfriendliness. "You are royalty?" she asked.

"My brother is King, he rules over many Krals."

"And you are the tribe's doctor?" asked Stan.

"I am the tribe's Shaman, what you would call a witchdoctor."

"Aren't you a real doctor?"

"A Shaman is a real doctor, but I know what you say, I also have a PHD. What do you do Wendy?"

"I'm a lawyer."

"Wendy is modest, she graduated from Harvard last year and just found a job, Dr Tanaka." Stan would be damned before he called the arrogant man "your highness."

"Intelligence and beauty."

His gaze and comments were making her uncomfortable again, she tried to change the subject. "You are not what I expected an African to look like."

"What is your meaning?"

"You know skinny, malnourished.

"My family is raised to be superior to the common warrior." Mobutu finished his hot dogs and milk. "I would relieve myself."

"The bathroom is down the hall on the right."

Mobutu stood and walked to the bathroom. He took out his long cock and relieved himself. Wet swimsuits hung over the shower curtain. Stupid Americans, he thought leaving an item that would give him control of them lying around. The beefy black man grabbed a hold of the bikini panties. The entire bikini was small, and would show off Wendy's magnificent body. He looked inside the panties, then looked again. Finally, he saw it, a small curly hair. It was blonde and handn't stood out against the material. The man's was easier, Mobutu immediately found a pubic hair in his swimsuit and he folded both his prizes in a piece of tissue paper, shoving it in his pocket.

Mobutu returned to the living room and saw that Wendy had moved next to Stan and Stan had his arm around her possessively. "Are you in good health?" he asked, Stan started to respond, but the black man added, "just Wendy."

"Yeah, perfect health. I rarely get sick and excercise regularly. My family is long-lived."

"Are they real?" he asked pointing at her breasts.

Wendy's mouth fell open. She recovered and said, "none of your business."

"They are real and all mine," interupted Stan. "I think it's time you left."

"Wendy, you are truly a genetically superior female, you should be with a gentically superior male."

Stan was pissed. "And I suppose that's you?"


"And I suppose you also have a twelve inch penis and can screw for hours like all black men?"

"Actually it is thirteen of your English inches and most black men are like you, pathetic and small, but the royal family of Tanaka has been breeding males superior in size, brains, and the ability to produce semen for hundreds of years. I believe your wife would be the perfect receptical for my semen. She is tall, athletic, brilliant, and physically well endowed."

"Get out of my house Moby."

Dr Tanaka glowered at the insult, that would cost the scrawny white man. "I will give you ten thousand dollars for you wife. That is the only barter I will offer."

"I said get out."

"Very well then." Mobutu turned and strolled back to his house.


Wendy stretched out cat-like on the cot in her yard. It felt good to lay out in the sun. A drop of sweat ran down her scantily clad breast and ended in her belly button. She closed her eyes, opening them later when a shadow fell across her body. Dr Tanaka was looming over her and she jumped in surprise wandering if she should scream for help. "I have been watching you," he said.

It was a week after the black man had come over to their house and she hadn't seen him since, short of the limo that picked him up for school and brought him back each morning. He was practically naked, weaing only a cheetah print loincloth. His chest was spectacular, as ridged as any body-builder's. Mobutu's skin was as black as coal and glistened with perspiration in the sunlight. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked.

"A quarter hour. You are most beautiful." The bikini was designed for maximum tanning. It was small and tight, her breasts strained at the top. The African was getting an eye full. "Have you considered my offer?"

"I'll never cheat on my husband Dr." Wendy decided to try to reason with the big Masai. "I understand you aren't from here, but you can't just go around propositioning married women."

"Why? I take any woman of the tribe I desire. I have dozens of children amongst the krals. The husbands consider it an honor to raise a superior man's son as his own."

"That's what you don't understand. This isn't Kenya. Now you should leave, my husband will be home soon.

"So? He is a weakling. I give you one last chance." Mobutu untied the side of his loincloth and pulled it asside. It was designed to confine the man's huge genitalia and when freed, the penis fell out not stopping until it nearly reached his knee. "This is what will pleaure your pussy like your husband never can."

"My god," she cried staring at the plump black monster swaying like a giant black banana. She was surprised to see that the man was circumsized, the head was as large as a small apple as were his testicles and it was thicker soft now then her husband's when hard.

"You may suck it."

"Get off my property."

Mobutu looked surprised by her rejection. His penis had even plumped up and risen a little in anticipation of her servicing him. "Remember this cock," he said turning to leave, walking naked, then running to leap over the fence between their yards.

Wendy stood up. "If you ever come back on my property again I will call the police," she yelled. What arrogance, she thought. Just because he had a huge cock...Wendy shivered, she hated that word. Just because he had a big penis, he felt he had the right to do anything. Wendy went inside, no longer comfortable outside in the skimpy bikini. She walked past a mirror and froze, her nipples were hard and prominent. She was ashamed that the situation had aroused her a little.


Mobutu walked up to the doll house in his living room. Three dolls soaked in glasses filled with dirty liquid. Mama Juju, an old voodoo woman in New Orleans had sent him the necessary materials to mix the concoction. The voodoo woman had great power, but many of her spells involved the use of marijuana and Mobutu saw drug use-like alcohol- as a weakness. He removed the Barbie doll from it's glass and carefully dried it off. Once dried, he placed a small dollop of glue on the doll's crotch area and stuck the piece of Wendy's pubic hair into it. He repeated the process with the Ken doll and finally the black Ken doll using his own pubic hair.

Mobutu needed to see if the ritual had worked. He placed Barbie on the bed in the doll house, then drew an erect penis on Ken with a black marker, placing Ken on top Barbie in the bed. Mobutu stripped naked so that his skin would blend into the night and swiftly ran next door, leaping the fence and rolling quickly to his feet. Within another minute, he had swiftly climbed an old tree that afforded him a good view of the neighbor's bedroom. The nights were cooler and their window was cracked open.

Wendy was laying under the covers, propped up reading a file folder. "Wow," she said looking up, where'd that come from?"

Stan walked into the room sporting a strong erection, his penis pointing up towards his belly button. "I don't know," he replied, it just sort of grew on me. You up for some? I don't want it to go to waste."

"Hop in, stud." Wendy folded the covers back. They turned the lights off and Mobutu was soon listening to the soft cries of Wendy and the grunts of her husband. Her cries turned to one long moan and soon Stan cried out as he came. "Ooh that was nice," said Wendy. "Hey, you're still hard."

"You know what, I think I can keep going," said Stan and the sounds of lovemaking filtered through the window again.

Mobutu jumped down from the tree and ran back to his house. He stuck his forefinger in his mouth, making sure it was wet before grabbing the Ken doll and smearing away the drawing of the erection. He then quickly returned to the tree in time to here Wendy say, "It's ok honey, it was still great. I haven't had an orgasm like that in years."

"Sorry," said Stan. "I don't know what happened."

Mobutu left the couple alone for a few days. When Saturday rolled around, he knew Stan would leave to play golf and that was when Wendy liked to sun bath. Unfortunately, the day was overcast and Wendy's cot remained empty.

Mobutu stripped the Barbie doll and dressed it in a bikini, he laid the doll down outside the dream house and went upstairs to wait by a window. He stood there frozen like a statue until fifteen minutes later, his sexy neighbor walked outside in her skimpy bikini.

Mobutu grinned and returned downstairs. He took a joint from his wallet and lit it. He hated the stuff, but Mama Juju swore on it for clouding people's judgement. He decided to just fill his mouth up with smoke and not inhale. He blew one mouthful on the doll and pinched the joint to extinguish it. He then removed the dolls top. before returning upstairs to his window.


Wendy didn't know what she was thinking as she removed her bikini top. She had alway wanted an all around tan, but today it was so cloudy she'd probably have been better off staying inside and doing errands. Still, she had gotten a strong urge to lay out and then to take her top off. She wasn't an exhibitionist either, the skimpy bikini was only for the backyard, she had a modest two piece for wearing in public. She hadn't feared anyone seeing her in this bikini until Dr Tanaka bought the house next door.

Thinking about the black man conjured memories of seeing him nude last week, his huge appendage starting to rise. It was an image forever frozen in her brain. His penis was just something to be admired, she'd never sleep with a black man, or any man other then her husband for that matter. She even felt sorry for the black doctor, though he bragged about it, there was no way any woman could have taken his monster coc...penis. Unless, Masai women were built differently?

Now, here she was removing her bikini top when the doctor might be home and able to see her. She hadn't seen much of him since the incident and not at all this day, so she decided to risk it. Strange, but it felt good exposing herself outside. She'd have to consider going topless the next time they were in the Carribean. The white areas normally covered by the bikini stood out against her tan skin.

Wendy laid back and closed her eyes for several minutes, opening them suddenly. She looked down her topless body at the bikini bottom. Why not? Her hand untied the string at her side and she lifted her ass up long enough to pull her panties completely off exposing her trimmed blonde bush to the world.

She closed her eyes again, exposing herself had her thinking about sex, mostly her husband, but her neighbor's penis flashed in her thoughts more then once. Her right nipple grew until it extended it's full three quarters of an inch. She opened her eyes staring at her nipple. It was so hard it ached a little and sweat glistened on it making it look wet. Then her left nipple followed suit and she felt herself becoming aroused.


Mobutu stood in the window with the nude Barbie in his hand. He quit licking it's nipples and moved to it's crotch. Outside, Wendy began squirming on the cot. The nude woman parted her legs then swiftly closed them. She quickly stood up, grabbed her bikini and ran into the house.

He assumed she would be masturbating. He returnned to the doll house and played around with the Barbie and Ken, putting them in different positions. He bent Barbie's legs and put her face in Ken's laps, put them in the sixtynine position, bent her legs forward so that he could sit her on Ken's crotch, and bent her so that it resembled doggy style. Every now and then he took the Barbie and licked it's breasts and crotch. Finally, he dressed Barbie in just her bikini bottoms and left her in the house.

Stan got home just after dark when it was safe for the black man to sneak back into their yard. Wendy was standing in the kitchen window topless washing dishes and her husband was staring at her in awe with a dumb grin on his face.

Mobutu returned home and grabbed both dolls. When he got back to thier yard, he drew an erection on Ken, though it wasn't necessary, Stan already had an inferior bulge in his pants. Mobutu held Barbie's head in Ken's crotch, and watched.

Wendy turned from the dishes and walked over to her husband. "God, I'm glad your home." She dropped to her knees on the kitchen floor and carressed his bulge. "I've been so horny all day. I don't know whats come over me." Wendy quickly unzipped her husband and pulled out his dick, happy to see he had another big erection like last week. It looked good enough to eat and for the first time in her life she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. "Holy shit," he said startled. "You haven't done this before."

Wendy was just starting to bob her head over it when Mobutu erased the erection. "What's wrong, don't you like it?' she asked letting his limp penis roll from her mouth.

"No, it felt great. I don't know what happened. It was there and then it was gone."

"Lets go upstairs and see if I can get it to come back." Wendy grabbed his hand and pulled her husband upstairs.

Mobutu climbed the tree and watched as she stripped off his clothes and pulled him into bed after turning out the lights. He drew another erection on Ken and heard her coo in delight. A few minutes later, "Yeah baby," moaned Wendy. "Harder, harder, just a lttle more, I'm close baby, real close," and then "Nooo, please not again," as Mobutu smeared out the erection.

Mobutu left the tree and returned home. He drew a limp, shriveled penis on Ken and placed him on the bed in the doll house. He waited until it was late and he assumed the couple next door would be asleep. He took Barbie and licked her breasts and crotch again before laying her in bed beside Ken. He took the black Ken and placed it on top of Barbie.


Wendy woke up with a start, the dream rapidly fading. She couldn't remember it, but it was hot. Stan was in the bathroom. "Honey, come back to bed."

Stan walked back into the room wearing boxers which was odd since he usually walked around nude until dressing. "We can't Wendy, we'll be late for church."

Wendy sighed. "Maybe when we get back then?"

"We'll see."

Wendy was so hot and bothered, she couldn't concentrate on the sermon. Her nipples were hard and rubbing against her bra. She squirmed in her seat hoping the preacher would hurry and finish before her wet pussy soaked through her clothes and stained the pew. She had a strong desire to kneel before her husband and suck on his penis again.

When they got home, Wendy thought she saw the curtains move in Dr Tanaka's house as if he was watching them. She forgot about the black man as she entered their living room when Stan suddenly said, "Hey, you still up for some afternoon fun?"

Wendy looked over at him and saw his pants were tented out. With a squeal of delight, she kneeled at his feet and pulled out his rock hard erection, taking him back in her mouth. Then it was gone, his penis withering into a limp little worm within seconds.

His huge cock was hard in her mouth, pushing into her throat and Wendy loved it. She looked up, but it wasn't Stan who was looking down at her. It was Dr Tanaka. She gasped in horror.

"Jesus, I'm sorry, but you don't have to make such a big deal over it." Stan was shaking her. "Maybe, it's stress. If this keeps up, I'll see a doctor. Trust me Wendy, it's not you, it's me."

"I'm sorry too," she said climbing to her feet. The image of kneeling before the black man wouldn't leave her mind. It stayed with her all day and into her dreams. Her dreams changed though, sometimes she was on all fours as the black man fucked her from behind, sometimes she was riding his mighty cock, and all the while, Stan was lying beside her in the bed with a limp dick seemingly frozen, doing nothing to stop them.

She had these dreams every night, Mobutu completely replaced her husband in her sex fantacies. Worse, several times a day, her nipples would grow and her pussy would get wet. Stan made no sexual moves on her at all and when she glimpsed him naked, his dick was always small and limp.


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