tagRomanceWendy Ch. 03

Wendy Ch. 03


Wendy knew Jim had kissed her before he left for work that Monday morning but could not seem to be able to escape her sleep. Mental turmoil had had kept her awake for a long portion of the night.

Much later Mike announced breakfast was ready and she finally stirred but was somewhat surprised to note Karen was in bed with her. When they got up they noticed that Mike was dressed so they dressed too.

As they ate breakfast Karen asked her Aunt Wendy when she knew she was in love with Jim.

It never occurred to Wendy to deny she was and simply searched her mind for the correct answer.

After a few moments she answered, "The first time I saw him."

"Funny," Mike said. "That's what Dad said when I asked him the same question about you this morning."

Karen said, "That's a hell of a lot less time than it took you!"

"Funny, Dad said that too, although it is not true. It took me a long time to accept I was in love with you but in reality I fell in love with you when you walked past me with a possum in your arms."

"Really?" Karen said. "I picked up the possum just so you would notice me. I guess it worked."

Wendy watched as Mike and Karen kissed each other lovingly as she felt her own happiness begin to exude through her pores. Jim had confessed to his son that he was in love with her.

After they ate breakfast Mike and Karen drove Wendy to her townhome. She was stunned by how unfamiliar, how foreign her home of ten years felt. She was mostly in a haze as she spent her first work hours daydreaming. Her reveries were interrupted later that morning when Mike and Karen came in. Karen handed Wendy a house key on an intertwined heart's lover's key chain.

Mike said, "That is a key to the house. Dad told me to tell you Mi casa es tu casa. His home is your home."

Wendy stood there with a blank expression on her face, her mind had short circuited a bit. Karen asked, "Would you like for us to move you in now?"

Wendy snapped out of her fog and trembled as she said, "I am sure he would not want an old broad to just invade his man cave."

Mike said, "You are right there, no old broads for him. It is you he wants in the house. He said anytime you are ready as long as it is soon."

Wendy burst into tears, which scared Mike until he remembered that Karen cried when he asked her to move in with him.

Wendy searched her mind for logic, for a reasonable argument to delay what she knew was inevitable, what she knew she wanted more than anything.

Karen put her hand out. Wendy numbly placed her townhome key in it.

Six hours later she closed the shop but before leaving in her car she had to sit through a crying spell. She knew it was just a release of nerves so she allowed the tears to flow until she had regained self-control.

When she walked through the door and walked into her townhouse she immediately became disoriented. Her furniture was gone. All the pictures on every wall were gone. Her pantry and refrigerator were empty, and her small appliances were gone. Her bedroom was empty and her workshop was empty. The only thing remaining in the entire townhouse was the shower curtain.

She was just lost. She stopped in the living room and took a deep breath.

"Nobody lives here," she muttered to herself.

Wendy drove to her new home, Jim's home.

When she arrived she saw that Karen and Mike where in the hot tub in the middle of "getting better acquainted" so she decided not to interrupt them and surveyed the house.

Jason's photographs were prominently displayed in the living room walls. She did not remember what if anything had been there before. She did know that they looked better there than they did in her condo.

She smiled as she remembered hearing of Jason's decision to relocate to Felicity. He loved being in the middle of a large family. He had been an only child and both of his parents had re-married and lived in Europe. He had not heard from either of his parents in over two years. They had now become superfluous to him. As far as he was concerned Wendy's sister Mo was his mother, not his mother-in-law. Wendy understood that she was his Aunt Wendy.

Her recliner was next to his with one of her small tables between them. She loved her recliner but knew that she would not be in it as often. She now preferred to sit on Jim's lap on his recliner. Her loveseat complemented his couch, as did her wingback chair. The living room furniture looked like a set and Wendy began to appreciate just how big his house was. Their house.

Wendy went into the kitchen and found that her stuff had seamlessly merged with Jim's. It in fact appeared that she had the small appliances he did not. His pantry was very full as was his refrigerator and freezer. The freezer was missing a duck. The duck she had been saving in her own freezer for a special occasion was defrosting in the sink.

She smiled at Karen's hint; she knew it was a special occasion duck. Karen had decided that today was a special occasion.

Wendy walked to their bedroom expecting to see a major upheaval. Her dresser was to the wall on what was already her side of the bed as was her night table. Her roses were on it. She just realized that she was so out of it that morning that she had forgotten to take them to work.

Her photographs of the family were on the dresser and the wall above it. Her HDTV was on the wall opposite the bed. That was the extent of the upheaval.

Their dressers clashed but then again his dresser clashed with everything else in the room anyway. She knew that a mostly free weekend was all she would need to fix that little problem. Re-finishing furniture was one of her many skills.

She did expect a major problem in the bathroom, as there was little space for her considerable stuff. However her make up, perfumes, hair dryers and hairbrushes were neatly in a large new cabinet with wide glass doors to the right of the bathroom mirror. His stuff, which had previously just been on the sides of the counter around the sink, was in an identical but smaller cabinet to the left of the mirror. Someone had visited the hardware store. Even better, there was a new shower curtain. It was transparent.

Neither had many clothes that needed to be hung in a closet so there was plenty of room for both of theirs in it although she conceded that her stuff took more than half the space.

She had some "come fuck me" high heels on the floor of the closet that were suddenly an embarrassment. She found an empty box and after putting the shoes in it pushed it to a back corner of the closet. That was when she knew that the Wendy of a week ago probably no longer existed.

Wendy sat on the bed and sighed. She forced herself to calm down. She knew she was not scared. She knew she was not worried, apprehensive nor any of those "I'm-in-over-my-head" dreads.

It suddenly dawned on Wendy that the strong feeling inside of her was excitement. Her new life started that day. The life she had stopped hoping for many years before had just embraced her.

She was in love with a beautiful man that loved her too. She was half of "A Couple."

Suddenly Wendy started to giggle and continued to giggle off and on for at least five minutes. Tears sometimes joined her giggles but never interrupted them. By the time her fit of happiness ended she had changed clothes and was left with a big grin.

She walked out of her bedroom knowing she was home.

Wendy first checked that Karen and Mike had finished their "exercises" then joined them on the porch. After kissing and thanking them she sat on the swing and called Jim.

"What would you like for supper?" Wendy asked him.


"That is for dessert. Would roast duck be OK?"

"I love duck. Where are you?"

"On our swing. Karen and Mike are here; they just finished exercising in the hot tub. Did they tell what they did?"

"Yes, they kept in touch with me all day. Do you want me to tell you I love you now or wait until we are naked in bed?"

"Now, before and after dinner, while we shower together, before, during, and after our evening exercise."

"I love you."

"I love you too. At what time will you be home?"

"This is my long day. I will not be back until after seven. I will call you as soon as I am headed south."

"I love you. Be careful. Bye."

During her phone call Mike had gone into the house and a still dripping Karen joined her on the swing.

Karen said, "Jason, Maggie, James and Lucy helped in your move. It went more quickly than I expected and that is why your townhouse is already completely empty. The six of us will return tomorrow to clean it up. Expect Aunt Amanda to have it listed before the weekend. Teachers and pickup trucks are nice to have around if anyone needs to move during the summer, don't you think?

You may not have noticed yet but this house has four bedrooms, the other three are on the other side of the living room, Mike's room, Jim's office, and one other that was empty. That is where your iMac, desk, worktable and jewelry making stuff are. We took Mike's single bed apart and replaced it with your queen. His is in the storage shed. We put your day bed in your office."

Wendy hugged her wet niece and said, "I will need to do something for all of you soon, a party maybe. I will call James and Maggie now."

After Wendy was done with her phone calls she had invited the six to a sumptuous dinner and wine evening on that Friday night and a cookout for family and friends Saturday night.

"How does it feel?" Karen asked her aunt.

Wendy knew exactly what she was talking about and said, "I am as excited as I have ever been. I just now spent a long time giggling for no reason at all."

Karen said, "I know exactly, I was so giddy Monday night after I moved in with Mike that people thought I was drunk."

"Actually your mother told me you were," Wendy said with a laugh. "How does it feel a week later?"

"Like it has always been and will always be this way. As you may have noticed I love the sex part but it's a lot more than that. Even if he is thirty feet away from me I can feel him. If he is next to me and his hand is not on my ass I bitch about it. He makes detours just to kiss me. I make detours just to kiss him. He even stops the car on the shoulder of the highway just to kiss me."

"I know where that trait came from. I thought Jim and I were going to get arrested before we got here Saturday night. A state trooper slowed down as he drove past us just as Jim ended his kiss as we sat on the shoulder if the highway. Like father like son seems to be a good thing for us."

Karen and Wendy shared an extended kiss and hug that lasted until Mike came out carrying Karen's clothes.

"You are not staying for dinner?" Wendy asked.

"I would not dream of it. We are going to Mom's and tell her the news. Expect lots of phone calls."

"I will turn my phone off now," Wendy joked. Wendy hugged them goodbye and as they drove away a tear suddenly welled in her eye.

"I have a son" had flashed through her mind.

Her first call as expected was from her sister Mo, Karen and Maggie's mom. They were closer in age and temperament than they were with the other sisters. That call came as she was scoring the duck. She put her phone on speaker and it remained that way the rest of the evening. About half of their conversation was over the type of spices to use on a roasted duck.

The next two, her sisters Martha and Amanda, came as she was rubbing spices on and in the duck. Typically half of their conversations led to disagreements on what to use on a duck.

Her sister Allison and her best friend Janice were the next two to call. Wendy did not mention that she was preparing a duck to them.

She had answered six calls before she got the duck in the oven. Over the next hour one by one her nieces and nephews called. All complained that her phone was always busy. All were gushing with happiness for her. Wendy reminded herself that her family was the most loving family ever. Her giggles and tears returned.

Jim called an hour later to tell her he would be home in thirty minutes. She decided that yellow rice and green peas would do as side dishes. She took another two calls, one from Janice's daughter Jana and one from her friends Maryanne and Yazmin, and then she turned her cell phone off.

She took the duck out of the oven and allowed it to rest. She had just placed the rice and the peas on the stove but had not turned on the burners when Jim walked in. He brought her roses in a vase.

Wendy did not try to hold back her tears. She kissed him hard, told him she loved him, and kissed him hard again. They held each other tightly for a minute as Jim told Wendy he loved and adored her.

They eventually released each other and Jim said, "I need a shower."

They kissed one more time then she allowed him to escape her embrace. She placed her flowers on her own dining table and wondered why she had not noticed it there until then. She decided it was because Jim's only table was in the kitchen and his dining area just had one bookcase in it. Her more formal dining set fit perfectly in the space, bookcase and all. "Yes, I am home," she thought.

She returned to the kitchen, checked on the duck and turned on the burners for the rice and peas. After basting the duck with its own juices she turned down the heat under the rice as soon as she saw the water begin to boil and turned her timer on for twenty-two minutes.

She had twenty-two minutes. She was naked and stepping into the shower with Jim before she knew she had a plan. She knelt in front of him and swallowed his cock. Jim's groan was music to her ears. Wendy did not mind sucking cocks but had never allowed a man to cum in her mouth and only once had she allowed any man to spew on her body and that had been over thirty years before.

But the cock in her mouth belonged to Jim. She wanted to give him her best. She ignored his warning and took all of his semen in her mouth. She swallowed.

Jim lifted her to him and kissed her deeply, he wanted her to know that he knew the importance of her gift.

Somewhere in her pink haze Wendy remembered that she was in the middle of cooking. She left the shower and dried her body but did not dress. She opened and drank a coke remembering her big sister Martha telling her it cut through the taste of cum. It did help.

Her rice was ready so she scooped it onto a serving dish and scattered peas over it.

She was setting the table when she saw a shadowy monster come into the porch. Wendy reminded herself of how much her life had changed and took a milk bone out to Celia.

She seemed not to be even mildly surprised that it was Wendy and not Jim with her treat. After Celia consumed her milk bone Wendy opened the screen door for her and Celia again chirped to her on the way out.

Wendy had dinner plated as a still naked Jim re-joined her. Before they sat they exchanged a long deeply felt kiss. "I love you" each said simultaneously. They kissed again and then sat for their first dinner as a formal couple.

They enjoyed the dinner. Jim said, "I am glad to see that some goddesses can cook. It was the best meal of my life."

Wendy giggled at both parts of his outrageous statement but made sure he knew she appreciated it with a swarm of kisses.

After they put the leftovers in the refrigerator they opened two Dos Equis and went to the porch. Wendy settled against his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. They slowly rode the swing and drank their beer.

"How was your day?" Wendy asked Jim for the first of several thousand times.

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