tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWendy, the Exhibitionist Wife

Wendy, the Exhibitionist Wife


My wife's journey towards exhibitionism wasn't anything we intended, planned, or conceived. It was one of those things that just happened. Especially with our backgrounds.

Let me explain: We're an average middle class couple. We were both raised in nice suburban families. And we've always lived normal lives. We've never been in trouble with the law (besides the occasional traffic violation) and we try our best to be active in the community.

Simply put, we're regular everyday people.

Just like you.


I first met Wendy back in high school in New Hampshire. I was a normal guy just looking to get laid. Like most students at that age, I had a care-free attitude. In terms of academics, I managed to do well.

Wendy was different though. She was a smart girl. A 'good girl.' I was a year older than her, and in my senior year, we ended up having two classes together. We never talked back then, but I thought she was a pretty girl.

She was outgoing, fun, and mildly popular. But at the same time, she wasn't someone who ever did anything crazy or had weird issues like a normal teen did. No. She was far too controlled for that. She was a disciplined person. It's the way she was raised. And that was just the type of personality she had.

What I found interesting about her was that her clothes were always neat. Her hair was always perfectly combed. Her belongings were always organized in class. When she raised her hand in class, it was always in the same courteous manner. She was that kind of person.

She was also very involved with local activities. By her senior year, Wendy had become class president, and by many accounts, she was the best class president in recent memory. She helped organize bake sales and other things, which benefited the students in whatever way necessary.

She was also heavily involved with church activities. I'm sure that made her parents proud, especially since her dad was a minister.

During her senior year, she was voted 'most outgoing' by her classmates, along with 'best smile.' In the yearbook, there were pictures of her with her trademark big smile. She was very proud of the two awards.

We didn't start dating until a year later when I ran into her at college over a thousand miles away. We both went to college in California.

I saw her on campus one day, during the first week of school. She looked so out of place and intimidated. It actually was kind of cute. I went up to her and she smiled, and that was the first time we had ever talked to each other.

She explained that she didn't know anybody at the college. She said that she wanted to experience new things, meet new people, and live in a new place- which is why she moved to a place like San Francisco.

Ironically enough, we started dating soon after.

Even in college, she was still the same girl from high school. She dressed a little more modern, but she still kept everything neat. There was still a pleasant demeanor about her. She quickly made new friends. After all, Wendy was the type of person who could befriend anyone. There were many magnetic qualities to her (mainly her kindness and cute smile).

I was afraid she was going to dump me for someone better, but that day never came. I think it's because I was her last reminder of home in New Hampshire. But that's just a theory of mine.

When we finally had sex several months later, she revealed that she was a virgin. She stood in her bra & panties and told me that she could never forgive herself if she lost her virginity to the wrong man. She was nearly in tears. For some reason, it made me fall in love with her.

There was such an innocent quality to Wendy. There was such a purity to her. She was such an endearing person. She was like a diamond in the rough, a pearl in the oyster, and her inner-beauty was still waiting to be released.

I told her I loved her. She believed it (because it was true). She reached back and unclasped her bra. She had shown her breasts to past boyfriends before (including me). Intimacy on that level wasn't a big deal to her.

There was a look of pride on her face, along with a look of shyness. In some ways, she was a little bit embarrassed about her breasts. They were small, perky, upturned, with large brown nipples. Her nipples looked like they were begging to be sucked. They protruded outwards. Completely stiff. Without a doubt, her nipples were unique in size.

She pulled her panties down to reveal a bush. She said she hadn't planned on anyone seeing her naked that night, so she didn't shave it. She apologized for it, which was unnecessary.

Tears were in her eyes during the lovemaking. They were tears of joy. Finally, she was able to express herself sexually. Finally, she became a woman.

Afterwards, she revealed that she had made a pledge to remain a virgin until marriage. It was a religious thing, obviously. There was guilt on her face and in her voice.

But things worked out for the best...


My wife's descent towards exhibitionism didn't occur until many years later, when she was 43 years old. Even at that age, she was still very much the same person. Intelligent and proper.

By that time, we already had 2 children together, and fairly successful careers.

Wendy became a professor. When she was in college, she didn't know what she wanted to do. But she knew she loved reading & writing, so she majored in English. After graduating from college, she tried becoming a novelist.

She wrote her first book at the age of 26, which hardly anyone read. It was a fictional book about a tight-knit family during the great depression. Not very many people read it. She wrote her second book at the age of 28, which was read by only slightly more people.

During that period, she got a teaching certificate. She taught different grade levels. She had a real passion for it. She loved teaching & guiding others. I could tell that it gave her life a real sense of purpose, and it was fulfilling work.

For many years, she taught at a local community college. She enjoyed that more because the students were much older, which meant that she was able to explore deeper concepts.

By the age of 39, she was able to land a permanent teaching position at the university, which was only a few miles from our house. She was ecstatic. Each semester, she formed close relationships with many of her students. Wendy was their mentor. She spent many nights reading books and perfecting her curriculum for the students.

Teaching was her passion in life (along with her family & faith).

At the urging of her students, Wendy had created a facebook account. Within a matter of weeks, she already had several hundred friends. Most of them were past students of hers. Even more impressive, she remembered all of them.

What she didn't know was that creating that account would be the catalyst for even bigger things to come.


Wendy's exhibitionist shift began by accident.

In the past few years, Wendy and I had traveled a lot more during our summers. We took up photography as a hobby. Everywhere we went, we took pictures of the scenery, and goofy pictures of ourselves. The kind of goofy pictures that people take when they're in love. (funny faces, big eyes, tongue sticking out, that sort of thing...)

A few days before the incident, I surprised her by taking pictures of her while she was reading in bed. She responded by pulling her tshirt up to flash her trademark large brown nipple.

Days later, she added a bunch more pictures to her facebook account. By that time, she already had nearly a hundred photos on her facebook profile. And that was nothing compared to the thousands of pictures we had on our computer and cameras. (yes, we were that obsessed with taking pictures. it was just for fun)

When she uploaded her new pictures, she did it before we went out to the theater. For some reason, she wanted to upload them fast.

A few hours later, we came home and prepared for bed.

I was ready to sleep, and Wendy was in front of the computer with a hand over her mouth.

"Oh my god," she gasped softly.

I asked what was wrong.

"I accidentally uploaded that picture," she gasped again. "A colleague messaged me about it. Oh my god. Oh my god."

When I asked which picture, she turned around to look at me.

"The one with my nipple showing. Oh my god. My goodness."

She looked devastated. She quickly deleted the picture and put her hands on her face. It was like a bad dream.

She climbed onto the bed and put her head on my chest. It shouldn't have been such a big deal, but to Wendy, it was like her hard earned reputation had taken a big hit. All her life, she was always the respectable and polite person. In her academic career, she had always been that nurturing mentor figure.

Now, suddenly, she felt as though the veil had been lifted back.

"God knows how many people saw that," she moaned. "Hopefully not my parents. They rarely use their facebook accounts. My brothers or sisters- oh god. I know that one of my colleagues has already seen it. And my students. How many of them must have seen it? And no one bothered to message me and tell me. I can't go back to class. I just can't."

Wendy was always a person who overreacts when things get stressful. But she would always calm down and think rationally again.

After several minutes, she washed herself in the bathroom and came to bed.

Despite being so devastated a few short moments earlier, she turned off the lights, and we had amazing sex that night. It was never clear why. Maybe she wanted sexual attention to relieve her sudden influx of stress? Or maybe, deep down, she was secretly aroused?

Like most marriages, our sex life had its ups & downs. Things had fallen into a routine after being together for so many long years.

But on that night, something had come over her. She didn't wait for me to make the first move like I normally did. Instead, she climbed on top of me, in the dark, and rode my cock. She moaned and gasped. She came.

When she finished, she rolled off me, and whispered, 'goodnight.'


It was summer and we planned our annual vacation. Sometimes we went alone, sometimes we took the kids, or something we went with friends.

This time, we went with my wife's best friend, Juliet.

Juliet was a lovely person with very similar qualities to my wife. They were both professors for many years, although Juliet taught at a different university.

At the time, Juliet had finished going through a divorce, and Wendy wanted to do something special for her, to make her feel better.

I thought it was a great idea. Juliet had always been very kind to my wife (and to me). And Wendy had always been great to Juliet.

Once, several years ago, Wendy was hard at work on her third book. It was a lengthy crime thriller about a seductress who got caught up in a political scandal. Wendy had worked hard on the novel while at home, and during her school office hours.

She claimed it was the best thing she had ever written, then suddenly, she had a terrible case of writer's block (or whatever you want to call it). Halfway through the writing process, the ideas had stopped coming. The plot had become so complex that Wendy didn't know what to do. It was so frustrating for her because she loved to write. Months later, she was tempted to quit.

But it was Juliet who saved the project. It was Juliet who read the work and provided useful insight. They sat down together for hours to roleplay the dialogue and make the story work. That's how close they were. They could sit for hours and have a great time talking.

The result was that Wendy created a book which was her crowning achievement in life (besides her family, of course). It eventually got published and Wendy couldn't have been more proud. I went to a few of her book signings, and even though only a few people attended, Wendy still beamed with pride.

Now that Juliet was going through personal issues of her own, it was only fair that we helped her during troubled times.

But we couldn't have realized that Juliet would be helping us instead...


Our trip was to a nice resort on the coast of Southern California.

It was beautiful. Exactly as advertised. Juliet was still busy with things, so she would be joining us a day later.

So it was Wendy and myself, enjoying the beautiful beach together.

It had been years since we went to a beach resort together. In previous years, we had either went to places where the weather was cold, or places which didn't require bathing suits.

The problem was, Wendy wasn't very happy with her body. I thought she looked amazing. She had that mature woman look, which many men (including myself) find appealing.

The older Wendy became, the more she tried to work on her physique. She watched her diet more closely. She tried exercising more often. She never went to a gym, but she enjoyed watching exercise programs on tv. She usually did basic things. Aerobics, ab exercises, calisthenics, and lots of stretches. On the weekends, she enjoyed long jogs.

But no matter what she did, she couldn't fight the sagging in her breasts, or her slightly expanding bottom. Having 2 kids had taken its toll on her body. The truth was, she looked sexy and beautiful. But she didn't want to believe it.

Eventually, she built up enough confidence to put on her new bikini and head to the beach.

The other beach goers were mainly couples around our age. The place was for adults, which was a great thing.

Some women went topless. The topless women had golden brown tans. It was clear that they spent plenty of time under the sun.

By contrast, Wendy was a bright shade of white the moment she removed her tshirt. We relaxed on lounge chairs and enjoyed the stunning view of the ocean. She seemed slightly embarrassed revealing her bikini clad body, but no one seemed to really notice.

That changed the moment a passer-by glanced at Wendy's body. Wendy noticed the person eyeing her chest & legs. Then Wendy turned away. Her legs squirmed. It was hard to tell if Wendy was offended, insulted, or aroused. But there was no denying that the brief moment had an effect on her.

Just like when she accidentally showed her nipple on her facebook profile.


Juliet arrived the next day. She greeted us at the resort lobby and gave us kisses on the cheek.

At that moment, I realized what a lucky man I was, being on vacation with two classy & sophisticated ladies.

Later the three of us went out for lunch. Juliet seemed to be in good spirits since the divorce, and I was happy for her.

Wendy tried her hardest to make sure that her best friend was doing alright. She even put her hand on Juliet's shoulder a few times.

But Juliet wasn't having it. Juliet had turned a new leaf, and she wanted us to know it.

"Thank you both so much," Juliet said. "Really, I'm fine. I couldn't be doing any better. I really appreciate you two inviting me out here. We're going to have a great time."

We both gave her an incredulous look. A few weeks earlier, Juliet was devastated emotionally. A sobbing mess. Now she was nothing but smiles. And she sensed our disbelief.

Juliet continued with a smile, "Look, the worst is over. Stop worrying about me. Let's just say that I've found a new outlook on life."

"You did?" Wendy asked.

"I've been reading a book. Well, it only took me a day to read it. And I've been re-reading parts of it ever since. I found it when I was cleaning out my house. All these years, and I forgot I had it."

The fascinating conversation came to an abrupt end when Juliet noticed a younger man checking her out. Juliet smiled back at him. Then she excused herself to go talk to him. She got up and walked towards the younger man in a way that exuded sexuality. It wasn't something I was used to seeing from Juliet. She was always a mild mannered person.

Wendy and I sat in awe while watching Juliet flirt with the man across the room. They exchanged information. They enjoyed meeting each other. The chemistry was obviously there.

A few moments later, Juliet came back to our table and said that she would be busy for the rest of the afternoon. She had already made plans to spend time with the guy she had just met. Then she said she would meet us for dinner.

With that, she gave us a wink and mouthed the words 'wish me luck' before running off with the handsome young man she had just met.

All Wendy and I could do was look at each other in disbelief.


We spent the day on the beach again. This time, Wendy wasn't as prudish with her looks. She seemed a bit more comfortable with showing her skin in public. She was more confident. And her confidence attracted a little more attention from other men. There were a few glances here & there.

This time, Wendy didn't cower when people looked at her. She seemed more proud of herself. Her boldness had only grown.

It was a hot day and we briefly swam in the ocean. When we got out, I couldn't help but admire how beautiful Wendy looked with the water dripping from her body. Her hair was slicked back from the water. The water still dripping from her skin. Her skin still looked really white, but she was slightly more tanned than yesterday.

We laid on the lounge chairs on the beach. We looked at the ocean view until Wendy finally broke the silence.

"Good for her," Wendy said. "It was so heartbreaking to see her in tears. I felt so helpless trying to comfort her. Then seeing her today- what a difference. I haven't seen her this relaxed in such a long time. Good for her."

I told Wendy that I agreed with everything she said. And she was right. Juliet's quick transformation was a great thing.

Just then, a group of topless women walked passed us. I tried my best not to look, because I knew it would make Wendy upset. When they left, Wendy seemed to squirm in her lounge seat a little bit.

"I don't know how some women can do that," Wendy said. "Maybe I'd be topless also if I was that beautiful."

I told her she was as beautiful as those younger women, and she believed me, and she smiled.


It was 7:45 and we were getting ready for our 8 pm dinner reservation.

As we got dressed, Wendy talked about her best friend again. She openly considered inviting Juliet's mystery man to dinner with us. She wondered if that would be weird or not, since it might have only been an innocent fling.

The entire time she was thinking, she sat in her bra & panties on the bed. She looked gorgeous. Like a vision of sophistication and sex. Her phone was in her hand and she wondered whether to text Juliet.

But then, Juliet texted both of us:

apologies! can't make it to dinner tonight. having impromptu pool party. -j

The message was strange because the main pool closed at 7 pm. So how could she be having a pool party?

It all made sense as Wendy stood by the window. Our hotel room was only 4 stories up, and we had a perfect view of the pool.

"My gosh," Wendy gasped.

I went over to the window to see what Wendy was looking at.

That's when we saw it: Juliet and her mystery man were kissing passionately by the pool area. Juliet was topless. Her breasts were proudly on display while her bikini top was on the ground. The man fondled her breasts.

The pool area only had a few lights on. No one else was there, since the pool was supposed to be closed. It was completely privacy for Juliet and her man (except that Wendy and I were watching).

We stood in silence as Juliet got in the pool, while the mystery man pulled his bottom down and sat on the edge. Juliet swam to the edge of the pool and put her head in his lap.

"Oh my goodness," Wendy gasped again. "We shouldn't be watching this."

But we watched anyway. We watched as Wendy's best friend gave oral sex to a man she had only met that day. We watched Juliet's head bob in the guy's lap, and her hand stroke him.

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