tagFetishWendy's Annual Exam

Wendy's Annual Exam


Wendy just dreaded her annual exam. But since there's history of cancer in her family, she makes sure she keeps her appointment. Unfortunately for her, her regular doctor had left the practice. She was told that her appointment would be with an older doctor who was filling in. She never thought to ask if it was a female doctor. Her old doctor, like the other doctors in the practice, were females too. Little did she know what she was in for.

She arrived at the office at 5:45pm for her 6:00 pm appointment. The place seemed almost deserted, like usual. Wendy smiled, as she figured she'd get out with a quickie exam. The receptionist was already gone for the night and Sally, the MA greeted her. "Hello Wendy. Right on time. Why don't you come on back and we can get started. I will introduce you to Dr. Schmidt. I think you will really like the new doctor, everyone else does."

Sally escorted Wendy through the door, into the back of the clinic. "I've got Exam 2 all set up." Wendy walked into the room and saw that it had been redecorated since her last visit. In the middle of the room was a shiny, new looking Gyno Exam Chair. "Dr. Schmidt had us get these new tables. I have to tell you they are so much better and more comfortable than the old stirrup tables." Sally pointed out to Wendy that the chair was electric and could lie back, and that there were padded knee crutches instead of stirrups. "I never want to have another exam in stirrups ever again. These are so comfy..." Sally's face just beamed. "Dr. Schmidt really knows how to treat a lady."

"Well, until I met her, I will take your word for it," Wendy said, sitting on the chair next to the desk in the room.

"Wendy, Dr. Schmidt is a man. But don't let that scare you. He's gentler and has softer hands than Dr. Wilson did. I've come to enjoy being treated by him. Trust me." Sally's eyes sort of glassed over and she shuddered with a grin on her face. "OK, let's get started." Sally took Wendy's wrist in her hand and checked her pulse. "Pulse is good..." Wendy noticed how skillfully Sally went about her duties. The blood pressure cuff was wrapped around her arm and tightened, then suddenly she heard the hiss of the air leave the cuff. "132/72, very good my dear. Now, let's step over to the scale."

"Can't we just skip this part and I tell you what I weigh?" Wendy disdainfully looked at the scale.

"Come on honey, it's just a number." Sally cajoled. "Anyway, you look to be in great shape. In fact, if I wasn't straight...." Sally's voice tailed away and they both laughed.

Wendy got on the scale and the numbers blinked. "128 pounds." Sally read off. "That's 2 pounds down from last year. See. I told you that you looked good." Wendy climbed off the scale and stood in the middle of the room, knowing what was coming next.

Sally reached under the cabinet and pulled out of cloth gown. "Dr. Schmidt has changed over to cloth gowns and sheets. He understands how demeaning those paper gowns and sheets were. He really takes good care of his patients." Sally handed Wendy the gown and sheet. "You know the drill, everything off, but you can leave your socks on if your feet get cold. Once the gown is on, have a seat on the table. Dr. Schmidt will be in to finish the exam." Sally headed for the door. She stopped and looked back at Wendy, "I hope you have a nice check-up." The door quickly closed behind her.

Wendy felt like her head was spinning. What woman in their right mind enjoyed their annual exam? She quickly undressed and put the gown on. She noticed that it wasn't thin and skimpy, but soft and as comfortable as a exam gown could get. It went almost to her knees. "Not too bad," she thought to herself. As she walked to the table, she admired the contraption. "This seems better than those cold stirrups," she said quietly as she ran her hand across the knee crutches.

As she sat on the table, and covered herself with a sheet, there was a knock on the door. "May I come in?" A man's voice spoke from behind the door.

Wendy gently whispered, "Yes, come in." Through the door strode a rather distinguished looking man carrying a folder. He was about 6' 2" tall. He had an athletic build, but not overly muscular. His hair was brown, with a little grey about the temples and through the back, with a grayish brown neatly trimmed mustache. He was wearing pale blue scrubs with a lab coat. His shoes appeared to be freshly shined. This was a man who obviously took pride in his appearance.

He offered his hand to Wendy. "Hello, I am Doctor Jeff Schmidt. Please feel free to call my Dr. Jeff. You must be Wendy Johnson. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. By the way, Sally needs to leave for the night. If you don't mind, there won't be a chaperone present. If you aren't comfortable with that, we can reschedule your exam."

Wendy shook the doctor's hand and thought to herself, Well, he seems to be nice. Knowing how she hated having to have her exam, she just as soon would get it over with. "It's fine without Sally, I really hate the audience anyway."

"All right then. Now Wendy, I know it's a surprise to have a male doctor after the time you had with Dr. Wilson, but if you give me a chance, I hope to prove that I am just as capable a gynecologist as she is." Dr. Jeff walked to the sink and washed his hands, drying them with a towel.

Wendy cocked her head to the side a little and said, "I'll try."

"So, Wendy, I see you are 27, and not married or in a relationship." Dr. Jeff was reading off her chart. "There's no mention of any medications that you are currently taking. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Dr. Jeff. No medication. I have been in great health. I only have these exams because my mom and grandmother had issues with breast and cervical cancer. As far as I know, I am really healthy."

"Well it's great you want to be cancer-free. I just have a couple questions for you. I am sorry if they are embarrassing." Dr. Jeff looked warmly into Wendy's eyes, as if peering into her soul. "Are you safe at home? Any worries about someone hurting you?"

"Not at all. I live alone, except for my cat, Lipstick"

"Good, if you don't mind me asking, why name your cat Lipstick?"

Wendy chuckled, "She's mostly an orange tabby, except for this spot of brown around her mouth...it reminded me of a child putting on lipstick, so that's what I called her."

"Sounds like a great name." Dr. Jeff joined in the chuckling. "Wendy, are you sexually active?"

Wendy blushed; she wasn't expecting such a personal question, although Dr. Wilson always asked the same question. "Uhm... I... Uh... No, not at this time."

Dr. Jeff placed his warm hand on her shoulder. "No need to be embarrassed. It's just so I know." He stepped behind Wendy and said, "You're going to feel my hands on your neck." She felt his warm soft hand caress her neck, feeling the glands on each side. She realized that his touch felt rather nice, gentle...soothing. She could like this. "Swallow for me," Dr Jeff requested as his hands slid to the front of her throat. "Good."

Taking the otoscope from the wall, Dr. Jeff quickly checked her ears, nose and eyes. Taking a tongue depressor from the jar, he asked Wendy to "open up, stick your tongue out at me, and say ahhh." She complied, and Dr. Jeff examined her throat without gagging her. "OK, you can close your mouth now."

As he took the stethoscope from his lab coat pocket and placed it in his ears, he instructed, "Please sit up nice and tall for me, and breathe through your nose, normally." He placed the head of the stethoscope on her chest, and she focused on breathing normally.

As Dr. Jeff moved the stethoscope around her chest, she suddenly felt his finger brush against her nipple. She shivered as a wave of pleasure swept through her. When he was checking the other side of her chest, he brushed against the other one. Again a shiver and she was forced to stifle a bit of a sigh.

The doctor moved the stethoscope to her back and instructed her to take several deep breaths through her mouth. "Again" he said. "That's good, your heart and lungs sound wonderfully healthy. I'm guessing that you don't smoke."

"No, and I won't hang around people who do!" Wendy stammered, feeling a little flushed from the pleasure she felt when the doctor's finger accidently brushed her nipples.

"Now, Wendy, I need to lower the gown and do the breast exam. With your family's history, I want to make sure I do a thorough exam, so I will do it with you sitting up first, and then lying down. Is that alright with you?"

"Yes, whatever you say, you're the doctor." She realized the doctor was untying the back of the gown and folding it into her lap, leaving her exposed from the waist up. Her nipples were already rather erect, but stiffened as exposed to the air.

"Please place your right hand behind your head for me." When Wendy complied, Dr. Jeff moved to the right side of the table and with both hands began to gently massage her right breast. "I am not noticing anything abnormal. You do self exams regularly, right?"

Wendy's eyes had closed. The feeling of a man's hands on her breast was a really good feeling. "Uh, yeah, every month."

Dr. Jeff reached the areola. At this point he took the right nipple and began to squeeze it gently. "I am checking for discharge which would be a sign of a problem." Wendy sucked air in quickly as a jolt of energy passed from her nipple straight to her pussy. The doctor continued alternately squeezing firmly and then gently, causing her to fight not to squirm.

Wendy thought to herself, "I'm not supposed to get aroused, but it feels soooo good." The doctor moved to the left side and she moved her left hand behind her head. The doctor treated her left breast to the same exquisite gentle touch and arousing squeezing of the nipple.

"Wendy, I need to have you flat on your back for the rest of the breast exam." Wendy realized that the table was at a 60 degree angle. "The table will slowly lie back and there will be a shelf that comes up for your legs. Just enjoy the ride." With that the doctor stepped on some foot pedals and the table slowly laid back and the leg support came up just like he told her. She realized that this wasn't uncomfortable at all, almost like lying on a firm bed.

"Both hands behind your head my dear." Dr. Jeff requested. He moved next to her again and began to massage both breasts with his two hands. If she didn't know better, she felt like the doctor was simply feeling her up. Then he started squeezing her nipples; first the left nipple then the right. Electric shocks sped through her body and she realized she was getting very aroused.

"You know, some women find that their nipples are very sensitive and become somewhat aroused during a deep thorough breast exam. Are you doing alright, my dear?" Dr. Jeff smiled at her obvious arousal.

"I'm ok," Wendy whispered between breaths. "It's just been a long time since someone else has touched me there."

Dr. Jeff slid his hands down from her chest to her abdomen. There was no effort to recover her breasts with the gown, and Wendy was no longer in any condition to notice. Her eyes were closed and she was focusing on the sensations as the doctor's hands moved lower and lower.

"Let me know if I cause any discomfort," Dr Jeff said as his hand palpated her abdomen, pressing gently, yet firmly, in each quadrant. "Do you have any troubles moving your bowels?"

"No, not usually,"

"Good. When did you last have a bowel movement?" Dr Jeff asked her as his hands moved under the gown and started rubbing just above her hairline.

Wendy struggled against the urge to raise her hips against the doctor's hand, and squeaked out, "This afternoon, doctor." She started feeling very flush both in her face and between her legs. She was glad she was lying on a cloth sheet, because her wetness was becoming more obvious.

Dr. Jeff moved to the foot of the table. "Wendy, I'm going to move the table back into a reclining position. When the table stops, I am going to move your legs into the knee supports." Slowly the table whirred and moved back so she was at about a 45 degree angle. She felt the doctor take each of her legs and place them in the knee supports.

"These do seem more comfortable than the stirrups, Doctor Jeff." Wendy just melted against the table, feeling more and more exposed as Dr. Jeff moved the supports farther apart. At some point, she realized the gown had fallen to the floor, but she no longer cared...taking almost wicked excitement from being so exposed and totally naked before the doctor.

Snap, snap. She heard the unmistakable sound of exam gloves going on the doctor's hand. "First, I am going to do a visual and manual inspection of the outer labia. I am going to place my hands on your thighs." Dr. Jeff stated as his warm soft hands rested against her inner thighs. Dr. Jeff spread apart her wet pussy lips, seeing how aroused his patient had become.

Wendy felt the doctor's fingers and blushed deeply knowing her arousal was extremely evident to the doctor. "I'm so embarrassed. I don't know what's wrong with me..." she stammered.

The doctor's finger slid between her lips and made casual contact with her clit, causing her to jump slightly. "Don't worry Wendy. What you are feeling is a perfectly natural reaction to having your body touched and examined. I'm glad you're comfortable enough with me to relax and allow your body to enjoy the sensations."

Wendy just closed her eyes and thought to herself, "It's been such a long time since..." Dr. Jeff continued his manual inspection of her labia. He took each lip and caressed it between his fingers. He rolled back the hood of her clit and she could have sworn she felt his warm breath against it. She quivered with arousal. She really didn't want him to stop.

"Now, Wendy, I am going to use the speculum so I can see inside your vaginal canal, and get the pap smear. I will try to cause as little discomfort as possible." He picked up the speculum from a tray of warm water. "It seems there's plenty of natural lubrication, so this should slide in easily. Just relax."

She felt the speculum slide into her, and felt the doctor turn it and slowly begin to open it. She fought the urge to moan as she felt it open her up and fill her completely. "Are you doing alright?" Dr Jeff asked as the speculum reached it's fully open position.

"Uh huh, fine" she mumbled.

"Just a quick swipe," as Dr. Jeff took the swab and brushed it gently across the surface of her pink cervix. "That's done," as he put the swab in a container to send to the lab. "Now, relax again as I remove the speculum." She felt a sudden emptiness inside her as the speculum was removed from inside her.

"My dear, now you are going to feel my fingers inside you." Dr. Jeff squirted a bit of surgilube on his right hand. He slid two fingers inside her wet canal. "Tell me Wendy, when did you last have sexual relations?"

Blushing deeply, Wendy stammered, "It's been over a year." As she spoke, she could feel the doctor's fingers move in and out of her pussy, her muscles involuntarily clenching against them.

"Do you masturbate?"

"Not often enough..." she sighed. "This feels so good doctor. Is something wrong with me, getting aroused like this during the exam?"

"No dear, you simply have a healthy sexual drive that hasn't been met lately." The doctor's thumb was now rubbing her clit as he fingered her pussy.

A voice inside her said she should object, but that was drowned out by the sensations building within her clit. "Please...don't stop. Please!" she begged.

Dr. Jeff slid one finger from her pussy and rubbed it against her rectum. Slowly he worked the finger inside her and moved his hand, one finger in her pussy and the other in her ass. His left hand now was playing directly with her clit. Wendy couldn't help but raise her hips in synch with the doctor's actions.

"I can tell you need this Wendy. Don't fight it. Just let it happen."

"Oh god, doctor... Yes, please... I need to cum."

The good doctor continued his steady rhythm rubbing against her clit, slowly increasing the pressure and tempo. He could feel his patient's climax nearing. "Just let yourself go."

Slowly, the tempo was increasing and Wendy could sense her pending climax. "Harder doctor, I need it harder. Please make me cum."

"Yes, my dear, let yourself go." With an experienced hand, he drove her over the edge into an explosive climax. "Cum for the doctor."

"OH GOD YESSSSSSS!" Wendy's body tightened up, her pussy muscles clenching his finger tightly. "OH GOD YESSSSS!" Waves of pleasure flowed through her body. As she came back to earth from her climax, she realized she was sweating and that her pussy was just soaked with juices.

Dr. Jeff had removed his fingers from her body and taken off his gloves. "Why don't you just lie here a moment and collect yourself. Then we can clean you up and you can get dressed."

Wendy laid there a moment or two, barely believing what had just happened. "Are you Sally's doctor too?" she asked after catching her breath.

"Yes, I am, but I am not able to say anything more." Dr. Jeff had placed another pair of gloves on his hand and taken a warm wash cloth and began wiping up lube and pussy juice from her body.

"Oh thank you doctor." Wendy enjoyed the feeling of tenderness that the doctor was showing. "It feels wonderful. Thank you so much. I didn't realize how much I needed that."

"All I did was conduct a complete examination. Sometimes, a patient needs a little extra TLC during the exam. I hope I didn't cause you any embarrassment or discomfort." Dr. Jeff finished washing her and peeled off his gloves. "Let me help you out of the knee supports." He gently took her legs from the supports. "When you feel up to it, get up, get redressed and you can leave. I will call you with the results of your pap smear."

"Thank you again doctor. I look forward to my exam next year."

"With your family's history of cancer, we could always schedule another exam for 6 months if you'd prefer." Dr. Jeff said with a knowing smile. "Or you can come back in sooner if there's any problems you need me to take care of."

"I will see you again soon." Wendy said to the doctor with a smile on her face. She then thought to herself, Six months, hell, how about six days?

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