tagGroup SexWendy's Surprise

Wendy's Surprise


Wendy I dated for a year, though I was only in town for a few months. She was pretty hot. She had reddish hair, was about 5' 8" or so. She had pretty big tits that didn't sag, with pierced nipples. She was shaved down to a thin strip of pubic hair. And wow did she like to fuck.

We started talking about our fantasies. She was into being dominated, liked the idea of anonymous sex, and thought the idea of a threesome was hot. She told me about a threesome she had in college. She had gotten mad at her boyfriend who had gotten wasted at a party once too often. His two roommates had talked about how they'd both do her, she had heard them once in the middle of the night, while all four were supposedly sleeping.

So she'd taken them both back to their dorm room, leaving her boyfriend passed out at the party. They had taken turns fucking her. Sam had gotten between her legs and was pounding her while his buddy sat on the chair watching. Then she rode Eric, Sam lying beside her panting. As she and Eric fucked, Sam had stroked himself back hard, standing up to hold his cock in her face. She slipped him into her mouth and sucked his hardening cock. He had another huge load for her, shooting into her mouth as Eric thrust into her, coating her cunt walls with his cum. She had gone to sleep in her boyfriends bed wondering what three cocks would feel like, Tom in her ass while the other two fucked her mouth and cunt. She told me she still occasionally masturbated, thinking about that night.

I had the common fantasy of having two girls at once and then she asked about two guys and her. I thought about it a moment and said I might be into that. She questioned me a little more and I ended up telling about a fantasy I had about watching my girlfriend have sex with someone else. She asked a lot of questions about that, if I was into guys (I wasn't horrified by the idea of a guy, but wasn't all that interested in it either), if I'd just watch or join in, and on and on. The sex was a little hotter after that, we'd often talk about the fantasies while we fucked. I'd push a toy into her while I licked her clit and told her to imagine that it was another guy. Or she would be giving me a sloppy blowjob, telling me to imagine another girl's mouth there, whispering how she'd make the girl suck her cunt while I fucked her.

One night she was on top of me, a toy shoved up inside of her, my cock in her ass. She was humping back and forth pushing the toy against my pubic bone to shove it deeper inside herself. She liked it in the ass a lot. Usually she'd have me try to fist her, she liked the feeling of it I guess. Then she'd be too loose to feel much, so I shoved it up her ass. She liked it doggy style and she'd have her head down on a pillow giving a long groan every time I'd push deep. She rolled onto her back, grabbing another toy and sliding it into her asshole. She told me she wanted me in her mouth, so I cleaned up and then knelt beside her, my cock rubbing against her lips. She was really into it, deep throating my cock and then gasping how good it felt to be stuffed full of cock. We did that at least once every couple of weeks after that and it never failed to give her a series of hard orgasms, wailing for me to fuck her harder.

One night I stayed around the apartment while she went to some reunion thing for a certification class she had taken a couple of years before. I wasn't into the whole bar thing, so I was more than content to hang out while she politicked and whatever else it was that went on. She called sort of late and said that she was going to go out for a couple of more drinks and then she'd be home. I read until 1 or so, then turned out the light and went to sleep.

An hour later, my phone rang and I answered, figuring she needed a ride home from wherever she was drinking. I could hear a few people in the background.

"Did I wake you up?" she slurred slightly.

"No, I was just reading." I lied.

"I got you a gift," she said. "Will you be awake if I bring it to you?"

That sounded like I was going to get laid. Drinking usually made her horny.

"Of course I will," I replied "Do you need me to come and drive?"

"No, that's OK, I have some friends that will drop me off. See you soon!"

She hung up. I figured I could at least smell nice, so I grabbed a quick shower and was just getting into some pajama pants when I heard her key in the lock.

I walked out into the living room and was a little surprised to see someone behind her. It was a guy I had occasionally seen around at parties and barbeques. Brian was his name. I had pegged him as pretty typical Waterford white trash. He was living up to it tonight for sure, a too big basketball jersey and baseball cap with the stickers and tags and shit still attached. Ridiculous.

Brian was pretty much straight up staring at Wendy's ass as she walked up the stairs and it sorta looked like he had a hard on. Wendy gave me a peck hello and got three wine glasses out and poured most of a bottle between the three of us.

"I told Brian about that fantasy you had," she said as she sat on the couch. Oh shit, this is where we were going with this, no discussion or anything. Brian sat on the other end and that left me the chair across from them. I was a little surprised, and a little off balance as well.

"He said he wanted to hear more, so we came home so I could tell him where it's a little quieter." Wendy said as she looked over at him. "But when we got in the car I realized it was quiet and I told him some of it. And just look at what it did to him," she said, looking down at the bulge in his crotch. "Where were we, Brian?"

"You were telling me how he wanted you to fuck someone else."

Wendy took a drink of wine and nodded. "Oh yes, Jon wants to see someone else push their cock inside me. Was there any special thing you wanted to see, baby?"

I cleared my throat. "It wasn't any one thing, the fantasy was watching my girlfriend cheat on me." "So he could put in my mouth, rub it all over my tits, or put his cock in my pussy?" Wendy ran her fingertips over her lips, then lightly over her tits to emphasize what she was saying. I could see her nipples were getting hard, and it sounded like she was starting to breathe harder. I nodded, "Whatever you'd do if you decided to fuck someone behind my back. I just want to watch." Wendy got up to get another bottle of wine. As she finished opening it, she looked at me, and raised one eyebrow for a moment then unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt. When she set the bottle of wine down, her shirt opened enough that I could see her bra, a black lacy one, stretched across her cleavage. Brian noticed as well and looked down her shirt as she sat down again, closer to him this time.

"What do you think of that, Brian?" she asked. "I know your cock likes the idea, it looks like you're even harder."

"It's hot, I think about watching Kim through a window or something when I'm getting myself off."

"I saw Brian and his friend at the bar we went to after the banquet," Wendy said to me. "We hooked up a few times before you and I met, so we danced for old time's sake. Brian's friend Tony was there too, and they both danced with me. They got a little dirty, sandwiching me and I could feel their cocks get hard. I thought you might like seeing that." She looked at me a moment until I nodded. "That's how we got on the subject." She reached over and began casually rubbing Brian's leg as we talked. I could feel my own cock hardening, and noticed they were now completely ignoring me. I felt invisible, and felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized how exciting that was.

Wendy rubbed higher until she was running her palm over his cock, clearly outlined under his track pants. He slid his hand up her side, cupping her breasts. She then looked through me, as she slid her hand under his waistband. I could see her hand moving, looking like she had her fingers around him, slowly sliding up and down. He pinched her nipple through her shirt and she took a deep breath, almost a gasp. Brian's phone rang and he answered it.

"Yeah? OK, we're up here talking.... What's up?... Hold on,"

"Tony is getting bored, he wondered if he could come up too."

Wendy was looking at me, and without looking away said, "Sure, he's welcome to come up." Brian told him and hung up. There was a knock on the door downstairs and she stood, walked down the stairs without even straightening her clothes to open it. I heard her voice, and a deeper one. There was a long silence, and then a small sound, one that could have been a kiss. I heard Wendy talking softly, but heard the words "...wants to watch," The silence went on a few more moments, and then they came up the stairs. Tony was first and Wendy followed. I saw her dab at her lips as Tony sat on the ottoman beside me. He introduced himself and we shook hands. He looked Italian, dark short hair, and thicker as though he worked construction or worked out a lot.

Wendy sat down, almost on top of to Brian this time. She began to rub his leg, in an absentminded way. Brian shifted a little in his seat, scooting his ass a little in the seat, bringing his cock closer to Wendy's hand. She rubbed a little higher and Brian reached over and began to rub her back. She made a happy noise and wriggled a little bit. Tony and I were silent as we watched them. He was rubbing his chest, occasionally pinching his nipple. He looked over and grinned at me, then gave me a wink.

Brian was rubbing Wendy's back, and I noticed that he was pushing down on her shoulders as well, pushing her head lower. Wendy slid down a little bit and then put her hand inside his pants again. "Brian has a great cock, and I want to see it better," she said conversationally to Tony. "Brian, would you pull out your cock for me? I want Jon to see the big cock that's going to fuck his girlfriend"

He pulled down the front of his track pants and his cock was sliding up and down in Wendy's hand. She cupped his balls a moment and I saw he was bigger than I was, longer and thicker. Wendy kept stroking him as she opened the rest of her shirt and then unsnapped the front of her bra. She slowly bent down and her tits swung free, hoops glinting in the light. She blew on the head of his cock and then slowly extended her tongue to touch the head of it. Brian moaned and reached under her to play with her tits.

"Ooh, pinch my nipples," she said, and then opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock. I saw his hand moving as she moved her mouth up and down his length and she moaned as he played with her tits. Tony reached into his pants and pulled out his cock and stroked it as he watched them. He grinned at me and gestured at my crotch.

"Might as well join in the fun." I nodded and slid off my lounge pants.

Brian put his hands in her hair and tugged her back toward his cock. She opened her mouth wide, and pushed her head down until he was completely in her mouth and throat. Brian moaned and made small thrusts with his hips, moving his cock in her throat. She stayed there a moment then slid back up gasping. She slid her mouth down his shaft again, taking his cock in her throat. "That's amazing," Tony said, watching closely. He got up and knelt beside the couch, watching her mouth move up and down. She would leave just the head in her mouth and I knew from experience that she was swirling her tongue around. Then she'd slowly move her mouth downward and then pause. Brian's hips were pushing up toward her mouth and she'd push her head down and he'd slip back into her throat. Tony rubbed his palm across her back as he watched and she let Brian flop out of her mouth, smiling at Tony.

"You like?" she asked.

"Hell yeah, that's fucking amazing!"

"His cock is huge, I loved sucking him off. Kinda hurt when we fucked though."

"A good pain?" Tony asked, grinning.

"Very, very good pain," she said.

Tony suddenly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lips against his, giving her a sloppy kiss. I could see their tongues sliding over each other. He released her and she giggled, putting Brian's cock back in her mouth. She began sucking him again, making sloppy, slurpy sounds as she coated his dick with her spit. Then she pushed her head down into his crotch, letting his cock slide into her throat again, showing off for Tony.

Tony stood back and watched her. His cock was standing straight out and bouncing slightly. He was somewhere between Tony and I. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "How about you?" he said, stepping toward me. I nodded and he pressed his cock against my lips. I let the head pass my lips, and licked the head of his cock as he moaned.

Brian grabbed Wendy's head and began thrusting into her mouth. She made a surprised sound and lifted her skirt, sliding her hands into her panties, fingering herself as Brian came down her throat. I saw her stomach suddenly clench, shoving her fingers hard into her pussy. She made gasping noises and as Brian slipped from her mouth, she panted as she continued to cum and finger herself.

"Oh my god, I think you must have just put a pint of cum in my stomach," Wendy purred. "Did you bring the pills?"

Tony nodded and held a small blue pill help and then swallowed it, tossed another to Tony. "Viagra," he said, grinning as he swallowed the pill. I guess the show wasn't over yet.

Wendy watched me suck Tony's cock, playing with Brian's cock. "You look good with a cock in your mouth. How is he doing Tony?"

"He's doing just fine," said Tony. He had taken my hair in his hands and was beginning to thrust more and more of his cock into my mouth. "He may have done this before," he said with a laugh. He thrust more and more into my mouth and I felt my own cock get harder at the feeling.

"Have you done this before?" he asked. I shook my head and mumbled a no as he filled my mouth over and over. "How about up your ass?" he said. Before I could answer, he said "How about Wendy's ass?"

Wendy took her mouth off of Brian's cock and said "Yes please!" They all laughed.

She stood up and reached under her skirt. She wiggled her hips as she pulled her panties off and threw them at Tony. He picked them up and rubbed them over my face and his cock. Wendy bent over the arm of the couch and looked over her shoulder at Brian. "Why don't you bury that big cock in me."

"Say please." Brian growled.

"Please bury that big cock in my tight little cunt?" she said in her little girl voice. "I want you to stretch me all out."

Brian stood behind her and grabbed his cock, aiming it at her cunt. Wendy angled up her hips and he thrust forward, hard. Wendy groaned, any pain she had felt quickly giving way to pleasure. Brian wrapped his fingers in her hair, keeping her moving back against him. He looked up and me and grinned. She looked at me as well.

"Oh, he's big," she gasped, putting her face into the pillow as he drove his cock slowly into her. "He's really big." Wendy was panting harder and harder as he pushed into her. "You were never this big, baby. He's almost hurting me."

"This is how it looks," she said, breathing harder as he pushed deeper into her. "When I'm fucking someone I met at the bar, this is how I like to get it," Wendy closed her eyes let Brian pull her head back by the hair. "God, it's so big and he's fucking me so deep and hard, it's going to make me cum soon all over his cock." She closed her eyes as he pushed her back and forth, getting more of that cock inside of her. She grunted as he gave a hard push forward. She ground her tits into the couch as she was shoved back and forth.

Brian kept pushing and soon he was pressed against her ass. "Jesus, my cunt is stuffed," she moaned. "You're almost too big, I haven't been fucked this deep in a long time." Tony laughed and Brian smirked at me. He slid almost out of her, and then pushed back into her. Wendy was giving little squeaky moans. Brian let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto his cock. Wendy was looking at me again.

"I want tell you more about my evening. When we were all in the car I told them to bring me here and somehow we got on tattoos and stuff and I told Brian about my new pierced nipples. I didn't think you'd mind, it wasn't like I planned to let them touch me. Brian hadn't seen my nipples like that, so I gave him a quick look, just unbuttoned my shirt a few buttons and pulled my bra down over my nipples to show them. It wasn't like I had even let them see my whole breast. But Tony couldn't see so when we got here, I had to turn around to show him. I saw he had his cock out and was rubbing it," she said breathlessly. "I looked to see if you were looking out the window and jumped in the back seat to give him a better look. He pulled my head down to his cock and I couldn't resist giving it a quick suck, or two.

"Then I went down to the door? Tony was at the door with his cock still hanging out," she gasped. Do you know what I did then? I knelt on the stairs right there and sucked on his cock. Did you like that Tony?"

Tony nodded vigorously

"You were right upstairs and I sucked his cock," she moaned. She was getting off saying that to me, we could all tell. "and I told him what we were doing. I bet he wants to fuck me too, don't you, Tony?"

"Of course!" he said.

"Mmm, I'd like that," she gasped as Brian pulled her hard onto his cock by her hair. "I've gone home with a couple of guys before, Jonathan. I was their little fuck toy, their little slut. I'd fuck one after the other, and other times they'd gang up on me at the same time." She stared at Tony for a moment then slowly sucked on two of her fingers as she lowered her gaze and stared at Tony's cock.

"Hell yeah," said Tony, walking over to stand on the couch in front of her. He wiped his cock, still wet with my spit, over Wendy's lips. She made an "mmmm" noise and opened wide. He buried his cock in her mouth until her nose was against his pelvis. He began to thrust in time with Brian, and there she was, my girlfriend, between two guys, getting it from both ends, moaning and gurgling her pleasure.

Tony sped up, thrusting faster and deeper into Wendy's mouth. He wrapped his hands in her hair as he face fucked her, Wendy moaning her approval. Brian was thrusting harder, pushing her into Tony's cock.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Tony said to me. "I'm gonna cum in your girlfriend's mouth."

Brian snickered. "Do it, she loves to swallow. Total cum whore."

Wendy made a "mm-hmm" sound in between the wet noises his cock made in her mouth. She began to jack him off into her mouth. He stiffened and I saw his cock spasm, shooting his load into her mouth. She looked at me and gave a sardonic smile, showing me the cum coating her tongue then, licking her lips, she swallowed.

She straightened up and looked back at Brian. "I want to be fucked on my bed, let's go in the bedroom," she said.

I followed them to the bedroom but when I got to the door, she started to close it.

"I don't think there's room in here for you" she said. "Why don't you sleep in the guestroom tonight?"

With that, she closed the door and I heard her lock it. She said something and I heard them all laugh. I was beginning to realize the extent of the fucked up situation I had gotten myself into here. I walked into the other room and sat on the bed thinking. Did I really want to be involved with this? My cock did, it was harder than usual. I had butterflies in my stomach and was so horny I was shaking. The walls between the rooms weren't very substantial, I could hear them talking.

"Her mouth is amazing," Tony said.

"Wait until you are up in her cunt," Brian replied.

Wendy didn't say anything and I quietly got up and went into the bedroom attached the bedroom. The door was cracked and I stood in the dark and peered through. Both guys were lying on the bed and Wendy knelt between them, sucking one cock and then the other.

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