tagFetishWendy's Unusual Relationship Ch. 02

Wendy's Unusual Relationship Ch. 02


Monday morning came and of course I was horny as hell for Jim's cock and his special brand of kinky sex. Yes I wanted him to fuck me again but even more so I wanted him to bring me to his poker game as "hostess." If the poker game was anything like being tied and blindfolded by his pool I wanted to be part of the festivities. Saturday night I dreamed of being passed around the game and fucked by each guy. What else could being a hostess be? Sunday night I dreamed of instead of being passed around having the poker game just be a ruse so the guys wives didn't know they were gangbanging me. Needless to say I woke up each morning soaking wet. I must have masturbated 5 times on Sunday thinking about it. I was sure I could talk Jim into bringing me. After all he had shared me once. Why wouldn't he want to do it again?

Monday was a busy morning around the office. I didn't even have time to suck him off. I did catch him looking up my skirt several times though. He probably couldn't tell how wet I was, although I hoped my labia was glistening for his pleasure. When lunch time came around I was ready to head to the lady's room for my now daily noontime masturbation session when my phone rang. I looked at the ID then looked up and smiled at Jim. I was hoping he would call me into his office but instead he told me I could go to lunch, but not to go masturbate. WTF? I'll masturbate if I want especially if he wasn't going to fuck me. He hung up right after telling me instead of giving me a chance to protest. I stood up and scolded at him with my eyes. He was laughing to himself. I stormed out of the office.

I didn't go right to the bathroom though preferring to go outside to blow off some steam. I went to grab a quick bite to eat. I was still fuming. But as I ate I began to realize that I'd already been following his instructions and I should not have been surprised when he gave me other orders. Still, not masturbating if he didn't fuck me wasn't something I was willing to give up. I decided to confront him when I got back. I also was going to make sure he understood how important going to the poker game was to me.

Jim was apparently out to lunch when I got back but he returned soon after. I respectfully asked if he had a few minutes to discuss an urgent matter and he told me to come into the office. When I did he told me to shut and lock the door. Goody, I thought. He wants to fuck. Quick as a flash I shut and locked the door and then presented myself in front of his desk.

"Take your clothes off," Jim said.

We'll he wasn't much for smalltalk but I knew he'd make up for it so I quickly disrobed.

"Did you masturbate at lunch?" he asked.

"No sir," I replied. For the second time I called him sir without thinking about it. It felt so natural and I felt my pussy moistening.

"I know what you want probably better than you do, but you are not ready for a poker game," he said with a condescending tone.

"What's the big deal?" I said sarcastically. "You already had me blow your friends while I was tied up and you already fucked my ass. What makes you think I can't handle a poker game?"

""Look Wendy," Jim began giving me a non-explanation explanation. "I like you. I think you are pretty special. But not all the guys at the game are a nice to women as Steve was to you on Saturday."

I though back to Steve, the first cock I sucked after Jim had tied and blindfolded me. I didn't think he was particularly nice forcing his cock into my mouth without asking and then comparing me to Jim's deceased wife. If he was the nice one maybe the party wasn't a good idea.

"The job of the hostess is twofold. One you have to greet the guys as they arrive and serve drinks. Two you have to reward aggressive play."

"More details, please," I responded.

"I really don't want to give you more as you may think less of me," Jim continued.

"I could hardly think less of you," I blurted without thinking. I said it as a joke before realized he may not see it that way.

"Really?" he questioned.

"No. I shouldn't have said that. It's just that we had some wild times last Friday and Saturday. I'm sure you really want to be with a woman who would like to be the center of attention."

I could hear myself saying the word but outside of my fantasy world I'd never told anybody that I really wanted to be put in that situation. Maybe until that moment I had not realized it myself and maybe my dreams Saturday and Sunday were just my subconscious mind bringing out my desires.

"I'll think about it," Jim aid. "But if you go you must be willing to follow every order given to you without hesitation. Do you understand what that means?"

That stunned me for a moment. I understood the ramifications of what he was asking but I'd never thought of the party in those terms. Granted I'd done exactly that when I let him share me without complaining, but that was different because I was restrained before I realized what was happening. I didn't really have a choice and therefore didn't have any responsibility. This time I'd have to decide before I went. That was a much more difficult decision. Then I realized I was already standing naked in his office. If I could do that without a second thought, I could do anything.

"I understand," I told him. I can do that."

"I'm still not convinced you are ready," he said.

"I am!" I almost shouted back.

"OK ok," he said trying to calm me down. "Let's see how well you follow directions. I'm going to think of a task for you to complete tonight, but for now, I want you to sit down on the couch and spread your legs."

I didn't like the sound of being given a task, but sitting down and spreading my legs was easy enough. Jim didn't bother to get up from his desk. He went on working with my just sitting there with my legs spread obscenely. But a strange thing was happening. The longer I sat the more aroused I was getting. My nipples had stiffened on their own accord and my pussy juice was leaking onto my thighs. I didn't touch myself. I just sat there. Occasionally Jim would look at me to make sure I was following his instructions I suppose. He even taunted me asking if I wanted to masturbate or if I could control myself. I have to admit I almost said I couldn't control myself, but I really wanted to see where his game was going. Finally after about half an hour he told me to stand up and walk around his desk. When I did he stood up. His cock was clearly visible under his trousers. Obviously he had enjoyed having me sitting in front of him. I anticipated that he would have me relieve him. I wasn't sure if he intended to fuck me. Part of me figured he would, but another part of me figured he'd probably just think teasing me was fun and would leave me hanging. Surprisingly he did neither.

Instead he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me toward him before giving me a savage kiss. It was the kind of kiss you only see in porn moving that leaves a trail of spit hanging between two people when it's done and leaving the woman breathless. Well that part was true. The fact that he also pushed two fingers deep inside me didn't hurt either. I was weak kneed and panting after his combo kiss fingering. Then he dismissed me. Needless to say I was confused.

"I'll send you your task by the end of the day," he said in a dismissive tone. I knew lunch was over. I also knew I was horny and would not have satisfaction that afternoon. What I couldn't understand is how he had so much willpower to be as hard as he was and not fuck me or at least have me blow him? I'd never known a man like him. But somehow being dismissed without sex was even more exciting than if I had sucked him off. How could that be?

I got dressed as quick as I could and went back to my desk. I must admit I couldn't really function the rest of the afternoon. Between thinking about last weekend, trying to imagine what really happened at the poker game and wondering what perverted task Jim was going to send to me, concentrating on my job was not in the works. Finally at 4:30 an email arrived detailing what Jim wanted me to do. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation I opened the email.

"Wendy," it began. "If you want to prove yourself to me, I have three tasks for you to complete tonight. If you are successful I will consider bringing you to the game. First, I want you to go home, remove your clothes but leave your lingerie on and put on a long coat. It's a little warm this time of year for this but you'll understand soon enough. I want you to find an adult bookstore. I recommend Cleo's Emporium as it caters to the needs of women but feel free to go anywhere you want. I want you to buy a wireless remote controlled egg. You may use your corporate card as I will consider it part of your work attire going forward. A good egg should run you about $80. Don't buy a cheap one as they don't last. You may also buy any additional toys you clothes you wish up to a limit of $250. Now this is important. I know your iPhone has a timer function for the camera. I want you to take a picture of yourself holding the egg but also showing that you are still in the store."

I felt a chill go through my body as I read. I'd been to Cleo's before. In fact that was where I had bought my vibe and dildo. It was upscale and clean. But taking my picture? That was going to be tough. I'd have to either hold the phone and be very obvious about what I was doing or try to set my phone on the counter somehow. It was a weird request. I continued reading.

"The second task is to prove you dressed as instructed. On your way home, stop somewhere public. I don't care if it is inside or outside, but again using the camera timer I want a picture of you holding your coat open like a flasher. I need to see you are in public and that there are people in close proximity. You don't have to flash them and I don't need a close up. A wide shot will do. The people don't have to notice you doing this but they need to be in a position to see you if they happen to look."

Shit, that one would be harder than going to Cleo's. I'd rather just take the picture there. It would be easier and I'm sure the clerks who work the counter wouldn't be surprised. I started to think about where I could go that would be public enough but not so public that I'd get caught.

"The third task is before you go to bed, test the egg. This time on your iPhone I want you to make a video of you inserting the egg and a shot of your face as you explore the functions on the remote. I want you to take yourself right up to the edge of climaxing. You may use other toys if you want, but under no circumstances are you to cum."

Fuck, that was going to be hard. I was already stressed out from not cumming at the office today. How was I going to be able to bring myself to the edge and then stop?

"I want you to email me the picture and the video. Tomorrow when you come to work, have the egg inserted. I will allow you the luxury of wearing a thong to keep it in when you walk from the car. Leave the remote in my desk drawer. I will be a little late as I have a breakfast meeting. After I arrive I will review what you sent and we will discuss your progress and the prognosis for attending the poker game. Now go home and get started."

I looked up and Jim had his head down buried in some new proposal for a deal. I had expected him to be staring at me waiting for a reaction. I was determined not to give him one, but I was disappointed not to get the chance. I shut down my monitor, gathered my things and walked out of the office. Usually I left after almost everyone else, but today I was a little early. I could feel the eyes of everyone on me as I walked through the gauntlet of their cubes. I began to wonder how much they knew about my special arrangement with Jim. I'd never heard of his previous admin doing special duties, but I got the sense that they could see right through me like they knew I was going to walk practically naked into an adult shop tonight.

I started to get excited on the drive home about having a chance to prove myself to Jim. "You're a good girl. You can do this," kept running through my head. Sure a normal woman would have told him to forget his stupid little tasks and filed an HR suit against her boss, but I wasn't a normal woman. My pussy was leaking all over my car seat thinking about earning my way to the poker game. As soon as I got home I stripped off my blouse and skirt. I was already wearing a suitable bra and stockings so I just had to add a matching thong, make sure I had my phone, grab my purse and I was ready to head out to a great adventure.

I felt a little weird walking into Cleo's wearing only a coat to cover my underwear. I think I would have been more comfortable going to a seedier adult store dressed the way I was. I'm sure they had lots of guys that frequented the video booths dressed like I was. But since Cleo's was upscale and catered, well, to people like I was a week ago before I took this job I was worried I'd be out of place. Fortunately there didn't seem to be any other customers in the shop. There was a well dressed woman behind the counter whose nametag said Becky. I didn't remember her from the last time I was here, but that had been a while ago. She greeted me but fortunately didn't offer to help. I began to browse.

I was looking for two things. First of course was the egg. I wasn't 100% sure what I was looking for but I had a pretty good guess. I figured it would be near the vibrators. The second thing I was looking for was a safe place to set my phone and take the picture. I really didn't want Becky to notice anything out of the ordinary. I wanted to just find my egg, snap a pic and get out of there. I wondered if there was a customer bathroom as that would be a safe place to provide my proof.

I found the vibrators easy enough but there was only one package called an egg but it had a wired controller and only cost $15. I quickly dismissed it as a cheap toy and I knew that wasn't what Jim wanted me to get. I looked back toward the counter. Becky was reading a magazine. I looked around some more but as I approached the counter I realized the premium toys were in the display case she was leaning on. Well I guess I was going to have to interact with her. She looked up from her reading as I approached and asked if there was something specific I was looking for. I told her a remote controlled egg trying not to sound nervous. She smiled at me and led me down to a second case.

"I have three to choose from," she told me. "The difference is vibration strength, range for the remote and differing vibration patterns."

"Differing patterns?" I questioned inquisitively.

"Yes," she responded as if that was a normal question. "Do you have a vibrator now?"

I admitted that I did and she further questioned if it was just multispeed or whether it could twist and pulse. I told her it wasn't that fancy. I could change the speed but that was all.

"With an egg it's a little different. Only the wired ones have variable speed, but the wire is a pain. The wireless don't have variable speed controls," she instructed me. "All of the remote ones have set speeds, usually three although our premium has five. The premium also has different pulse patterns cycling the power on and off and also progressing from slow to fast and back down."

"I didn't know there was so much to it," I confessed.

"Well, what are your needs?" she asked. "Is it for you, for a partner, do you want it to tease or just get you off? Does range for the remote matter or will you always be up close and personal?"

"I don't understand why the range matters?" I asked sheepishly.

"Well imagine your partner has the remote and the two of you are at dinner. He, or is it a she, can play with you from across the table."

I blushed when Becky suggested my partner may be a woman. Was she hitting on me?

"Your basic egg will do that, but now imagine being teased from across the room at a party. At the most inopportune time your egg can come to life and even buckle your knees."

I started to understand Jim's interest in this toy. He could sit at his desk and buzz my pussy or even toy with me at the poker game. I found the possibility fascinating. I asked her about the cost. The middle toy matched Jim's estimate of $80, but since my budget was higher I picked the premium egg for $120. Becky assured me that it was well worth the extra money. She took it out of the case and handed it to me and asked if there was anything else I was interested in. Again I had to decide if she was hitting on me or whether she was just being a good sales person. I smiled and asked if they had a restroom.

"Can't wait to try your egg, huh?" she said with a smile. I decided to just come clean.

"I'm buying this on kind of a dare. The second part is to take a picture in the store holding the egg."

I could see Becky thinking.

"Well we don't allow photography in the store, but I think I can help. Come with me."

Becky led me to the back of the store, conveniently near their display of leather and restraints.

"So are you a sub?" she asked me point blank.

"A sub?" I replied.

"Come on, nobody dares anyone to buy a toy and take a picture if they are not doing a power exchange. That's ok. It's none of my business. Give me your phone and stand over here."

Becky directed over in front of a mannequin wearing a collar and chains. I handed her my phone after starting the camera app. She told me to hold up the egg and to pose next to the mannequin.

"This should give your partner some ideas," she said as she snapped a couple of pictures. "What else are you supposed to do? Oh and are you wearing anything under that coat?"

I blushed again.

"He wants a video of me testing the egg," I blurted out before I could lose my nerve. I made sure to emphasize "he."

"Interesting," Becky replied. "Are you sure you're not a sub? What about under your coat. Open up let me see."

The tone of her voice had begun to take a more authoritative tone as if she expected me to obey her. It wasn't unlike Jim when he gave me a command. I began to fidget. Becky began to walk toward me holding my phone in front of her. When I reached out to take it she grabbed my coat and quickly unzipped it. Before I could react I was standing before her with my secret revealed.

"Very naughty. Did he tell you to dress like that?" Becky asked although I sensed it was rhetorical since she didn't wait for an answer. "I'm pretty sure you are a sub. Strike another pose for me. Let me see how you move."

I swayed my hips just a bit, but I was too embarrassed. I grabbed my phone and then pulled my coat shut.

"Don't be like that baby," Becky cooed. "I was just having some fun. Seriously, I think it is exciting that you are doing this and I bet you are excited too. What else does he make you do?"

It was strange. Her tone was back to being friendly instead of authoritarian and instead of being defensive I felt proud of myself when I told her about last Saturday and confessed that he also wanted a picture of me opening my coat in public.

"That's quite a story. If you want, you can test your egg in my office. If he wants you exposed in public he'll love that you didn't wait to get home. I'll make sure nobody comes in."

I thought about her offer for a moment. She was right that Jim would probably love me masturbating at the store. Maybe that would prove I could handle the poker game. Becky didn't seem as threatening all of a sudden. And she was right. I was excited by her seeing my lingerie and knowing what Jim and I did for kicks. I agreed to use her office and let her lead me to a door in the back. The store's office was disorganized, but it looked clean thankfully. There was a desk with a chair, a couch whose cushions looked worn out, a small coffee table and two file cabinets.

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