tagGroup SexWe're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 06

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 06


“Time for the climax,” Lily had just said as she gripped Steve’s cock in her hand.

Julie watched Steve’s cock waving in front of us, and my dick throbbed as I looked as Lily’s hand holding him tightly. “I think you and Julie already started that round,” I remarked to Lily.

She smiled at Julie and shot back, “Well then we’d better let you and Steve catch up!” Julie laughed as Lily started stroking Steve’s shaft. Lily continued, “Okay, you two get the game set up, and Steve and I will refresh the drinks.” She pulled Steve gently by his cock and led him into the kitchen. I watched Lily’s naked body prance off, and Julie and I started to set up the game. We laid out the ‘climax’ deck, the six sided die, and the score pad. I looked over Julie’s bare body as she laid out the new cards. Even though ‘foreplay’ turned out to be a purely titillating part of this game, I was aching to partner with Julie for more than a minute during some ‘climax’ activities.

I put some new CDs in the changer, and Lily and Steve returned with drinks. Excitedly we all gathered around the new deck of cards, glancing over each other’s naked bodies with anticipation. “Steve,” Julie said, “you were the last person to lose his clothes, so I think it’s only fair that your team gets to go first for being such a good sport!” We all laughed, and Steve readily agreed.

He looked excitedly at Lily as he rolled the die. It came up a four—four minutes of the ‘climax’ activity. Lily drew a card from the ‘climax’ deck. Lily bit her lip as she read it, and then showed it to the rest of us. The card described a ’69,’ complete with a diagram. “Difficulty level 4,” Steve read.

“Well get to it!” said Julie. Lily and Steve took sips off their drinks and positioned themselves in the center of the circle. My heart pounded as I prepared to see Lily and Steve go at each other, and Julie gripped my armed excitedly. Steve laid down on his back, and Lily straddled his face. As Lily leaned down toward Steve’s erect cock, I regained my erection at full strength. Julie noticed this, and set the timer for four minutes. Steve grabbed Lily’s hips and lowered her pussy to his lips. Julie and I moved around the circle so we could see Steve’s tongue at work. Lily gasped as we watched Steve sweep his tongue along her clit. I peeked around Lily’s hips to watch her take of Steve’s shaft to push it into her mouth. Steve grunted as he felt Lily’s lips slide around his cock. Then he spread Lily’s pussy with his fingers, pressing his tongue into her. Lily started to moan, and I imagined how nice those vibrations must have felt on Steve’s cock.

Lily continued to bob her head up and down around Steve’s shaft, and I moved around to their side to see Lily at work. Julie followed behind me, and she reached around to grab my cock. She began to stroke me to the rhythm of Lily’s blow job, and I nearly felt the warmth of Lily’s mouth as I watched her take in Steve’s shaft. Lily looked over as she ran her tongue along Steve’s cock. She smiled at us, and continued to show me what she could do. As she picked up her pace on Steve’s cock, Steve must have paid her back with something special because Lily’s eyes rolled back in her head as she sucked on him. She began to moan louder, but refused to stop sucking. Julie had mimicked Lily’s pace, and I watched Lily dig her fingers into Steve’s legs with delight as she bobbed her mouth around him. Four minutes of this had finally gone by, and Lily and Steve took their final licks of each other before separating.

“That was hot!” I said to Lily and Steve, and they grinned breathlessly. “That’s 16 points for you.” Lily marked it down and then threw me the die.

“Time for us to see some action!” she replied.

I rolled the die. “Wow, 6 minutes!” I said. Julie grinned and drew a card.

“Well this looks like fun!” she said. “And difficulty 3.” I read the card, and Julie and I excitedly stood up to get started. I handed the card to Lily, and she set the timer for six minutes. Julie and I positioned ourselves as the card instructed. Julie bent over, grabbing her ankles. I took her by the hips, using one hand to guide my shaft into her pussy. Lily and Steve sat back and watched as I pushed my rock hard cock into Julie. Julie’s breath quickened as I pushed deeper, and once I was fully inside her, I began to thrust slowly. I looked down at the beautiful shape of Julie’s ass as I slid my shaft in and out of her. I noticed Lily and Steve start to tickle each other’s crotches as they watched us. Julie and I started to laugh at their playful tickling, but I kept up my steady thrusting into Julie’s pussy. I probed Julie at different depths, but over the course of four minutes, I steadily picked up my pace.

Seeing Lily and Steve get off on watching me plunge into Julie’s pussy really turned me on. I began to thrust harder, pulling Julie’s hips back into mine. Julie called out with pleasure as I began to ram into her. Lily and Steve’s attention was peaked, and they swallowed hard as they watched me taking Julie from behind. I clenched up and pounded into Julie. Her buttocks slapped against me as I penetrated deep into her. Steve was watching Julie’s whole body jiggle with each firm trust, and Lily stared directly at my shaft as it penetrated Julie’s pussy. To everyone’s dismay, the timer expired, and I was surprised I even made it six minutes! I was so turned on from the ‘foreplay’ round, but after the brief break, it seemed I would need some time to get worked up again. I was glad to have my stamina back, and hoped it would last me at least several more turns.

I pulled out of Julie, rubbing her ass with regrets that I couldn’t continue. She turned to face me and stroked my cock with affection. “Guess we just earned ourselves 18 points!” she said. Then she grabbed a sterile wipe and used it to clean me off. The scented wipes did smell nice, and the sensuous aroma distracted from the clinical nature of cleaning ourselves off. With so many different activities, it seemed a nice courtesy to keep ourselves clean, and I’m sure Julie would appreciate it if she had to suck me off the next time around.

As Julie and I cleaned each other, enjoying the added touching between turns, Lily and Steve took their roll. “Aw, only two minutes,” Lily said, drawing a card. She giggled as she read it, and said, “Hey, Julie, want to be our helper?”

“Oh, a helper card?” Julie replied. “Sure! I could use some more action!” she said, smiling at me. I gave her a playful spank as she went to join them. Julie read the card and then showed it to me. Lily was to ride Steve in the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, and the helper had to fondle their stuff while they did it—difficulty 4. Wow, this was really getting steamy! Julie seemed up for it, though, and I was starting to get excited to see it!

I set the timer for two minutes as Lily and Steve took their positions. Steve laid down in the center of the circle, and Lily mounted his hips facing away from him. Lily gave his shaft a few strokes to get it up to full firmness, and then she lowered herself slowly onto him. I watched as Steve’s shaft slowly pushed into her pussy. Lily closed her eyes and felt his large cock squeeze into her. Steve had a gorgeous view of Lily’s ass, and he massaged it with his hands as she began to bounce her hips. I watched Lily’s breasts bounce as she rode Steve’s cock. Julie smiled at me and positioned herself between Steve’s legs. She reached down and began to fondle his balls. I moved closer to see just what was happening. Lily also looked down to see Julie’s hands at work. Julie watched Lily’s naked body move up and down in front of her as she rubbed Steve’s scrotum. Steve groaned with pleasure as Lily’s pussy glided along his shaft while Julie coddled him. Then Julie moved her hands up to the base of Steve shaft letting Lily’s pussy slide down on top of her fingers as she rubbed the base of Steve’s hard cock.

A minute had gone by, and I think Julie felt Lily needed some attention, too. Julie moved in closer to Lily, kneeling with her chest pressed against her. She wrapped one arm around her waist, and she brought the other hand to Lily’s pussy. Lily whimpered as she felt Julie’s finger press against her clit. I watched their two naked bodies pressed together, and I was amazed to see Julie take on another woman like this. Lily continued to bob up and down on Steve’s cock as Julie played with her clit. It must have been the woman’s knowing touch because Lily started to moan in a high pitch. She thrust her pussy more forcefully down around Steve’s shaft, and Julie kept her finger pressed to her clit. Lily let out a long, shaky moan, and Julie smiled over at me as we heard it. Just then the timer ran out, and Julie stroked Lily’s pussy tenderly before moving away. Lily pulled off of Steve’s cock, and she pet it regretfully as she left it.

“Holy…” said Lily, seemingly not sure how else to react to what just happened. We all laughed, sharing Lily’s shock that another woman had just helped to give her an orgasm. I teased Julie, letting on just how impressed I was. Lily and Steve cleaned each other off, and handed the die to us.

I rolled a 5, wondering if I could last another five minutes with this kind of activity. Julie drew a card, not letting me see it. She grinned and said, “Oh Lily, how about returning the favor?”

Lily smiled and winked at Steve as she joined Julie and me across the circle. Julie let Lily peek at the card, and they smiled conspiratorially at each other. “Here Steve,” Julie said, handing the card to him. Steve’s jaw dropped, and he shook his head in disbelief.

“Lucky bastard!” he said to me, smiling. Then he set the timer for five minutes. “Alright, girls, let him have it,” he announced.

Julie and Lily pulled me to my feet, but I couldn’t yet figure out what they were about to do with me. They both faced me and smiled at each other. Yep, I was in for it.

Simultaneously, they dropped to their knees and leaned in toward my cock. I gasped deeply as I saw both their tongues reach out to meet my shaft. I almost fell backward from shock. I watched their tongues slide up and down my shaft, sometimes touching each other. There was no chance I would outlast five minutes of this. Steve came over to stand next to me, wanting the best possible view as every man’s fantasy was played out before his eyes. Julie and Lily smiled up at us as they worked their tongues along my cock. Julie’s eyes locked onto mine and she slowly ran her warm, wet tongue up my shaft. She seemed to know she was helping me live out a long-time fantasy. She smiled and wrapped her lips around my cock. Julie started to bob her mouth around the top of my shaft, gliding the most sensitive part over her tongue. Lily let Julie have the main stage and began to kiss around the base of my shaft. Steve started to stroke himself, awestruck by what he was seeing. Julie started taking me in deeper, and Lily moved her lips down to my balls, holding them in her hand as she kissed them gently. Julie bobbed faster, coating my cock with her warm saliva. I watched with sheer ecstasy as Julie and Lily, naked from head to toe, sucked at my cock and balls.

Lily lifted her lips from my balls, and continued to massage my scrotum while she watched Julie blow me. Lily noticed Steve jacking off, and she smiled up at him as he watched with delight. Julie pulled her mouth off my shaft, rubbing in the saliva with her hand. Then she offered it to Lily. I looked down at Lily’s naked body and remembered the last time Julie had offered my cock to her. This time Lily showed not hesitation. She leaned in and opened her mouth as Julie guided my cock into it. She began to suck slowly, taking me deeper and deeper with each plunge. Julie looked up at Steve, who was watching with utter amazement as his new girlfriend gave me a blow job. Julie smiled and started to jack me off at the base of my shaft as Lily pushed her lips around me. Lily pulled her lips off, taking a long, deep lick of my shaft. Julie put her own mouth back around my shaft and continued to jack me off as she blew me. Julie took a dozen plunges of my cock and then gave it back to Lily. Lily did the same, taking me into her mouth a dozen times and then offering me back to Julie. They traded off like this several times, and I was really starting to lose it.

Julie took hold of my shaft and started jacking me off rapidly. She pointed me at Lily, and let Lily take several licks of my head. Lily started to touch her own breasts to tease me even more as Julie jacked me off. Julie offered Lily some more licks, and then took some herself. I was about to blow. My breath quickened, and Julie sensed that my time had come. She took me into her mouth and started bobbing up and down vigorously. Then she took Lily’s hand and placed it on my shaft. Julie continued to suck my cock as Lily jerked it near the base. Julie sucked and sucked until I was about to explode. She pulled off and rested her tongue just under my head, letting Lily continue to jack me off. The blood surged through my veins, and I became lightheaded as the tension mounted. Then it hit. I shot my load directly into Julie’s mouth as Lily milked it out of me. Steve watched with amazement as my load shot against the roof of Julie’s mouth and landed on her tongue and lips. Julie wiggled her tongue just under my head as Lily shot the remaining spurts into her mouth. I groaned with absolute pleasure as Lily’s hand worked up and down my saliva-coated shaft, and I watched Julie lick the come off her lips and swallow it down.

Steve continued to jack off as he watched this. He pointed his cock in the direction of Julie’s mouth, probably imagining her taking down his load as well. Lily looked up at Steve as she leaned in to help Julie clean me off with her tongue. Both of their tongues tickled the tip of my shaft as they licked it clean. As their tongues met at my head, Julie and Lily giggled and stroked their tongues together, consummating in a wet kiss. As they kissed, Julie began to fondle Lily’s breasts, and Lily returned the gesture. Steve and I watched with utter amazement. Steve was so aroused, and he looked like he wanted to finish himself off. Lily saw him pick up his pace, and she slowly pulled away from Julie’s lips. Moving closer to Steve, Lily placed her hands on his cock, and he let her take over. Steve’s shaft was surging with blood and appeared hard as a rock as Lily began to pet it gently. Lily kissed his head lightly, and Steve seemed to be pleading for her to suck him off. Instead, Lily smiled up at him and said, “It’s our turn, now, baby.”

Wasting no time, Steve scurried for the die. Frustrated with only rolling a one, he drew a card. As he read it, however, he smiled widely. He showed it to Lily, and she grinned back at him. Julie and I were curious, but I was too numb to say anything. Instead, Julie and I simply sat back down and prepared to see what Lily and Steve would do. I stroked Julie’s hair gently, smiling at her with the most gratitude I had ever felt in my life. Julie smiled and played with my waning erection, acknowledging my thanks. While Julie and I watched curiously, Lily and Steve scrambled to get in position for their activity. Steve sat in the center of the rug. Lily sat on the rug between his legs, facing him and wrapping her legs around his hips. She reached over and set the timer for a minute, and then wasted no time starting the activity. She grabbed his huge, throbbing cock and began to jack him off rapidly. Steve’s erection was larger now than we had seen it all weekend, and Lily’s small hand just barely fit around it as she slid it up and down his shaft.

Lily seemed determined to make full use of the minute as she frantically yanked on Steve’s cock. Julie nodded impressively at me as she watched this, and she continued to play with my penis, which was slowly becoming flaccid after that incredible double blow job. I smiled back at her, and we both watched to see if Lily would be able to finish the job in the course of a minute. Steve watched Lily’s firm tits bounce as she shook her hand around his cock. Lily locked her eyes on Steve and concentrated on his reactions. She took hold of his shaft now with both hands, working them up and down together. Steve started to gasp, and he grabbed at the carpet with his fingers. Lily smiled when she saw this, and she continued to jerk him off with both hands. Julie and I smirked at each other, realizing that Steve wasn’t going to outlast the minute. We watched expectantly as Lily let her hands run up and down his pulsing shaft. Steve gasped again, and Lily said, “Give it to me, baby.”

With that, Steve’s breath quickened, and Lily kept up her fast pace. Lily wetted her lips and watched Steve’s face expectantly as he approached the edge. As Lily jerked him off mercilessly, Steve’s breath seized up, and we knew the moment had come. Lily arched her back, keeping one hand going rapidly on his shaft while using the other to hold herself up as she leaned back. Lily pressed out her breasts and looked at Steve’s contorted face. “That’s it, give it to me,” she repeated. Steve grunted. “Yes!” Lily yelled excitedly. “Let me have it!” Lily’s rhythm didn’t skip a beat, and as her hand moved rapid-fire up and down Steve’s shaft, his load shot out. Julie and I watched the huge spurt of milky juice erupt from his cock. It shot up several feet—clearly Steve had been exceedingly aroused from watching Julie and Lily tag team a blow job on me—and it landed on Lily’s chest. Steve growled with pleasure as the stream of come shot out of him, leaving its long trail from Lily’s neckline to her navel. Lily beamed with pride as she felt the enormous splash of warmth on her chest. With one smooth motion, she let her hand wipe some of the come from Steve’s head as she continued to jack him off. Using the warm, wet fluid to lubricate her hand job, she jerked on Steve’s cock as it spurted again. Shooting nearly as high as the last one, the come projected again onto Lily’s chest. Julie and I watched its trajectory and saw most of it land on Lily’s left nipple. Lily pulled closer and kept up her pace. She pointed Steve’s cock at her stomach and let the last couple spurts splash against her navel. Seeing her milk this enormous load from Steve’s rock hard cock nearly got me aroused again. Lily slowed her pace as Steve’s orgasm subsided, and she massaged his shaft tenderly with her come-coated hand. Steve struggled to catch his breath, and beamed with utter delight at Lily. Lily gripped his shaft tightly and grinned with satisfaction.

“Wow,” Julie said. “I guess that’s why they call this round ‘climax’!” We all laughed as Lily looked down at her come-drenched chest. Lily lifted her other hand to her nipple and rubbed in the come that had landed there.

“Well,” replied Lily as she rubbed Steve’s cock, “this big, hard cock was just begging for its turn!” We all laughed. Steve and I glanced down at each other, watching each other’s girlfriends rub our satisfied cocks. “I told you we’d help you guys catch up!” continued Lily. “But the game must go on. Time for your turn, again,” she said to Julie and I.

“Wait,” said Julie. “We have to keep the score. How many points was that?”

Disappointedly, Lily replied, “Only one! One minute with a difficulty of one!”

Steve interjected, “It’s too bad they don’t give points for how well you do it! Because that was incredible.” Lily smiled at the complement and marked down their score.

“Okay,” she said. “37 points for your team, 33 for ours. We’d better get luckier from now on!”

“I don’t know,” replied Julie. “It looks like Steve already got pretty lucky!” she said as she looked at Lily’s glistening chest. Lily laughed and tossed the die to Julie.

Steve cleaned off Lily’s chest with the wipes, and Lily wiped down her hands and Steve’s dick. Julie rolled a 3. I drew a card and let Julie read over my shoulder. I watched a huge grin come over Julie’s face as we read it. I explained the card to Lily and Steve. “I have to finger Julie’s pussy for 3 minutes. But the difficulty level depends.”

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