tagGroup SexWe're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 07

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 07


“I think we need another shot at a climax,” Julie said as we prepared for our next turn.

She rolled the die: 3 minutes. Drawing a card, she smiled at me. “I think we’ll need your help Steve,” she said, looking over at him with a grin. “Or should I say, I need to help you?” she said mysteriously as she showed us the card. It was difficulty level 4, and we watched Julie lube up her hands as the card required: she had to give both of us hand jobs at the same time.

“Alright, boys,” Julie said to us, “bring those cocks over here!” Lily giggled, and as Steve leapt to his feet, I realized this would be the most attention he had received from Julie all night. In the foreplay round there had always been clothes involved. Even in the climax round, Steve had to share Julie’s attention with Lily, who she seemed most interested to tease. Steve walked right up to Julie, looking lustfully at her naked body that knelt before him. He excitedly presented his cock to her, placing his hands on his hips. I smirked at Julie, as if to point out how well she had managed to make Steve crave her. She, of course, knew this, and she would use it to play with Steve as much as she could.

I stood next to Steve in front of Julie. He looked at my cock, then his, then at Julie. He was dying to experience her touch after seeing how well she treated me. “Mmm, mmm,” teased Julie, “look at these big, beautiful cocks.” She leaned in toward mine, nudging it gently with her nose. I loved how comfortable and playful she was with my cock. She moved over toward Steve, leaning in toward his cock. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she moved her face close to it. She didn’t quite touch it, but she breathed heavily on Steve’s expectant shaft. Her warm breath made Steve shiver with anticipation. Julie wetted her lips and looked up at him flirtatiously. Steve was clearly dying for her touch.

“Time to pay your helper, Julie,” Lily said, interrupting Julie’s tease. Julie smiled at Lily’s prodding, and Lily set the timer for three minutes.

Julie held up her lubricated hands, showing both of us her slippery palms. Then, very slowly she moved a hand toward each of our cocks. Timing them together, she gently touched the tips of her middle fingers to each of our heads. Steve’s cock leapt at her touch, landing again on her fingertip. Julie smiled and continued. She slowly ran her fingertips down the lengths of our shafts. As I watched her stroke Steve’s cock along with mine, the sensation was incredible. When her fingertip reached the base of my cock, she touched her thumb to it as well, running both finger and thumb along the sides of my shaft as she worked her way back to the head. She did the same to Steve, and he breathed deeply with delight. Lily smirked at Steve as she watched Julie pleasure his cock.

Julie looked provocatively up and Steve and I. We looked expectantly at her beautiful bare body, her breasts presenting themselves as eye candy. She smiled devilishly as she wrapped her hands around the tips of our cocks and firmly glided her lubed hands down around them. Her slippery grip felt amazing, and watching Steve enjoy Julie’s skillful touch was heightening my own pleasure. Julie looked at our cocks and began to slide her hands up and down them playfully. She grinned, clearly having fun trying to get both of us off at the same time. She treated our cocks like playthings, rubbing her thumbs into the most sensitive spots and gripping our shafts tightly to feel how aroused she was making us.

Julie continued to jack us off in perfect time, but then decided to play some more. She began to alternate her techniques, rubbing Steve’s cock first and then mine. Watching her slide her hand around Steve’s throbbing erection made me crave the same feeling on mine. Just when I my desire for her touch was peaking, she would show me exactly what Steve had just felt by repeating it with her other hand on my cock. Julie understood well the delicate balance between teasing and satisfaction, between letting me get off on watching her pleasure Steve and giving me the same pleasure directly. Julie not only loved these games, she played them superbly. Watching Julie’s hand work Steve’s rock hard shaft was an awesome sight. I could tell Steve had always had a curiosity about our sex life, wondering if the sexiness Julie always exuded was backed up by burning hot skills in the bedroom. He had seen this heat in action over the past two days, but this was his first chance to really feel it, and it was as if Julie was trying to satisfy his every curiosity. She worked his throbbing erection mercilessly, letting her hand slide with nerve-tingling friction up and down his shaft. Each time Julie worked her hand on me, I thanked the heavens that I was lucky enough to have her as my girlfriend.

As Julie noticed the second minute start to tick by, she pulled Steve and me closer to her. Steve and I stood hip to hip, entirely at Julie’s mercy. Julie pressed the heads of our cocks to each of her breasts, rubbing them in circles around her nipples. This felt incredible, and it was so sexy to see Julie press us to her nipples. Then Julie held our cocks in front of her and began to jack us off again. We were very close together now, and Julie’s hands worked rapidly with even greater control at this proximity. Then, to our surprise, she pressed our cocks together. At first Steve and I grimaced with discomfort, but Julie wrapped both hands around both our cocks, and began to pump her slippery hands up and down around them. Julie seemed to get a kick out of seeing our cocks rub together. Steve and I readily submitted when we felt the awesome feeling of Julie’s hands gripped around us and the strange pleasure of our lubricated shafts rubbing together. Lily leaned in close to see Julie’s new technique, and a wide grin came across her face as she watched Julie mix this amazing cocktail of slippery skin. Julie jacked us off with both hands, making Steve and I reel with pleasure. All too soon, the timer ran down. Julie separated us, rubbing our cocks against each other as if in a parting greeting. She stroked both of us gently with her fingers, seeming disappointed she didn’t have more time to play.

“You guys are so fun to play with,” Julie said whimsically. “It’s a wonder you don’t… oh wait, you DO play with yourselves all the time!” Steve and I shrugged and laughed.

“Well, it’s a lot more fun to play with company!” I said.

“Especially sexy company like you two hotties!” Steve added.

Julie and Lily giggled as Julie continued to stroke our cocks. Then Lily came over and took Steve’s cock from Julie. “My turn,” she said, smiling smugly at Julie. Julie giggled and we returned to our seats.

Lily rolled a 5 and drew a card. “Oh, I guess it’s your turn again, too, Julie!” she said with a grin. Julie had started to clean me off with a wipe, but she quickly followed the call to duty. She kissed me and left me to clean myself as she hustled to join Lily and Steve.

“I love this game!” Julie exclaimed as she read the card. She showed it to me, and I grinned at her, seeing the reason for her enthusiasm. The three of them took their position in the center of the rug.

Steve laid on his back, and Lily quickly mounted his hips. She rubbed his cock against her pussy. He was still lubricated, and Lily seemed to be loving the feeling of Steve’s cock sliding over her clit.

“Ready for me?” Julie asked Steve. Steve grinned and replied, “With pleasure.”

Julie straddled his face, exposing her pussy to him. I set the timer and they went to work. Julie and Lily sat facing each other, and each lowered themselves onto Steve. Lily slipped his cock into her warm, awaiting pussy, and Julie lowered herself to his lips. Steve spread her pussy and began to tongue it skillfully. Julie’s eyes rolled back in her head as she groaned with delight. She seemed thrilled to be receiving Steve’s gratitude. I watched her enjoy the feeling of his tongue. I knew she loved the way I ate her pussy, but it had to be a thrill to feel a new tongue, just as I had been tantalized by the way Lily’s mouth had felt when she devoured my cock. I watched Julie writhe with delight as Steve’s tongue began to penetrate her pussy. Lily smiled at Julie’s pleasure as she bobbed up and down on Steve’s shaft. She was groaning with extreme enjoyment as well, and the sound of these two sexy women using Steve to pleasure themselves made me hard as a rock. This activity was difficulty level 4 and Steve was handling himself quite well.

I watched Steve use his hands to spread Julie’s pussy, exposing a wider area to pleasure with his tongue. His hands cupped her ass as he did this, and he seemed be really getting off on the view as Lily plunged down around his shaft. Julie and Lily watched each other’s naked bodies receive the pleasure Steve had to offer. As I watched their naked bodies undulate astride Steve, I saw Lily raise her hands to Julie’s chest. Lily stroked Julie’s breasts gently. Julie bit her lip and smiled at the touch of Lily’s fingers. Lily grinned back, glad to have a chance to tease Julie for a change. Lily ran her fingers down Julie’s stomach to her crotch and back up again. She fondled Julie’s breasts, teasing her nipples as Steve continued to lick Julie’s pussy. Julie was really getting off on this, and she reached out for Lily’s body. She ran her fingers up Lily’s sides, and Lily squirmed with delight as she continued to ride Steve’s cock. Julie’s hands reached Lily’s breasts, and they both fondled each other playfully. I began to stroke myself, in awe of their writhing, naked, groping bodies. Julie watched me rub my cock, and she grinned. She pinched Lily’s nipples hard. Lily yelped and then giggled, pinching Julie’s nipples back. Julie giggled and grabbed Lily’s tits firmly, massaging them passionately. Lily fought back by groping Julie’s breasts with the same firmness. The two girls giggled as they played with each other’s breasts while letting Steve pleasure their pussies.

When their five minutes ran out, Julie slowly lifted herself off of Steve’s face. She moved to Lily’s side and continued to stroke Lily’s breasts playfully. “Thank you, Steve,” Julie said flirtatiously as she tweaked Lily’s nipples. Lily and Julie giggled at Steve’s reaction, and he grinned at them. Gently, Lily pulled off of Steve’s cock, reaching down to stroke it with her hand. Julie watched Lily stroke Steve, and she leaned in to kiss Lily’s breasts. Apparently, she wanted Steve to have a chance to enjoy the show they had just given me. Lily squealed as Julie kissed her breasts. Then Julie tickled Lily’s nipple with the tip of her tongue. Lily squirmed with pleasure as she rubbed Steve’s cock. Steve watched wide-eyed as Julie began to suck on Lily’s nipple. I continued to jack off as I watched Julie take Lily’s nipple into her mouth. Julie rubbed Lily’s other breast with her hand, groping it firmly while she sucked on Lily’s other nipple. After about a minute of this, Julie pulled her lips off of Lily’s breast and licked the saliva off her nipple. Steve and I watched amazed, and Julie and Lily giggled at us. Julie kissed Lily on the cheek and came back over to sit by me. Steve and I laughed, and we all returned to our seats.

I rolled a 6, now very anxious for my turn. Julie drew a card and said, “Looks like we need a partner again!”

Lily looked at the card and replied, “How about two partners?”

“Even better!” Julie exclaimed, beaming back at her.

Steve and I looked at the card and readily agreed. It was difficulty 4, and looked like a lot of fun. Julie set the timer and pushed me flat on my back. She straddled my cock as Lily and Steve flanked her and began to fondle her body. Steve seemed thrilled to be able to take her bare breasts into his hands, and he rubbed them gleefully. Lily ran her hands over Julie’s body, following the instructions on the card to fondle Julie while she rode my cock. Lily ran her hands over Steve’s, all four hands grasping for a piece of Julie’s breasts. Julie beamed with delight as she felt their hands groping her body. Lily grinned at us and ran her hands down Julie’s stomach. She pressed in her fingers around Julie’s pussy and then slid her hand down around my shaft. Lily pulled my cock to Julie’s pussy. Julie felt my cock touch her and slowly lowered hips. My shaft slid into her pussy as Lily guided it in. Julie began to bob up and down as Steve rubbed her tits. I watched Lily glide her hands over Julie’s hips, stroking her navel and the area around her pussy. Then she slid her hands around to Julie’s ass and kneaded her buttocks with her fingers.

I laid back and let Julie get off on my bulging erection as I watched Lily and Steve explore her body with their hands. Steve moved his hands up and down her naked body. I even felt his fingers surreptitiously touch my cock as he probed around her pussy. Lily and Steve smiled at each other as they teamed up their hands on Julie’s bobbing buttocks. Julie licked her lips and grinned at me as she felt their hands groping her. Julie was really getting off, and I could feel her pussy gushing around my shaft. Steve moved his hands back to Julie’s breasts. He began to pinch her nipples, and I knew this really turned her on. Paying him back, Julie gripped his cock firmly and began to jack him off. Steve grunted with pleasure and continued to play with Julie’s nipples. For the remainder of the six minutes, I tried to keep up my stamina so that Julie could get off as I watched Steve and Lily fondle her gorgeous body. Lily made this harder for me because I felt her reach down to fondle my balls when she was groping Julie’s ass. She must have tickled Julie’s pussy, too, because Julie began to moan in a high pitch. I could tell she was going to come. She plunged my shaft deep inside her as she moved her hips up and down. She did her best to keep up her rhythm on Steve’s cock as she began to climax. She gripped him tightly as she screamed with delight, and Steve continued to tease her nipples as she hit her climax. Steve and Lily continued to fondle her body to bring her down before the timer ran out.

When our six minutes were up, Lily and Steve helped Julie off of me. Julie stroked Steve’s cock one last time, as if to thank him for teasing her so well. We all returned to our seats, and Lily tallied the score while Julie cleaned me off.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “That brings your score to 101 and ours to 102 since we get half points for helping. But the actual score shouldn’t matter because it’s the first team to reach 100 who wins.”

“Do the rules say anything about a tie-breaker?” Julie asked.

Lily checked the rules. “Oh,” she replied grinningly, “yes. Yes they do. Ready for this?” We all nodded. “In the event of a tie, there is an anything-goes, sudden-death round that both teams play at the same time. The team wins whose male player climaxes first.”

Just as Lily finished reading this, she leapt up excitedly and pulled Steve to his feet. She wrapped her lips around his cock and giving him a wet, frenzied blow job. Julie laughed and called out, “Not so fast!” She pulled me to my feet so that I was standing next to Steve. Grabbing my rock hard shaft at its base, she shoved it in her mouth and began to press her lips down around it. I watched Julie and Lily going to town on Steve and I, and I completely let myself go, letting Julie try to win this game for us. Lily was giving us some serious competition, pulling out all the stops. She plunged her wet mouth deep around Steve’s cock, and he gasped with every bob of her head. Still, Julie was really determined to get me off, and she began to rapidly rub her tongue just under my head as she pushed her lips shallowly over my cock. She moved at just the right pace, and I felt myself start to lose it. Then she began to jack me off with her hand as she worked the tip with her mouth.

This was too much, and Steve and Lily knew it as they glanced over at me. I began to breathe heavily, seething from the pleasure. Lily worked Steve’s cock feverishly, trying to get him off before me. He groaned as she slurped his cock, but it was too late. I was about to shoot my load. Julie felt my cock begin to pulse, and she smiled at me as she pulled her lips off. She continued to jack me off rapidly. My body began to tingle as I peaked, and I felt my load begin to erupt through my shaft. Julie grinned and pointed my cock at Lily. Before she realized what was happening, my come spouted out onto Lily’s cheek. Lily let her lips off of Steve’s cock when she felt the warm splash, and she looked at Julie with a shocked expression. Julie laughed and continued to jack me off as the next spurt shot out. It landed on Lily’s lips and chin, some even on her tongue as her mouth was gaping at Julie. Lily squealed and started to lunge at Julie. Julie giggled and continued to aim my cock at Lily as the last couple squirts of come spat out at her. Julie pushed Lily away playfully and continued to rub my cock.

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that!” Lily said, laughing off Julie’s stunt. Steve was equally shocked, but his cock continued to beg for Lily’s touch.

“Well I guess we won,” said Julie, smiling up at Steve. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t all be winners,” she added.

With that, she moved next to Lily and leaned in toward Steve’s crotch. She smiled wryly at me as she wrapped her lips around his cock. I knew she had been dying to see his reaction to her lips ever since she saw him jacking off to the sight of her and Lily sucking my cock. I smirked back at her and began to touch myself as I watched her give Steve a blow job. Then Julie offered Steve’s cock back to Lily. Lily smiled at her, accepting her peace offering. Lily grabbed Steve’s throbbing cock and pointed it back at Julie’s face. With her other hand, she pushed Julie’s head toward Steve’s shaft. Julie opened her mouth and welcomed Steve’s big cock back into her mouth. Lily continued to push Julie’s head, controlling her rhythm.

Steve glanced over at me as I watched my girlfriend suck his cock. I knew how good Julie’s warm, soft lips felt, and I could tell Steve was reeling with pleasure. Lily rubbed his balls as Julie sucked him off. Then Lily pulled Julie’s hair back, removing her mouth from Steve’s shaft. Lily smiled up at Steve and pressed his cock back into her own mouth. She took him in deeper and deeper with each plunge. When she couldn’t plunge any deeper, she pulled out his cock and thrust it back into Julie’s mouth. She pushed Julie’s head around him as his cock entered deeper and deeper into her mouth. Knowing that Julie could take more than she could, she pushed Julie’s head even further. Julie took the full length of Steve’s shaft back into her throat. Steve gasped when he felt this. Lily pulled Julie’s face back off him but then pushed her forward again, forcing Steve’s cock deep into her throat several more times. Each time Julie pulled up off of Steve’s large cock, she looked at it and smiled with pride.

Then Lily took Steve’s cock back into her own mouth and sucked him off feverishly. She pulled Julie’s face close to hers and they both licked up and down Steve’s shaft. Steve watched with amazement—this is what really got him off from earlier. As he watched them work their tongues along his cock, he began to moan with delight. Lily could tell he was close and she began to suck him off rapidly. Julie tongued his balls, and Steve really lost it. Lily pulled her mouth off of him and began to jack him off. Steve wasted no time and grunted uncontrollably. Julie suspected Lily would try the same trick on her, so she started to pull away. But Lily caught her by the hair and held her face close, aiming Steve’s cock directly at her and letting him blow his load in her face. Lily smiled as she watched his come splash on her face, and she seemed proud to have beat Julie at her own game. Julie struggled, but finally relented, letting Lily drench her with Steve’s come.

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