tagGay MaleWerewolf Ch. 01

Werewolf Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up here, after all I have been through, after all that I have done, and all that I've seen. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning, the night I have come to know as one of the most life changing event that has come to pass in my short life time.

I was heading home from a bar in Edenborough, half stumbling down the hills, but I wasn't too far gone that I didn't know what was what. I went through a close that made my walk that much quicker, yet in the end that was my undoing. I felt someone behind me before I ever knew someone was following me, but one moment I was walking home safely, the next I was blacking out.

Once I came to my head throbbing from him sedating me, I f getting knocked out is sedation. I felt the ropes dig into my wrists and ankles when I tried standing up; instantly I felt awake with panic. That's when I heard a growling laugh from the corner. "Are you finally awake? I thought I might have done some damage."

Instantly I started, "Let me go you sick fuck, what did I do to you?"

"Nothing, but then none of us really has before we are turned."

My mind raced with random thoughts, 'I never said goodbye to my parents.' 'How loose is the rope?' 'How much this man reminded him of the big bad wolf.' What came out was, "Hey take my money or whatever you want, but let me go."

The growling laugh again, "Oh I'll let you go right after I take what I want from you."

I felt a chill run through my body and I panicked. I must explain, I have been called 'pretty boy' more than once. With my dark brown, wavy hair and soft brown eyes, and the fact that I look as young as 16 while I was 23 did nothing to make me fell better al the situation I found myself in. Not to ignore the fact that he was at least 5" above my 5'10" height and had at least 50 lbs on me. Not that either of us were out of shape, but I had runner muscle that was lean while he was of body builder stature.

Suddenly he took out a switch blade and came towards me. Fear surrounded me, "I'll do anything you ask, don't kill me."

He laughed at that, "I was hoping you would say that, and if you are good for me I will spare your life...maybe even enrich it." My eyes were wide in fright and I could tell he could feel, smell and even taste my fear. "Now hold still."

The blade came toward me and I was locked in place with fear, but he simply cut my shirt off. I could hear a low growl in the back of his throat, and was near panting with need when I looked to his face. I saw the need, the lust in his masculine features; a small part of me noticed that he wasn't horrible looking with all of his body hair, just every part of him said alpha male. He brought his mouth down on my erect nipples; I felt his warm mouth on me, his facial hair scratching me. I couldn't help a small moan from escaping me, I quickly suppressed it but he heard it and he knew that he was getting to me.

I felt his hands on my pants unbuttoning them and then he moved off of me to bring them down. He slashed through the rope at my ankles and pulled them fully off of me, leaving me in my boxer-briefs. I realized that my legs were free but I found I couldn't move, and if I was truthful to myself it wasn't just the terror. Feeling his breath on my covered cock I looked down and saw him inches away from my stirring cock. He could sense my unwanted arousal, and he smiled as he looked into my questioning eyes.

I couldn't watch as he started to drag my last covering over my awaking cock and down over my legs. The position I was in crashed over me; I was alone with a man, that could kill me without any weapons, and I was naked and tied by my wrists. Fear rose again in waves, and he only laughed his growling laugh. Suddenly he was down on the ground next to me on all fours, licking my body, tasting the salty sweat of my fear. The tongue felt rough but was wet over my hot body, the air making it cool. Down to my inner thigh, his hot breath on my cock once again, but his tongue went lower over my balls and to the other leg. I moaned once more and felt my cock responding to the pleasure of his tongue; I tried to will it away but could not.

His burning mouth was on my cock making me respond even though I did not want to. His tongue flicking over my sensitive head and his mouth tightening and sucking me, making me groan in pleasure. Suddenly I give into him I wanted him to continue his manipulations on my needy member, I needed it. He looked up at me and with joy in his eyes he swallowed down my cock to the base, I had never been deep throated as my cock was over 7" but here he was doing easy. I felt his hand move to the base of my cock but then he moved it to my balls playing with them as his mouth bobbed on my cock. The hand slipped farther down until it was running over my puckered hole, until one finger traced the opening. My body stiffened at his touch as I have never had another person play with me there, not that I hadn't before, but soon I felt the pleasure building from all his work on my body.

I think I yelled "Stop" as his finger slipped into me but I might have just thought it. I let out a growl of pained-pleasure as he moved his finger around in my hole, but with the work on my cock by his mouth I could not hold on any longer. My body convulsed and letting out an animal cry I shot my cum into his mouth. What surprised me is that he milked my cock getting out all the cum he could and letting me go. My breathing was hard from the fantastic orgasm my rapist mouth had given me, but I felt him move up. Suddenly I felt his mouth on mine, although my brain told me to resist, my body gave into him and he fed me my own cum. I tasted the salty mixture and found that it was not horrible tasting, in fact I wouldn't mind tasting it again.

He rose from me and tore his clothes from his body; I got my first look at a hard cock other than my own. My eyes grew wide 'He is HUGE!' is all I could think over and over again. Now I knew why he was undaunted by my cock, his was at least 10" mine looked normal compared to his. Knowing that my lust was cooling with my spent cock he quickly took charge of my unmoving body.

"Get up and suck my cock. Make me feel good like I made you feel good." He stood before me with his mighty cock pointing before him. My brain was telling me to run anywhere and yet my body moved to him as if I never really had a choice. He cut the bonds on my wrists and my hands grasp his huge cock, the hard yet pliable feeling as my hands ran over it. "Lick it!" Again with a will of its' own my head came forward and my mouth opened. I tasted his precum as my tongue licked over his throbbing head. My eyes rolled and I almost swooned at the taste of his nectar, he growled in pleasure again he knew he had me.

"Suck it!" I stretched my mouth over his cock and tried to get it all into my mouth but I gagged once it hit the back of my throat. Looking down I saw I barely had half of him in my mouth but I licked and sucked him as far as I could and jacked the rest with my hands. He was groaning in pleasure but suddenly I was pushed away from him and I hit the floor again. Stunned I started thinking, 'Did I hurt him?' 'Was I not doing it right?' and finally 'I need to taste him again!' The last thought hit me hard as I had never thought of myself as gay in any way, but here I was sucking the man that just sucked me.

He grabbed the rope again and tied my wrist up and used the other end to tie my upper legs together. I was bent forward unable to straighten out, and he physically picked me up and moved me to the edge of an old couch. My body rested on the couch as my knees rest on the floor. I could feel him behind me and felt his hands spread my ass apart, his long tongue started to lick my asshole. Fear started to rise again but I couldn't deny the pleasure of his tongue slowly wetting me down for what his planned to do with me. I felt him rise and heard him spit into his hand, then the feeling of his cock running over my crack.

Fear ran through my body, "No don't do that, please, I'll suck you again. Please do not stick that into my ass!"

He laughed at my pleads and lined his massive cock up to my little hole and started to push. Suddenly it gave way and his head popped in, my body was on fire from the hot poker that was impaling me. Slowly he started pushing into me, I cried in pain but he didn't stop once. I could hear him groaning in pleasure as his cock was massaged by my muscles in my tight hole. Finally I felt his hair on my ass, he was all the way in, and then slowly he started pulling out. Suddenly he hit a spot inside of me and I couldn't help but to moan. The pain receded and pleasure was taking it's place, then he started pushing again, the pain got worse but there was a small bit of pleasure as he hit the spot again and again. I could feel him picking up the pace and although it still hurt, the pleasure was winning out. My body gave into him, my cock was starting to stir again and I was starting to move back to meet his thrusts.

This is what he must have been looking for as he suddenly pulled out of my ass and took a step back. My ass felt empty and I wiggled it slightly hoping to get him interested, before my brain took over and wondered why I was trying to get sodomized. I looked behind me and pleaded with my eyes, but for what I cannot know.

"Get up on the couch on your back." I was able to get myself up there with my legs still attached to my hands, which meant they were in the air and left my ass open to him. He rubbed his cock over my ass again, "Ask for me to use your ass. Beg for my cock."

My body took over again, "Please use me, I need your cock in me, my ass craves it!" With that he growled and all at once he pushed his length into me, we both groaned at the pained-pleasure of it. I could see him now over me bending my legs into me to get himself as deep as he could, went suddenly I noticed he was changing.

He was becoming hairier, his eyes and nose and mouth changing and not changing; somehow making his face look more wolf-like but not changing the makeup of it. His body became hairier, harder, and it gained both mass and height yet it looked similar but wolf-like. And his cock inside of me grew at least another inch, yet it was the least of my worries. I knew that I was not dealing with just another moral, he was a werewolf, but how I knew in the panic I felt I still don't know.

He was panting in need to cum, he liked that he was frightening me, yet due to the rubbing of my prostate from his even larger cock, I had not lost my hardon. In fact I was drooling precum from the tip of it, and he wanted me to cum with him. My brain tried to suppress any pleasure I was getting from him with the thoughts of what the werewolf was going to do with me, but my body was winning out. I could feel the need to cum rising quickly and knew that he was almost there too. I heard him howl with one last thrust into my ass he started to cum right into my prostate, triggering me to cum too. My ass muscles milking his cum from him as my chest and stomach were splashed with cum from my own cock.

Suddenly he tears through the rope and it falls to pieces and I am released, but then he bends down and bites down on my shoulder and rips into it. His nails slash at my chest and I feel him bite down on my throat and give a little shake of his head, but I stay limp and feel him let go. Just as sudden as the attack he moves away, "I have given you 27 days and then I will find you again and help you." He runs to the door as he grabs his clothing from the floor, "I am sorry it went that far."

I am left on a dirty couch in a bare room; slowly I get up and feel my tender ass rub against the fabric. I pull on my pants as he took my boxer-briefs, and see my shirt is not wearable in the shreds that lay on the floor. I leave from the same door I saw him take off from and find myself walking up stairs until I am outside, and I start to walk in the earliest hours of the morning. I look up and notice the nearly full moon, just a little taken from the roundness of it. It was a waning moon...27 days until full again.

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