tagErotic HorrorWerewolf Fucked My Girl

Werewolf Fucked My Girl

byjustin grimbol©

It was about four in the morning. I don't remember what the moon was like. I think it was normal. Anyway, the werewolf had me against the side of the hotel. He smelled like a paper bag.

A car pulled up to the hotel. It was Zoe, back from the bar. By the way she was walking it was obvious she had a good night. She didn't notice me, or the werewolf.

I walked away from the werewolf.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"To my room."

The werewolf just looked at me. It knew what I was thinking. It knew that I wanted to fuck Zoe and was hoping that she was drunk and in the mood. As I walked away I could hear the werewolf chuckling.

By the time I got up to my room Zoe was already half undressed. She had strange breasts. They looked like lopsided zip-lock bags full of gunk. I loved them. And I loved giving them attention. They were precious like my grandmother's mashed potatoes except firmer and sexier. The rest of her body was perfect.

"Did you have a good night?" I asked.

"Come to bed," she said in soft voice.

I took off my pants and with an already erect penis got in to bed. Zoe held me close and kissed me with a fierceness that did not match the soft tone of her voice. She moved her head down to my crotch and placed her own crotch hovering above my face. It looked and smelled incredible. I attempted to lick her parts but she stopped me. "Justin don't."

She continued to lie on top of me, occasionally kissing and touching part of my penis and testicles. I attempted to lick again.

"Justin don't do that I'm..."

I was confused.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I'm bonding."

I was still confused.

"With my dick?"

"Yes. Me and your dick and your balls are spending quality time, so just lie back and leave us alone."

Zoe continued kissing and cuddling with my private parts while I laid back and stared at her butt-hole. The smell was not completely good. It had a slight funk. I liked it.

Eventually Zoe stopped kissing and started sucking on my penis. I took this as my cue to start working on her clit.

I grabbed her butt cheeks as if I was trying to push my fingers through her flesh. As I came I grabbed on even tighter and moved my tongue even faster. After I unloaded she removed my penis from her mouth. "Fuck!" She let out a heavy moan, then slammed her fist into my leg.

She turned toward me and wiped a drop of my seamen from the side of her mouth.

"Do you wanna go again?" she asked.

"Just give me a minute."

"I love you," She said.

"I love you too," I said.

After I regained my strength I crawled on top of Zoe, slid myself in, and began to hump.

"Oh shit, oh god, I love you so much...oh shit."

I turned her on her side.

"Justin, oh god its..."

I laid her down on her stomach, with her over ripe butt sticking in the air. I put my massive body on top of hers, with the left side of my face against her right, slid in again, and started humping rapidly.

"Justin...Justin.. Oh shit. Justin, I love you so much."

"Zoe...Zoe...I love you I love you." I continued saying "I love you" over and over again until I reached orgasm.

Then she was cold. We were cuddling, and she continued telling me that she loved me, but she was tired. I wasn't. After she turned away from me I continued kissing her back.

"You're sweet," she told me. I decided to walk outside and have a cigarette.

As I walked down the hall to the back exit I heard footsteps. It was the werewolf. The bastard didn't even look at me, he just entered my room where Zoe was sleeping. I sat on the bench out side of the hotel and imagined the werewolf on top of Zoe, filling her with four more inches than I could offer.

A tear rolled down the left side of my face, which I whipped off with my hand. I wiped the next tear off with the same hand. As I stood up my towel dropped to my feet leaving me nude. Another tear fell down my cheek and again I wiped it off, same hand. My hand was covered in tears. I wiped them onto my flaccid dick, lit another cigarette, thought about Zoe's private parts, and continued rubbing my dick with my tears.

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