tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWest Valley High Day 80: Girl in the Box

West Valley High Day 80: Girl in the Box


Author's note: West Valley Academy is fictional. All actors in this universe are 18 years of age or older. Neither the school, nor any of its inhabitants, exist in the real world and any similarities to actual places or persons is completely coincidental. In the real world, the activities taking place in these stories would result in lawsuits, arrests and worse. Do not try this at home.


It was pitch black inside Susan Mitchell's cell. She could not see or hear anything. She had no idea where she was, although she assumed she was once again on display in the atrium of West Valley Academy, where here naked body had been used and abused so many times this year. She had time to think about the symmetry of this week's abuse. She had started the week confined inside a small wooden box, built around her by her classmates, left with only her head sticking out the top, her only company a small vibrator buzzing inside her. Now her nude body was free of any kind of bondage, but her head was trapped inside a wooden box. She had time to think about the symmetry of this. She had all the time in the world to think because there was nothing else she could do but lie and wait for freedom.

The box, or rather, the boxes, around her neck were designed to cut her off from the outside world. These boxes, like the one earlier this week had been custom built around her, designed especially for her. She had been brought down in the morning to the shop wing, where the industrial arts were taught at West Valley and sat in a wooden chair in the middle of the room, almost like an art exhibit. She had some experience with that this year, too.

A student approached her with a flexible tape measure, like the kind used for sewing, and measured the circumference of her neck. She was frightened about the boy's intents as he went to a band saw and began cutting a plank of wood. He returned moments later with two halves of wood with semicircles cut in them, which he placed around her neck. Small wooden pegs inserted in the ends would hold these tight, fastened with wood glue. A few small strips of board were added underneath along the front and back edges to ensure this wooden collar would not be removable. The board already felt heavy around Susan's neck. The boards fit almost perfectly around her, with just a small gap, and even though they did not choke her, her pulse was already quickening. Two other students brought over some other planks of wood and placed them under the wooden platform to support it, lifting it up so it her chin rested on the board.

A second student cut a piece of carpet to the exact size of the wooden platform. He stapled this carpet to the board, fitting the piece carefully around Susan's neck, pushing the carpet into the space between her skin and the wood. The carpet felt like it would strangle her, but she found she was still able to breathe just fine. The carpet had the extra benefit of preventing wood splinters from rubbing into her neck.

Four wooden sides of the box had been built by other students in the meantime. Each was an identical square, also lined with carpet. Mortise and tenon edges ensured the pieces fit together like a puzzle around Susan's head. The entire box was just larger than Susan's head, with no more than a half-inch of space between her head and the carpet. A hole was drilled in the piece in front of her and a rigid metal tube was extended through it into Susan's mouth. The tube was fastened into place with caulk to ensure it would not move. It fit comfortably in her mouth, not too deep as to gag her, but having the effect of preventing her from moving her head. She clamped her teeth down on it to make sure there was no way it could come out of her mouth, knowing it was her lifeline.

The lid was placed on next, plunging the girl into darkness. Susan was able to breathe through the tube and tried to calm herself by taking slow shallow puffs of air into her lungs. The carpeted box let in no light and significantly dampened the sounds she could hear from the machines in the shop.

Susan felt herself being lifted off the chair and laid down on her back on the floor. Her head leaned back against the carpet, straining her neck slightly. The girl was lying on a platform the students had built the previous day. Several 2x6 studs had been laid horizontally on top of a long plywood plank mounted on casters. These studs supported Susan's ankles, knees, butt, lower back and shoulders.

Under the box around Susan's head was a piece of thick foam insulation on top of another piece of plywood. Susan felt another piece of wood being fitted around her neck on top of her shoulders. This was also lined with thick foam insulation. Another plank was put in place and attached to that one, forming the bottom of the outer box. The two other sides, pieces of wood covered in insulation, were laid in place as well. In front of her, the students slid a piece of wood over the metal breathing tube and hammered that in place.

The young woman was now sealed in her chamber. The outer box, insulated with thick foam, combined with the inner box lined with carpet blocked out all light and sound. The tube in her mouth prevented much speech anyway, but any words Susan may have been able to utter would only echo back into her own ears. It was already getting hot inside the box and Susan felt the sweat on her brow. She closed her eyes, since there was nothing to see and tried to slow her breathing. She wondered if she could be suffocated at any time if her breathing tube was covered. Krutz wouldn't allow that, though. He wanted her alive and suffering.

Susan felt herself being moved now. She was being rolled out of the IA studio, known to the students as the shop, and down the long hallway. She soon arrived again in the school's atrium to be displayed. She felt hands touching her body, fingers running along her sides and the soles of her feet, tickling her. She squirmed, kicking her legs at her attackers, unable to determine who or how many were abusing her. The students gave up quickly as she lashed out at them with her arms and legs. She knew she had to be careful because too much struggling would just lead to chains and ropes being tied around her but for the moment, she was left free to fend off her attackers.

Someone found something to whip Susan with. A student was sitting on her ankles, pinning them down, as she felt the whip across her stomach. She moved one arm up to cover her breasts and another down across her crotch, willing to take the whip on her legs and stomach to protect her tits and pussy. But soon, hands grabbed at her wrists and pulled them out to her side and she could feel someone sitting on them. Her legs were spread wide and she tried to buck and kick but the people holding her down were too strong. The flogger came down hard on her left tit several times and then she felt the same treatment on her right tit. The students got in a few swats against her pussy as well before Susan felt the weight being lifted off her arms and legs and the attack stopped.

Headmaster Krutz had arrived in the atrium and seen the students accosting Susan. He asked them to 'take it a little easier' on the girl, especially given her trouble breathing through the tube. One of Susan's classmates, Jenny Bisher, asked if she could do something 'a little less painful' and after a brief discussion, the headmaster agreed.

Jenny knelt in front of Susan and spread the girl's legs apart. She kissed slowly up Susan's right thigh and the girl's body tensed. Her tongue ran against the woman's pussy and landed on her clitoris. Her lips enveloped the girl's nub and she slowly started sucking it. Susan tried to pant through the metal tube as Jenny teased her. The girl's tongue swirled around Susan's clit. She brought her hands up and placed them along Jenny's head, guiding the woman to continue. The girl slid her tongue down into Susan's pussy and Susan squeezed her legs against the girl's head as the orgasm hit her. She choked a bit as she forgot to breathe as her body was rocked with pleasure and took a little time to catch her breath again.

Jenny stood up and licked her lips as Susan's arms and legs collapsed back onto the platform.

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