tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWest Valley High Day 84: Rocking Horse

West Valley High Day 84: Rocking Horse


Author's note: West Valley Academy is fictional. All actors in this universe are 18 years of age or older. Neither the school, nor any of its inhabitants, exist in the real world and any similarities to actual places or persons is completely coincidental. In the real world, the activities taking place in these stories would result in lawsuits, arrests and worse. Do not try this at home.


It had taken almost an hour to remove the thick white makeup from Susan's face and neck last night. She had been given some moisturizer to use to counter any effects from the heavy greasy makeup. A solvent had been applied to her lips and she had gasped as she was finally able to open them after almost eight hours. She was dehydrated and hungry and the nurse's aide had given her an IV to replenish her fluids. Miss Andrews, the school nurse, had come to see her in the evening and left the room with a look of anger. Susan hoped the nurse was going to have another discussion with the headmaster about maintaining Susan's health.

Brittany Daniels was once again waiting for Susan in the multi-story atrium of the senior house at West Valley. For the third consecutive day, the girl found herself tightly mummified. This morning, it was a combination of Christmas lights and garland that held the woman in her standing position. The light strands had been tightly wound around Brittany's naked body, once again pinning her against a support post, unable to move. The garland had been tied around her as well, to add a more festive touch. Her breasts had been left exposed and clover clamps had been placed on her nipples, a silver chain connecting them. Several glass ornaments had been hung from the chain, pulling down on her nipples. A red Santa hat covered the stubble starting to grow on her recently-shaved head. She was neither blindfolded, nor gagged today, which she thought was an improvement.

Being bound to the post as a Christmas decoration meant Brittany had a front row seat to the spectacle being pulled in by a pair of students. They were dragging in a wooden rocking horse, which consisted of a pair of curved wooden rockers attached together with a piece of wood at their midsection, and four wooden poles that bent upwards to a wooden saddle. Susan Mitchell's stomach rested on the saddle, with her arms tied down to the two front posts and her legs bound to the two rear poles. The bit gag was in her mouth again and she once again sported the reindeer ears on her head.

The large TV screens in the atrium that usually showed school schedules or videos of sports activities instead showed the streaming video of the two girls. One camera was focused on Brittany, the colorful Christmas lights blinking across her naked body. Another was pointed directly behind Susan, displaying her pussy to anyone watching. Another was focused on her face, watching her facial expressions.

Krutz arrived on the scene with a metal pole anchored to a heavy weight. He positioned directly behind Susan and gave a quick push on her bare buttocks, starting her rocking back and forth. The headmaster had a dildo in his hand and he pressed it against Susan's exposed pussy, He slowly began sliding the impaler inside her, rocking her back and forth against it. He attached the dildo to a curved rod and attached that to the metal pole and rocked Susan forward. The dildo slid almost out of her, just a small tip still inside her pussy. When she rocked back towards the post, however, the dildo drove deep inside her. Susan could see herself on the video monitor, rocking back and forth against the device.

The headmaster walked over to the pole where Brittany was bound and uncoiled an extension cord. He ran it over to the rocking horse and plugged the end into a box on the base of the horse. Susan felt the horse buck forward and she realized the entire horse was motorized! She moved forward and then the horse stopped and she tilted backwards, taking in the full length of the dildo. The horse rocked slowly to and fro, Susan's head bobbing on the camera as she was slowly fucked.

The machine began to pick up speed, slowly moving Susan forward, pulling her away from the dildo and the rapidly rocking her backwards, slamming her against the large impaler. Susan looked up and saw the tears running down her cheeks. She also saw the shocked and pitying look on Brittany's face as she watched her friend being viciously drilled by the rocking horse.

The wetness was not only visible on Susan's face, but it was obvious on the dildo as well as it pulled out of her. The horse kept going, sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy, seemingly driving it faster and faster into her with every movement. The cameras caught Susan's body tensing, her head rocking back as she was powerless to resist the orgasm building inside her.

The rocking stopped. Susan was panting heavily, her breasts bouncing freely up and down on either side of the wooden saddle. The horse rocked forward again, and the dildo came completely free from Susan's pussy. Krutz approached and unattached it from the metal pole and tossed it aside. "Very nice, Miss Mitchell," he said. "But that didn't seem to be much of a workout for you." Susan disagreed and shook her head. Krutz didn't seem to care as Susan now felt another intruder against her vagina. She looked up at the camera and saw a new, even longer and thicker dildo pressing against her. The headmaster very slowly began sliding the new impaler into the woman, stretching her vagina out. This dildo was as large as anything Susan had ever had inside her and it was going to take a lot of stretching to fit it inside her. Slowly it was eased in until it completely filled her opening.

This dildo was attached to the pole just like the previous one and the horse was started again. The intruder pressed hard against Susan's cervix and then was slowly pulled almost all the way out as the horse rocked almost all the way forward. The horse paused, and Susan felt the dildo against her pussy lips. Despite her best intentions, she found herself wanting to rock backward and take the phallus in again. She didn't have to wait long as soon she was rocking back and felt the huge thing pressing deep into her again.

The dildo had to be almost eight inches in length and seemed to be at least two inches around. Susan had certainly been loosened by various impalers this year, but this was definitely taking its toll on her. As the horse picked up speed again, the woman felt as if there was no room for anything else inside her vagina. She was completely plugged by the dildo. The thing just kept plowing her and again she was helpless against the feelings her body was experiencing. She was groaning and grunting, wanting the object to fuck her harder and harder and it obliged until she felt the second orgasm.

Susan was bathed in sweat as the horse slowed down and finally pitched forward so the dildo could be removed. The woman wanted to be freed but feared the headmaster might have an even longer and larger object to impale her with. But instead, the man placed a pair of clamps on Susan's nipples, hung two glass ornaments from them and turned the horse back on a very low setting and left Susan to rock back and forth, the glass orbs gently swaying beneath her.

Meanwhile, a student was busy untying Brittany from the pole. She unwound the strands of garland and strings of lights until the nude girl was able to step out of them. Brittany started to walk towards Susan, but the headmaster stopped her. He tied her hands behind her back with a strand of Christmas lights and then had her lie down on the floor, where he tied the lights around her ankles and then hogtied her by tying her wrists and ankles together. He wrapped her wrists and ankles several times with the long string of lights, creating a thick bundle of cables around her limbs, before wrapping the rest of the lights around her naked breasts and torso. Then with the help of two students, Brittany was carried over, so she was directly in front of Susan. A press of a remote control sent two of the metal cables down from the pucks still attached to the ceiling from yesterday and Brittany's bound arms and legs were attached to the cables.

A push of the button and Brittany was raised into the air, her shoulders yanked back as her wrists and ankles were lifted by the cables. She was positioned so her face was directly in line with Susan's. Krutz added a couple of ornaments to Brittany's nipples as well. As the horse rocked the latter girl forward, if she lifted her head, she could look right into her friend's eyes. Krutz unhooked the bit gag from Susan's mouth and said, "I expect the two of you have a lot to talk about. I'll leave you to it."

Susan said "I'm sorry" as she rocked close to Brittany. On her next swing forward, Brittany pursed her lips and gave Susan a quick kiss before the girl rocked away. Susan smiled.

"So, any plans for the holidays?" Susan asked.

"Probably just hanging around here," Brittany said, and both girls laughed for the first time in a long time.

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