WestPac Widows


In my bathroom was a full body mirror. I stared at myself in it wondering if I was really ready to become an adulteress. For over two years I had remained faithful and still loved my husband. In spite of the inherent long absences attendant with being career military I wanted to remain married to him. Until discovering my husband's secret stash of porn novels a couple of weeks ago I was convinced I had everything I wanted in a long-term marital relationship.

I admitted all of that to myself standing right there in my bathroom with my panties soaking wet. But I had a deep desire to be with Jamal, even if it was just for his big thick black cock. "Am I to become a secret black cock slut?" I asked and further added, "How can a woman have such strong feelings of love for one man and still want to be sexually gratified by another?"

I tried to stop thinking as I looked at myself in the mirror again. My blonde hair was a mess and my dress was hanging from my waist. Undoubtedly I wanted to be fucked. I needed to feel my first black cock inside of me. I hoped my first black fucking would be wonderful. Without any further qualms, I slipped out of my dress.

When I saw myself almost naked in the mirror, except for panties and red heels I decided I would look so hot with nothing covering my freely offered body. Pausing only a moment I decided my underwear had to go too. There I was naked except for a pair of sexy red heels. I turned and opened the door, stepped out ready and willing to not just commit adultery for the first time, but also in the process fulfill the past week's steadily increasing need for no strings attached extramarital black fucking.

I found Jamal sitting on the living room sofa with one leg up on the coffee table. Equally naked he was slowly stroking his mammoth midnight hued meat. That big thick cock looked like an ebony spear that I wanted run through my hot white pussy. I wanted my first black extramarital partner to give it up to me and turn me into a wanton white wife for black cock.

I stood in front of him with my legs wide apart. Uncharacteristically I began to finger myself in front of him, watching as he kept stroking his colossal cock. My pussy lips and fingers were so wet. I was hot enough to fuck and my first orgasm was on its way.

Jamal looked up at me and said, "Turn around so I can see all of my sexy white booty call."

I turned my body, but I kept looking over my shoulder at him looking up at me as he pumped his magnificent meat. I was getting off seeing him stroke that big black cock I had so recently loved sucking. I stopped myself from climaxing and for a second I saw my far away husband's face. However, my husband was half way around the world and at this moment I knew I wanted Jamal's big black cock more than anything. That mammoth midnight hued magnificence created salacious feelings inside of me I'd never known before. I had become the embodiment of ebony and ivory illicit lust.

"Oh Baby, Your legs, booty and boobs make me want to come."

I was close already, but watching a black man stroking himself on my sofa say that pushed me right to the edge. Then he drove his hand hard down to the base of his big thick cock and voluminous jets of cum shot out of him and I went over the edge. Looking back at him with one set of fingers in my hair and my legs spread lewdly apart, I came on my other set of fingers.

"Fuck me, Jamal. Fuck me with that incredible cock of yours. I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to fill me with that big black mamba. Bend me over and give it to me. Fuck me... Fuck me now."

He looked up at me as I woefully looked at his wilting ebony erection. I turned and walked over to him tracing his lip line with cum coated fingers. One of his hands rose up my leg meeting my pouting pussy lips. I looked down at his beautiful black cock, astounded that it was already coming back to life.

I mentally ordered myself, "Time to fulfill your dreams. Take all of your first big black cock!"

Kneeling over him and straddling his legs I slowly lowered myself down onto that first big black cock being held upright for my married white pussy. My profusely wet pussy lips parted and I carried out my self-imposed orders until Jamal's purple cock knob reached my cervix. Everything about my sexuality changed when the first ever impalement orgasm tore through me like a tidal wave.

Jamal's unbelievable sexual prowess assured me black cock is bigger and better. Clinging to martial monogamy during my husband's last absence instead of fulfilling interracial inclinations had been so foolish. After an amazing weekend with this well-hung black extramarital partner assured me that I would never again be able to resist discreet offers for black fucking.

Wanton weekends as a secret black cock slut with Jamal only lasted two months before his ship left. Having experiential proof, "blondes who go black have more fun," I had no qualms with Jamal introducing me to his friend Reggie. Ecstatic to be clandestinely set up with another black sailor just returning from the Far East I surreptitiously confirmed Reggie to be very well hung while slow dancing with him at the Acey-Duecy Club after Happy Hour.

Although Reggie had duty the first weekend after Jamal's ship left, I had no qualms with remaining at the Acey-Duecy Club after Happy Hour. Far more careful about how much I drank the evening was spent enjoying all my slow dancing black sailors' big cock bulges arousing me. As I had done throughout my husband's second West Pac deployment and the beginning of this one I went home alone to pleasure myself with my trusty ebony dildo.

The next Friday we discreetly left the Acey-Duecy Club separately and met at my base quarters. He had all weekend if it went the way I hoped it would. Knowing I was going to insure we enjoyed every minute together there was no need to rush.

Nevertheless, in a fog of black cock lust I forgot to close the carport door as my hands immediately went to the buttons of his shirt. I needed to take his shirt off and feel his ebony skin. I broke from the kiss, "Reggie, let me take this shirt off."

"Okay," he said with a smile as he started to pull it over his head, "but let's close that door first."

I slammed the door shut, but he didn't kiss me again. Instead he started to work on the buttons of my blouse, kissing and licking the skin as he revealed it. My hands were rubbing the strong muscles on his back. He opened my blouse all the way, pulling it out of my skirt so he could unbutton all of it, and whisked it off my body. His hands started on my shoulders moving down to my ribs and my tippling tummy. Yet he didn't touch my breasts. He was teasing and driving me crazy with lust.

As soon as I felt his hands on my breasts my aroused body came alive begging for his touch. He touched my proffered boobs lightly over the shelf bra. My nipples became turgid under his sensual touch. He bent down to kiss the skin around my bra and then his lips were circling my spiked nipples. Drawing them hard into his mouth was accompanied by my lustful moan. I wanted his lips on my bare breasts without any further teasing delay.

As if reading my mind he reached behind and unhooked my bra, tossing it to the floor. His tongue licked at my spiked nipples. "Girl, you are so sweet," he whispered right before he closed his lips around the turgid nub and suckled me sweetly for a few moments. But then he sucked hard on my spiked nipple flicking his tongue around the very tip.

"Oh god, Reggie...that feels so good." My eyes were closed and my hands were on his shoulders, holding on.

"Girl I want you to see my lips sucking your beautiful white tits. Open your eyes baby."

I did, and the erotic contrast of his dark hands and face on my milky white skin was enough to make my knees weak.

"Reggie, let's move to the bed. Please, please baby."

He ran his hands all over my body while I reciprocally explored his sexy ebony torso. I wanted to taste him so I leaned in and licked his neck. I moved my fingers over his chest muscles and caressed his equally turgid nipples with the pad of my index finger. He softly moaned. "Oh you like that, do you baby?" I said as I leaned over to take a dark nub into my mouth like he had done to me. "Yeah Girl, I like that a lot!"

I could see his erection through his pants and reached down and stroked it through the denim. He was long and hard and ready. I undid his belt and his zipper and pulled his pants and his boxers down, all the way off. I got off the bed, neatly folded his clothes and placed them on the bedside chair. When I turned to face him again he was lying on his back, his arms under his head, his cock hard on his belly, one eye staring at me. Involuntarily I licked my lips in salacious anticipation.

I walked to the edge of the bed and then crawled to where his cock laid waiting. I took the hard black shaft in my manicured fingers enthralled by the contrast with the black of his cock. I stroked it lovingly. "Baby, you have a gorgeous cock. I can't wait to feel it in my mouth and in my hot white married pussy...can I kiss it now baby? Can I suck your big beautiful black cock?" Talking dirty to a black extramarital partner turned me on like crazy. Undoubtedly he wanted what I wanted.

"Go ahead girl. It's all for you." Before the words were out of his mouth my open-mouthed kisses surrounded the purple cock knob and down the length of his ebony shaft to his cum-filled balls. I licked him on the way back up, using lots of saliva to make him wet for my hands and mouth. I put the head in my mouth and sucked, using my tongue to lick around my second and even bigger luscious black cock.

"Oh yeah," I moaned. Black sailors tasted so different from my white husband. He was even longer than Jamal.

He watched me through heavy lidded eyes. No doubt I was driving him crazy. My pursed lips must have looked so good around his hard black cock. My blonde hair splayed over his taut black belly while one hand stroked the base of his cock and balls while the other lightly stroked his nipples. I continued to suck him deeper and had more than half of his magnificent midnight hued meat inside. I started sucking him hard on the upstroke dripping spit onto his cock. He grabbed my head trying to control my cock sucking and I let him lead me. Although I've never let my husband cum in my mouth I quickly developed a craving for illicit black lovers' luscious cum. Lustfully I wanted to taste this second black cock exploding into my mouth.

He was talking dirty making me hotter and hotter until I thought I would explode while I sucked him. I wanted him in my mouth all the time until my husband returned. All I could do was moan around this big black cock

I felt him grow even bigger in my mouth. "You want me to cum in your mouth girl? Are you sure? I'm going to a nut baby...oh god yeah, I'm going to cum now!" I felt the first load flooded my mouth and his cum tasted so good. Multiple spurts in quick succession forced me to quickly swallow but some of his luscious cum still leaked out of my lips onto my chin. So caught up was I in the thought of how good this second bigger black cock felt in my mouth that I didn't hear him speaking to me. "Finish taking your clothes off girl, I want to look at you."

I knelt on the bed and pulled down the zipper of my skirt, revealing the sexy black panties to him. He could see that I was already thoroughly wet, my blonde pussy thatch glistening with moisture. I sat on the bed, finished taking off the skirt and threw it on the floor. "Stand up by the foot of the bed girl."

Regretfully I obeyed and went to stand near the foot of the bed. I felt very exposed. I was letting him take total. "Touch your boobs girl. Make your nipples hard for me."

I turned to fully face him tweaking my nipples, feeling them spike. Reggie ordered, "Wet your fingers girl and stroke your nipples again."

My second black extramarital lover was lying back on the bed that until two months ago had only witnessed sexual intimacy with my husband. This is so different I thought. Sex with my husband had waned due to his intense work schedule but still had become so predictable and I couldn't even orgasm without fantasizing myself doing exactly what I was actually now doing for the second time. Recent experiences with Jamal assured me that fucking this second black man is going to just as pleasurable, if not better. Without any qualms I wet my fingers, seductively stroking them lightly over my bottom lip. Teasing him and myself I slowly inserted two fingers into my mouth.

I brought my fingers from my mouth and made tight little circles around my spiked left nipple. My spittle cooled making the nipple very tight and hard. I put my fingers back into my mouth to wet them again and then repeated the action on my right nipple. I felt so wanton, so alive. I loved the feeling of touching myself for him. I wanted to finger my hot wet white pussy, but instinct told me to wait.

"Girl put your foot on the bed and let me see your pussy," he whispered to me.

I put my foot up on the bed, showing this black lover my hot wet white married pussy.

"Touch yourself girl. Touch your pussy. Let me see how wet you are. Let me see how much you want a black fucking," he said while bringing my wet panties close to his face.

I moaned as I reached down with my left hand displaying my wedding rings and lightly touched my pussy. My right hand remained on my breasts, squeezing my nipples, making them ache. Meanwhile my middle finger slid from my clit along my inflamed, wet, throbbing pussy lips. Resisting the impulse to push into my pussy, I closed my eyes, and hung my head back in lustful abandon

"Fuck yourself girl. I want to see your fingers disappear in your hot white pussy."

I inserted one finger, then a second. Once again I was touching myself in front of a black lover, fucking myself in front of him. And I loved it.

I saw that he was stroking himself too. But now my black silk panties were wrapped around his girth. His big thick black cock was hard again. Reggie was hard for me and I was on fire.

"Reggie, I'm going to cum and I can't stop it."

"Get your fingers outta my hot white married pussy!" he demanded.

Reluctantly I removed my fingers from my pussy. I wanted to cum. But I was going to play this his way.

I provocatively rubbed my fingers lightly on his lips, a trace of my taste and scent still on them and then I bent down and kissed him again. "I loved touching myself for you. I am on fire for your big black cock!"

Reggie lecherously pulled me down to him, rolled me on my back and kissed me. He wanted me to know that he was on fire for me too. I could feel his enormous cock against my belly and I squirmed beneath him wanting him inside me. I reached down with my hand, wanting, needing his big black cock in me. He took my hand by the wrist and brought it up above my head, pinning it to the pillow. I was going to explode if he didn't fuck me.

"What do you want girl?"

"I want your beautiful black cock inside me. Please, fuck me Reggie," I whimpered.

Instead he brought down his free hand and entered my tight wet pussy quickly with one finger, then two. He started to slowly stroke me telling me how wet I was, how hot I was, how good it was going to feel when he finally did fuck me, how incredible my pussy would feel around his hard black meat. It didn't take but a few minutes of this and I felt myself start to cum harder than I had in the past two weeks.

He let go of the hand above my head as he felt my orgasm start and I instinctively clutched him as my hips bucked against his fingers. I cried out his name at the peak of it, and he whispered in my ear how incredibly sexy I looked while I came. He kissed me while I was coming down, slowing his fingers down until I quieted below him and laid back content, a wanton smile on my face.

He brought the fingers that had been in my pussy up to my face and spread my juices on my lips before he bent down to lick and kiss my mouth. My tongue came out to join his as I grabbed hold of his hand and brought his fingers into my warm mouth. We kissed and then I sucked on his fingers while I reached down and gave the head of his huge balck cock a squeeze.

He grabbed my hips and pulled my hot wet pussy over his big black cock. With his purple cock knob prying open my willing pussy lips he took over the fucking. Bringing his hips up and stroking me until he had most of his midnight hued magnificence inside my white married pussy as I swooned in black cock lust. Meanwhile I held on to the headboard as he fucked me slowly from underneath and my pussy clamped an even bigger, thicker black cock tight on every upstroke.

"Two months ago I never thought I'd ever fuck like this. Don't stop fucking me with that big black cock. Fuck me like this forever!"

He stopped and grabbed my hips hard and ground my wanton white married pussy against him. I moaned loudly as he answered, "Girl I am going to fuck you for hours and when I'm finished, I'm going to fuck you all weekend!"

Intense multiple orgasm surpassed the erotic pleasure experienced with my first black extramarital lover. Vivid mental images from the erotic novels flitted across my mind. I couldn't wait to try some of them not yet experienced with Jamal.

Finally, long afterwards, when he held my head in his hands and looked up into my eyes on an upstroke that touched me further inside than any man had ever been, he said to my, "Girl I'm going to cum. Do I cum inside you baby?"

"Oh yeah you hung black stud. I want your load inside me. Reggie, please fill your hot white married pussy with cum."

He fucked me harder, if that was possible, and I felt him stiffen inside my clasping vaginal sheath and start to cum. He bit down on my nipple and I welcomed the pain. He relaxed beneath me. He nuzzled and kissed my neck.

With his big black cock still inside my hot white married pussy, his huge load slowly leaked out of my very well fucked pussy. I had taken a bigger, thicker black cock and loved it. Riding the crest of a mind-blowing orgasm I knew at that moment I was completely and totally addicted to black fucking and nothing in my life would ever be the same again.

"That was so incredible Reggie I don't even have words." I breathlessly said while I stroked his back and firm ass cheeks.

After our first fantastic fuck I lifted off Reggie and lay on the bed with my thighs open provocatively caressing my satisfied pussy inviting him with my eyes and my hands back into my body. "I want you to really fuck me again Reggie. I want you to unleash the beast. I'm going to tame that beast," I whispered.

"Are you sure you can handle it girl?"

"Why don't you try me? I don't think I've ever wanted anything this badly before."

And he did! Reggie mounted me and fucked me hard and fast. Almost losing consciousness I didn't care. Black fucking felt incredible. He stroked his black cock in and out of me like a piston. Sweat dripped from his body onto mine as I held on to his shoulders for a wild, ecstatic ride.

I lost myself while he was fucking me. He was like a magnificent beast, lost in his pleasure, which was now mine. For the first time in my life I understood the true meaning of multi-orgasmic. It seemed that as soon as one climax ended, another followed to take its place.

In the throes of unparalleled passion I became even hotter when I heard Reggie taunting me with his dirty talk. "Woman this weekend is just starting. There won't be a position, or a fantasy, or a wish that you have that we won't do."

"Oh my. Is that right? Tell me Reggie."

"Well I would bet that rosebud on your ass is cherry and I want you to know that it's mine." He smiled as he said it, but I still didn't believe I'd willingly give it up to his far too humongous black cock.

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