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Westville High Sluts


This is a continuation of the Westville High school saga aka ‘the busty gym teacher series'. If you have not read any of the stories you may want to view some of my other submissions which feature the same characters, and the other authors who have contributed to this series: GeorgeTasker, Leon22, and JohnEvans.

Westville High Sluts

The sun was barely rising in Westville as Sarah Stevens woke to the all too familiar sound of her alarm clock buzzing. The high-pitched, dreadful screech announced it was time for her to wake up and get ready for school. Today, she was going to need just a few extra minutes before she mustered the motivation to get out of bed, so she reached over and clicked the alarm off.

The clock read 5:30 AM; This was usually the time she went for her morning run. Physical fitness was very important to her, which is one of the reasons she decided to pursue a career as the girls' gym teacher at Westville High school.

Being a teacher at Westville High school had definitely been an interesting ride over the past couple years, to say the least. Sarah got loads of attention from both the male students, and teachers, at school. And it was understandable why; She was quite beautiful, even though she didn't flaunt it or think of herself that way.

Her head was pounding this morning. Was she hung over? She couldn't really remember much about last night.

"Good morning." A man's voice beside her said.

She turned suddenly at the sound of the voice and found a young man in bed beside her. It was one of her students, Derrick. The memories of last night started coming back to her now. Derrick had helped her fix a flat tire on her car after school yesterday, and she remembered bringing him back to her apartment with her friend Cindy Brown, the school's nurse.

"Hi." She said meekly.

Derrick smiled at her, and she couldn't help but think how cute he was. She sort of had a thing for younger guys (Derrick had just turned 18). She and her friend had seduced him last night and from what she could remember, it was pretty wild. There was a lot of wine involved.

Derrick reached over underneath the covers of the bed and cupped his hand over one of Sarah's 36DD tits. She remembered last night Derrick had been unable to keep his hands, and mouth, off them. Derrick squeezed and fondled her breast happily.

"Last night was amazing, Miss Stevens." He told her as he lay next to her, casually squeezing and rubbing one of her huge knockers.

This was not the first time she had ended up in this position. Sarah thought back to all the occasions over the past couple years that she had ended up sleeping with a student, or even several at once. Each time was incidental, of course; at least that's what she told herself. She never really meant to get involved with her students; She just always seemed to end up in these situations by happenstance.

Derrick pulled back the covers of the bed, exposing Sarah's gorgeous body. She had such amazing tits, which was what he liked most about her. The rest of her was just as lovely. Sarah had light, shoulder length blonde hair and a firm, fit body.

The student leaned over her and placed his mouth against one of her big, firm nipples. His lips closed around her nipple and began sucking hungrily as his other hand continued to rub and squeeze her other jug.

Sarah giggled slightly as the student leaned over her and started nursing on her tits. She felt her pussy moisten against the silk covers of her bed, and she could feel that she was completely naked underneath the sheets.

"I guess we have time for a morning quickie." She said.

Derrick looked up from her mountainous tits at her, and then slid over and nuzzled his body in between her parted thighs. Sarah could feel that the young man's large cock was fully hard.

Sarah opened her thighs more, making sure the student in bed with her would be able to mount her easily. She felt his hard cockhead pressed right up against her bald pussy. It was so wrong to do this with one of the students at her school, but she just couldn't overcome her urges.

Derrick pushed his rod into the folds of the gym teacher's pussy and buried his cock inside her with a satisfied grunt. Her pussy was nice and moist and he was able to slide his entire rod into her with one quick thrust. Sarah moaned as she felt the student's cock push all the way inside her and she arched her back.

Derrick started sliding his dick in and out of the gym teacher below him. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around his dick. It was a good thing he knew how to change a flat tire, otherwise he wouldn't be here fucking his teacher! Never in his wildest dreams, he thought to himself.

Their bodies slapped together as Derrick pumped his shaft in and out of the gorgeous, busty vixen below him. His heavy balls slapped up against her ass each time he buried his dick into her gorgeous body.

After only a few minutes of pounding Sarah's pussy, Derrick started to cum. He kept his dick buried deep up into the gym teacher's cunt as his cock spasmed and spurted, emptying his load into her. "Ahhhhh, yes!" he yelled as his balls emptied their juice into her body.

When he was done cumming, Derrick slumped over and laid down beside her on the bed.

"I need to get ready for school." Sarah said to him as she crawled out of bed. "And so do you!" She added, but it seemed that Derrick was already asleep again.

"Hmmmph! Figures." She said to herself as she walked out of her bedroom into the living room.

When she walked out into the living room, Sarah found her friend, Cindy Brown, passed out on her sofa. Cindy was the school's nurse and was just as sexy as she was. She was sprawled out on the couch completely naked and exposed. She had lovely smooth, tan skin, and was blessed with an impressive rack just as her friend was. Cindy's dark hair was messed up and hid her face slightly as she was completely passed out. One of her legs was dangling over the edge of the sofa, leaving her pussy exposed.

Sarah knelt down beside Cindy on the sofa and leaned over her, kissing her lips softly to wake her up. Her soft lips pressed up against her friend's in a sweet, sensual kiss, but it wasn't enough to wake her up. Sarah kissed her again, this time more passionately, and even slipped her tongue inside Cindy's mouth.

This roused Cindy enough and she slowly came out of her slumber, smiling as she found herself kissing her best friend. The two of them had fooled around before on a few occasions, so this was nothing new to them.

"Mmmmm, good morning." The school nurse said quietly.

"Good morning." Sarah replied.

"I think I'm still sore from the pounding Derrick gave me last night." Cindy said.

"I can't believe we fucked him. I promised myself that this year I wasn't going to fool around with any students. I wanted to be done with that." Sarah admitted reluctantly.

"Oh, don't be such a prude. You'll miss out on a lot of fun with that attitude." Cindy told her.

"I know. I'm just afraid one of these times I'm going to get caught. I would get fired for sure!" Sarah said, then added "Speaking of which, we should get ready for school. We're going to be late!"

"What are you talking about? Today's Saturday!" Cindy told her.

"Oh." Sarah had completely forgot.

"I guess that means we have more time to fool around." Cindy whispered, and with that, she reached up and cupped each of Sarah's lovely tits, giving them each a firm squeeze as she began to kiss her again.

* * * * * *

The next Monday when Sarah got into her office at school, she got a phone call from the school's secretary asking her to come down to the main office to meet with the principal.

Sarah walked down through the halls of Westville High school, and on her way she thought about the stern principal she was about to meet with. Principal Schwartz was a ruthless principal who had taken over for the school's previous, less responsible principal Jack Harry. Schwartz was a bitter divorcee who seemed to be out to get her and Cindy in trouble at every opportunity.

There had been one case where Schwartz was almost successful. The bitch had bribed a student to videotape her having sex and planned to use it against her, but luckily Sarah had found out about the plan and was able to get the same student to seduce the Principal and videotaped it as well. The two tapes cancelled each other out, since neither woman would be able to blackmail the other without getting exposed themselves.

Sarah entered the main office and was walked to the back where the Principal's private office was. She knocked on the door and then walked in.

Sarah entered Principal Schwartz's office and found there was a student in the office as well; A young female student that Sarah didn't recognize. She knew all the female students since she had each and every one in her physical education class.

"Oh, sorry. Should I wait outside?" Sarah asked, not wanting to interrupt the meeting the principal was having with the girl.

"No, come sit down." The principal instructed her.

Principal Schwartz was a stern, uptight woman in her early thirties. She was actually very beautiful, but her bitter attitude left her to be hated by nearly everyone she worked with. The principal's long blonde hair was tied up in a very tight bun, as it normally was, and she wore thick glasses, which were perched at the tip of her nose. The principal was wearing a conservative white blouse, but her massive tits were still noticeable, no matter how hard she tried to hide them. In fact, the principal's tits were even larger than Sarah's.

Sarah walked to the other chair across from Schwartz's desk and sat down beside the student, and gave her a smile.

"Miss Stevens, this is Juliet, our exchange student. She just arrived today." Principal Schwartz informed her.

"Oh! Welcome to Westville!" Sarah said to her warmly, but the girl looked at her with a confused look. Perhaps she didn't understand.

"She speaks almost no English." The principal went on.

"Oh." Sarah said, and then turned back to the exchange student again. She started speaking to her again, this time very slowly. "Hello, Juliet. My… name… is… Miss… Stevens. Welcome!"

Juliet smiled at her and said "Hello" with a thick accent.

"Where is she from?" Sarah asked, directing the question at the principal.

"I don't know. I hardly have any information on her. She just arrived with this folder with two pieces of paper in it. I can't read any of the information; it's in another language. The only thing I know is that she's 18 and has an A+ average in her home country."

Sarah looked at Juliet, trying to see if she could figure out where she might be from. The girl had shoulder length dark hair, dark eyes, a tan complexion. Overall she was very beautiful, and actually she was dressed very provocatively. Short jeanshorts showed off her tight, smooth legs, and a tight halfshirt exposed her trim stomach. The shirt had a V-neck which dipped down enough to show an impressive rack of cleavage that looked like it was about to spill out. Her tits were absolutely massive, they had to be at least a full cup size bigger than Sarah's!

"Juliet… where… are… you… from?" Sarah asked her painfully slowly.

Juliet just smiled back at her and said, "Hello. My name Juliet" in that same thick accent.

"Well, you'll find out eventually." The principal said to Sarah.

"What do you mean?"

"I can't seem to find out who she's supposed to be staying with while she's here, so she's going to have to stay with a teacher until I figure it out." The principal said.

"Why me??" Sarah protested. It seemed like she was always getting stuck doing something she didn't want to at the request of the principal.

"Because you're the school's newest teacher still. If you don't like it, you can find another job!"

Sarah crossed her arms and frowned. "I just might, this is pissing me off." She muttered under her breath.

"What did you say?" Ms. Schwartz asked her.

"Nothing. Fine, I'll let her stay at my place. Come with me, Juliet." Sarah said, motioning for the busty exchange student to follow her.

"Oh, before she goes to her first class, find her some decent clothes. That whore outfit she's wearing is completely unacceptable! You have some spare clothes down at the gym, don't you?" The principal said to her.

"Yes… I'll take care of it." Sarah said, and then walked out with Juliet.

* * * * * *

As the two of them walked down the hall together, every guy in the school stopped and stared at the new, top-heavy exchange student. She seemed to enjoy the attention and was winking at the boys she passed.

Sarah ushered Juliet into her office down by the gym and opened up a metal locker that she had inside. There was a spare set of clothes in there in case any of the girls forgot a change of clothes for gym class. Sarah handed the clothes to Juliet and told her to put them on. She knew the exchange student probably didn't understand what she was saying, so Sarah made motions with her hands and body and Juliet nodded in understanding.

Sarah closed her office door to give Juliet some privacy, and walked down the corridor to where her male counterpart, Coach Bradley Hicks' office was. Coach Hicks was the gym teacher for the males, had just been rehired after having been suspended.

"Hey, what's up sugar?" Coach Hicks said to Sarah as she stopped by his office.

"Not much. Looks like I got stuck taking care of the exchange student." Sarah told him.

"Oh, yeah?" Hicks said to her.

"Yeah, she's in my office changing right now." Sarah added, wishing she had someone to complain to. Bradley Hicks didn't give much of a shit about anything except himself though.

"Good luck with that." The male gym coach said to her.

"Yeah, whatever. I'll be back in a few minutes." Sarah said, and then walked down to the nurse's office to talk to her friend Cindy Brown.

After several minutes, Sarah returned to her own office and found the door was still closed. Was she still in there changing? It couldn't take that long!

Sarah walked up to the door and knocked on it. To her surprise, she heard Coach Hicks' voice inside yell back, "Just a minute."

Sarah gasped and opened the door, finding Bradley Hicks standing in the middle of her office with his pants down around his ankles. Right in front of him, on her knees, was Juliet. She had her top off, leaving her huge breasts bare, and was sucking on the coach's stiff dick.

"Hey!" Sarah yelled and shut the door behind her so no one would see. "Bradley, stop!"

But the male's gym teacher ignored her and continued letting the busty exchange student suck on his dick. Juliet barely looked over at Sarah as she walked in, and continued to suck and slurp on Hicks' hard member. She seemed really into it.

"Juliet, that's inappropriate! Stop right now!" She tried to order her.

Juliet ignored her as well and continued to suck on Hicks' cock. She really looked like she was enjoying it. Both of her hands were wrapped around the hard cock in front of her, and she was pumping it up and down. Her mouth was wrapped around the dick tightly and she sucked with all her might.

The coach grunted and started to cum, filling Juliet's mouth with his jizz. The girl swallowed as much as she could, but some dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her massive, jiggling tits. When he was done cumming, Coach Hicks removed his cock from the girl's mouth with a pat on her head.

Sarah was speechless as the coach pulled up his pants and started toward the door.

"I can't believe this. I'm going to tell Principal Schwartz about this, and this time you'll be fired permanently!" Sarah threatened him.

"No you won't." The coach said casually. "Because if you do, I'll tell her about you and Derrick."

"You know about that?" She said in surprise.

"Yeah, he told me all about it. So keep your mouth shut about this, ok?" He said to her as he walked by and strolled out the door.

Sarah sighed in absolute frustration and slammed the door shut again. She turned back to Juliet, who was still kneeling there, cum dripping down her chin, with some drops smeared across her tits.

"Go take a shower." She told her.

* * * * * *

After school that day, Sarah was driving home with Juliet in the car beside her. They were heading back to her apartment and would hopefully avoid any other trouble or embarrassing situations.

"So, did you learn any more English today?" Sarah asked her.

"Yes." Juliet said, smiling widely.

"Oh, what did you learn?" She asked.

"I learn, ‘Fuck me'. I learn, ‘I like suck cock'!" Juliet said happily in her thick accent.

Sarah's jaw dropped. "Oh my goodness. Who taught you that!? Actually, I don't even want to know."

She was cut off as her cell phone rang; It was Derrick. She picked up the phone and talked to him for a couple minutes. He wanted to come over and see her. Sarah wondered what she would do with Juliet in her apartment, but she really wanted to see Derrick so she told him to go ahead and come over.

The two girls arrived at Sarah's apartment, went inside and Sarah flipped on the TV for Juliet. Derrick arrived only about ten minutes later. As he walked in he noticed Juliet sitting on the sofa and his eyes went wide at the sight of the beautiful girl. "Hi there." He said to her, and Juliet smiled in return.

Sarah gave Derrick a big hug as he walked in, crushing her big tits up against his chest. After a long embrace, she turned to face Juliet and introduced Derrick. "Derrick, this is Juliet, she's the new exchange student at school."

"Hi, nice to meet you." He said as he walked over to her and extended his hand for her to shake.

Juliet shook his hand and then announced, "I like suck cock!"

"Oh really!?" Derrick said in surprise.

Sarah cringed in embarrassment and blushed deeply. "Oh no… Don't mind her, Derrick. She doesn't know any English and someone taught her that today."

Derrick laughed, and Sarah come over to him and took him by the hand. "I haven't even gotten undressed from work yet." She whispered to him. "Wanna help me?" she asked with a wink.

The two of them went into the bedroom, leaving Juliet out in the living room with the TV on. Derrick shut the door behind them, and Sarah started to unzip her sweatshirt. She pulled the zipper down her front, and opened the sweatshirt, exposing her tone stomach and her sports bra, which held up her jugs.

As soon as Sarah had slid her sweatshirt off her shoulders, Derrick had his hands on her bra, helping her pull it off. He lifted up the bottom of the bra and pulled it up over her giant knockers which spilled out, and then he pulled it up over her head as Sarah lifted her arms. As soon as her tits came out, Derrick cupped them in his hands and started squeezing them.

Sarah giggled as her young fuck-buddy went straight to her tits. She arched her back, pushing her knockers out as the student gripped them and pushed them together. Derrick lowered his head and sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth and began sucking on it. His hands continued to squeeze her gorgeous melons while he sucked hungrily, switching back and forth between each of her nipples, leaving them wet with his drool.

"I love your tits, Miss Stevens. All day long I couldn't stop thinking about shoving my face and my dick into them." He told her as he rubbed his face against her bulging jugs.

"Why don't you take your pants off and sit down on the bed, honey." She whispered back to him.

Derrick smiled, liking the idea. He did as the busty teacher asked, and pulled his jeans off, leaving his t-shirt and socks on, then sat down on the side of her bed. Sarah opened her bedside table drawer and took out a little bottle of skin lotion as she knelt down in front of the student. Derrick's dick was sticking straight up, fully hard, and his legs were spread apart. Sarah knelt between his spread legs and she opened the bottle of lotion, squirting some across her cleavage.

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