tagErotic CouplingsWestville High Sluts Ch. 02

Westville High Sluts Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Westville High Sluts chapter 1, and is ultimately a continuation of the Sarah Stevens chronicles. If you have not read any of the stories before this one you may want to view some of my other submissions which feature the same characters, and the other excellent authors who have contributed to this series: GeorgeTasker, Leon22, and JohnEvans. All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

* * * * *

Sarah Stevens blew her whistle loudly in the gymnasium, signaling the end of class. Basketballs were flying across the room and bouncing everywhere, but as soon as the class heard the whistle, everyone dropped what they were doing and headed toward the locker room.

This had been the last class of the day, and now that Sarah was done, she cleaned up the gymnasium, making sure all the basketballs were put away in the sports closet. Once she had all the equipment stored away, she locked the doors of the closet and headed back to her office.

It was 3:30 by the time she had finished storing away the equipment in the gymnasium, and there were still a few students wandering the halls, some who had stayed late for one reason or another, whether it be detention, after school clubs or whatnot.

She entered her office where she found Derrick waiting for her. Derrick was the student that they had enlisted the help of to help raise the money they needed to fill the school's budget deficit of nearly two thousand dollars. Sarah cursed herself for getting involved in the whole mess, but the fact was she was involved whether she wanted to be or not. Principal Schwartz had somehow misplaced 20 grand that the state had given the school, and unless they came up with the money in about two weeks, the auditors would find out and the school would be closed for sure. Or worse, they could be convicted of money laundering or theft.

"Hi Derrick." She said as she walked into her office. Sarah removed her whistle from around her neck and placed it on the hook behind her door as she closed it.

"Hi Miss Stevens." Derrick said to her with a smile. He was sitting in her chair. As soon as the door was shut, he unbuttoned his pants and began sliding them down.

Sarah walked to where Derrick was sitting and she knelt down between his legs where he was pulling his pants down. She helped the student slide his pants down, along with his underwear, and his semi-hard cock came out into view just in front of her.

Derrick had created a website called Westville High Sluts which they had come up with as the solution to raise the money they needed. On the website were two home-made porn videos of her and Cindy Brown, the school nurse, and another video of the school's principal, Ms. Schwartz. They didn't have any money to pay Derrick for his work, so Sarah had been paying him with sexual favors, which seemed to be just fine to him.

Sarah lifted her sweatshirt up over her head, letting her big, firm 36DD tits come spilling out free, nipples already hard. Before she even had her sweatshirt completely off, Derrick had his hands on her tits and was squeezing and feeling them.

"Derrick, tell me how the website is doing, and how much money we've made." Sarah said to him as she reached up and gently took his cock in her hands, which was getting harder by the second now. She squeezed his dick lightly as her tits were fondled, and once his cock was fully hard, she began stroking him up and down.

"I've set it up so that you have to pay a membership fee to gain access to the videos." Derrick began, as the busty gym teacher between his legs stroked his cock.

"Yes, I know that. But tell me how much more we need to make." Sarah replied.

Sarah leaned her head over Derrick's dick and licked the tip of his swollen cockhead. She rolled her tongue around and around the tip of his member and then she let it slide in between her lips, which she sealed around his shaft tightly, and began sucking him.

"Uhhh..." Derrick moaned as the sexy teacher started blowing him. "... It's 20 dollars per member, and we've had 504 members sign up so far..."

Sarah cupped Derrick's balls with one of her hands, and with her other hand, she stroked the bottom of his shaft as she sucked and slurped his cock. She nursed on his dick hungrily, and let her saliva drool out from the sides of her mouth and drip down his veiny shaft.

"Oh man... uhhnnngg... So we've made ten thousand and eighty ... ohhh God... dollars so far."

The gym teacher's lips were sealed tightly around Derrick's shaft like a rubber band, and she was bobbing her head up and down, fucking his dick with her mouth. Her tongue rubbed along his cock and her hand jerked him off up and down into her mouth.

"So that puts us about half way to the... oh fuck that feels good... goal" He stammered, trying to both talk and experience Miss Stevens' blowjob at the same time was nearly impossible.

Derrick continued to squeeze and grope Miss Stevens' huge funbags as she sucked him off. Her mouth was like a velvet milking machine; He knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"So we need about 496... Oh, don't stop... new members to cum... I mean, join the website, to earn the... oh fuck... to earn the rest of... oh God... the... I'm going to cum!"

Derrick's cock exploded in the gym teacher's mouth, spurting shots and shots of his thick gooey cum into her mouth. Sarah swallowed the entire load, thirsty for cum, and didn't stop sucking until her student's dick was dry.

Once she had finished swallowing all of her student's baby batter, she got back up on her feet and wiped her mouth. "The question is, Derrick, are we going to be able to raise the rest of the money in time?"

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Miss Stevens." Derrick responded. "We need more content for the website. The majority of our members signed up in the first three days that the website was up, and since then the rest have just trickled in since then. Unless we get more than those two videos on the website, we don't have any hope of raising another 10 grand."

"More content meaning, more videos of me, Cindy, and Principal Schwartz?" Sarah asked.

"Yep. And anyone else you might know of."

"Actually, I may know someone who might be willing to help out." Sarah said, reaching for her cell phone in her gym bag.

"Oh yeah, who do you have in mind? Another teacher?" Derrick asked curiously.

"No, Betty Smith. She's a PTA member and very involved in the school." Sarah said as she opened her phone and began dialing the home phone number from memory. "She's a good friend. I hope she'll help us!" she whispered.

"Betty Smith? You mean Bobby Smith's mom?" Derrick asked. "Oh man, I've heard some wild stories about her!"

"You have? I can only imagine!" Sarah told him as she heard the line ringing as she held the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" She heard Mrs. Smith answer.

"Hi, Betty. This is Sarah Stevens from the school."

"Oh, Hi!" Mrs. Smith's voice was a little shaky and it sounded like she was panting.

"Is now a bad time? It sounds like you're a little out of breath." Sarah said to her.

"Ummmmm, its okay, now's fine. What's up?"

"Well, the school is in some trouble and we need your help with something. You're one of the few people I know I can count on."

"Yeah I would love to help out."

"Ok great, I'll tell you more about it tomorrow."

"Ok, talk to you later!"

"Bye." Sarah said as she closed her phone and set it back in her bag.

* * * * * * * *

On the other side of the line, Mrs. Smith set the phone down on the receiver after saying goodbye to Miss Stevens.

"Who was that?" Asked her son, Bobby.

She looked down at her son who was below her; the two of them were in bed together. She was sitting on top of him naked, straddling his hard cock which was still inside her. Both of them, mother and son, were sweating profusely. They had been fucking like rabbits when Sarah had called.

"Oh it was your old gym teacher, Sarah Stevens." Mrs. Smith replied, putting her hands back on her son's strong shoulders as she sat on top of him. "I promise no more interruptions until we cum, okay dear?"

Bobby was lying on the bed underneath his mom, looking up at her gorgeous body and her huge tits which were hanging down, in perfect fondling position. His mother had an excellent body for being in her late thirties. She had short brown hair which came down to just barely touch her shoulders, and a very pretty face. Her figure was trim and in shape, and she had always been blessed with a huge set of tits.

Bobby had graduated from Westville High School last year, but he now went to Westville State University so he was able to live at home. Most college students would rather not live at home and commute, but for Bobby, being at home meant he could spend time with his mom, and they had a very special relationship. Almost half a year ago, Bobby and his mother started having sex together, and they had been going at it constantly ever since, all the while keeping it secret from his father.

Mrs. Smith was leaning forward slightly, letting her voluptuous tits push out so they bulged invitingly. Bobby reached up and cupped each one in his hands, letting his mother's stiff nipples press against his palms. He squeezed her gorgeous melons together and played with them while his stiff prick was impaled up inside her pussy.

Even though they had been doing this for several months now, Bobby still sometimes would think to himself and be amazed at what they were doing. Right now he was so fucking turned on by his mother, and he had his hard cock shoved inside the very same vagina that had given birth to him 19 years ago.

His mother was straddling his hips, sitting on top of him, and was rocking her hips back and forth, gently grinding on his dick. She began bouncing up and down on him again, which was what she was doing before the phone call from Sarah Stevens. Bobby looked down and watched his mother's pussy rise up and down, his dick disappearing into it and then pulling out, over and over.

Bobby squeezed his mother tits and massaged them in his hands as he bucked his hips up against hers as she rode him, making sure his cock would thrust inside his mom all the way, maximizing the penetration.

They were both close to orgasming now; they had been fucking non-stop for over an hour before the phone had rang. Both Bobby and his mother quickened their pace. Their bodies slapped together faster and faster; the moaning, squeaking of the bed, and slapping noises of their bodies together not only filled the room, but the entire house.

Bobby felt his mother cumming and her pussy quivered and clentched slightly around his cock. At the same time, he exploded as well, his cock squirting his huge load inside mom's pussy.

They stayed together until they were both done cumming. Bobby held his dick inside his mother, emptying all of his ball juice inside her, and his mom, Betty, held onto her son's shoulders while she rode out her own orgasm.

* * * * * * * *

Sarah headed into the girls' locker room with her towel and toothbrush, intending to clean up before heading home. She still had the taste of cum in her mouth from giving Derrick a blowjob.

She stopped at one of the sinks and brushed her teeth, and then headed to the showers. Damn, She thought to herself. I forgot they still haven't fixed the hot water in here. And I am not taking a cold shower! But the boys' shower room has hot water. Hmmmm. It's late in the day, no one's in there. It'll be ok.

So Sarah walked across the gymnasium to the other side and went into the boys' locker room. "Anyone in here?" She yelled as she walked inside, her voice echoing off the cement walls. As she expected, it was deserted.

She found the showers, which was basically one open room with several showerheads, and flipped one of them on to the hottest temperature it would allow. Once it was warmed up to her satisfaction, Sarah slipped out of her clothes and tossed them on the bench near the showers, along with her towel.

The hot water cascaded over Sarah's nude body as she stood under the showerhead, letting herself get completely wet. Once she had let the warm, soothing water rain down on her for several minutes, she grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering up her body. She soaped up her upper body, getting her arms, shoulders, and breasts completely soapy. Each of her nipples were hard as her fingers rolled over them.

Next, she began soaping up her thighs and she washed between her legs. She cleaned her anus and her other hand glided over her pussy. It was when she touched her pussy that she really consciously realized that she was turned on. Giving Derrick that blowjob had gotten her warmed up, and she hadn't had any real action in a while.

She slipped one finger inside her asshole, and another in her pussy, and began gently fingering herself. Sarah leaned her head back against the wall and moaned. That's when she heard something.

Sarah opened her eyes to find two boys standing in the locker room just outside the showers. Each of them had the same expression of amazement on their face – mouths open wide, and eyes open wider. Sarah recognized them; She knew they were seniors, but she didn't know either one's name.

"Enjoying the show?" Sarah said to them, placing the bar of soap back on the ledge.

The boys stammered to say something but only mumbled. They were both wearing workout clothes: sweatpants, sneakers and their shirts were soaked in sweat. They had probably just got done running, or playing basketball outside or something. One of the boys was taller, with curly brown hair, and the other was shorter, but still a good height, with blonde hair. They exchanged a quick glance at each other, as if to confirm that they each weren't seeing things.

"No need to just watch. I think there's room for two more in here." She said, giving them a 'come and fuck me' smile.

The two guys didn't need any more invitation than that, and they both stripped off their shirts, shoes, pants and underwear until they were completely naked, and joined Miss Stevens under the warm shower.

The taller, curly haired boy stood beside Miss Stevens on the right, while the shorter one was on her other side, with her in the middle. The hot shower was raining down on all three of them, soaking their naked bodies wet. Each of the boys had their stiff cocks pressed up against the side of her thigh and their hands began to roam her body, with each of them squeezing her ass, and her big DD cup tits.

"Wow, Miss Stevens, you are soooo hot." The one with the curly hair said to her while one of his hands squeezed her right breast.

"Thanks!" She replied. "You buys look awfully horny." She told them, noticing that their cocks were extremely hard and they were humping against her a little, rubbing themselves against her thighs.

"Oh you bet I am, Miss Stevens." The shorter blonde haired guy said, "Never in my wildest dreams have I thought I'd actually get to squeeze your tits naked in the shower."

"I know I've dreamed of it!" The taller one said.

"You have?" Sarah asked him.

"Miss Stevens, I think every guy in school has fantasized about you." One other one said.

"Really?" Sarah said to them both, and she slid her hands down to wrap her fingers around each one of their stiff cocks. Once she had each of their dicks in her hands, she began stroking them back and forth. "Really? Have you fantasized about me giving you a blowjob?"

"Oh fuck yes!" The tall boy with the curly hair said.

Sarah slowly dropped down to her knees on the wet tile floor of the shower room. Both of the young men were standing before her, their stiff and eager pricks level with her head. She placed her hands back on both of the students' cocks, and then she leaned forward, opening her mouth and sucking the cockhead of the shorter, blonde haired boy first.

The other boy poked his dick up against Miss Stevens' cheek while she sucked on the shorter one. She sucked on the tip of his cock, having her lips around just the mushroomed, swollen head of his prick. Her tongue flicked over the cockhead inside her mouth while she was sucking, and then she let it slide further inside her mouth.

While she sucked on the cock right in front of her in her mouth, Sarah made good use of her hands by stroking the penis of the other, taller boy. She could tell he was anxious to get his own dick sucked because he kept shoving his cock up against her face. Sarah did a good job of keeping him satisfied by jerking him off while she sucked on the other student.

After a little while, she did switch. She opened her mouth and turned her face to the other student's cock. The blonde haired student she was just sucked on sighed reluctantly as his cock was pulled out of her mouth, but Sarah quickly had her hand wrapped around his package and was jerking him off as she moved on to suck the next cock. The tall student happily fed his prick into her mouth as she moved over to him. Sarah wrapped her lips tightly around his fat, swollen shaft and began sucking and slurping hungrily.

As Sarah was jerking off the boy beside her, he reached down and cupped both of the gym teacher's big, full tits in his hands and began squeezing them. Sarah felt the boy's erection press up against her breasts as she sucked off the other student right beside her. With her titties in his hand, he nuzzled his cock in between them and squeezed her magnificent jugs around his rod.

Meanwhile, Sarah was busy sucking and slurping on the other student's cock. She kept her lips wrapped around his dick as tight as a rubber band as she bobbed her head back and forth, fucking his cock as if her mouth was a pussy. Her tongue rubbed up against the underside of his shaft as she devoured him.

The other student was busy now shoving his dick up between her tits. Sarah's huge melons were squeezed together around the student's pole and he was grinding his hips, sending his penis through her breasts. He was really enjoying tittyfucking the big-titted, slutty teacher. Her flesh mountains felt amazing wrapped around his cock as he pounded between them.

Right in the middle of her sucking on the taller boy's cock, he pulled his dick out of her mouth suddenly. She blinked in surprise, thinking that perhaps he was going to cum. The other student was still happily sliding his dick up and down through her wet titties.

"Enough of this blowjob shit. Let's fuck her." The taller student said to the one who was tittyfucking her.

"Yeah!" He said, pulling his dick out from between her tits.

"Wait, I don't think that's such a..." Sarah started to protest but she was cut off.

"I want to take her in the ass." The taller boy said to the other.

"That's fine, I'm totally happy with her pussy." The other replied.

"Wait, wait..." Sarah tried to protest again, but she was cut off again as she was yanked around by the two students. The blonde haired boy, the one who was tittyfucking her, laid down on the shower floor and pulled her on top of him, as the other taller student walked around behind. She felt the tip of the student's cock press up against her slit.

"At least tell me your names before you fuck me. I don't even know your names!" Sarah exclaimed.

"I'm George." The blonde haired student below her said.

"And I'm Vic." The taller, curly haired boy behind her said.

"George, Vic, maybe we shouldn't do this... I mean, someone could walk in here." Sarah said to them. She felt Vic getting into position behind her. He was soaping up his cock to make it nice and slippery and she felt the heavy rod pressing up against her body. Below her, George's cock was positioned and ready to shove inside her pussy.

"Awww come on, Miss Stevens. That didn't stop you just a second ago." George said to her, and then he pushed his hips up, sliding his wet cock up into her sweet pussy. With one quick thrust, his penis slipped into her. He held onto her thighs tightly as he pushed up, burying his rod inside her tight, bald little fuckhole. George groaned deeply as he impaled his cock into the school's hottest teacher, fulfilling one of his biggest fantasies.

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