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Westville High - The Water Park


Credit goes to Zaxxon for his excellent character Sarah Stevens, and to the setting of Westville High. Credit also to George_Tasker, whose brilliant re-takes of Miss Stevens led me to write this story.

Finally, Linda Turner provided excellent editing assistance for this story.


Westville High - The Water Park

My name is Doug Waldorf, and I'm an EVIL genius.

No, seriously, I'm an evil genius. My IQ was tested at 195, that's the genius part. And I'm definitely evil. I'm the son of Huey Waldorf, whom you probably haven't ever heard of. Other people call him "Roach Man." Sound familiar?

Anyway, my story began when I was cruising around on "Literotica" looking for something really good to read. It was then, that I stumbled onto the stories about Westville High.

After a night of reading every story I could get my hands on, and a bunch of cum-soaked tissues, I started plotting my course.

"Dad, I want to transfer to Westville High," I told him.

"What? Why?" he asked.

I pulled out my official SuperVillain laptop, and showed him some of the porn that Westville had made. In one, there's a nurse fucking a student. In another, she's taking on a couple of students. Now, a teacher appears to be fucking a bunch of students.

"Holy shit!" he said.

The next week, I found myself walking the halls of my new school, Westville High.

As I walked around the brick-lined halls, I noticed that the whole place was full of bimbos and sluts.

There's Tina. She's a redheaded little minx who's fucked and sucked almost every male in this school. She's wearing an all-white tennis outfit, and you can see that her tits are just crammed into that little tank top. Shit, her skirt just flipped up... is she wearing any underwear?

There's Nurse Brown. That nurse's uniform can't be regulation. It's impossibly tight on her curvy body. The front buttons on her uniform are undone all the way to her stomach, and I can see her black lace bra encasing her pillowy breasts. What do they put in the water around here, anyway?

There's Principal Schwartz. She's a buxom blonde wench who dresses like a slutty secretary. Today, she's wearing a pencil skirt which is damn tight on her ass, and slit almost all the way up her thigh. She's wearing a loose blouse. Wow, she's got huge fucking tits! I kind of like the evil scowl she's got on her face, too.

I'll fuck them later, I told myself. For now, I'm hunting bigger game. Where is Sarah Stevens?

I was particularly interested in Sarah Stevens, the slutty high school teacher who had been the subject of multiple stories. In one particularly hot one, she got roped into a drama production, and got into all kinds of sexual hi-jinks with the juvenile boys running the show. I particularly wanted to see the video of the show, where one boy stripped her out of a tight corset and fucked her from behind right there on the stage.

Ahead of me, I finally saw her. That has to be Ms. Stevens, I thought, standing among a crowd of guys. They were all yelling shit at her, trying to get her to pay attention to them. She had a small smile and her face. She looks pleased with all the attention, I thought.

Holy shit! I stared at her apparel. Is that really what she's wearing around school?

Ms. Stevens looked to be in her mid 20's. She's about the same height as I am: 5' 8". Her platinum blond hair was curled in little waves which fell below her shoulders. She's wearing a sports tank top which clings to her ample tits. Her athletic, toned waist and large curvy breasts were clearly highlighted by the stretchy material. She's wearing exercise shorts as well, which had a white tie around her waist. Look at that ass! It looked like I could balance a book on that thing!

Damn. She's hotter than I thought, and probably just as slutty as all the stories say. To fuck her, I just have to figure out a way to get her alone, and it looks like all the other guys in this school have the exact same idea.

I quickly put my plan into action. I filled out a few forms, and, presto, I am the new president of the "Water Park Club." Naturally, our noble purpose is a dedication to the enjoyment of "Water Parks".

Every club at Westville has to have at least three members. I quickly bribed two obtuse classmates in my Spanish class, Marie and Greg. These two underage kids just want access to money and cigarettes, so it's easy for me to use my ID (I'm eighteen) and a little bit of evil cash to get them to sign up.

Now, with the Water Park Club officially formed, I had to look for a chaperone.

I asked Ms. Stevens, of course. During our lunch break, there's a line of guys loitering outside her door, all hoping to get lucky and convince her to "relieve their aching erections."

Since no one was actually talking to her, I walked right up and explained to her about my club.

"The Water Park Club," she said, "What's that about?"

"Well, it's a club for people who like Water Parks," I explain patiently. "Do you like Water Parks?"

"Yeah! Water slides are super fun," Sarah agreed.

"Then you have to join," I said quickly. "We could use a chaperone for our next event."

"When's your next event?" she asked me.

I sighed inside, and told myself to be patient. I would be fucking this idiot in due time. Just for fun, I looked down her valley of cleavage peeking out from under her tank top. "We are planning to go to the Big Kahuna Water Park this weekend. It should be really fun!"


That's how I managed to get to score a trip to the Big Kahuna Water Park with the gorgeous Ms. Stevens.

As soon as we arrived, I quickly paid off the two idiots with five dollars in quarters; they happily found their way to the arcade.

Then I went to find Ms. Stevens. She was sitting under a large beach umbrella reading a copy of US Weekly magazine. The cover of the magazine was "Bieber Fever!" She was wearing a tight purple dress which had a little flower pattern on it. The dress looked almost painted on, and her ample tits bulged out through the deep U-shaped cut at the chest.

"Hey Ms. Stevens," I said, and she looked up at me.

"Where are the other two members of your club?"

"I'm not really sure," I lied, "I guess they ditched me. Can you do some rides with me? All of the rides here are for two people!"

"I thought I would grab some rest time," Ms. Stevens complained.

"But who will I go on rides with? And I'm the president of the Water Park club!"

Reluctantly, she agreed.

The beautiful Miss Stevens stood up, and we walked to the lady's room together for me to wait for her to change. She went inside for a few minutes. I sat outside patiently.

After a minute or two, she poked her head outside and sheepishly asked me to come inside. I did so, checking first that the bathroom was empty.

"Can you unzip me?" she asked.

She turned around and lifted her hair up.

"Of course," I said. I fiddled with her zipper for a while, it was quite stuck. "I just don't have enough leverage," I said.

"What's leverage?" she asked.

"Never mind. Can you just bend over the sink so I can pull the zipper harder?" I told her.

Obediently, she bent over the sink and put her hips against it, bending at the waist. I stood directly behind her, with my crotch pressed firmly against her butt. I fiddled with her zipper for a while longer, stretching out the time that I was pressed directly against her electrifying ass. Then, finally, I wrenched her zipper downward, and it finally gave way.

With her dress undone, Sarah shimmied out of it. Under her dress, she was already wearing her bikini.

Oh my lord! My heart skips a beat. I'd read descriptions of her, but it's just incredible to see Ms. Stevens in the flesh.

Sarah Stevens was built like a swimsuit model or like a Playboy bunny. Under her clothes, she was wearing a very skimpy bikini. The bikini top was light blue, and was patterned with tiny white polka dots. The bikini top was well-fitting: two triangles that strained to hold in my teacher's overflowing breasts. It had thin, white spaghetti strap ties which met behind her neck. Her breasts were nestled together by the bra into a pool of cleavage that threatened to suck in my gaze.

Her bikini bottoms had the same blue and white polka dot pattern, with white spaghetti strings tied in looping bows at her hips. How does that bottom stay on? Those ties look so fragile that I could undo her bikini with one quick move...

"Ms. Stevens? Could you help me with my swimsuit now? My shorts are a little tight." No reason to complicate things, I reasoned. According to what I've read, Ms. Stevens is looser than a pack of worn out rubber bands.

"Doug. You're really cute, and I'd love to see what's under your short," Ms. Stevens says with a sexy grin. "BUT. I have a new policy. No sex with my students."

"Really? Since when?" I was genuinely surprised that she was offering resistance.

"Since 10 minutes ago. My magazine US Weekly is very clear that teachers play an important role in society, and teacher/student relationships are a big no-no," she said with just a hint of self-righteousness.

"Okay, Ms. Stevens. No sex. Got it." Yeah, right, I thought to myself. We'll see.

I am just going to have to work a little bit harder, I thought. Shouldn't be a problem for an EVIL genius like me.


"Which ride should we do first?" she asked, when we had emerged from the changing room.

"How about that one?" I pointed to a tall, twisty one in the middle of the park.

I had already memorized the layout of the park, and for the ride I had pointed to, all riders must have a partner. One person has to ride behind the other on a small plastic sled.

When it was our turn to start the ride, Ms. Stevens climbed onto the front of the sled, and I sat behind her. Her ass, clad in her polka dot bikini bottoms, was directly in front of my dick, and I quickly got an erection. I poked my cock directly into her tight, bikini-clad ass.

I groaned involuntarily at how good it felt! As we got into position to start the ride, I ground my rigid cock forward and back, through the cleft of her ass cheeks. She didn't even seem to notice. Then I looped my hands around her waist, pulling my beautiful teacher in tight to me.

The ride was fun, but I was mostly concentrating on the feeling of my cock, wedged firmly between her ass cheeks. It was great!

For our next ride, I sat behind her again, my cock again was lodged deeply in the crack of her ass. The ride was down through a dark tunnel. Halfway down the slide, I grabbed onto her dangling breasts with both hands.

My hands were now full of her bouncy, full tits. I jiggled them, marveling at their roundness and size. Daringly, I felt her large nipples, like little erasers on my fingers. I felt her aureolae through her bikini top, and pinched her large nipples. It felt great to have her full tits in my hands!

The ride lasted about a minute, and as we crashed into the pool at the bottom, I was happy with how I'd copped a full feel.

She came out of the water, her blond hair matted to her head.

"Did you just feel up my tits?" she accused me.

"No no, Miss Stevens. I was just trying to steer our slide! You know: left-right-left-right."

"Oh, Ok," she said happily. "Thanks for thinking of that!"

On our next ride, she got in front once again, and I sat behind her. Once more, my cock slipped between her ass cheeks like it was made to go there. Before we pushed off to go down the slide, Sarah paused to ask me, "Aren't you going to steer?"

"Oh, yeah. I forgot," I said. Then I put each of my hands on one of her bikini-clad tits, and we rode down together.

On our fourth ride, I had her sit in the back. Her long legs encircled me, one on each side. I couldn't help but stare at her almost muscular calves and her luscious, bare thighs. They're intensely smooth, and I could feel every inch of them as they slid past my waist and we sat together.

Then she put her arms around me, encircling my stomach, almost like she was hugging me. The feeling of her firm breasts on my back was electrifying!

"This ride has a stick shift," I explained carefully. "Pull up when you want to slow down, and push forward to go faster."

I guide her hands to my full, rigid erection in front of her. She held on with both hands.

We went down the ride together, and I groaned in pleasure as her hand jerked my cock back and forth frantically all the way down.

After we crashed into the pool of water at the bottom, Sarah said, "The stick shift didn't work too well."

"Well, the one on that sled must have been broken," I said.


"Should we get some lunch?" I said.

In the line for lunch, Ms. Stevens told me she was on a diet. "I feel like I'm getting fat," she confided in me.

She turned around, and I made a big show of staring at her perfect ass. It's immensely firm and tight. It's still wet, and little drops of moisture dotted it. Her blue and white polka dot bikini bottom is a thin triangle covering only the most meager portion of her crack.

My penis twitches. Down boy, I tell my dick. You're going to get a piece of that later.

"Yeah, you should watch it," I lied. "Guys don't like fat chicks."

She sat down to save us a couple of seats. I ordered her lunch, and paid for our food.

"A cheeseburger and french fries? I can't eat that stuff!" Sarah's nose crinkled in protest.

"No, no, these are a new thing. Super low fat cheeseburger, and skinny french fries."

"Really? I love burgers and fries, and I've never heard of that before," she said.

"Oh, it's a new thing. A specialty, of this particular water park."

I did say that I'm an EVIL genius, right?

During lunch, I made sure to bring up my next demented topic. "I was reading this in the news the other day. A bunch of scientists have found that semen is really good for losing weight."

"Really? I drink semen all the time!" Ms. Stevens's face glowed as she learned about this.

"Yeah, you're so lucky. You have to drink it right after you eat something fatty, though. Helps cut the grease," I said, without even a trace of a smile.

After we finished our meals, we walked out of the restaurant. Miss Stevens burped uncomfortably. "Are you sure that was the diet burger?" she asked me.

I make a big show of checking my receipt. "Oh shit! That was the full fat one. I must have ordered it wrong! I'm so sorry!"

I turned and started to walk away. I did it slowly, and waited for the gears to turn.

"Hey, Doug?"

Finally! I thought.

"Can I have some semen? I really don't want to gain weight because of this," Sarah Stevens grabbed my arm and looked pleadingly into my eyes.

I pretend to protest. "Well, I don't know. Don't you have a "no sex with students" policy?"

"This isn't about sex! You would be giving me a nutritional supplement!"

"I don't know about this..."

"Please? I'm a really good cocksucker! Pretty please?"

"What are you going to give me?"

"Anything you want!"

"One favor, anything I want, later?"


We quickly slipped into the family changing room.

With a sexy grin, Sarah gently pushed on my shoulders, until I found myself seated on the bench in the over-sized bathroom. Dropping gently to her knees before me, she ran her hands over my thighs. She looked up at me under her thick eyelashes, and unlaced my shorts. She pulled them down, and my erect member stood at attention.

Using her long, elegant hands, Ms. Stevens slowly stroked my thickened member. Without saying a word, she flicked out her tongue, tasting my purple head. She leaned over me, breathing her hot breath on my cock. I reached down, cupping the back of her head. She looked up at me, grinning, before opening her mouth.

I felt her hot mouth caressing me, her tongue sliding over my skin. I sighed loudly, almost moaning, and I leaned back, throwing my head back as I pushed up against her mouth. Using her hands, she began to play with my balls. They are unshaven, and she began pulling on my pubic hair lightly, teasing me.

I growled, pushing up at her, and she leaned forward, taking the head of my cock deeper in her mouth. I groan as she slid down my shaft.

She began bobbing her head in my lap, her tongue was caressing my shaft. I groaned as she hit a sensitive spot, and she returned there, licking and sliding all around it. I lifted my hips, pressing myself upwards, and she cupped my thighs, opening her mouth so that I slipped fully inside of her and down her throat.

All too soon, I could feel my orgasm approaching, and hissed out a gasped "I'm going to cum!"

"Cum in my mouth, baby. I need your cum," she mumbled, her mouth still full.

I pushed her head down, thrusting my entire length deep into her throat. I came in big long jerks, into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, sucking my cock dry.

After I put on my shorts and we exited the bathroom, Ms. Stevens says lightly, "Who knew that I could avoid getting fat, just by drinking semen?"

Who indeed?


On our next water ride of the day, the "Twister," I again grabbed onto her ample breasts and groped her all the way down. Ms. Stevens squealed and held onto my hands, further mashing my palms into her tits.

"I wanted to help steer," she explained at the bottom.

I'm a little bored with this now, so I initiated the next phase of my EVIL plan.

We walked past a sign, which read "Miss Big Kahuna Water Park Contest Today!"

Reading the sign, Sarah suddenly grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Oh, Doug! There's a beauty pageant today! Should I enter?"

There was indeed a contest today, but it's only happening because I set it up two days ago by calling the swim park manager and paying him $500.

"A beauty pageant?"

"Yeah! I've never been in a beauty pageant before!"

I made a show of looking her up and down. The busty gym teacher was gorgeous, of course, with her toned, athletic body, and ripe breasts. But I didn't say that.

"You'll need a lot of work, if you want to win," I said critically.

"What kind of work?" Ms. Stevens cupped her tits and turned to look at her ass.

"Outfit, skin, the whole shebang. Lucky for you, I'm a model manager."

"Really? I'm so lucky! I'm in your hands," Ms. Stevens said.

"The first thing we have to do is get you a new swimsuit. That old thing will never do."

"This is my new swimsuit! You really think I need to change it?"

"You want to win, don't you?" I said.

"More than anything!"

"I saw this place just outside the swim park. "Nasty Suits"," I said.

"Great! Let's go get one."

We wandered over to the store adjacent to the swim park. The "Nasty Suits" store is dark and kind of smells like mold and mildew. But it's full of trashy swimwear, just the kind we're looking for.

Sarah grabbed a few outfits off of the shelf, and we went back into the changing room.

I sat on the bench of the changing room, ready for the show.

Without hesitation, Ms. Stevens quickly untied the top of her bikini, letting it flop to the ground. Her full tits bounced free. They were full and ripe, and, despite their size, seemed to defy gravity.

Not wasting any time, Ms. Stevens untied her blue bikini bottoms. I instantly had an erection. Her slit was shaved completely bare, and glistened slightly in the light. In the changing room, I could see my teacher's full ass in the mirror behind her.

She tried on the first suit she'd picked, a black one-piece. The suit was made of a shiny black material, and had a metal front-zip zipper running down the middle from the bust line to the waist. She had to squeeze in it, and when she finally fit her ass and body into it, the suit fit her lower body perfectly, like a second skin.

She tugged at the zipper in the front to try to close it, but the suit was clearly not intended to enclose breasts of her size. Pulling on it as hard as she can, the zipper closed up only to the bottom of her breasts, leaving a deep expanse of cleavage. Her full breasts were hanging out of the top of her suit.

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