tagIncest/TabooWestward Bound Ch. 4-6

Westward Bound Ch. 4-6


I'll continue this story line as time allows, I appreciate the many feedbacks I've recieved. This is a work of pure fantasy, and my thoughts on what it would've been like in these times. Enjoy-----Jerry

Chapter Four

I lay on the log trying to catch my breath, Patty was going to be an incredible fuck, I could hardly wait. My eyes closed, I listened to the sounds of the wild, birds singing, crickets chirping, squirrels playing, then I heard something that made me sit up with a start, leaves crackling under someone's foot. Scanning the brush, I came upon the face of Beth, staring out from between the bushes. "Hi Beth, you scared the devil out of me." I greeted the girl.

Stepping into the clearing, she had a dazed look upon her face, "That was your sister that just sucked your cock." She stated flatly.

Grinning, I said, "Yep, my twin as a matter of fact." I realized now, that when I'd gone over behind her wagon, there were no boys, she had no brothers.

I tried to explain how things happen when you have siblings of the opposite sex, she waved her hand at me, " I understand fully, I've been lusting after my own Pa for years, I've even sucked him a few times, though he's always been dead drunk and don't remember it." Beth confessed. She then explained that she'd always been afraid of how a boy or man would react if they found out she'd sucked her Pa, and hopefully soon, fuck him. I assured her that it'd be just fine with me, I told her my plan of going off and living with Patty as my wife.

"Take me with Ya'll!" she begged. "I saw your sister sucking your cock, I want it too. But not just once, or till we part, but all the time. I'll be like a second wife to you, you'd have two women to keep you happy." Beth said quickly. She couldn't believe she'd just said those things to a complete stranger, but she couldn't help it, since she saw his sister sucking him, she knew she had to be part of them.

"I'll talk to Patty about it, Beth, I like that idea, I'm sure Patty will go along with it too, as long as I'm happy." She then suggested we go to the stream and fool around, smiling, I told her to lead the way. We got to the area where just 45 minutes ago, I'd fucked my younger sister, everyone was gone. I once again stripped down to skin, and dove into the refreshing water, I surfaced and turned to see Beth pulling the last of her under garments off. As she stood, my eyes were treated to one of the finest bodies I'd ever laid eyes on. She was short, hardly any breasts at all, but her nipples were big and thick, if I were to lay close I could probably count every pussy hair she had. Her pussy lips were naturally bald, Peter's dick started to grow hard, when she dove in he caught a glimpse of her magnificent ass, as she dove into the water, her ass looked like a heart. He had to have this one, he decided, she swam between his legs, turning, as she came up, she let her tongue slide into and up the crack of his ass. Peter thought he'd died and gone to heaven, this was awesome, he'd fucked his younger sister, gotten his cock sucked by his twin, and now his ass was getting tongued by this sexy little nymph.

He wondered how long she could hold her breath, her tongue went from his asshole to his balls, up under his dick into his piss hole. His cock jerked with a power of its own, Beth rose up out of the water, wrapping her legs around his waist. He bent his head and kissed her deeply, she moaned into his mouth, he felt her warmth against the head of his dick. He pressed into her, and soon felt a barrier, looking into her face he questioned.

"You're a virgin?"

Beth blushed red, and nodded, " I told you, I've only sucked on my Pa, nothing else, but I'm so ready, I want to become a woman Peter, I want you to make me your woman." Kissing her softly, Pete said in a soft voice, "Beth I'd love to do this, but here in the water is no place to do it for the first time, the water washes away all your juices, and I'll need those juices to bust your cherry."

Kissing her some more, Beth pleaded, "Please Peter, just do it, I don't care if it hurts." Smiling at the young girls enthusiasm, he kissed her forehead, and slide two fingers into her tight hole, they entered easily at first, but soon the water washed her lubricant away, and he could feel his fingers pulling roughly on her inner walls. Beth grunted with pain, "See, and that's just two fingers, my cock is bigger than three fingers around, so can you imagine the pain it'll cause?"

Peter explained. "How about we meet later tonight at the same log, I'll bring a blanket and we'll do it then." he suggested. Beth agreed that would probably be better, but the disappointment was plain on her face. Peter led the girl to the waters edge, lifted her to a large rock, told her to lean back and spread her legs. With that, he kissed his way up her thighs, and started to lick and suck on her bald pussy, he savored the wonderful taste, so sweet, she was marvelous. Her clit was as big as the tip of his ring finger, like a baby dick, Peter sucked it into his mouth, flicking his tongue on it, gently biting it. Moans of pleasure escaped from Beth's lips, soon, the girl was experiencing the most intense orgasm of her young life, only having experienced the ones from her own hands.

She bucked and thrashed upon the rock, her juices started to gush out, Peter thought the girl was pissing on him, but when he realized it was her cum, he lapped it up like a starving dog. Beth leaned up kissing him, licking her juices from his face and lips, she wondered if this was what love was supposed to feel like, or if she was just lusting for this boy. Beth heard her mother hollering for her, so they quickly dressed, kissed, and agreed to meet later that night when everyone was asleep. As Beth quickly went through the bushes back towards camp, Peter heard another noise behind him, a tapping noise. Peter turned towards the noise, his eyes widened in terror, his mouth dropped open, his life flashed before his eyes.

Chapter Five

What greeted Peter when he turned, was his mother, standing there, arms folded across her chest, her foot tapping. "MA!, How long you been standin' there?" Peter croaked. "Long enough young man, long enough." Sarah O'Shea said. She walked over to her eldest son, her eyes betrayed her facial expressions, what Peter saw at first glance was a mother that was extremely pissed off, but as she got closer, he saw a mother's eyes full of love and kindness. Sarah raised her hand and came at Peter's face, he flinched, her hand stopped, then continued when he saw she wasn't going to box his jaws. "Son, where'd you learn about doing what you did to that girl?" she asked. He told his mother he'd heard some of the other boys back home talking about it, and he'd tried it out on a few of his old girlfriends, they all loved it, so he always did it to a girl he was with.

"I mean it only seems fair, if she's willing to suck my dick, then I should be willing to suck her." he reasoned. Sarah looked at her son, he was still bare chested, his pants were unbuttoned and she could see his soft pubic hair and the outline of his growing cock. Sarah felt something stir in her that she thought was dead, she felt moisture forming between her legs. This was her son, she tried to reason, but this only made her clit throb with desire. When she looked back up from her son's dick into his face, he was watching her, he too was taking stock of his mother. Sarah, like most girls in those days, married very young, the life hadn't been to hard on her, but the up coming trek and clearing and starting a new was going to take its toll on everyone.

She was now only 35, she still had a very nice figure, and her skin was still creamy and silky smooth. She was a short woman, standing barely 5 foot, and was lucky if she weighed 95 pounds soaking wet. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were a brilliant blue, her lips were full, her breasts were medium and perky, she was thankful for that, she dreaded the day her breasts would sag and go flat like flapjacks. Her son's burning stare, made her hotter than she already was, she reached down took the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head, Peter, nearly fell over, he'd seen his mother naked many times, but never this close, and never alone with her. She pushed her undergarments off and to the ground, standing before her oldest son completely naked, Sarah could feel her juices running down her thighs. Peter saw his mother in a different light, she wasn't his mother any more, but a beautiful, sexy, woman, who he desired very much. His cock grew rigid and the head was sticking out of his pants, his mother looked down and gasped. "My God Pete, you're so hard, its shiny." Sarah said with true concern in her voice. She dropped to her knees, his cock just inches from her face, her hands started to reach for it. Peter thought he was going to pass out, his own mother, was about to touch his cock, he knew he'd blow his load at her touch. But to his relief, as her cool fingers wrapped around him, he kept his control, soon she was rubbing it all over her face, cooing at it, about it, kissing it, licking it, and finally taking the head into her mouth, then as much of his length as possible, she started to suck him.

Sarah knew this was wrong, but she was over come with lust, she had to have her son, she had to know what that girl had felt. Her own husband, David O'Shea, wouldn't have ever even considered sucking her. He didn't care if she was satisfied, in his mind a woman was satisfied when she became pregnant. She hated him, he was rough and mean, his cock was the size of a small horse, she could put both her fists around it and there would still be enough of it sticking out for at least a hand and a half before it was covered. It was so thick, her fingers and thumb wouldn't meet when wrapped around it, and she had to force the head of it into her mouth, her teeth scrapping the sensitive glans.

She finally started to refuse to suck him, he hardly ever bathed, and his uncircumcised cock had a foul odor to it. She knew he'd raped Patty, her oldest daughter, but there wasn't anything she could do about it, and knew if she said anything to her husband, he'd beat them both till they couldn't walk. It'd been almost 4 years since she'd had sex with David, she started to refuse him when she walked into the barn one evening to tell him that supper was ready, when she saw something that both made her sick and intrigued her. David was behind the milk cow, he was sliding his cock deep into the old heifer, he was getting the whole thing into her. She couldn't blame him, she could only take a little over a fourth of its length, but she wasn't going to have him fuck her with the juices of the cow on his cock

She threw herself into raising her family, sewing, cooking and cleaning, she'd been awakened on several occasions from her husbands cock going into her, but as soon as she realized what was going on, she got up, went outside and washed herself, hoping she wouldn't catch anything from him. Finally after she blew up at him, he stopped pestering her, and started staying out in the barn more often, or going over to the next town to fuck this one whore at the saloon there, she was like a small cow, she could take his entire length with ease, and she even could get most of him down her throat. All for the bargain price of a drink and half a dollar, so he had no problem with leaving his frigid wife alone.

That's how he caught his two oldest children in the barn, kissing and feeling each other up, he was jealous, not really angry at them for doing it, he was angry because they interrupted his time with the cow. By the time he'd gotten through thrashing the boy, his cock was so hard it hurt, he saw his beautiful daughter laying there in the hay, so he decided to show her what a real cock was like. No matter how many times he came, his cock stayed hard, he fucked her mouth, her ass, and her virgin pussy. She was so tight it hurt him too, ripped the skin a bit, but the idea of fucking his daughter like this just fueled his hardon. Finally, after he'd covered the girl in cum, his cock finally softened, he realized what he'd done, but before he could say anything the girl went running out of the barn crying, he didn't see her for several days, not even in the evening at supper.

He knew everyone knew what had happened, at least he thought so, no one but his wife knew, but his guilt of what he'd done, also drove him to seeking out the comfort of the bottle and the whore. A few weeks before he'd decided to make the move out west, he went out to the outhouse, and screamed in pain as it felt like he was pissing razor blades. He went to the doctor, and was told he had the clap, the doctor gave him a tonic, and after he'd drank it down, the doctor told him to sit in the chair.

Once in the chair, the doctor tied David's hands to the arms of the chair, pulled his pants down to his knees, David thought the doctor was on the funny side, but was soon in shock when the doctor turned around. In his hands the doctor held a small thin metal rod, it was glowing white hot, the doctor placed a piece of raw hide between David's teeth, winked, grabbed his cock, and slide the white hot rod into David's piss hole. David grit his teeth, screamed, he could hear it sizzle, he could smell his flesh burning, David passed out. When he woke up, his dick felt as if a horse had ridden on it, he looked, it was swollen, and bruised, black charred flesh was seeping out of his piss hole. The doctor told him that it would be a couple of days before the pain went away, and he still was infected, but probably wouldn't die anytime soon. The doctor told him, that sex was no longer a possibility in his life, not with women, men, or animals, that he'd pass it on, and would make everyone sick with it. In disbelief, David rode slowly back to his farm, no more sex, his life was over as far as he was concerned.

Chapter Six

Peter, was about to cum in his mother's mouth, he wanted to do that, but he also wanted to feel her hot pussy around his cock. Reaching down, he gently pulled her off his cock, she regretfully let it go, letting it make a popping noise as it sprang out. He lifted her to her feet, and leaned down and kissed her softly, letting their passions grow, their hands exploring each others bodies. Peter lifted his mother up turned and placed her on a grassy knoll besides the rock he'd just minutes earlier had sucked Beth to an orgasm. Spreading his mothers legs, he kissed her thighs, licking the crease between her leg and her pussy, letting his tongue trail along her slit, pushing the thick hair to the side as he went, tasting her strong musky juices that had formed droplets there.

Reaching in, he spread her lips open, her clit barely poking out from under her meaty clit hood, he pushed the hood back tight, her clit popping out, he licked and flicked it with his tongue. Sarah was thrashing her head from side to side, never, in her life had she felt anything so wonderful, she started to thrust against her son's face.

She grasped his hair with both hands, moaning, "Yes, Peter, suck your mother, suck me soooo good." Her words encouraged him to get bolder, he let his tongue stray downward, till he found her tight puckered asshole. He licked and probed her ass, this brought a response that he really liked, she growled, growled like a wild animal, grinding her ass into his face, trying to fuck his tongue. Finally he moved back up to her pussy, sucking the meaty inner lips, sucking all the juices off of them, pulling them taunt between his lips, letting them slide out from between them, letting them pop back into place, he plunged his tongue deep into her tight, hot, wet hole. This pushed Sarah over the edge, she started to cum, "Oh God Peter, I'm cummmminnnnnggggggg!!" she cried.

Her body in spasms, jerking, twitching, she started to cry, Sarah, age 35, had just experienced her first orgasm, an orgasm brought on by the wonderful tongue of her son. She no longer cared, she had to be with him from here on out, she wanted him in her, she pulled him up, she felt his hard cock poking at her tender pussy lips, she reached down, taking his beautiful cock in her hands, and guided him into her, 4 years of nothing in her it was almost like she was a virgin again, it took a few minutes for her small frame to become accustom to her son's thick cock, but soon, she was taking all but about an inch into her. He slammed into her, his own needs taking over, his balls slapping against her ass, pulling out till just the tip was in her, and slamming it in all the way.

It only took about a dozen thrusts like this to push Peter over the edge, he buried his cock deep into his mother, spurting his cum deep into her, Sarah, feeling his hot cum splash against her inner walls, came for the second time in her life. She wept into his shoulder, jerking with spasms from her orgasm. Peter, hearing and seeing his mother cry, thought she was crying because of what they'd done. He tried to apologize for what he'd done to her, she hushed him with kisses, telling him, her tears were tears of happiness and joy, she explained to him that she'd never felt like that before in her life.

They kissed some more, entered the cold water and washed off, got dressed and headed back to camp. As they left the area, they didn't realize that someone was watching them, the ones watching didn't understand that they were mother and son, they just saw two white people rutting like beasts in the dirt. The two indian scouts quietly backed away from the clearing as well, they both had hardon's and both wanted white women.

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