The house was quiet FINALLY when we decided to take a swim in the pool and perhaps lay out in the sun. It was gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky, the blue of it intense. Most people would have thought it odd to have a pool on the beach but we both thought it a cool indulgence and no messy sand to deal with. Besides the water of the ocean was just too cold this time of year. The kids had enjoyed playing on the beach and then being able to swim in the heated pool. We had the house and the pool to ourselves this afternoon as they had taken a horse back riding tour as part of our vacation package.

I was already in my one piece swimsuit when you came outside in your bikini. The sight made me lick my lips in anticipation. Your so hot looking that to take my mind off the way my thoughts were heading I dove into the pool to cool down. The water was terrific, warm enough that it wasn't a shock to the system, cool enough to damper the licentious thoughts that seem to come over me when your near. I didn't realize the picture I made though with my hair streaming out behind me. You appreciated the view. It looked sexy with that slicked back look. All the curl in my hair straightened by the weight of the water on it. It made it look so very long. You wanted to run your fingers through it. You dove in to join me.

I swam alongside you as we played a little. I played hard to get after awhile, you trying to catch me. Finally I let you catch me. Water streaming down both our bodies we exchanged a kiss. Holding you in my arms felt so very good. I'd ached for you for so long. Your hands were restless, reaching out over me, fondling, caressing, groping. I didn't mind, it showed me how much you wanted me as well. Amazing how intense it can turn when you both want the other so badly. In moments I had your bikini top off and your breasts cupped into my hands. Leaning down I began tongueing first the one and then the other. Drawing the nipples into my mouth I sucked hard on them. The answering jolt to your crotch had you catching your breath.

Your hands were pulling down the straps of my one piece. With a yank I was exposed to my waist. The water came up over that and the air had my nipples puckering, waiting for you to worship them. Meanwhile your caresses over my back and shoulders were very very nice. Your fingertips along my neck very arousing. You induldged yourself, running your hands through my long hair.

My mouth playing on your breasts was causing you to moan and move feverishly, you wanted more, you wanted to do more to me as well. You finally pulled my head up for a deep kiss. Your tongue flicking in and out of my mouth suggestively. I caught it and sucked deeply on it. Your body wound itself around mine, grinding suggestively between my legs. I hooked my fingers on your bikini bottoms and yanked them down. Leaning down, I went underwater and pulled them down off of you. On my way back up I stopped between your legs to blow bubbles. You were laughing when I resurfaced.

Not to be outdone you pulled the rest of my swimsuit down and it fell in the water to my ankles. I step nimbly out of it and pushed it away with my foot, it floated gently along the bottom of the pool. Your hands were immediately between my legs feeling the difference in the wetness between me and the pool water. I playfully swam away from you, slipping from your embrace. You determedly swam after me. When we were neck deep I stopped suddenly to catch you.

Taking you in my arms I kissed you over and over, my hands feeling your warm body beneath them. I wraped my legs around you, it was easier in the water, you'd never be able to stand and do this outside of the pool, I was just too tall and heavy for you. It felt great to both of us. My pussy against you, rubbing. My clit peeking out to feel itself against you. I could feel the rub of your skin against it, it felt wonderfull. Our kisses were becoming more impassioned.

Your fingers were doing delightful things to my body. One hand crept down between us to play with my clit. Your other hand massaged my breast, tweaking the nipple. I groaned at the dual sensations you were causing in me.

Standing back on my feet I planted a leg between yours and raised my leg up slowly, grinding it against your pussy. You gladly humped against it. It felt good, it felt hot. My hands I ran down your back and back up, then my fingers, then my nails. You arched against me, enjoying these sensations. My hands cupped your ass and began raising your body against mine. Your tried to wrap your legs around me but I wouldn't let you. I raised your butt higher still until it was nearly out of the water. You leaned back and let your torso float away on the water. Gently I moved us nearer to the side of the pool in case you needed to reach out your hand to keep from going under. I focused on what was in front of me. Your pussy lay open and inviting. My hands cupping your butt could move you any which way. I moved you towards my mouth and kissed you on your nether lips. Mmmm, I tasted you. I began tonguing you there. Playing with your clit, tasting your wetness. The cool ocean air and the warm pool water were playing havoc on your body. What I was doing to you was making your whole body ultra sensitive. It was a wonder floating there in the pool and being loved like that between your legs. A fantasy come true. I kept going until I could hear the change in your breathing, taking one of my hands from cupping your butt I plunged two fingers right into your wetness. The sensation immediately sent you over the edge you'd been so close already. You had an incredible orgasm floating in a pool near one of your favorite places, the beach. When you came back down to earth I was smiling at you frol and layed us both on the steps leading into the pool. Laying me back against them, you lay on top of me, your body writhing suggestively against me. Kissing me over and over again you begin tonguing your way down my neck. That drives me insane and you can tell by my body's reaction to it.

Spreading my legs you immediately begin to rub between them, feeling my wetness. I groan at the touch of your hand there, your getting me so aroused. Kissing your way down to my nipples I raise up slightly to help get one into your mouth. Cupping your head to my breast. Your naughtly little fingers are doing delicious things to my clit and nether lips. Your fingers plunge in to find my g spot, they know immediately where to go and I melt at the sensations. Laying completely at your mercy I moan at the feelings you arouse in me. I don't know if it's just what your are doing to me, or the beaty of making love in this pool, the combination is unbeatable none the less, but I'm getting wetter by the moment. Your fingers plunging in and out of me are driving me to the edge. I'm groaning loudly. Sucking on my nipple you can tell how your affecting me, you plunge harder and faster. My breath comes in gasps and you lean up to kiss me, sharing the moment when I actually climax. It comes in shudders. The intensity of how you affect me comes across in the intensity of my orgasm. My arms clench around you, you can almost feel your body cracking against me as I convulsively squeeze you. You relish the feeling, knowing what a compliment it is to your lovemaking and the feelings that we share. My head falls back to suck in great gasps of air. Smiling down at me you look into my eyes as I open them again and come back to reality.

What an afternoon delight.

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