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Wet ~ Again


To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. If you'd like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you...K'Anne

I dove under the pool of water as you came towards me playing tag. The water felt wonderful as it bubbled up around us. We had the pool to ourselves and were surrounded by lush wilderness. It was beautiful and I looked up at the waterfall that fell gently to our secluded pool. This distraction was enough for you to catch me and I laughed as you put your arms around my middle to pull me under. I came back up sputtering, my long hair streaming out behind me. You laughed at me, paybacks were such a bitch but I had to learn the hard way. I looked at you with murder in my eye as I dove after you.

Around and around we swam in our tropical paradise, playing, touching, enjoying. We were the only ones around for miles, we had heard of this particular pool and it's heavenly waterfall, we had hiked here all dirty and sweaty, the water had looked so cool and inviting. We were certainly the first to ever have this idea of swimming here under the waterfall, at least in our minds, and after showering under it's incredibly strong droplets we were enjoying the luxury of the sun warmed pool.

As I swam after you for my revenge I got a better idea, I dove under so you couldn't see where I would be attacking from, or when. I attacked in a way you hadn't anticipated, I pulled first one string and then quickly the other before you realized I was there. Your bottoms floated away before you could grab them and then I immediately attacked the top. Since I needed air at this point I came up in one smooth flourish and grabbed at the strings holding your top up and as you made a grab I pulled it quickly and effortlessly away. I put your top behind me and let it float away from me as I grabbed you to keep you from getting it back. It was delightful to feel your naked body writhing against me trying to get back your swim suit. Our struggles were only half hearted as we giggled uncontrollably at your dilema.

Delightful play though soon turned to something more serious as I realized your lush body in my hands. Trying to hold you back from getting your suit I couldn't help where I grabbed and the struggle soon changed for both of us. Turnabout is fair play and I willingly sacrificed my suit to your fingers as I played with your nipples and breasts and then reached down between your legs. I could tell the difference of your body fluids, they were were thicker and warmer than the water that surrounded us. Kissing you I fenced with your tongue as we both tried to gain dominance in this instance. My squeezing your ass closer, to place our pussy's together, to rub sinuously, decided it for you, you needed, you wanted what I had to offer. Slowly I let you flow back on your back as I kissed my way down your buoyant body. Your breasts looked like two obscene buoys as you floated there but I didn't mind as I was licking and nipping at their red hued tips. Your hand encouraged me by capturing the back of my head and pressing against it to hold me in place, to tell me without words that you wanted what I as doing to you.

My one hand effortlessly held you up in the water, firmly holding an ass cheek, squeezing it, massaging it. Fingers slipped between the twin cracks to rub and press between them. Your breath caught but you concentrated on the feelings I was causing you, in you. I could see that your skin was reacting to what I was doing, light goosebumps were raised all over from what I could see. Slowly I maneuvered your floating body as I pulled myself between your legs I could see my hand had been holding you just right, your pussy was beautifully exposed to the elements, to me. It was neatly trimmed and aching to be loved by my lips and tongue. I wasn't going to leave you waiting long. My one hand continued to hold you up in the water but my other reached up to those red tipped buoys and played as my mouth dove between your outstretched legs.

Carefully so that you wouldn't go under the water you arched as much as gravity and other spacial distortions would allow. My mouth, my lips, my tongue began to lightly play on the exposed clit that rose up to greet me. I desperately wanted to plunge inside but had to be careful to support you in the water. I maneuvered my hand so that two fingers could go along the crack and still my arm and the rest of my hand held up part of your ass cheek. The two I had freed up lightly tickled along the slit, one headed for your rosebud, rubbing along it's puckered tightness, the other slipped inside to your open orifice and helped me increase your excitement. I couldn't thrust hard or very deep or the relative weightlessness of the water would be disturbed and you would go under in a sputter of water and ruin what was proving to be a very sensual moment. The light teasing of my fingers, my lips and my tongue were driving you mad but the excitement of making love in a pool of water under a waterfall, bubbles popping around us and coming up to lightly tickle your ass and other body parts as you lay there in the water exposed was proving to be something you had never experienced before.

I kept up this light teasing, knowing that any harder you would go under. The combination was driving you mad (short drive I know). You wanted it harder, you craved it harder, and yet the sweetness of it was having it's effect. I suddenly grabbed your hips with both hands to prevent you going under as you convulsed in an orgasm. I smiled as I watched you try to prolong it but the balance was thrown off and I held you up as long as I could. Nature is a bitch though and the water won. You came up sputtering and laughing in joy at what you had just experienced. I smiled even wider as you threw your arms around my neck to hug me close and kissed me in appreciation of what I had caused in your body. It was light, it was erotic, and it served a very delightful purpose. I thought perhaps you were going to say something really prophetic as your lips reached to my ear.

"Can you help me find my swim suit?" you whispered and I laughed joyfully.

We searched for what seemed like eons and found first my top and your bottom and finally after a very long time and numerous 'distractions' since we were both naked, the other pieces. The water was churned constantly from the waterfall and it's bubbles, and here farther away while it still contained bubbles it wasn't as violent as closer to the falls themselves, but it was dark. There was almost no current and also no light in the water or around the water, only from the direct sunlight from above in the canopy. Finding dark colored clothing hadn't been an easy accomplishment.

As I went to put on my suit figuring we were done and should head back I felt a hand on my arm as you turned me around and whispered "your turn" before your fingers took my suit from my hands and threw both of the suits near the edge of the pool and you attacked me. Here I was, perfectly innocent, assisting you in the search for your missing suit, regardless of the fact that it was because of me that it WAS missing, and you attacked me, I should be affronted by your molestation. I took it like a woman should, I'm proud to say, I didn't JUST take it lying down, let's face it, a woman has to do what a woman has to do. Fingers thrust inside of me and immediately my legs wrapped around your torso. The water was deep enough and buoyant that you couldn't feel my weight but my spread legs allowed you to plunge deeply and I threw my head back in supplication. You took advantage of it to kiss along my neck and suck on my earlobe. It drove me crazy, the sensations were incredible. Your warm lips and tongue against the coolness of the water, the heat of the tropical sun, the total openess of where we were, anyone could come upon us at anytime. I felt the need to hurry. We couldn't possibly be the only ones who had used this pool, who had hiked the distance to find it. We couldn't keep it to ourselves.

I ground against one, two, and then three fingers. Your other hand came up to my breast and squeezed and massaged the erect orbs and then pinched and tweaked the erect nipples. Were they erect from my arousal or from the cold of the water? Who cared, they were standing at attention for your attention. My delight in the afternoon and what I had done to you added to my excitement and I was soon dancing on your fingers with my hips gyrating to a primitive dance. I flung my head farther back and barely you kept me from going under the water. My long hair floated behind me as I gasped out my need.

"Oh, Oh, OHhhh" I moaned loudly. You smiled as you watched my nipples become harder at the moment of my ecstasy. I was so easy to read. The warmth from between my legs was apparent despite the cold water immediately washing it away. It took several seconds of intense and deep breathing for me to slowly straighten up and your fingers fell reluctantly from my body. My legs slowly fell from your hips as I stood up on my own two wobbly feet. You held me close in a mutual hug as we closed our eyes and just FELT the moment.

When we opened our eyes and began to look about us we realized how wet we truly had become, we were pruny. Smiling we began to pull ourselves out of the pool and lay out on the grassy edge totally naked to the mid-day sun which dried us rapidly. It was decadent, it was beautiful, it was tropical, and it was our secret place, that is until someone else discovers our waterfall and pool. I wonder if anyone else got as wet as we did here...

~The End~ K'Anne ;-P

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