tagLoving WivesWet Bed Sheets

Wet Bed Sheets


"Yes!" Hissed my wife as she drenched my fingers and hand for the third time that night.

Carla, my wife, had just squirted her cum all over my hand! She lay there squirming, a huge smile on her face, the sheets clenched in her fists.

Sitting back I take in the scene before me, the damp sheets, my face and hair moist with her juices, and my beautiful wife demanding me to meet her sexual needs.

All of this started earlier in the evening as I was drifting to sleep I heard the front door open and close, the click of Carla's heels on the hardwood floors leading to our room echoed down the hallway. Looking up when she walks into the room, Carla smiles; "Oh, good you're awake. I'm sorry it's so late. You know how it goes when my girlfriends and I get to laughing and talking."

Kicking off her shoes I notice how she grabs for the bed post, Carla, appears a bit tipsy. "I am so horny, so I am glad you are awake!" Pulling her shirt over her head she reaches back to unhook her bra, freeing her 36D breasts from the confines of lace and underwire.

Stumbling a bit, she catches herself again on the bed as she pulls her pants and thong off in a quick motion. Sliding into bed she reaches out to me, "I really need to fuck, not make love, but fuck!"

Tasting the alcohol on her breath as we kiss, I suck her tongue into my mouth, her long legs wrapping around mine. My hands cup her ass beginning my usual foreplay, but that's not what she wants tonight! Grabbing my hand, Carla insistently pushes it down, "Get your fingers in my pussy...NOW!"

I'm taken back by her insistence, but her pussy is so wet and slick already. Sliding my middle finger in I begin to stroke her. "NO! I need to be filled up, now! Stick two fingers in there." she demands.

Carla bears down on my fingers, as I bite down on a nipple, I push back with my hand and fingers. Faster and faster I push my hand/fingers in and out. Suddenly she gasps, holding my head to her breast, my fingers are flooded in her juices, she dribbles then squirts all over, her pussy just sopping wet.

"Oh my God, did you feel that? Did you feel me squirt my cum all over your hand?" She gasps between breaths. "Keep pushing your fingers in my pussy, give me three now. Stick them in there, come on faster. Beat that dripping pussy like you mean it!"

I'm so excited, my beautiful wife has just squirted all over me. Cupping my hand I continue thrusting fingers into her pussy. Carla encourages me, "Oh yeah, that's it. Faster, faster, jam those fingers into my pussy. You like that? You like my wet squirting pussy? Oh...oh...yes!"

Grinding her pussy onto my hand I'm flooded again. The juices just flowing out of her, like a water bottle overflowing at filling. Carla gasps out to me, "You like that don't you? Your slutty wife squirting like that? I discovered my squirting while masturbating with my little pink friend."

Her little pink friend is a recently acquired seven inch vibrator.

"It's so fucking amazing, my juices, my cum, just squirting and flowing out like that. Put you face down there and suck me! Taste me, fuck my pussy with your face!"

Carla was a horny woman possessed. Keeping my fingers in her pussy I cover her clit with my mouth and begin flicking at it with my tongue.

"Faster" she begs, "don't stop, jam those fingers in my pussy. Harder, come on fuck my pussy with your hand like you mean it!" She holds my head and face to her dripping pussy as I cover her clit with my mouth and continue the assault on her with my hand. Suddenly her legs clamp tight around my head and my mouth fills with her juices, I pull back and my face gets drenched. She is so fucking hot..and so wet. Her pussy is just slopping around my fingers.

"Give me four fingers!" She exclaims, "Jam you fist up there, fuck me like the bitch I am! Come on, tonight I'm your fucking pussy squirting whore bitch!"

I've never heard her talk like this. I'm so excited, I'm afraid to fuck her with my cock for fear of cumming too soon.

"Come on, faster...I need more...YESSSS!" She cries as she lets loose another flow of cum. My hands, my face, the sheets, all drenched in her sex!

I move up to fuck her, my cock slides in without any problem. "Don't you cum too soon." she commands. "Give it to me. You're not fucking your wife tonight, picture some hot porn star, picture another woman. Just fuck me like you mean it! Oh yeah."

She is so wet and stretched from my hand that my cock slides in and out without any resistance. We are going so fast that I slip out just when she arches her back, just enough that my cock pops into her virgin ass. "Yes, stick it in my ass!" She says. "Just don't cum yet, go on, fuck my ass..fuck me hard!"

We had only talked about anal sex once, so this was surprising. "Go on, put it in my ass you ass fucker you!" Her ass is so wet from pussy juices that I slide right in.

I can't keep it up, I know I will cum too soon if I keep stroking her ass like this. Pulling out I jam my fingers back into her pussy. "OH, yes. Give me four fingers, keep pushing...Suck my tits" she cries. I bend forward to suck on her tits, all the while thrusting my right hand in, cupping her clit in my palm. "NO, don't suck...bite my nipples, bite them hard." I respond by biting down on her right nipple, like taking a pencil eraser and chewing on it. Screaming,Carla's body responds by pushing her pussy into my hand and squirting down my fingers and wrist.

I am in awe of her performance, her cumming. She pulls my head from her breast, and kisses me deeply, tasting her juices on my face and lips. "MMMMM, that's enough for now." she purrs into my ear.

"You're a mess," she notes. My face is slick with her cum, my hair matted wet to my brow. "Go take a shower, clean up. I'll take care of the sheets."

Returning to bed Carla rolls up next to me, "Thank you, that was great." Then she drifts off to sleep. I lay there, too excited and thrilled to even sleep. The exhibition of her pure sexuality and lust that evening has my heart racing.

I eventually drifted to sleep because I am awakened by Carla crawling on top of me. "You still need to cum, and I am still horny. So stick you cock in my pussy!" Leaning down Carla takes my cock into her mouth. Tugging at the base with her hand and sucking hard I quickly respond with a rock hard cock. Holding my cock with one hand she straddles me, bending over to feed me a nipple she slides down over my cock. Her warm wet pussy taking me in one quick motion.

"oh, yeah...bite my nipples!" Carla is pounding up and down on my cock, literally throwing her pussy down on top of me. I feel a warm wetness dribble down my leg and balls and I realize she is squirting again, on me! This is too much to handle, I grab her waist, hold her down on my cock and fill her up with my cum.

"Thank you, I really needed that." and with that Carla rolls off of me, stretches out on her side of the bed and goes back to sleep. Leaving me spent and awestruck.

We haven't had a repeat performance of that night since, but I hope again some evening to witness my wonderful wife squirting her cum all over my hand and face.

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