tagIncest/TabooWet Fun with Mum

Wet Fun with Mum


This is my first story and purely fictional. I hope you enjoy it. feedback is welcome.

If you find material about intimate relationships between family members offensive please do not read.


It was early in the morning and as I woke I felt like my cock was as hard as rock. While wondering about the strength of my erection I suddenly became aware of something smooth and warm stimulating me. I glanced across at where my mother should have been sleeping to find her not there. I then looked down towards my crotch to find a lump under the duvet moving slowly in time with the wonderful sensations on my penis. I tried to relax but very soon I knew I was going to cum and trying to delay it as much as possible, seemed pointless as I approached the point of no return.

Suddenly the pressure built and my cock swelled even more, causing the ministrations to intensify and then I shot my first load of cum, then a second and third and finally a fourth as my orgasm subsided. As the sensation on my cock became more intense post orgasm, there was the sound of slurping and sucking as my cock was systematically cleaned.

During all of this time I managed to avoid any obvious movement and a couple of moments later my mother's head came up above the duvet. I had closed my eyes and had feigned sleep, but began to stir. My mother turned over and also pretended to be asleep.

How come a nineteen year old young man is sleeping in the same bed as his mother, you may ask. Well mum and dad had broken up and mum could only afford a one bedroom flat, so every night I slept in the same bed as my mother.

After another half hour I got up, showered and made a cup of tea for mum and brought it to her in bed. I got my kit together and as normal on a Sunday morning went off to football.

My mum, Sue, is 39 years old, petite and only just 5ft tall with curly blonde hair. She is well proportioned and when she walks she knows how to sway her hips and rear to good effect. She also has a curvy figure, but not at all plumb.

Her features are not stunning but she is not unattractive. She is never someone that is embarrassed about her body with her regularly sunbathing topless and rarely covering up if I caught her naked for any reason. Her breasts are average, her stomach has a little bulge to it, but she is not in any way considered fat. On the few occasions when I happened to catch her naked she usually had a well trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

When I got home mum was lying on one of the garden loungers sunbathing. When mum sunbathed it was usually topless, and today was no exception. I got rid of my kit and changed into a pair of shorts, commando style, and then joined mum in the garden. We exchanged pleasantries and after a chat about my match I settled down to catch some sun myself.

The interesting thing about my shorts was that they were quite baggy and as I had positioned myself with my feet towards mum, it was time to see just how horny mum really was. I pretended to dose off and settled back to recall the morning's unexpected experience. Without too much thought it didn't take long for my cock to become erect. I was peeking at mum from time to time and was aware that she could see my erect cock. My sunglasses prevented her from seeing my partially opened eyes.

All of a sudden mum's hand went down to her crotch and she began to rub herself. When she eventually removed her hand there was an obvious darker, damp patch.

"Feeling horny?" I asked.

Mum jumped and, after a second or two realised her position and closed her legs.

"That's no way to speak to your mother," she replied, with half a smile on her face.

"If you want to suck this," I said freeing my cock from my shorts, "you only have to ask."

Mum went red and then said, "So you were awake. I thought I imagined it and when you got up and went to football I was convinced you hadn't woken up."

"It's been so long," she continued, "and now you're growing into a young man I couldn't help myself. I hope you don't think badly of me."

"Of course I don't."

"It won't happen again." she said, looking down at the ground.

"Are you kidding?" I asked. "Do you realise what kind of fantasy that is to have sex with your mother?"

Mum's eyes brightened as she looked up at me. She had a sad smile on her face as she looked back towards my shorts.

"You can suck my cock any time you want, but there is something I would like in return."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I'd like to play with your tits and pussy."

She smiled, seemed to relax and then asked, "Is that all?"

I hesitated a little then swallowing hard replied, "I would like to have sex with you."

Mum smiled broadly, then putting her hand to her crotch again and rubbing it, she said, "That's a relief. You don't realise how much I need a good stiff cock inside me." With that she got up and reached for my hand. I took it and she said, "Come on, make mum happy." Then she led me into the lounge.

Once inside mum stopped, turned towards me and took my other hand. We were face to face, both topless, with mum holding each of my hands. She slowly raised one of my hands to her tits, cupping my right hand over her left breast, and holding it in place. She adjusted her stance, opening her legs slightly more, then brought my left hand to her crotch and again held it in place.

I began to squeeze her breast and lightly pinched her nipple. Mum gave out a soft groan, and then began to push her crotch into my hand. I started to rub her pussy through her bikini bottoms, which got mum pushing her hips harder into my hand. I leaned forward and took her right nipple between my lips and began sucking it and flicking it with my tongue.

"Oh god, yes." she whispered and spread her legs a little more giving me easier access to her pussy.

I slipped a finger under her bikini bottoms and ran it down to her pussy. She was soaking wet. I ran my fingers across her crack and separating her lips, I pushed my finger into her. She quivered and ground her pussy further onto my finger. Her breathing was becoming laboured and I began to push my finger in and out of her. Within a few seconds she gave a little shudder and groan and I felt her pussy tighten on my finger.

Mum pulled away from me and her hands went straight to her bikini bottoms and mum slowly lowered them revealing her pussy for the first time. Immediately after stepping out of them she took hold of my shorts and pulled them down over my very stiff cock, which sprang back and slapped my belly. My shorts were on the floor, so I stepped out of them. Mum grabbed my cock and then said the two words that I had waited to hear, "Fuck mummy."

All I could think of doing was kissing her, which I did. I thought I was eager but mum had her tongue down my throat and pressed against me, pulling on my cock. After a couple of minutes with our mouths clamped together mum guided me back to the sofa and I sat down.

I sat back with my cock pointing at the ceiling and watched as mum climbed up with her knees either side of my hips. She grabbed my cock and placing it to the entrance of her pussy, looked me in the eye and slowly sank down onto my cock. She groaned. I gasped. She humped her pussy back and forward before raising herself up and slamming down on me again. She began to raise and lower herself as I reached up to meet her descending pussy. We quickly got into a rhythm, but we both knew we wouldn't last long. Very quickly mum began to pant and moan, which got me going and within another minute she was frantically slamming her pussy down on to my swelling cock. Feeling my approaching orgasm, mum went wild. Panting, groaning, moaning and slamming herself onto me. Finally I felt my cock lurch and start spewing cum. Mum slammed down onto me one last time and squirmed around on my cock which was pumping cum into her. There was a final moan as I felt her pussy milk my cock of its juice, and mum shuddered through her own orgasm.

Mum wrapped her arms around my neck then kissed me passionately. Then between kisses kept saying, "Thank you baby."

After a few minutes mum got this wicked look on her face and then said, "This is one of my favourite bits."

She slowly moved herself forward causing my cock to come out of her warm, velvety, cum-filled channel. She sat there for a moment then lifted herself up leaving a puddle of our mixed juices on me. Very quickly she scooted down and licked up our combined juices, cleaning me completely. Then, even more surprising she pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy. Pulling them out revealed fingers covered in the slimy combination of our fluids, then she put her fingers in her mouth, licking off the juices. She did this three more times, and I sat and watched with a rapidly recovering cock.

After spending a while talking about how this would change our lives and setting a few basic rules about behaviour, mainly outside of our home, mum, still naked, got up and went towards the lounge door.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I need the loo." she replied.

Without saying anything I followed mum into the hallway and then into the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I thought I'd watch. If you don't mind that is."

"Oh. Ok."

Rather than sitting on the toilet mum stood astride the basin and squatted slightly, leaving me an unrestricted view of her pussy. Then after a few moments, some drops fell into the basin. Then they stopped, then a few more, then another short break, followed by a steady stream, increasing in strength, hissing as she forced the piss from her body.

Fascinated by the sight I wasn't aware of my rapid erection, but mum was.

"I see you like watersports." she said, looking straight at my stiff cock.

"What do you mean?" I asked puzzled by the comment.

Mum sat down on the toilet after she had finished peeing and spent the next few minutes describing some of the things that some people find enjoyable around peeng. I was amazed, as she talked about people who enjoy pissing themselves.

I asked her if she liked to do any of that kind of stuff.

"Actually, to be honest, the few occasions I've wet myself I found it very arousing." She paused, and then continued, "On one occasion I ended up masturbating after wetting myself, and I came really hard."

"Can I watch you piss yourself one day?" I asked cautiously.

Mum smiled and said, "I think we could manage that."

Mum got up and said, "I'm going to get dressed and cook dinner. Let's dress up for dinner."

I agreed and mum left the bathroom.

About an hour later mum called me for dinner. She had dressed smartly, surprisingly in some trousers and an almost see-through blouse. Her lacy bra was clearly visible. I spent dinner looking at mum's tits and had to adjust myself several times to accommodate my now very hard cock. I also hadn't noticed the amount my mum had had to drink. Mum had drunk some alcohol, but a lot of water also. We finished eating and washed the dishes before going back into the lounge and watching some television.

After a while I noticed that mum didn't seem to be comfortable, shifting around a lot.

What's the matter?" I asked.

"I need the loo. But I want to hold it as long as I can." she replied.

After another 15 minutes mum was up pacing around the room. She was putting her hands between her legs, squeezing her legs together and looking all too uncomfortable.

Suddenly she got very agitated and told me to come with her. I followed her upstairs to the bathroom. She got me to put some towels on the floor and then stood on them. By now she was hopping around trying to hold her piss in. I walked forward towards her and then knelt in front of her with my face a few inches away from her crotch. I looked up at her very erect nipples then pinched them both between thumb and fingers. Mum immediately gasped, then groaned and suddenly a dark patch appeared between her legs and I heard the hissing sound as the patch descended down her legs and spread towards each hip. The smell was oddly pleasant. Then I reached between her legs and started to rub her still pissing pussy through her soaking wet trousers. Mum gasped and spread her legs a little further. She started to hump her pussy against my hand and began moaning. A few moments later she brought her knees together clamping her thighs together on my hand as she trembled and gave out a low guttural moan through her obvious orgasm.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

Mum covered my hand with hers, rubbing my soaking wet hand into her crotch. Then with a sudden broad grin she said, "Ooops, I've pissed myself."

All of a sudden I realised I needed a piss to.

"Do you mind if I have a go?" I asked.

Mum looked around and then moved back to the toilet and sat down. "Come and sit on my lap, facing me." she said.

I stood astride her then lowered myself onto her lap. She pulled me tight into her then said, "Let it go."

I began to piss, and as the warm piss soaked through my clothes and then my mums, she pulled my hips tighter towards her.

She moaned as my piss ran down her front and was then heard dripping off her crotch. When I finally finished I stood up and watched as mum raised her hand and rubbed my soaking wet crotch, then after a few seconds rubbed her own, suddenly catching her breath and giving a little shudder as she experienced a little orgasm.

She quickly returned her attention to me and undid my trousers, and pulling them down along with my soaking pants. She quickly stood and removed her own trousers and panties. I was hard and was surprised when she turned around, spread her legs and leant forward onto the toilet.

"Rick, I'm horny as hell. Mummy needs a stiff cock in her pussy."

I didn't need a second invitation. I moved up to her and rubbed my cock along her pussy lips. She wiggled her arse and tried to push back against me. I positioned my cock at her entrance and she froze as I slowly pushed into her.

"Oh, God, yes," she said as she began pushing back against my thrusts. I began to thrust hard into her and the harder I thrust the harder she pushed back towards me. We were moaning and groaning as we each approached the culmination of our incestuous act. I could feel myself approaching orgasm as my cock started to tingle and it swelled ready to dump another load of cum into the pussy that brought me into the world. Mum felt me stiffening even more and suddenly ranting senselessly and then as my cock lurched and shot the first load of cum, mum went rigid, started letting out a long low "Oooooh," then began trembling as I pumped a second, third and fourth load of cum into her womb. We both stood trying to bury my cock as deep into her cunt as we could, as we both descended from our orgasms.

Mum started to straighten and I moved away allowing my cock to withdraw from her cunt. Mum turned and stood in front of me then kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth. We kissed noisily and then on separating mum said, "Thank you baby. You don't know how good that felt."

"I think I might have an idea." I said with a wink, and then we both laughed.

We showered and spent the rest of the evening talking about what we'd done, setting some rules, and becoming more relaxed with our changing relationship.

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Hea tunne

Ükskord kui ma ema keppisin,ta oli minu peal ja tal hakkas lahti minema,siis hüppas ta kiiresti minu suu peale,et imeksin tal lahti,kus siis tuli emal pahinal suure kisaga pissi jooks mulle suhu.

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Great quickie story!

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What about grandma ?

I agree with some of the previous comments......mother and son, and peeing.......Oooops! I've made my pants sticky !
Great subject, great story !
Would like stories, along the same lines, but with grandmas,more...

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