tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Coed Shower

Wet Miranda's Coed Shower

byWet Miranda©

Back when I was a freshman in college, I met my good friend Sarah McKinley. She was always wilder than me, and always encouraging me to be more daring. She was always the girl at the party who would drink more shots of tequila than the guys, and the first girl at the party to flash her breasts. (Actually, she was usually the only girl at the party to flash her breasts.)

I had been on the prude side in high school; I had only had a handful of sexual experiences. Going to Michigan State was so different than my small high school in rural Illinois. College changed everything, and Sarah was a big part of that. She inspired me to do things sexually that I never would have done on my own. Things like entering a wet t-shirt contest during spring break, or streaking at 4:00 in the morning after a particularly crazy night of partying.

For some reason, she had an obsession for getting me to do daring things involving nudity. We are still friends, and she hasn't changed at all; I still never know what kind of crazy dare she will come up with next.

Sometimes she would dare me to do something and I just would not do it. One nice Friday evening in March of that year she dared me to do something way over the line.

"Miranda...you know what would be really cool? You know how some of the freshman dorms on the West side of campus have community showers instead of private ones like our dorm? What if a girl just casually walked into the guys shower like it was completely normal, and she just took a shower with all the guys one morning?"

"I agree, that would be pretty cool, Sarah. Why don't you go do it?" I responded. I knew where this conversation was going; she would tell me she might do it, but then dare me to do it first.

"O.K., Miranda, I will!" Sarah informed me.

This was something new. Usually she would egg me on to do the dare she presented, not just do it herself after telling me about it. I thought about what she was proposing, and I decided that the idea was too unrealistic; she would never really do it. I thought to myself that I would never really do it either, but that it was an interesting idea.

"When exactly will you be doing this?" I asked her.

"I will have to plan it out first. I will have to pick a dorm, one on the other end of campus where we would be less likely to run into guys we know from classes."

"Hold on a minute, you said 'we.' I am not strolling into the men's shower, Sarah."

"O.K., loser, be that way. I'll just have to do it myself; you can just take a plain old boring shower by yourself instead while I have all the fun."

I knew she was just bullshitting, and she wouldn't really do it. But then again, with Sarah one never knows.

Saturday night came, and we were at a party as usual. Across the room I noticed Kyle von Braun, a tall blue eyed blonde that I had the hots for. He was in my chemistry class, and for some reason I always felt shy around him. I had such a crush on him, but was always too nervous to approach him in class.

"There's your boyfriend, Miranda!" Sarah teased me. I felt like I was back in high school, not in college. She encouraged me to go talk to him, but I just couldn't do it. Two hours later I saw him making out with Jennifer Lawton, a short brunette with enormous breasts wearing a tight red halter top. Damn, I missed my shot, I thought.

We stayed at the party all night, drinking all the plastic cups of Busch Lite we could drink for $3.00. Sarah offered to play strip poker around 4:00 A.M., but couldn't find any takers. Kyle and Jennifer had left long before then, and I just sat on the sofa all alone drinking a lot of beers. Eventually, Sarah and I stumbled back to her dorm, and we flipped on the T.V. and watched some infomercials.

I was just about to go to sleep when Sarah pulled out a deck of cards from her purse. "Up for a game of cards, Miranda?" she asked me.

"Sorry, Sarah, but strip poker with just the two of us sounds pretty lame. No thanks, I need to crash."

"No, not strip poker. War."

I couldn't believe what she had just said. "War? Isn't that game a bit childish? There is absolutely no strategy, we may as well just flip a coin and call it a game."

"Why, are you scared I might win?" Sarah replied.

"Sarah, I could care less who wins. What would possibly be bad about losing a game of War?"

"What if the loser had to do something crazy?" Sarah asked with a wicked gleam in her eye. I knew exactly what she had in mind right away.

"No way, Sarah. I'm not going to take a shower in the men's dorm." I quickly said.

"Who said anything about that?" she replied.

"O.K., what is the dare then?" I asked her, curious as to what she had come up with now.

"Well, you are right, of course. That is exactly what I had in mind, but I just wanted you to think I had another idea. So here goes." She shuffled the cards and laid them out on the floor. Wait a minute, I thought, I hadn't agreed to anything yet.

"No, Sarah, I'm not playing. Go get naked in the guy's shower yourself if you want to. That is way too risky; I don't want to get in trouble. Also, that would be so embarrassing.

With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I realized that this is how I always ended up doing what she wanted me to do. By offering arguments against the idea instead of flat out saying no, I was letting her know that there was a possibility of me actually agreeing to do things like this.

Knowing that she had won the first battle before the War had even begun, she flipped over her first card. It was a seven. Without even thinking about it, I flipped over a Jack. I took both the cards and put them on the bottom of my pile face down.

"O.K., Miranda, here is the answer to objection number one. You are worried about getting in trouble. I understand that. But c'mon, really, can you imagine a group of guys reporting to authorities about the naked women that was harassing them in the shower? If it was the other way around, with a guy in the girl's showers, the guy would get busted for sure. But you have to love double standards, Miranda. No guy is going to be bothered by a naked woman. Some of them might be embarrassed and leave the shower, but report you to the R.A.? I highly doubt it."

The next round I got a six and she got a nine.

"And as to being embarrassed, Miranda, isn't that half the thrill of the dare? I know you Miranda, and I know how you think. You act all shocked, but the idea is turning you on something fierce right now, isn't it? The thought of getting in the men's shower room, stripping all your clothing off, and strutting your nude body around gets you all hot, I bet. You know you like having men look at you even when you are dressed, and the idea of being stark naked where you shouldn't be sounds so thrilling to you I bet your pussy is wet right now thinking of having to go through with this dare in reality."

I blushed. She was right, of course.

I got a three, but luckily she got a lowly two.

"It isn't a dare; it is a bet, Sarah. Basically this card game is a charade; you may as well say 'I bet you won't do it'"

"O.K., Miranda, I bet you won't do it."

"You win, I won't do it."

"O.K., let's stop playing this game then. I can see you are a wimp, and don't have the nerve to do something as exciting as this challenge."

"So it is a challenge now?"

I got a King and she got an eight!

"It is whatever you want it to be. Are you in or are you a wimp?"

Such a stark choice! I looked at my stack of cards, and I was winning. If we kept playing, she would probably have to get naked in the guys shower, which would be damn funny to hear about later. Knowing that I was winning changed the equation, so I reluctantly agreed. ""O.K., Sarah, you're on."

"O.K., Miranda. You have agreed to a deal now. Whoever loses this card game has to take a shower in the men's dorm on Monday at 7:30 A.M."

"Hold the phone, I was thinking more like late at night."

"Miranda, first of all that would be no fun. No one would be around to see you, where is the thrill in doing that? And secondly, it wouldn't be safe to be all alone in the men's shower at night. At 7:30 on a weekday, there will be a lot of guys around, and they will all be sober, so it would be safer.

"O.K., it's a deal." I said, shaking her hand.

It looked like I was winning when I had about two thirds of the cards, but then we both drew Aces.

"War!" she yelled. We each placed another card face down and then drew our next cards.

Two Kings. "Double War!" she yelled even louder.

We repeated the process, and to my utter dismay, I drew a five and she drew a ten. This was bad. Very bad. Now I knew she had at least two Aces and two Kings.

Predictably, the tide had turned against me. I wondered if she had cheated. It would not have surprised me at all. A few times I made a modest comeback. Then I was down to my last card. I drew a Jack, and she nailed me with a King. It was all over.

"O.K, Miranda, pack up your shampoo and soap! It looks like someone is going to Wilson hall on Monday early in the morning to wash up!"

Shit, how did I let myself get into this? I was not at all prepared to really do this. When Sarah had come up with the idea I had thought that it was complete nonsense. We argued for a little while, but she kept repeating that a deal was a deal.

The rest of the weekend was a total blur. Monday morning at 6:00 A.M, my alarm startled me. Usually I get up later, but I had to ride my bike all the way to the other end of campus. Then a funny thought occurred to me. I always set my alarm so that I have enough time to take a shower before I get to where I have to be. In this case, I had to be across campus by 7:30. But taking a shower before getting to my destination was quite unnecessary!

I rode across campus, still not comprehending the magnitude of what I was going to do. I considered backing out, but Sarah would never have let me hear the end of it. I also considered lying about doing it, but I knew she would know I was lying. So I grit my teeth and locked up my bike on the bike rack. It was a nice sunny spring day in Michigan. Flowers were beginning to spring up all over campus. I walked into the big round brick building, and took the elevator to the 4th floor. I have no idea why I chose that floor; it was just a random choice. Little did I know what would happen because I chose that floor; if I had chosen the 3rd or 5th floor, things would have been different.

I wasn't sure which side of the floor was for women and which side was for men. I opened the door on the right. I saw pink balloons tied to a doorknob and the words "Happy Birthday Rachel!" on the balloon. I turned around and opened the left door. It smelled like pizza, beer, cigarettes and incense. This was the men's side.

I started to hesitate now, walking very slowly and nervously. This was insane. I found the bathroom in the middle of the hall, and stood outside it for a minute.

"Can I help you?" a guy asked me. He was short with long brown hair and a goatee. He had on an M.S.U. t-shirt and ripped jeans.

"Uh, no, I'm just meeting someone to go over notes before class starts. History class. World history." I was making up details to sound convincing, even thought the guy had no clue I was up to something unusual.

"Well good luck with that. I love world history. The Baroque period was fascinating, don't you think?"

"Uh, yeah, Baroque. See you later." I wanted him to leave, and luckily he did.

Two guys walked down the hall towards the bathroom. I saw that they both had towels in their hands and were wearing bathroom slippers. This meant that they were going to the shower. Oh god, I can't go in there, they'll think I'm such a freak! Then I looked at my watch. 7:28. Showtime.

I paced the hallway for five more minutes. I couldn't stall anymore. Stalling was just making me more nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. It was like the feeling when I was about to go on a huge roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio called the Millennium. The longer I waited, the scarier the idea felt, until I just got into the car, fastened the seat belt, and took the ride. It was scary as Hell, but I loved it anyway. I boldly opened the door of the bathroom.

When I opened the door, the noise sounded very loud to me, even though I have opened similar doors numerous times. It felt like the feeling I'd had when I was younger and came back home after sneaking out at night. At the crack of dawn, I would sneak into the back door of my house, praying that my parents wouldn't hear the sound. It always felt so loud, and by opening it slowly I could hear the creaking for what felt like a solid minute. Expecting to see a bunch of startled guys, I found that the changing room was empty. There was one guy at a urinal, but he hadn't seen me yet. There were wood benches along the floor. There were towels and men's clothes on at least two of the benches, so I knew that the showers were occupied. I put my big clean fluffy red towel on a vacant bench. It looked very out of place, as the other towels were small threadbare plain white towels that looked like they had seen a lot of use since they were last washed. I had dressed very plainly, as I wasn't planning on putting on a strip show that morning.

I removed my gray sweatshirt and neatly folded it and put it on the bench. Then I put my blue sneakers on the bench. I unbuttoned my jeans and put those on the sweatshirt. I started to sweat and get really shy now. I was about to expose some very female flesh in the men's shower room. I looked around, feeling emboldened temporarily because no one was watching yet. Just as I unhooked the strap on the back of my bra and let the bra fall to the floor, the guy who was using the urinal when I had first walked in turned around to wash his hands. He had a very stunned look on his face when he saw me standing there in just my plain white panties.

He gave me a shy smile, and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. I couldn't think of a conversation starter myself, and I didn't blame him for not talking to me. What was he going to say, "Hey, how are you liking the men's shower room, miss?" He quickly left the room, but I saw him turn his head back on the way out to get a good look at my bare breasts.

I was past the point of no return, and I quickly yanked down my panties before I chickened out. I tossed them in a ball on the bench, and grabbed my shower supplies out of my duffel bag. I had brought some Salon Selectives shampoo and bar of Dove soap in a blue soap-case. I put on some waterproof sandals and bravely marched into the shower. Now I was stark naked in a place where a woman should not have been. There was a full length mirror. I looked at myself from head to toe. Long, wavy red hair. A moderate tan from spring break in South Padre. Nice round 36C breasts, with large dark red nipples and areolas. Average height, around 5"5." 150 pounds. A butt that I thought was too big, but that men had complimented me on. A figure that I had a right to be proud of, because I had sweat hard in the health club for years to achieve it.

The showers were in a big open area. There were about 10 of them. They were tall metal poles that went from the floor to the ceiling, and they had little dishes to put toiletries in and a very basic handle to turn the water on and control the heat. There were three guys in the shower when I walked in. I wanted to die from the embarrassment.

The tension was incredible when they noticed me. One guy immediately walked out of the shower. His face was very red. The other two stayed, but they had looks of utter astonishment on there faces. Nothing was said the whole time. They continued to shower, trying to act as if nothing odd was going on. They tried really hard not to stare at my nude body, but they couldn't help it, and I can't blame them. I'm sure I made quite a sight, standing naked under the nozzle with warm water cascading down my bare chest. I'm quite sure they weren't expecting to get a glimpse of a naked woman at 7:45 on a weekday morning in the men's shower.

I felt very awkward, and didn't have a word to say either. I was about to leave, but I really did have to shower, and I hadn't even used any soap or shampoo yet. The water was getting too hot, so I turned around to adjust it, bending over and giving the guys a view of my bare round ass. I have been told that my ass is cute, and though I always think it is too big, guys seem to really like it. Feeling like the exhibitionist that I always dreamed of being, I bent over farther than I needed to for longer than I needed too. The water was running down my back and legs, getting my whole body nice and wet. The water got hotter, and it began to feel very steamy in the room...

A minute later another guy walked into the shower. He saw me and then turned around and put his towel on. I guess Co-ed showers aren't for everyone. A short time later another guy walked in, and thought he was very startled, he stayed anyway.

We all did an awkward dance, trying not to look, but still stealing glances anyway. I looked down at my chest as I raised my arms up to lather up my hair with the shampoo. I caught them all looking at my breasts which had thrust out while I was washing my long red hair. I stole glances of them too many times, shyly looking right at there bare cocks. Oh God, one of them was erect! I had caused a huge hard-on.

This went on for a few minutes. Guys came and went, some staying and showering and some turning around when they saw me. I lathered up the soap in my hands and started to wash my body. I started with my arms, washing them from my hands to my shoulders. I had to raise my arms in the air to wash my underarms. Then I washed my neck and shoulder blades. My front came next, and now that I was getting more into this I made a show of lathering up my breasts. I worked up a soapy lather in my hands and squeezed and kneaded them, getting them all soapy and slippery. Then I washed my legs from my feet up to my thighs.

Not quite ready to wash my most private area quite yet, I soaped up my back as well as I could. Then I did the back of my legs, and finally I washed my bare butt really good. My hands circled the area from my hips to the crack, and I kneaded and massaged my ass to get it all clean. I felt a little shy about getting to my pussy, but knew I had to do it. I lathered up some more soap, and started to wash my inner thighs and pussy, getting my red bush all soapy and wet.

Then the second most mortifying event of the day happened. Kyle von Braun, the guy I totally had the hots for, walked in the shower. He gave me a very strange look. He was no doubt quite startled to see a girl from his chemistry class buck naked in the shower.

"Miranda?" He inquired. Of all the people to walk in on me in this situation, it had to be the one guy I felt the most shy around to begin with. I felt shy around him when we were in class fully clothed, so you can imagine what it felt like for me while we both we both were nude. I looked down, suddenly feeling very exposed. All of the thrilling feelings of being a daring exhibitionist crumbled, and I felt that I was in the wrong place doing something I shouldn't have been doing.

"I...I...Sarah made me do it, it was a dare, I lost a game of War...I didn't think I would really do it...I...Oh God this is weird."

"War? What ware you talking about?"

"The card game War. I...it is so immature and stupid; I don't want to talk about it. I have to go."

I was about to run out of the shower when Kyle touched my arm and said something that put me at ease a little.

"Miranda, I think that is the damn coolest thing I've ever heard. Crazy, but damn cool. Let me get this straight; you are taking a shower in the men's dorm because you lost a game of War? Holy smokes, that's off the hook! I can't believe that."

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