tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's First Nude Video

Wet Miranda's First Nude Video

byWet Miranda©

On Monday mornings, nothing too eventful usually happens to me. I get up, take a shower, get dressed, and walk or bike to my 9:00 political science class. No one usually call me on the phone. When I hear the phone ring last Monday at 7:45 I figured it must be the wrong number. I considered not answering it, but then during the fifth ring decided to pick it up.

"Hello?" I said tiredly.

"Is Miranda Johnson there?" A husky male voice asked me.

"This is she. Who is this?"

"It's Jerry. The photographer. Remember me?"

How could I ever forget? Jerry Mancino was a freelance photographer. Earlier in the school year I had responded to an advertisement in the school newspaper about modeling for cash. The money advertised was $500, but I ended up making a lot more by posing for a series of graphic nude shots. When I say graphic, I really mean it, because the magazine was called "Spread Pink Beavers." You can guess what the main feature of that magazine is. Well let's just say I had to spread something quite a bit to earn my money, and he took many extreme close-up shots while I sat on a sofa nude. I am sure that my pussy is being viewed by thousands of guys who bought the magazine. I hope they liked what they saw; it turned me on to think that I was causing erections and jacking off.

"Hello, Jerry, what's up?" I said in my sexiest voice.

"I was calling to see if you would be interested in another modeling job, Miranda." Jerry responded.

I assumed that he meant another photo shoot, and since I needed the money really bad, I was about to agree to whatever he asked.

"Sure, I'd love to pose for you again. When do you need me?"

"In an hour, if that is at all possible. I had another model all ready to go, and she just left my office. She wouldn't complete the job, so I couldn't pay her, and now I have no one."

"I'll be there in an hour Jerry. Should I go to the same office as last time?" Jerry's office was on the fifth floor of an office building near campus.

"Same place, suite 523 still. Thank you so much, Miranda, you are the best. You can wear whatever you want; we have costumes and props here."

"I'm on my way now, Jerry!" I said as seductively as possible.

The last time I had posed for Jerry I had had days to think about it, and I had been very nervous because I hadn't known what to expect. This time I only had an hour to consider, and I knew what to expect, or at least I thought I did. If I had known what he would ask later, I might have changed my mind...

I arrived at his office right on time. It was May, and I was dressed in a short red skirt, plain white t-shirt, and a plain white bra and panties on underneath. When I got to suite 523 the door was locked, so I knocked.

A middle aged blonde lady answered the door. She had her hair in a pony-tail, and she had on a long white dress. She appeared to be in her late 40s, and looked like she worked out to keep her figure slim.

"You must be Miranda. My name is Cindy, and I am Jerry's assistant." The lady introduced herself, extending a hand. She offered me a glass of water, which I accepted. I felt very hot and thirsty, and started to gulp down the ice cold water, letting some drops fall on my shirt.

I shook her hand and inquired about Jerry.

"Oh, he went downstairs to get a bagel. He'll be right up. He authorized me to go over the terms of the video-shoot."

Video-shoot? The last job I had done was a photo-shoot, and I didn't recall hearing anything about being in a video this time.

I told Cindy that I hadn't come here expecting to be in a video, and I asked her what the video would be about.

"Well, Miranda, it involves nudity, of course." I expected that, and I nodded to her to go on. "It also involves stripping for the camera seductively." O.K., no surprises so far. I was still on board. "And finally, it involves climaxing for the camera."

I almost spit out my water. "Climax for the camera? You mean like coming on film? I'm sorry, Cindy, but I won't have sex on film, and I didn't realize this was a porno movie you were filming." I wasn't really angry, but I felt deceived that they would ask me to star in a porn movie.

"Oh no, no, no! This would not involve you having sex with anyone. In fact you would be the only one in the movie, Miranda!" Cindy quickly tried to re-assure me.

"Well, you said climax, so I just assumed..."

"Oh I understand! When people hear the word 'climax' they think of the money shot, or of a woman panting and moaning while having sex on film. I should have clarified what I meant, Miranda. The series is called 'Real women's orgasms.' As you can imagine, it involves women masturbating on film. It is partly a how too video, but mostly it just arouses the audience. Each episode is a half hour of one woman solo. First the woman strips for the camera. Then the camera follows her into the shower, and films her showering. Finally, the action moves to the bed, where the camera films her as she pleasures herself. What makes this series stand apart from the copy-cats is the authenticity of the masturbation scene...we don't put out anything fake."

I had to think about this. I hadn't expected something so graphic. If it was just the stripping and showering part, I would have agreed quickly, but I was a little shy about the masturbation part. Although I had let the camera take pictures of my most intimate parts, they were just pictures, not video footage. And I considered masturbation to be a very private experience; I had rarely ever let anyone watch me do that, even my lovers rarely got to see that side of my sexuality.

"How much would I get for this video, Cindy?" I asked. It is kind of sad that money was such a factor, but I was a poor college student, and I needed the cash.

$1000." She responded. That didn't seem like much; after all I had earned $2000 for the graphic photo-shoot... I told her that I would need a lot more for such a graphic video.

"Oh, Miranda, you misunderstood me. I meant $1000 an hour, and this video shoot will take about 3 hours. I can print up a contract right now, stating a flat fee of $3000 for the shoot. She punched some buttons on a keyboard, and a contract started to print. It printed out slowly on an old fashioned dot-matrix printer with perforation and holes on the edges of the paper. I looked it over. She handed me a fountain pen. If I signed the contract, I was agreeing that the video could be distributed on the Internet, DVD, and Video. There was no telling how many people would be watching me touch myself in the most private way possible.

I considered whether to sign or not. Suddenly the door opened, and it was Jerry and a tall man I had never met. Jerry was portly, with a grey beard and a pony-tail. He looked very much like Jerry Garcia, actually, and he was in his early 50s. The other man was in his early 30s, and he was tall and thin, wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt. He had sideburns, long dark hair, and thick glasses.

Jerry introduced him as Steven, the cameraman. Jerry then asked me if I was ready to go, and I told him I still hadn't decided.

I could see the look of panic in his eyes; he had agreed to have the video-shoot by today, and he might not have a model. I weighed the pros and cons, and finally decided that the money would be very useful to help pay off my student loans.

"O.K., I'll do it." I told everyone, while signing on the dotted line of the contract. My hand shook as I signed away my right to privacy, knowing that I was about to be filmed doing something very personal and private. Jerry walked me over to a studio I had never seen before. It was a bedroom. Everything looked very feminine. The sheets were white with red and pink flowers. The wallpaper was white. The curtains were white and lacy, and there were fresh flowers all over the room in nice clear crystal vases. The carpet was very thick and off white, and there were nice antique wood tables and old-fashioned lamps throughout the room.

Cindy picked out a dress for me. It was a very fancy black lacy dress. It had a zipper down the back. She also handed me a pair of white lacy panties with red flowers on the front and back, and a matching bra. The bra and panties almost matched the sheets! I was about to go into the bathroom to change into the outfit, but Jerry said that the cameras were already rolling. I noticed that Steven had positioned himself in a corner, and was indeed filming me. He stopped the tape for a minute, and Jerry explained that DVDs these days had to have tons of special features, and one of the features was a "Making of" section.

Although I had become relaxed and comfortable, I froze up a bit knowing that I was already being filmed. Why would people want to watch this part, I thought? Oh well. I shrugged and pulled off my t-shirt. I threw it to the floor. I asked Jerry if I should be stripping in any particular way, and he said just to act like I was at home alone, getting ready to take a shower. I sat on the bed, and unsnapped my bra, letting my breasts out. I arched my back, jutting out my breasts to the camera. Then I lay down and shimmied out of my short red skirt, casually tossing it on the floor. Wearing just my plain white panties, I stood up and bent over, letting the camera get a good view of my ass as I stripped off the last of my clothing. I walked over to Jerry, and he asked me if I liked the outfit Cindy had picked out for me. I told him I did.

He kept chatting with me, and I forget that the camera was rolling. We talked about my other photo shoot. It felt strange to talk about that, because the magazine was called "Spread Pink Beaver." I turned red saying the name of the magazine, and he told me that my issue had sold very well, and that lots of men had gotten off looking at my poses.

I put on the lacy white floral lingerie and the black lacy dress. The dress cam down to me knees, and the front of it was sexy without being totally revealing. It showed off just a hint of cleavage, and the back showed off my shoulder-blades. I was standing up, answering Jerry's questions, when he told me I should sit at the edge of the bed and relax.

He kept asking me questions for the camera. Some were very casual, like "What is your favorite color?" (Red.) "What is your favorite food?" (Buttered Scallops.) Then they got more personal..."What do you like to fantasize about?" (Being taken from behind. Having a man take charge and do with my body as he pleases. Or it can be a woman, I go both ways.)

It felt both strange and empowering at the same time to answer such intimate questions.

Jerry then told me it was time for me to disrobe. He ordered me to stand up, and told me to strip all my clothing off slowly. This was my favorite part of the shoot so far, I thought to myself. I love getting naked, and I gave a nice slow teasing show for Steven to film. I turned around and unzipped the zipper half way down my back only to zip it back up again. I faced the camera and bent over, letting more of my cleavage show. I squeezed my breasts through the dress. I turned around again and unzipped the zipper all the way, giving a good view of my ass in the sexy panties. I finally gave up the dress and let it fall to the floor, shaking my rear and showing off my ass even more.

I let Steven film me dancing around in the sexy lingerie for about fifteen minutes before I started to undo the bra. It had a clasp in the back, which I undid. I turned around and let the bra fall to the floor, but all I showed off was my back; they would have to wait to see my bare breasts. I covered my breasts with my arms, teasing the camera, making my audience wait before they could see nudity. When I felt ready, I let my arms fall to the side, showing off my bare breasts while shaking them around.

I had forgotten all about Jerry, when he asked my about my breasts. "Do you like them, Miranda? Do you feel that they are the right size and shape? Is there anything you would change about them? How old were you when they first developed?"

I suddenly got embarrassed when I heard all of these intimate questions about my breasts right after exposing them for the video-camera. I answered the questions as honestly as possible, feeling very shy now. I felt much more hesitant about getting naked.

I stalled as long as possible, until Jerry had to ask me to remove my panties. I turned around and slid the lacy floral panties down my legs and then kicked them aside. I felt the glare of the camera on my ass. Suddenly I felt self conscious about this. I always had felt that my ass was too big, and sure enough, just as I felt the most shy about the size of my ass, Jerry asked me intimate questions about it.

"Do you like having men look at your ass? Do you think it is too big or too small? Do you ever do exercises to tone your butt?"

I had not expected all of these intimate questions to be a part of the video-shoot, and I told him so. I thought he would have turned off the camera, but it kept rolling. He made me turn around and show off the front of my now nude figure to the camera.

"Why do these questions make you uncomfortable? Does the experience of having your body filmed feel different than having it photographed? Does your pussy get wet when you think about the thousands of people who will be watching this?"

I answered all the questions honestly, and my face turned redder than my bush! I looked down, and felt so exposed when I noticed that there was moisture on my short red pubic hair. Finally Jerry told me to take a shower.

It felt so strange to have a crew follow me into the small bathroom and film me stepping into the shower. There was a brand new bar of dove soap, and a bottle of Finesse combo shampoo and conditioner. Jerry ordered me to take a long hot shower, and to pretend the cameras were off and that I was alone. This was very hard to do, because I knew full well that I was being taped as I let the water cascade over my nude body. I did my best to act casual as I shampooed my hair. I lathered up the shampoo, and raised my hands above my head and washed my hair for a long time. I was very aware of my breasts jutting out as I washed my hair. As I rinsed off I knew that every jiggle of my breasts was being taped. I felt the water cascade down my chest, and knew that Steven was filming every drop of water dripping down my bare breasts.

I rinsed out the shampoo, turning around to give the camera a view of me from behind. I could hear the whirring of the camera lens, and suddenly realized that he was zooming in on my big ass. After all that talk about me being uncomfortable with the size of my ass, they had to pay extra attention to it! I lathered up my back the best I could, and then turned around to lather up the front part of my body. I got soap on my neck, and rubbed it into my tits. I was happier to show off my front, but a little shy about having my pussy so exposed. It felt more intrusive to have my pussy filmed than it had to have it photographed. I had to wash down there, though, so I tried to ignore the camera as I spread my pussy lips and washed between my legs, letting the soap run down my body.

I rinsed off all of the soap, and grabbed a big red fluffy towel from a bar outside the shower. I wrapped it around my body just long enough to dry off, and then I put the towel around my head to dry my hair. I instinctively knew that I was supposed to go back to the bedroom, and I let the crew of three follow me into the bed.

I lay down on the bed, and removed the towel completely, letting Steven film my nude body as I lay on my back. I knew what I was supposed to do next, and felt very hesitant about masturbating on film. I was very surprised when Cindy started asking me the next round of intimate questions about my body.

"Do you like to masturbate, Miranda?" she asked me.

"Well, um...yes, of course I do."

"Does it turn you on to know that you will have a huge audience watching you this time?" was her next question.

"Well...it both turns me on and makes me more nervous. I have never really had people watch me do this before."

"Never? You have never even let a lover watch you masturbate?" Cindy inquired.

"Well, a few times"

"Who? You don't have to give a last name, Miranda, but the audience would like to know about your experience with a lover watching you pleasure yourself."

I couldn't believe that I was answering such intimate questions on film.

"Chad. He was a boyfriend I had last year. He always wanted to watch me, so one time I let him. We were lying in bed together."


"Yes, naked. He found a vibrator in my nightstand drawer, and asked me to use it. I wouldn't do it at first, but he kept begging to watch, so I finally relented and let him watch me pleasure myself. I turned the vibrator on 'low' and buzzed it on my clit. He was surprised that I didn't put it inside my pussy; I had to explain to him that a lot of women just use the vibrator on the outside and never stick it inside."

"Did he witness you having an orgasm?

"No, I was to shy to take it all the way. I came while he was screwing me later."

"Did you ever watch a man masturbate?"

I turned a brighter shade of red, and told her that I had.

"Tell me details, Miranda." Cindy demanded.

I told her that I had another boyfriend when I was eighteen. "We were camping in a tent at a campground in Southern Indiana. In the middle of the night I had woke up to the sound of Paul's hand rubbing something. I was in my sleeping bag. I looked over and saw that he was pumping his cock. His eyes were closed, and he had no idea that I was awake and watching him. It was so cool to see his hand pump faster and faster. I was not prepared for the sight of him coming; I was totally shocked at both the amount of come and at the force that it shot out with. It kept spurting out onto his chest, and also dripping down his bare cock. I loved watching his cock contract, and it seemed like the orgasm would never end."

"Did this action inspire you to masturbate yourself later?" she asked me.

Shyly, I whispered yes. I told her details about going into the bathroom later that night and touching myself till I came hard.

Out of nowhere, Cindy asked me: "Will you masturbate for the camera, Miranda?"

I had known that this was coming, but I felt very shy about actually doing it. With much hesitation, I touched my pussy lips. She asked me if I needed a toy, and I told her that I preferred to just use my hand. Things got very quiet as I touched myself. I felt very exposed doing this on film. This was such a private action that I was suddenly expected to do very publicly. I felt the eyes of Jerry, Cindy, and Steven as I fingered myself.

I didn't know if I could do it. I rubbed and rubbed, and although I was turned on, I felt too self-conscious about the crowd. I closed my eyes and arched my back, rubbing and rubbing, but the orgasm just wasn't going to happen.

I thought about fucking. I graphically imagined a previous lover taking me from behind. I pictured him bending me over on the bed and grabbing my bare ass. I imagined him entering me and screwing me while I was bent over with my feet on the floor and my chest on the bed. I fingered myself faster and faster while picturing getting laid.

I knew I couldn't come on demand, so I closed my eyes and faked the best that I could. I thrashed my legs around, and yelled out and moaned while pretending to come. I made sure that my hands circled my clit very quickly as I "came."

"That was great, Miranda. The guys watching will love that part!" Jerry told me. Convinced that I had fooled them, I smiled and started to sit up.

"Yes, that will be a great special feature on the DVD. Now why don't you just relax for about a half hour, and then we will try to film you REALLY coming, Miranda."

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