tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Nude Photo Shoot

Wet Miranda's Nude Photo Shoot

byWet Miranda©

The ad in the college newspaper read "make $500 for being a model in a photo shoot." The photo shoot must be nude, I thought. Why else would they offer so much money? The next ad read "$5.25 an hour sweeping floors in the student union." Next. "Make big money selling factory equipment over the phone! Unlimited potential!" Yeah right, unlimited potential. Most likely no paycheck at all if you don't sell any gizmos. "$4.75 an hour to clear tables at an exciting new restaurant concept opening soon!" Yeah, exciting if you are a customer and not the one cleaning dirty tables! What was that first ad again?

"Make $500 for being a model in a photo shoot."

Hmm...why not? I do like my body, and if it is posing in a bikini or lingerie maybe I could do it. If it turned out to be nude, I could just say no. Or would I say yes? $500 would help me a lot, and how bad could being nude be? My boyfriend sees me nude all the time, and I let him take pictures of me once. But the pictures he took were just for us to share, not a wide audience.

I called the number.

"Allbright studios." A man's voice said over the phone.

"Yes, hi. My name is Miranda. I am responding to your ad about nude modeling."

"It doesn't say nude in the ad!" he quickly responded.

I was so embarrassed. He was right, it didn't say nude in the ad, I just jumped to conclusions and said what I was thinking out loud by mistake! "Well, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to say that, I just assumed it must be for that much money."

"Actually, you make the $500 with no nudity. If you really DO want to pose nude, however, you can make way more than $500!" the man responded.

"Umm...how much more?" I asked.

"If you want to do a nude series photo shoot, you can get $1000. For a nude series video, $2000. Come to my studio at noon on Saturday, we can meet and discuss options. My name is Jerry, by the way."

Jerry gave me an address, and I wrote it down. The rest of the week was a blur. I could barely focus on my classes. Was I really even considering posing nude? What if they put my pictures on the Internet or in a magazine? Then again, so what if they do, the money is good, and my body will only be young once, so why not?

I can't decide if I should pose nude or not. Then I realized that I haven't even been offered the job yet even. What if I am rejected? Maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself. I need to get through this week.

Saturday morning came quicker than I was prepared for. I wanted to dress to impress, so I chose a short black skirt and sexy black tank top. White lacy panties and bra underneath. I walked to the studio, which was in an office building near the campus. It was only 11:00, so I stopped into the local coffee shop and ordered a grande vanilla latte, skim with an extra shot of espresso. I drank the coffee drink wile considering what I was about to do...

I walked into the office building, and took the elevator up to the fifth floor. I knocked on the door of suite 523, not knowing what to expect. A middle aged man with a big belly answered the door. He had long white hair tied up into a ponytail. He had on a purple t-shirt and faded blue jeans. My god, he looks like Jerry Garcia, and his name is Jerry, I thought. This is getting weird.

"You must be Miranda!" He said. "Jerry Mancino, pleased to meet you!"

I shook his hand. My eyes wandered around the studio. There was a reception desk, but no receptionist. There were 4 red chairs and a red sofa. Pictures of gorgeous women adorned the walls, including some that were in lingerie and some in bikinis. No nudes, I thought. Well, this is just the waiting room; maybe the nudes are in a more private area.

He had me sit on the sofa, and he offered me a glass of water. I was very thirsty, and somehow he must have sensed that. Or maybe he was just being polite and offered water to everyone. He handed me a cup of ice cold water from a cooler. I watched the cooler bubble as the displaced water was replaced by air. I drank the water in one sip, quenching my thirst.

He looked me up and down. "You have a great figure, Miranda!" he told me. I shyly said thanks. "Well, here are the options. I have a lingerie catalog that needs a photo shoot next week. You could make the $500 for doing that. It would be about 3 hours, and you would be modeling about 15 different outfits from nightgowns to bras and panties. Some of the lingerie is very skimpy, like the lacy thongs."

I told him that sounded o.k., and I agreed. I forgot all about the nude option until he said "Or you could pose nude in studio B. I have an agreement with a men's magazine, and they need some freelance photos by next week. You would earn $1000 for that, and that just takes an hour."

So they were going to be in a magazine. "Which magazine?" I asked. I was thinking Hustler or Penthouse perhaps. Well, I could handle that, those magazines are classy adult magazines! What an honor to be chosen for a nude shoot in...

"Pink beavers" Jerry said. I didn't think I heard him right.

"Say what?" I responded.

"Pink spread beaver. It is a hardcore men's magazine. Guess what they specialize in?"

"Ummm...Pussy?" I replied.

"You got it, Miranda. Think about it. $1000 paid in cash right now for an hour of photos. What do you say?"

I considered the option. I stammered something to Jerry about not being interested and I walked to the door. He said "I understand, most college girls turn this offer down, it takes a lot of guts to get nude and bare your most private parts for the camera. But college girls are what the magazine requests, and I have to give them what they want. Oh well, it was nice meeting you Miranda. If you are interested in the non-nude shoots give me a call on Monday. I don't suppose doubling the offer to $2000 right now would make you change your mind..."

$2000? That was a lot of cash. I considered the consequences. Who actually reads "Pink Spread Beaver" magazine? I doubt anyone I know would recognize me. Maybe they only show the pussy close up and no one would even see my face. I ask Jerry "Would my face be visible in these shots?"

"Of course. The readers like to feel like they know the girls in the pictures, not just look at pussy shots."

"How graphic are the pictures?" I asked Jerry. He went to a drawer in the desk and pulled out a sample copy. He "spread" the page open and showed me an example. There were many pictures of a tall brunette. The pages were very glossy. I sat down and looked through the magazine. On the first page she was fully clothed. She had on a cheerleader uniform from Ohio State. On the next page she was wearing a halter top and shorts. As I thumbed through the pages she was wearing less and less clothing. The next page had her topless with a black mini-skirt similar to the one I had on. Her breasts looked fabulous, perfectly round and defying gravity. They weren't very big, but her nipples were bigger than most, and they were red and puffy. I turned to the next page. She was completely naked, and her pussy was shaved. It wasn't spread open, but you could see the lips and folds. Her legs were together.

The final four pages of her shoot clarified why the magazine was called "Pink Spread Beavers." They left nothing to the imagination. Jennifer was laying on a king size bed with white sheets. Her legs were wide open, and her pussy was just as open as her legs. The title of the magazine was not technically correct; her pussy was pink, no doubt, but there was also quite a bit of red as I looked closer into the hole. You could also see her asshole quite graphically too. Her face was exposed in the first few shots on the page. Later pages showed her pussy VERY close up, so close that you could see some stubble even though her pussy was shaved bare. She was using her fingers to spread her pussy even wider, and you could see into the hole very clearly. You could also see the hood of her clitoris, and in the final picture she positioned her fingers so you could see her erect wet clit very close up.

The really shocking thing about the pictures was the captions under them. They said the filthiest things! "Stick you big dick in my pink cunt, cowboy!" "Ohh I need to be fucked!" "Shoot a big wad of hot cum on my pussy lips now!"

"$2000?" I repeated to Jerry. He answered by opening up a safe on the wall and taking out 20 $100 bills to show me he was serious. "O.K., I'll do it!" I answered. Did I really just agree to pose nude in a magazine called "Pink Spread Beavers?"

He made me show ID to prove I was 18, and I had to sign a contract. Then he showed me into the studio. He had me change into a red and white Nebraska Cornhuskers t-shirt and shorts. "But we are in Florida; I don't go to Nebraska University!" I protested.

"That is what the magazine wants!" Jerry said. "They are doing a 'Girls of the Midwest' special, and I give them what they want. So for today, Miranda, you are a Cornhusker, got it?"

I told him O.K. The shirt was WAY too tight, and he had me wear it with no bra. The shorts were tight too, but I wasn't about to complain, this was good money. He shot me in the Nebraska outfit, and later had me hold a basketball and then a football. Then he told me to lift up my shirt and flash my tits for the camera while still holding the basketball above my head!

Jerry led me into another room that looked like a dorm room. There were posters on the wall of my school, Florida State, and he replaces them with Nebraska posters. He changed the sheets on the bed to red ones, and then he had me change into some a pair of purple panties and a purple bra. "Why purple?" I asked. "That's not the Nebraska color!"

"Because I think you would look sexy in purple, Miranda." He responded. O.K., he was the photographer, after all, and who was I to argue? I was about to change into the purple bra and panties, aware that this would be the first time he would see me nude. He had only seen my breasts for the flashing shot earlier. I realized that I would have to get over my last feelings of shyness, but it still felt weird to get nude in front of Jerry. Here goes nothing, I thought, as I removed the top and the shorts. I then removed my own panties and put on the purple ones. They fit quite well; Jerry must have a huge stock of women's clothing depending on the size of the model he is shooting. I put on the purple bra, ready for more instructions.

He had me lie on the bed for a few pictures, and then some pictures were shot of me standing. He was quite explicit in his instructions.

"Bend over and show off your ass for the camera, Miranda. Turn around for a good cleavage shot. Put your hands on your thighs. Smile! Touch your tits."

This was actually kind of fun! O.K., so what if a bunch of guys see me and jack-off! Let them see me bare. It gets me hot to know that my body is attractive enough to command $2000 and hour just to be photographed!

The next series of photos were topless, and he had me put on long red skirt. He made me put some ice on my nipples to get them hard. I didn't care. My nipples got all erect and even redder than the skirt. He had me raise my arms above my head so he could get some good topless shots, then he had me sitting at a desk pretending to do homework while I was topless. More poses, like me pretending to make a phone call. Jerry had really decked this place out to look like a real dorm room with a pizza box on the table, and college textbooks on the floor and on a shelf.

"O.K., time for the money shots, Miranda. Please take off the skirt and panties."

Now I was a bit nervous again. I stripped bare, and he ordered me to lie down on my back on the bed. He got out a zoom lens on the camera and started the close up shots right away!

"I am surprised you are doing the 'spread' shots first!" I told him.

"That is so you overcome any initial embarrassment quickly. Once you can handle these kinds of shots, the rest will be easier."

My face turns red as he lies on the foot of the bed and takes close-up shots of my most private area. I see each flash, and realize that my bare pussy is being photographed extremely close up! One flash after another, and I start to close my legs, felling very shy suddenly. He still keeps taking more pictures.

"Miranda, you seem to be closing your legs. If you want to stop, that's O.K., but I can't pay you unless we complete the shoot." Jerry informs me.

O.K., I can do this. It's just flesh, right? Well, I don't know if you can call my most private parts flesh or what, but anyway it is just nudity. No big deal, I can do this. I spread my legs as wide as I can, and let him shoot away.

"I'd like you to use your fingers to spread the lips a little more, Miranda!" Jerry asks. I feel so dirty as I spread my pussy wide open with my fingertips. He gets in so close that I am sure he can see my clit. As I touch myself, I realize that I am drenched with juices down there. I am really more turned on than I care to admit, this feels so dirty yet so thrilling! I spread my pussy as wide as I can. He has me stick my finger inside.

"O.K, we are almost done. Now put your finger up to your lips and taste yourself!" Jerry commands me. I had almost forgotten that my face will be visible in these photos. Oh well, what the hell. I lick my own pussy juices. He takes close up shots of this too. He tells me to smile more. For the final shot, it gets really humiliating.

"O.K., we are almost done. Now turn around and spread your ass cheeks as wide open as you can. If you bend over just right, I can get your pussy lips in the shot along with your ass."

I realize what he is going for. My asshole as spread open and shockingly visible to the cold lens of the camera. This is a bit more graphic than I bargained for. He takes close-up pictures of both my ass and pussy, while I spread my ass as wide as I can. Then he tells me to flip over for some final frontal shots.

He has me lie on the carpet and hold my put my feet up to my head. This feels a bit uncomfortable, but I keep thinking about the money. I hold my feet way up in the air so he can take more close up shots of my pussy. No, not my pussy, my "spread pink beaver!" He comes in so close that I can feel his hot breath right on my pussy lips. He takes more and more pictures, and finally announces he is done.

"Great job, Miranda!" He congratulates me. He pays me in cash, and tells me I could make a lot more if I ever want to make a video. I ask him if the video will involve sex, and he says, "Well, not really. Just sex with yourself, I guess! You see, my contacts are really looking for videos of girls your age masturbating. Do you think you could handle that?"

I feel like I could masturbate right now, I am so fucking turned on. I am not ready for something that intense on video...just yet. I put my clothes back on, shake his hand, and thank him for the money. He thanks me for the modeling job. I walk home with a smile, and when I get back to my dorm room I lie down on the bed and touch my steaming "pink spread beaver." Could I do this for a video camera? Only time will tell...

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