tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Super Bowl Choice

Wet Miranda's Super Bowl Choice

byWet Miranda©

Sunday, February 6th, 2005:

I have to tell you, I am not a big fan of football. My boyfriend will sit and watch it all day long, game after game. College football, NFL games, whatever game is on; he and his friends will just watch football all day. If it isn't football, it's baseball, hockey, or basketball. Once a year, the biggest football game of them all is on; this is the Super bowl, of course. On the day of the Big Game, my boyfriend Tom always has some of his loudest friends over, and they spend the whole day drinking cheap beer and eating Cheetos and chips and a lot of other junk food. I am not a big fan of organized sports, and I would rather do something else on the weekend, like take a walk, watch a movie, or make love.

For Super bowl 2005, my boyfriend Tom happened to be away on a business tip in Seattle all week. I thought I would have the house to myself, and not have to deal with sports on T.V. whatsoever. At 2:00 he called me, and asked if his friends could come over and watch the Super bowl at our house even though he would not be home.

"What? You mean you want your friends to come over to our house and watch that damn football game all day while you won't even be home? Oh no. Please, can't they watch it at their own houses?" I said angrily.

"Well, the thing is, they all have small TVs, and we have a huge widescreen system with surround sound. Please, Miranda, they would really like it." Tom begged.

"I would rather not. The answer is no, Tom."

"Uh...I sort of already invited them over. I'm so sorry, but they kept pleading to let them come over. Robert, Carry and Patrick are all going to arrive soon. They will bring over lots of food, so at least you can eat for free tonight!"

I could not believe what I was hearing. My boyfriend had invited 3 of his obnoxious friends over to watch a loud football game in my own house, and he hadn't asked me first. I was so pissed off!

We argued on the phone for about a half hour. I held my ground, saying no over and over again, when I was startled by a knock on the door.

I told him I was hanging up, and that we would talk about this later. I walked downstairs, and answered the door. It was Tom's friend Carry, along with someone I didn't even recognize.

"Hey Miranda, thanks for having us over. This is Joe." Carry informed me, introducing a tall guy with a blonde crew cut.

"Hey, wasssssupppp?" Joe said. I cringed. I can't believe he just said "Wassssuppp" in that annoying tone of voice like they use in that Budweiser commercial from a few years ago. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly let them in. I resigned myself to the fact that they were going to be here all day. Carry is a heavyset guy, about 5 foot 8, with long brown hair. He was wearing a New England Patriots tank top, and carrying a case of Keystone light. They walked in the door and immediately made themselves comfortable. Feet on the nice oak coffee table, they were already on the red sofa within five minutes.

There was another knock on the door. Now it was Robert. He is Tom's most attractive friend, in my opinion. He is over six feet, well groomed, and dark skinned. He is from Puerto Rico. He came in with a bottle of Boone's Farm Apple wine. Where we in college all over again? Did adults really drink that cheap stuff? (We are all in out late twenties.)

"Yo, Miranda." He greeted me.

"Yo, Robert!" I replied in turn.

Though Robert was the most attractive of the group, he was also the loudest and most obnoxious of them usually.

"I need some glasses for the wine, Miranda." He told me. I steamed inside, thinking that I was expected to be the waitress too.

"You know were the kitchen is, Robert!" I told him in an icy tone.

Carry, Joe and Robert had the T.V. on incredibly loud, and they were watching some pre-pre game crap. I thought that it was bad enough that they had to watch sports for hours, but they also had to watch people talking about sports for hours also! I went upstairs, hoping to get some reading done and hoping to tune them out. There was another knock on the door. Patrick, I was guessing. The other guys answered it and let him in.

I lay down on my bed and was getting to a really intense scene in the latest John Grisham novel I was reading, and then they started yelling really loud. The game wasn't even on yet, and already the four guys were getting buzzed and yelling. This was going to be a long day.

I managed to read about 100 pages when the yelling got to be really loud. I walked downstairs. The first half was almost over. The four of them were camped out in my living room, with food all over the coffee table, and at least 20 empty beer cans all over the floor. Then out of nowhere I got a really wicked idea in my head.

I wanted to see if I could derail the game. What would it take to get four males to stop watching the Super bowl? Could it even be done? Remember, these were four huge sports fans. I wanted to see if there was any way possible that they could be enticed to stop watching the biggest game of the year if they had another choice.

"Hey guys! Enjoying the game?" I asked.

"Hell yeah! Did you see that pass? There was a 30 yard..." "Patrick, don't even try to tell me what happened in the game. Talking about interceptions, yardage, and punting is all Greek to me. You may as well be talking in another language." I told him.

My wicked idea was beginning to play out in my head.

"Guys, I'll bet you wouldn't turn off the game if I stripped naked right in the middle of this room." I said.

Now the cards were laid out. They had a choice. See the Super bowl or see me strip. I was dead serious, because I truly believed that they were so into the game that they wouldn't take me up on my offer.

"I'm sorry, but I am going to have to go with the Super bowl, Miranda." Patrick replied. They all agreed except for Carry.

Joe suggested that they would turn it off for a half an hour to see me strip. "I guess we could skip the half-time show, Miranda. We will turn it off for a half-hour if you get naked for us."

They were not getting this at all. My plan was to get them to turn off the entire game. I could see I was going to have to up the ante a bit.

"O.K., guys. I will give you all a hot lap dance." I challenged.

Robert responded "How much of the game would we have to miss?"

I could not believe these guys. They were being offered a lap dances instead of watching men run around and throw a funny ball in the air. And they had to think about it!

"You will have to miss the entire second half. If you turn it off now, you all get to see me do a nice long strip show till I'm nude, and then you each get a ten minute lap dance."

Carry agreed, and then Joe said "Hell, yeah! She's hot, I'll do it. Damn, I would have to miss the Super bowl, but Fuck, guys, she's hot and offering a Lap-dance!"

Now I had Carry and Joe in my pocket.

Robert and Patrick would not budge.

"O.K., enjoy the game! Lots of muscular guys running around getting sweaty, sounds like more fun than having my bare breasts in your faces to you guys, I guess!"

I went upstairs to my bedroom again. I changed into a tight red button down blouse, a black mini skirt that barely covered my thighs, and a white thong and sheer white bra. I grabbed a bottle of Wet stuff, which is a very slippery sexual lubrication oil. I came downstairs, and I had there undivided attention for a minute. They looked at me in my sluttish outfit. There eyes wandered up and down my figure. Then the second half started, and I could tell they were trying to look at me and at the game simultaneously. I sat down on the sofa between Joe and Patrick.

They kept watching the game, but I could tell that my plan was starting to work. I grabbed the bottle of oil and started to shake it. Carry looked at the bottle and asked me what that was for.

"Oh this bottle of oil? It is called Wet stuff. It is a sexual lubrication. I put it in my pussy when Tom and I make love. It also comes in handy when I give hand jobs..." I said casually.

Now I had all four of them looking at me. I shook the bottle up and down.

"Ummm...Miranda, are you offering us hand-jobs?" Patrick asked while looking right at my hands.

I looked him in the eye and replied: "You know the deal. The football game goes off right now. It stays off the entire time. If you four can handle that, I will strip for you all right now and then give you all nice slippery hand-jobs."

Robert agreed, and now I had 3 out of 4. Patrick was the only hold-out.

"I can't believe how hard this decision is, but I am really into this game. I can't turn of the Super bowl half way into the game, that is crazy! It would take even more for me to do that, Miranda."

"What are you holding out for, Patrick, a blow-job? No, that is not going to happen. I have offered as much as I plan too offer. The cards are all on the table; you four all have five minutes to agree. All or nothing. All four of you have to agree to the terms: The Super bowl goes off in five minutes. The T.V. does not go on again until the game is over. No listening to the radio or calling anyone either. You will not know a damn thing about the game until it is over. In return for this sacrifice, I am willing to give you all a strip show. It will be a damn hot strip show, I promise. And then I will jack each one of you off. You have five minutes to decide."

I unbuttoned the first two of the six buttons on my blouse, giving the guys a preview of what they would be seeing. I bent down so they could see some cleavage.

The other three argued and pleaded with Patrick, but he still said no. The five minutes ended, and I gave them an ultimatum. Holding the remote in the air, I aimed it at the T.V. I asked them all, "Well, boys? Super-bowl, or Miranda-bowl?"

They yelled and swore at Patrick. "C'mon motherfucker, she's gonna stroke all out dicks! What are you a fairy?" I counted down. "Five..." I put my hand on Patrick's leg "Four..." I inched my hand up to his thighs "Three..." now my hand was right on his lap "Two...." I felt him get an erection instantly "One!"

He stammered "Yes, Yes, we agree!"

I shut the game off. The huge screen flickered for a second, and then went black. The speakers went silent.

"Wise decision, gentleman. Relax now, and enjoy the show."

I moved the coffee table to a corner, and cleared the floor of beer cans and wrappers. I put on a hard-rock C.D. I had burned a couple of years ago, and the first song was "You Shook me all Night Long" by AC/DC. I stood in the middle of the room about three feet away from the guys, and danced while the music was playing. I planned on removing one piece of clothing per song to make the strip-show a nice tease.

I really teased them, undoing the third of the six buttons, and then buttoning it back up again. Then it came unbuttoned again. Three buttons down, three to go. I repeated this process until it was all the way unbuttoned. I opened up the blouse to give them all a quick flash of my sheer white bra, and then closed the blouse again. Near the end of the song, I turned around so they were viewing my body from behind. I let the blouse come down very slowly, first exposing my bare shoulder, then taking my arms out of the sleeves, and finally letting it fall to the floor. No front view just yet, they had to be content to see my shoulders and back first. I wiggled my ass which was still covered by the black mini-skirt.

Now "Why can't this be Love" by Van Halen came on. I turned around to give them a view of my front. I bent over a lot to give them a good look of my cleavage. I danced seductively, swaying my hips and also touching my chest a lot. I cupped my breasts in my hands, and licked my lips, winking at the guys. I saw big bulges in all of their pants. I turned around and put my hands on the skirt. I pulled the skirt down a few inches, giving them a preview of my white thong and my ass. I decided they would have to wait a bit longer for the skirt to come off.

I turned around and faced them again. "Guys, I feel bad now that you are missing your game. Why don't we stop this and I'll go back upstairs and read my book?" I said as I pulled the skirt down again, this time giving them a view of my white panties and thighs.

They all quickly said "No, No, keep stripping, Miranda!"

Good, I had their undivided attention now, I thought. As a reward, I let them see more of my legs. I slid down the skirt very slowly, and then kicked it in the air when it was at my bare feet.

Now I stood wearing just the white thong and sheer white bra. On the back, the thong didn't cover up anything; my entire bare ass was exposed. The front of the thong was pretty high cut, so most of my bare thighs and hips were also in plain view. The front of the thong was not sheer, so they couldn't see my red bush just yet. The bra was transparent, and they could all see me big puffy nipples which were rock hard by now. I was really enjoying being the center of attention and having my body viewed.

The next song was "Radar Love" by Golden Earring. Good, a nice long song. They will have to be teased and wait to see my tits. I let them see my ass as a bent over in the thong and shook it. I wiggled my ass the best I could while bent over with my hands on the floor. Then I faced them again, and played with my breasts. The bra felt soft and smooth to my touch. They had to wait forever for me to take off the bra, because even when the song ended I still had it on.

"Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses came on next. For this number, I gave the guys all a little lap-dance. I sat on Patrick's lap and ground my ass on his erection. I noticed that all four guys had there arms on the back of the sofa. They were all used to strip club rules for lap-dances, where the guys couldn't touch the girls.

"Seeing as how I am going to be stroking all of your cocks later, I have decided that it is O.K. for you too all touch me if you want to." I let them know.

Patrick took me up on this offer during his lap dance, and fondled my tits. I didn't want to neglect the other three guys. I gave Carry the next one, and ground my ass on his bulge. He took the opportunity to caress my bare legs while I was grinding on his lap.

Gun's N' Roses had a twofer, as "Welcome to the Jungle" played next. I gave Joe his turn, and his hands wandered all over as I sat on his lap. He ran his fingers through my long red hair, and he squeezed my soft 36C breasts. I playfully rubbed his erection over the jeans he was wearing.

Robert got his turn last, and near the end of the song, I kissed his ear, and whispered "Take my bra off, Robert. The clasp is in front." I lifted my arms up and let his hands find the clasp between my breasts. He undid the clasp quickly and tossed the sheer bra to the floor. I arched my back to give the guys there first look at my naked breasts. I had known all of the guys for years except for Joe, and they had always looked at my chest, but never seen me topless. I could tell they liked what they saw, as they were all staring and practically drooling. Robert felt me up while Axl screeched the song.

"Legs" by ZZ Top came on next. What a perfect song to strip too! I stood up again, rubbing my long legs as ZZ Top sang about them. I jiggled my boobs a lot, and swayed my hips. I put my hands in my panties. I didn't take them off for a long time. At the end of the song, the guys got a quick flash of my red bush, but the thong stayed on...

"Hot-blooded" by Foreigner was the next tune. Good song to finish off to! For the removal of the panties, I turned my back to them, and every so slowly peeled them off. Looking down at my own pussy, I could see that it was wet. Exhibitionism always turns me on something fierce. I let the panties fall to the carpet and kicked them away. I shook my now naked butt at the guys and slapped my own ass a couple of times, making a loud "Smack" sound with each spank. Now the moment they were all waiting for, where they would see me completely nude for the first time.

I turned around and let them see the front of my body. I had my hands covering my pussy. I made eye contact with each of them one by one, and then I gave them all a huge grin and raised my hands above my head. I stood with my legs spread wide, letting them soak in my full nudity. Because my legs were so spread, my pussy lips were opened up, and they could see my sopping wet pussy through the short red pubic hair. I don't shave it all, but I keep the hair very short so my pussy was pretty exposed to their stares.

"Living after Midnight" was the last song on the CD, and they all got to see me dance naked. I was running out of moves, so I just walked around a lot to keep my body in motion, making sure to shake my breasts and wiggle my ass a lot. When the song ended, they all clapped.

I took the bottle of oil, and shook it for them all to see. "I've thought about it, guys. If you want to watch the last quarter, I can get dressed and go back upstairs." I teased, knowing full well that they were eagerly anticipating getting their cocks all stroked.

They all shook there heads no, and I laughed as a shook my hair around. "I thought so." I said. I decided to give them all their hand-jobs in the same order as the lap dances. Patrick was first. I unzipped his jeans, and pulled his jeans and briefs to his knees. I teased his body with my hands, touching his chest and arms first. Then I rubbed his legs. He was so erect. I cupped his balls in my hands. I gave him a little kiss on his ear, and whispered with hot breath "Are you ready, Patrick?" He had no response to that except a moan. I squirted the oil in my hands, and started to jack him off.

I stroked him slowly, pumping my hand up and down. My other hand played with his heavy balls. It took him only about a few minutes before he was breathing really hard and about to come. "Oh god...Oh my god...this feels so good...I'm....I'm..."

He didn't have to say it; I knew the end of the sentence. He was coming. Spurt after spurt of hot come shot out of his cock as it spasmed in orgasm. It landed all over my slippery hands and wrists. I continued to stroke him as he came down and the orgasm ended. A little more come squirted out every few seconds as he had some aftershocks. To really tease the other three guys, I took the come and rubbed it on my bare chest.

Carry was the next lucky gentleman, and he had already removed his pants and boxers before I could take them off for him. He had a huge smile on his face. I sat down next to him for his turn, making sure my bare hips touched his. I put my hands under his black t-shirt and fondled his nipples a bit. He got a little kiss on the ear too, with my tongue going inside for a second. "Carry; are you ready to get a nice slippery hand-job?" I whispered with hot breath in his ear. I kissed his neck while putting my hand on his rock-hard shaft. Like Patrick, he didn't have much of a response to the question. I guess guys get non verbal when a naked women is sitting next to them whispering in their ears about jerking them off. I stroked him nice and slow too, listening to the lovely squishy sounds as I stroked and stroked. Up and down with my hands, kissing his neck the whole time. My other hand playing with his hot balls, I continued to stroke. I could tell he was about to come but wanted to hold back to prolong the pleasure. I slowed down, and then stopped for a second. He looked me in the eyes, pleading me with his look to continue. I was just teasing him when I stopped, and it was also to help prolong it. I stroked again, now getting faster with my hand movements. He came very suddenly, with no warning. The come shot high in the air, and most of it landed on his t-shirt and on his lap. A lot of it ended up on my hands too, of course.

I let him relax and come down, caressing his neck and shoulders. Then it was Joe's turn. I sat on his lap for a minute before starting, pressing the weight of my body onto him. I smothered his face with my tits before starting his hand-job. He let me unzip his tan shorts and I pulled the shorts and boxers down to his feet, then took them all the way off and threw them to the floor. For his hand job, I did my best to sit on him during it. This was not easy, because I needed room on his lap for my hands to work. I squatted over his lap, pressing my breasts into his body as much as I could while stroking his big dick. He came quicker than the others, and since my lap was right above him I felt the hot come squirt all over my legs and pussy. I gave him a little French kiss on the lips while his cock spasmed.

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