tagFetishWet Nipples Ch. 02

Wet Nipples Ch. 02


After Ivonne had left the office, I sat and thought for a while about what had just happened. Summary: a shy pregnant sexy girl who had milk leaking from her tits had walked into my office, and I'd sucked them dry while she orgasmed on my legs. Whew.

Ivonne had left me totally frustrated and I was thinking about pulling my cock out and jerking off when the phone rang. A maintenance call from the factory soon had me moving out the door and trying to push Ivonne from my mind.

The following day at work was a Saturday. As the factory staff all worked a 5 days on 3 days off shift, it was quite normal to be at work on the weekend. However it was always less busy than the week days as the office staff who worked a normal 40 hour week were never on site.

Ivonne's parting words to me had been "We'll see what happens tomorrow eh?" but I figured there was a very strong possibility that she had gone home to her husband and had become overwhelmed with guilt.

Saturday had started badly for me as one of our near-infrared measuring instruments was performing badly. I had been called in at 3.00am to repair it and it had taken until 11.30am before I was happy that it was reporting fat and protein levels correctly to the plant operations staff. I returned to my office tired and grumpy and promptly fell asleep at my desk, intending to have a quick nap and then drive home.

At about 1.30pm I was woken up by a sound in the office. I looked up from my desk and was very pleasantly surprised to find that Ivonne had returned again while I slept, and was waiting on the settee for me. She smiled at me and said something in muted French that I didn't understand. But honestly, it wouldn't have mattered if she had spoken a dialect of Cantonese because I knew exactly what she wanted.

You see, Ivonne wasn't just "waiting" for me on the settee. She was kneeling on it doggy style, with her absolutely perfect Canadian butt thrust in the air and outlined by a dark coloured skirt. She had removed her top and bra so that her pregnant tummy and breasts were now hanging down below her and were resting on the seat cushion. She was moving back and forth in a slow motion that was making her pendulous breasts sway and was dragging her erect nipples around on the material of the settee. Her long hair was trailing down across her shoulders turning the whole picture into even more of a tease.

She spoke again and this time I was listening.

"I'm full of milk again Mark. My husband doesn't really care and I need help. I decided last night that if you'll help me until the baby is born, I'll make sure you're properly rewarded".

I knew what that meant. Ivonne knew what that meant. My cock knew what that meant.

"I need you to take care of me Mark. Now."

I got up from the desk and walked to her as she looked up into my eyes. Things were going to be a little different this time. As I stood in front of her she playfully pushed her nose against the bulge of my cock while I ran my hands down the length of her spine and then across the swell of her backside.

I moved around to the front of the settee and ran my hands back up in the opposite direction, across her hips and waist, and then up to her arms. I then reached down beneath each armpit and grasped her tits with my thumbs on one side and fingers on the other so that my hands partially encircled the mounds of flesh. I squeezed and then slid my hands down towards her nipples.

The pale life giving liquid inside her breasts then exploded out of her, spraying thin jets everywhere. Ivonne squealed loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure as my thumbs and fingers finished their downward stroke onto her nipples. It was an incredible sound. She was expressing milk in all directions and I continued to knead and manipulate her tits from my vantage point above her, letting gravity do its work.

Ivonne then straightened up and arched back against me. I reached underneath her breasts and continued to lift and squeeze them, urging her milk to escape. I was rutting my cock against the crack of her backside as she puffed breathlessly.

I was feeling pretty horny now and was getting a little bit rough with her, but Ivonne was groaning with pleasure and was clearly having a fantastic experience.

Wanting more now, I stopped milking her with my hands and pulled her around into a sitting position. Ivonne was allowing me to do whatever I wanted with her, and this time I intended to make sure we were both satisfied. She was still gasping with pleasure from my initial ministrations, and now as I kneeled on the floor between her legs and reached to suckle her nipples into my mouth she began to shake violently with an orgasm.

I reached under her skirt and pulled her butt closer to the edge of the sofa, and then roughly sucked her whole left nipple and areola into my mouth, greedily drinking the remaining milk. With my hands under her skirt I slowly traced the outline of her somewhat practical panties, and then as I continued to explore I found the gusset of her underwear absolutely sopping wet with the seepage from her cunt.

The milk from her left breast was nearly exhausted now, and I swapped over to the right, encouraging the flow with my tongue. I had now worked my hands under her panties and I started to gently explore her messy wet cunt. My fingers penetrated her and I applied pressure to the upper wall of her canal, looking for that spot that would make her stomach clench. Ivonne looked at me with total lust in her eyes as I probed her sex. I ran the ball of my thumb over and around her protruding clitoris, and I could feel the pubic hair around her lips becoming slicked down with her juices.

Her milk was now essentially finished and it was time to move things along. I wanted to claim my prize, but first I wanted the taste of pussy in my mouth. I stood up, moved her legs together and then reached up under her skirt and roughly yanked Ivonne's wet panties down to her ankles and then off all together. Kneeling back down between her legs I leaned in and started to suck her pussy lips into my mouth and tongue the entrance to her vagina. Ivonne reached behind my head and held it to keep my mouth pressed against her.

My nose was rubbing against her prominent clitoris as I tongue fucked her, drinking the juice from this Canadian beauty. She looked good, tasted good, smelt good, and now the texture of her cunt lips in between mine was all I could have hoped for.

It was time to fuck.

I stood up in front of Ivonne and removed my pants and underwear. My cock was erect and it throbbed slightly in time with my heartbeat. Ivonne reached forward and wrapped her hand around the shaft and jacked me back and forth a few times. She lifted her right breast and rubbed her wet nipple around my glands a few times. Her head came forward and she reached out with her tongue to tease me briefly, but instead I tilted her chin up with my hand and signaled her to stop.

No more teasing. Time to fuck.

Ivonne understood. She lay back and bought her legs up, holding them apart with her hands behind her knees. She was completely exposed now, her pussy lips were wide open and leaking. I moved forward and placed her legs over my shoulders, and then none-to-gently fitted my cock into her waiting gash and thrust home. At the same time I pinched each of her nipples with my thumb and fore-fingers and I started pumping into her, hard. Ivonne had her head thrown back and was just uttering quiet "uh uh uh " sounds as I really started to hit her cervix with my cock. Her nipples continued to produce little droplets of milk as I rolled them between my fingers, and her pregnant tummy was jiggling back and forth.

This wasn't going to be any marathon fuck fest: I knew I couldn't last long inside her. Not only was I still frustrated from the day before, but I had a perfect storm of sexuality sitting in front of me and my cock was encased in a warm clenching liquid bath.

As I fucked into her, my orgasm built quickly. Her tits were bouncing back and forth as I continued to drive my cock into that gorgeous pussy. Finally my legs started shaking with a tremor and I felt the mother-load of semen rise up from my balls and explode into her as I ejaculated with more force than I can ever remember. I barely stayed upright as my own "milk" was squirted deep against her cervical opening.

Ivonne was getting tired now, and with good reason. I pulled my flaccid cock out of her and a small stream of my cum immediately started leaking out. She managed to clean up with some tissues and then tried to mop up some of the breast milk that had splashed over both of us.

She dressed quickly despite being unsteady on her legs, and then came over and kissed me on the cheek.

"I thought I could do this Mark, but now I'm not so sure. Au revoir."

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