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Wet Panties


The call came on a rainy morning in early December. Nicholas was sitting in his apartment in northeast Portland, looking out the window as he ate his oatmeal and sipped coffee.

"Good morning, may I speak to Nicholas Harvin?"

"This is he," answered Nicholas.

"Hello, this is Theresa Hernandez at Pearson and Porter. We'd like to offer you a consultant position. Could you come in this afternoon?"

"Why, yes, I could."

Nicholas had looked for work for a good six months before being hired at the consulting firm of Pearson and Porter. He had turned down other offers, having decided to hold out for the right job (with the right compensation.) Pearson and Porter was located downtown, a few blocks from where the Steel Bridge crossed the Willamette river; the job would give him a chance to put all his training to use, and offered substantial opportunities for advancement. The impression he had of the firm was that it was honest and reputable, but unusually strict. There was an agreement to be signed that ran a full seven pages, with a detailed code of conduct. The code contained many items that were common to large firms, including a rule against fraternization among employees. Nicholas signed on without a second thought. After six months of searching, he knew he had found the job he was looking for.

Pearson and Porter was housed in a distinguished older building. Nicholas was assigned a handsome oak-paneled office which he shared with two other employees. He set about learning the ropes, determined to make the best possible impression and to chart a course for early promotion. It was about 10 days into his employment with P&P that he first became aware of Pamela.

It was apparent from Nicholas' first meeting with her that Pamela was a formidable woman. He was relieved to learn that she worked in a different department and would therefore not be competing with him for promotions. She was clearly a highly capable and professional, and driven, woman. She was also very attractive. Pamela's ethnicity was ambiguous; Nicholas guessed that one of her parents was Asian, possibly Filipino or Indian. He skin tone had a slightly golden, perpetually tanned quality, and she had the long, uncannily glossy black hair that is found among south Asian women.

Pamela wore what Nicholas thought of as conservatively stylish suits that made her look simultaneously alluring and unapproachable.Her rimless glasses were elegant. She made quite an impression on him, but he had no intention of pursuing her, because he was intent on currying the favor of his employers and planned to scrupulously adhere to their code of conduct. He was certain that Pamela was working on a similar game plan.

Nicholas saw her only occasionally for the first few months, but then one morning the department heads called a special meeting. A professorial gentleman wearing a bow tie, by the name of Mr. Bryce, announced that P&P had assembled an inter-departmental task force to work on a major contract with an important client. There was to be a series of special projects, operating on tight deadlines, and he added that these projects would give the new hires a chance to show what they could do.

Suddenly, Nicholas and Pamela were interacting on a daily basis. Nicholas was impressed by her intelligence and professionalism. She seemed to appreciate the facility with which he could grasp the problems in a new assignment, and preferred to work with him. At times he thought she might be checking him out; he was tall, 6'1", with sandy hair that he tucked behind his ears. A lifelong involvement in Portland's cycling subculture had kept him lean and trim.

However, if Pamela were looking, it was certainly not overt. All her contacts with Nicholas were strictly professional.

At the beginning of the second week, Mr. Bryce, who was managing the task force, announced an emergency project with a 48-hour deadline. Nicholas and Pamela jointly took the lead, exhorting everyone else to action, and they brought the project to completion by 3:00 PM on the second day. Bryce congratulated everyone and thanked them on behalf of the firm. Pamela smiled at Nicholas and told him, "Nice work." He smiled in return, taking note of her well-tailored, dusty rose suit, and an unusual sparkle in her eyes, which he took for pride in their achievement.

Nicholas returned to his desk. A few minutes later Pamela came by, smiled again, and pressed something into his hand, then turned to walk away. Nicholas opened his hand and gazed in astonishment at Pamela's panties. They were quite wet. He quickly closed his hand around them, and looked about him to confirm that no one had seen. He became aware that his cock was very hard and straining against his pants. His mind was made dizzy by his surging hormones. He forced himself to think. He wasn't going to jeopardize his job. But on the other hand, he couldn't quite bring himself to ignore this surprising gesture.

There was a stretch of hallway just outside the room he shared with the two other employees. His desk was nearest the door. If he rose quickly and turned his back on the others, his hard-on would not be noticed. The hallway to the right led toward the men's room. It passed just one room, where Pamela's desk was situated.

Nicholas rose casually and strode down the hall, thankful that he passed no one. He paused at the entrance to Pamela's office. She was alone inside it. She looked up and met his eyes. He kept his face expressionless, but raised his hand slightly to indicate that his hand was still closed around her panties. Then he turned and entered the men's room, which he knew she could see from where she was sitting.

Once inside, Nicholas was relieved to find that it was unoccupied. He entered a stall, dropped his trousers to free his aching cock, and sat down. Only then did he once again open his hand to gaze upon the panties. They were emerald green and skimpy, not quite as skimpy as a thong, He raised them to his face and smelled Pamela's scent, before rubbing them against his nose and mouth. He shifted them to his left hand so that he could seize his cock with his right.

As he began to slowly stroke himself, he took her panties into his mouth, savoring the taste of her juices. He tried to prolong this as long as he could before his orgasm hit with a force that made him shudder. He sat for a few minutes in silence, composing himself, and then rose, pulling up his pants and tucking the panties carefully into his pocket. Nicholas carefully cleaned the pussy juice from his face with a wet paper towel. He left the men's room and once again met Pamela's eyes as he passed her office. A hint of a smile played about her lips.

The following day, the task force was given another special assignment, to be completed by the end of the week. Nicholas and Pamela were teamed up again. Neither of them acknowledged in any way that anything had happened between them. They both concentrated intently on the task at hand. Nicholas, however, could not prevent himself from stealing an occasional glance at her. Her long, shining hair fell almost to her waist. She was about 5'8", but that was because she wore heels. Her real height was probably 5'6". She perhaps seemed taller because of the authority with which she carried herself.

Shortly after lunch on Friday, the project was completed. Another round of congratulations were in order. Afterwards, Nicholas returned to his desk, and less than a minute after he sat down, he felt a soft hand upon his shoulder. He looked up to see Pamela, who gave him a prim, professional smile, and handed him another pair of wet panties. His cock was once again galvanized into action. He cast a quick glance around the room, and then rose and headed down the hall.

This time Pamela was standing in the doorway to her office. She said nothing, but simply kept her eyes on him during his entire journey to the men's room.

Once inside, Nicholas hurried to a stall and locked himself inside. He took his pants down, and while still standing, he opened his hand to inspect his prize. This time the panties were a thong, cobalt blue in color, and they were drenched. With his left hand he pressed them hard against his face, while his right hand seized his cock. Without bothering to sit down, he brought himself quickly to a thunderous climax, spraying his cum all over the wall of the stall.

Afterward, he methodically cleaned up the evidence, washed his face, and left the men's room. Pamela was still standing in her doorway, and she gave him a slight but perceptible nod as he passed on the way back to his desk.

The following week there was no special project, but Nicholas and Pamela continued to work in regular collaboration. With some effort, both continued as if nothing had happened. But back at Nicholas' apartment, he was wracked with anxiety. He had searched far and wide for the ideal job, and found it. But now it seemed that he was mixed up in something that could jeopardize his plans. Could he count on Pamela to be discreet? She seemed like the consummate professional -- which is what made her audaciously brazen behavior toward him all the more compelling. Without so much as a minute of small talk, she hands him her panties. And who could have imagined that while she was working with such confidence and expertise, she was doing so in a state of high arousal? He couldn't think of that without experiencing an instant erection.

During his job search, Nicholas had neglected his love life, and masturbated only on rare occasions. Now he was making up for lost time. At the conclusion of Nicholas' nightly fretting and soul-searching, the two pairs of panties were getting regular use. Sometimes he would savor the blue ones, sometimes the green, and once, in the heat of the moment, he used both, one on his face, the other on his cock.

Nicholas woke up on Friday, the 14th, and remembered that it was Valentine's Day. He thought for a moment of Pamela, but then reminded himself of the No Fraternization rule and put the thought out of his mind.

Shortly before lunch, Pamela approached him with some spread sheets and said discreetly, "It's Valentine's Day. May I take you to lunch?"

Nicholas looked skeptical. "Well, you know the rules," he replied.

"Of course," said Pamela, with a smile that was just slightly sardonic. "I'll pick you up at the northwest corner of 4th and Hoyt at ten minutes after 12:00." Against his better judgment, Nicholas agreed.

Nicholas walked several blocks through the soggy February weather, opening and closing his umbrella as the rain started and stopped. He arrived at the appointed spot five minutes early, looking around anxiously to see whether any of his fellow employees were around. None were. Right on time, a silver SUV with tinted windows pulled up, with Pamela at the wheel. Nicholas got in.

Pamela had removed her suit jacket and was dressed austerely in a creme-colored blouse and dark gray skirt. As soon as Nicholas had closed the door and buckled his seat belt, she pulled out into traffic. "Here," she said, and handed him some scarlet panties, thoroughly wet. "Happy Valentine's Day," she said with a grin.

His hand trembling, Nicholas accepted them and pressed them to his face. Pamela watched out of the corner of her eye as she navigated the busy traffic. After a few blocks she turned into a side street, and from there into a private parking structure which seemed deserted. She drove to the second level and parked in a spot which said "reserved."

The two of them sat in silence for a moment as their eyes adjusted to the dim light. Then Pamela met Nicholas' eyes and began unbuttoning the front of her skirt. She parted it, moved her hips forward a bit, and then spread her legs to display her cunt.

Nicholas looked. She was unshaven, with glossy black hair like that on her head. Her pussy lips were thick and parted. Slowly she reached for his hand and placed it on her crotch. Nicholas drew his fingers slowly up and down along her slit. He heard her moan, almost inaudibly. He slipped a finger inside her and and then pulled it out to bring it toward his mouth. "No," she whispered urgently, "don't stop." He put his hand back on her cunt and began to trace finger circles around her clit. With her left hand, she dipped two fingers inside her pussy and brought them out covered with juice, then reached over to feed them to Nicholas.

Nicholas sucked hungrily at her fingers, and began to massage her pussy with greater intensity. "Yes," she said, then again, "yes." Her hips began to move to meet the motions of his fingers. Her breathing was ragged. Then she said, "I'm going to cum," and began to gasp rhythmically until her body tensed up and she moaned, "Ohhhhhhh." She sat for a moment, breathing heavily, then said to Nicholas, "Let's go to the back seat."

Nicholas got out of the car and entered the back seat. Pamela followed him around and got in after him. She straddled his lap and kissed him passionately. He felt her weight against his hard cock, pressing it against his belly. As she kissed him she was unbuttoning her blouse, and then she pushed her brassiere down so that her breasts sprang free. She thrust them into Nicholas face. He sucked one plump, dark nipple, and then switched to the other. Then he pulled his mouth again to hers and sucked her tongue, after which he whispered to her, "I need your pussy in my mouth."

Pamela grinned sinfully. "Did my panties whet your appetite?"

"Yes," said Nicholas.

She pushed her right nipple again into his mouth. "Did you have fun in the men's room?"

Nicholas sucked eagerly, and then whispered, "Yes, I did. And I had more fun at home."

She pulled his face to her other nipple. "How would you like it if I came in your mouth?"

Nicholas continued to suck with greater passion. Then he said, "I would love it."

Pamela climbed off his lap. "Let's get your pants off," she said. Nicholas took off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt, and then removed his pants and briefs. Pamela seized his cock and stroked it a few times, as he moaned appreciatively. "Lie down," she said.

Nicholas lay on his back, as Pamela stood awkwardly next to the seat to make room for him. Then she straddled his belly, facing his feet. She moved her hips back and forth, and he could feel her sopping wet cunt, smearing her juices on his belly.

She must have been limber, because she was able to bend down and take the entire length of Nicholas' cock into her mouth. He cried out in pleasure, and then said, "Watch out, you're going to make me cum."

"Oh, really?" she replied, and once again devoured his cock.

"Please, let me taste you!"

Pamela rubbed her pussy again against his belly, teasing him. "You want me to put my wet cunt on your face?"

"Yes, that's what I want. Then I want you to cum."

"Well -- since it's Valentine's Day..." Pamela lazily stretched her body out until she was straddling Nicholas' face, and then she slowly lowered her cunt to his mouth. As he growled in satisfaction, she swallowed his cock once more.

There was no turning back now for either of them. They settled into a slow, powerful rhythm, thrusting their hips toward each other's hungry faces. Pamela was reveling in the taste and feel of his cock filling her mouth, as Nicholas bathed his face in her juices while French-kissing her clit. Pamela came first, which triggered Nicholas' climax in turn.

Afterwards they stayed for some time in the 69 position, still gently sucking and enjoying the taste of each other's orgasms. Eventually Pamela got up and reached into the front seat for some handi-wipes. "We've got to get cleaned up," she said. "Then we've got to get back. I'll drop you back on Hoyt street."

"No one can know about this," said Nicholas.

"I agree," Pamela replied with a smile. "At least until I become CEO. Then I might relax the rules."


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