tagFetishWet Spot

Wet Spot

byDecayed Angel©

Andrew slid his chair up to the window, where he could get a good look at his neighbor as she moved out onto her fire escape. Adjusting the blinds so he could see her without her being able to see him, he watched as she sat down on the lawn chair and tossed her hair back over her shoulders.

Once he was sure she planned to spend some time relaxing on the small fire escape platform, he slipped back into his room, removed his clothes, grabbed a small towel and then went to his bottom drawer. He opened the drawer, moved some of his shirts aside and reached way to the back, feeling around. His hand passed over several rough cotton fabrics before finally landing on the cool, silky feel of the panties.

He had been waiting for this for a long, long time, he thought as he carefully spread the panties out in his hands. Looking closely at them for the first time since he stole them out of her laundry basket down in the basement washroom, he moved back into his living room to the chair at the window.

Inside it was completely dark, except where the thin, bright streaks of light shined between the slatted blinds. Peeking out of the window, Andrew confirmed she was still there, but noticed that, while she had her legs propped up on some box, her legs were crossed.

She was wearing a halter top that covered very little of her nice, round breasts, and with her long blonde hair tossed back over the chair, he had an unencumbered view of the sexy little bumps her nipples made. It was a nice bit of tease, but his real goal was at the top of her long legs and he was ready to wait to get a peek.

Moving his attention back to the stolen panties, he let the sunlight fall on the light blue fabric. He immediately spotted two dark curly hairs and carefully placed removed them from the panties. Peeking back out through the window, he looked more at her blonde hair, noticing the darker hair just visible at her scalp.

Enjoying this new secret, he grabbed one of the hairs and ran it across his lips, feeling the slight, tickling sensation. Knowing this about her gave him a tingly feeling of intimacy. Carefully placing the hair on the windowsill, he continued examining the panties, immediately noticing the slightly crusty, white line of residue in the crotch. Carefully protecting this residue, he let the silken panties slide over his erection, letting the cool softness tease him.

Looking back out the window, Andrew noticed that his neighbor was on her cell phone, sitting up in the chair with her feet on the ground. More importantly, her legs were no longer squeezed tight together. His eyes roamed up her thighs to a tiny line of white lace at the edge of her panties. He stared intently, as if memorizing each square inch of panty surface, from the lace edge inward, inward, to... yes, yes, the slightly darker wet spot.

Without moving his gaze, he slipped the stolen panties over his head, arranging it so he could peek out through the leg holes while the residue on the inside came down over his mouth. He moved his tongue up to the residue, letting his saliva soak into it and the fabric while grasping his cock in his right hand and beginning to slowly stroke himself. Taking a deep breath, he could now catch a faint whiff of her fragrance, which combined with the taste allowing him to sample her essence.

While Andrew had positioned himself so he could taste and smell the panties while stroking his cock, the woman outside had turned slightly, exposing the wet spot in her panties completely. He moved his lips onto the crotch of the stolen panties and began to suck on them, drawing the tangy flavor into his mouth as bits of the crunchy residue dissolved in his mouth.

The wet spot seemed bigger to Andrew and he wondered what might be making her wetter. He continued to suck the last bit of flavor out of the panties as he enjoyed the pleasurable sensations rolling down his cock. When he was sure he had sucked the last bit of flavor from the panties, he quickly pulled them off his head and used them on his cock, letting the satiny fabric to slide over him. The delicate fabric was better than any lubricant as it slid over his dry cock, up and down the long shaft.

Outside, the woman had moved again, nearly concealing the wet spot. By tilting his head to one side, Andrew was just able to see the very edge of the spot. Damn, the way she teased him was exquisite and he jerked his hand up and down, his balls bouncing some as his hand crashed back against himself.

He was close now as he noticed her move a bit, reaching her hand down between her legs and grabbing the panties at the edge and pulling them a bit. Andrew raised his hips and came, shooting his cum into the blue fabric of the stolen panties. Feeling the warm wetness ooze through the thin fabric, he imagined reaching out now and touching her panties, feeling her wet as it oozed through.

Grabbing the towel, Andrew cleaned up the cum that had leaked through the panties and then carefully put it on his table. He then placed the panties on top of the towel to let them dry. Glancing back out the window, he noticed that his neighbor had removed her halter top, but when she leaned back, she crossed her legs again, blocking his view of her panties.

Disappointed that the show was over, he headed back into his room and got dressed again. He carefully wrapped the panties in the towel and put it into his bottom drawer, where it would be safe until his neighbor's next wash day when he could return these panties and slip away with some others.

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