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Wet Thong


I just finished up with my first year of college and I'm now living with my Aunt and cousin, doing my best to convince them that I'm looking for a summer job; but really all I've been doing these days is sleeping in, drinking too much beer, and on occasion, sneaking into my younger cousin's room to see if she's left any freshly worn thongs or g-strings for me. You see, my Aunt is a hard working single mother, and she has been kind enough to let me crash on her couch this summer while I look for a job in the city. My parents live in a small farming community in the Midwest and they agreed that staying with my Aunt this summer so that I can work in the city would be best. In the tightly cramped two-bedroom apartment, I sleep on the couch in the living room and my Aunt and my 18 year old cousin each have their own rooms.

My cousin is beautiful, she takes care of herself and has an athletic build to her, and she's almost as tall as me, with long blond hair, big hazel eyes and she always smells great. We've had long talks about relationships and shared stories about different dates that we've been on with different people and from these talks I know that she's not a virgin. She's single right now but it's pretty clear that she always has boys always on her mind. That's all she ever talks about; she's always on the phone to her friends talking about the "hot boys" in school. God, she must get so horny at school—her little pussy aching to be filled, all day long, while she fanaticizes about different boys.

She's a senior on her High School dance team and just about every day she comes home, grabs a snack, goes to her room to change, then rushes back to school for dance practice. It just so happens that when she goes into her room to change, she not only changes her jeans for leggings and her blouse for a t-shirt, but she also steps out of her thong (she always wears thongs) and steps into a fresh g-string. Every day at this time before she puts on her leggings, she peels off a thong that's been wrapped around her hot little pussy all day. A pussy that's been begging for attention all day long while she fanaticized about all the boys in her classes. After she removes it and changes into a g-string and leaves for practice, I always go into her room and find, in the middle of the floor of her messy room, a small rolled up and absolutely soaked thong.

I pick it up and press the damp wrinkled cloth to my lips. The fabric is warm but the cream from her pussy is cool from being exposed to the air for a few minutes. I take a lick... it's acidic and slippery as I slide my tongue up and down the small patch of cotton that is completely covered with streaks of her wetness. I start to smell it: the crotch of the thong is covered in the unmistakable sweet musky smell of sex. I can sometimes see a slightly firm fold where her clit was. This is where I start to smell it, at the top where her little red swollen clit had been throbbing all day. I always smell the entire length of the small triangular patch that's wrinkled with wet pussy fluid, from the top to the bottom, until I get to where the fabric narrows down to a small strap that smells like ass. This part was wedged up against her butt hole all day—my god, I hold them at a distance and picture her entire anatomy.

Sometimes I have to put them on. Not one to waste any time, in one single motion, I'll do my best to remove my jeans and boxers. It's usually hard to pull off my boxers though, because I'm usually really hard if I'm deciding to put on my little cousins wet thong. With my jeans and boxers on the floor I'll pick up the tiny little thong and take one more smell of heaven before stepping into it. Pulling the thin straps up to my hips, the delicate fabric in front of the thong only covers my balls and the bottom of my throbbing shaft. I can feel the cool wet spot just below my balls. I wonder if she gets as horny as I am right now while she's at school wearing these? I pull the thong straps up further and stretch the front fabric little more over my shaft. Fuck! It sends a pleasure wave down my legs and up into my stomach. Not wanting to make a mess, I'll usually take them off at this point, and leave them balled up on the floor of her room while I go to finish up in the bathroom.

When she gets home, I love to watch her march her cute little butt, covered only by her skin-tight black leggings, into the bathroom to take a shower. After she finishes taking a shower she'll walk into her room wearing nothing but a towel and shut her bedroom door behind her, leaving all of her workout clothes behind on the bathroom floor. Of course, it's at this time that I like to "use" the bathroom myself, and I always find the tiniest g-string rolled up inside her leggings. It's warm and moist, but when I smell it, it smells like sweat. I doesn't matter, it still makes me rock hard. I love my cousins thongs and g-strings.

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