Wet Works


"You almost done Lilly?"


I was anxious for the weekend, but it wasn't because I had something to do. It was simply because I don't think people could understand how much pressure could be put on a person from a small print company in the middle of the city. We had a lot of high brow clientele and when lawyers want their paperwork they want it yesterday.

Snow had fallen and the ground was iced over in patches that day as I stood at the back door waiting for her to leave. I could feel the cold from outside through the wall. I took a look back at Lilly through the open door from the back to the front. She had on a mini skirt and wore it well. The black fabric accentuated her lovely ass perfectly and told me that she was kinkier than she preferred to let everyone know outright. My eyes traveled up to her firm breasts as they jiggled while she typed in codes on the computer and next to her black raven hair that shimmered in the artificial light.

"Hey Dan," I turned to see Berry the paper deliverer at the door with his truck, "that sure is a sight for sore eyes." I looked back at Lilly and then at Berry.

"Yeah sure is, but what are you doing here?"

"Droppin off some paper of course."

"At this time of night? On a Friday wants that all about?"

"I had some other runs," he replied casually handing me the receipt to sign, "You're the last run."

Despite the fact that it was complete bullshit we had to accept the paper, we needed it.

"Lilly, we got paper to stack!"


"Berry just dropped off a load of paper." Literally too, it was sitting on a pallet in the snow.

"Christ! Are you serious?"

I'd come in with two boxes of paper and I held them up as best I could as she rolled her eyes.

"Shit, start it up and I'll help."

"In your nice clothes?"

"The sooner I help you the sooner we're outa here Dan."

I shrugged my shoulders as I went to go out and get more boxes. Who was I to complain?

When Lilly came out in her flats I about died laughing and I already had half the pallet done. She stayed true to her word she helped out, as best as she could with the way she was dressed. She even tried to move the pallet off to the side which I took away from her and put up; she'd gotten her hands dirty enough. Lilly was like that a true trooper. She'd get dirty with the boys anytime. It made her a likely catch but Lilly wasn't with anyone and I could never figure out why. The most she'd say is that so and so wasn't enough for her and she wanted something else.

As we walked inside she slipped on the only patch of ice that could have possibly been on the ground. That was the other thing about Lilly, she was clumsy but in a cute way. As she fell I tried catching her which didn't work out to well. Lilly ended up on her back and I ended up between her legs, stopping myself at the last moment from crashing into her.

"Well, this is awkward," she smiled up at me as we both laughed about it. She floundered about tugging at her skirt and I felt sheepish for looking down and noticing her black thong. Well, honestly I was only feeling sheepish because she'd seen my shocked expression when I saw them.

"Um, lemme help you up."

"Yeah thanks, cause this ice is fuckin cold as hell on my ass!" I laughed as I got up and offered her a hand. She sprang up and I walked her inside and turned to walk to the other room for the sake of modesty.

"Dan, are you really going to be an ass like that?"


"Help a Lady out! I have snow and ice all over my back!"

"Oh yeah." I walked over and dusted off her back purposefully trying to avoid her ass which I knew had to be ice cold. It would be too much for me too touch. Lilly, being the clumsy tom boy she was kept instructing me to go lower until I finally gave in. In my excitement I accidentally ended up brushing her skirt up and slapping her on the ass.


"My bad, I was just..."

"Dan! I have never seen a black man blush before," she laughed at me.

"I'm not blushing!" I was blushing, "You said go lower! I'm sorry."

"No worries, it was worth it just to see you blush. Besides, you're kinda good at it."

"Oh... well thanks I love smackin' ass." You know what you look like when you catch yourself talking about doing something you want to do anyway but with someone you're unsure about doing it with? That's the face I had on. Lilly had a big grin on her face as she walked to the door to the office. I just followed shaking my head feeling stupid.

As she flicked off the light she stopped.

"I can't believe you."


"You're going to let me go home all wet like this?"

"I dusted you off," I hate being teased.

"I don't mean where I fell."

I felt like dopey putting it all together. Black panties, likes to be spanked, and she is telling me that she is wet. What could all of that possibly mean? I really wasn't that stupid but if you told me that I would have had the chance to plow Lilly's snow white fields I would have rolled on the floor laughing at you.

Our stock room doubled as a back work room for the vacuum press we used to make poster boards. She pushed me back and walked over to it and bent over.

"It appears I've gotten all dirty moving that paper. That makes me a dirty girl Dan, what are you going to do about it?"

I was done being dopey, screw that. A hot white woman with sweet tits and a nice ass just bent herself over in front of me and I wanted in on that action. I walked up behind her and lifted up her skirt so I could look at her black underwear and thigh high stockings again.

"Oh yeah, that's a lot of ass down there baby."

"And it's dirty too what are you gonna do about that Dan? What are you gonna do with my dirty ass?"

"Guess I'll have to knock the dust off that Lilly." Whack! I'd cupped my hand and slapped her a good one. It was just right plenty of sound to shock but not so much pain as to be uncomfortable. She cooed and began wiggling against the table.

"Like that? Like the way I knock the dust off your pretty ass Lilly?"

"Mmm yeah, but it's real dirty."

"Yeah you're right. I'll need to put a little bit more effort into it." I slapped her ass till I was hard and it was red. Then I stuck my fingers under her and rubbed her wet slit.

"Wow, you are wet Lilly."

"Uh huh," she breathed heavily.

"I can't let you go home like this."

"Uh uh."

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock and rubbed it against her pussy picking up all of her moisture. Then with my cock wet with her cooze I cock spanked her ass again.

"Damn baby you got a sweet breedin ass like a hot mare in heat." I flushed again. Could I have done any worse? I just called her a horse. I prepared to tell her that she was turning me on so much that the blood had rushed from my brain to my dick. Maybe when she thought about it and how dopey I'd been before she'd by that.

I was relieved when she said, "Ooo hell yeah! Brand me with that cock cowboy."

"Oh I will, but first I got rustle me up a Lilly livered varmint," I replied rubbing my cock back on her pussy feeling rather impressed with her at the same time, "Mmm yeah I think I spy me a phat wabbit."

"You gonna pull out your Springfield and gun it down?"

"Yes ma'am, but first I need to make sure it has no where to run to."

"How's that sir?"

"Take that shirt off ma'am."

She leaned back to take her shirt off, and I forced her back down and slapped her ass again.

"I didn't say get up; you may scare off that varmint. We don't want that now do we? Now take your shirt off."

"Mmm yes sir mister black cowboy. I sure don't want to do that."

Lilly struggled back and forth on the vacuum table and whimpered as the cold pressed into her nipples. This was one of those moments I wished I had a cowboy hat and a mirror. After mimicking putting on a hat and tipping it down, I winked at her back and grabbed two handfuls of her hair hauling her head up and rammed deep into her.

"Heeya! Gidjup!" I yelled and started pumping into her at a slow trot. A couple of lashes from her long dark hair later and she neighed as I got to work deep in that pussy rubbing those walls at a good gallop. I wasn't sure how we'd got to where we were but hell I was having fun and getting my cock worked good as she patted her hands on the table mimicking a horse's canter. Every once and awhile I'd let go of her hair and slap either side of her ass.

"That's right girl, shake that ass, Gimme all that Lilly livered phat wabbit" The whole thing was getting us both going. Lilly had climaxed immediately and as she neighed again I could feel her pussy contracting and her cum running down my balls.

"That's right you black stud ride this fuckin hot mare! Fuckin give it to me! Press it all the way in and brand my pussy with your iron!"

She wanted a branding and I couldn't see any reason I shouldn't give the lady what she wanted. Grabbing to handfuls of her ass I angled again and shoved as hard as I could pounding Lilly's ass with force. The impact had me concerned for the welfare of our table. I had no idea how we would explain how it got broke. I wanted to stop but as she started grunting in an animalistic voice I couldn't. Hearing her take my brutal pussy punishment like only a curvy woman could made me wild with lust. I stroked deep and hard, this way and that, up and down. Lilly came saturating us with juices, sweat dripped off our bodies, and the table kept moving back further and further as we indulged our carnal lust.

I could sense a big one coming up in her. The grunts seemed strained and a litany of profanity spilled from her mouth. I wanted to ask her if she was okay but I didn't want to spoil the mood. Then she moved her hands to the edge of the table by her beautiful butt that was absorbing each stroke and gripped it like she was holding on for dear life. She bore into me with her cunt and lifted her hind end up at a different angle. I wouldn't have stopped for shit, because I knew what was coming.

"You gonna give it to me? You gonna let the varmint out Lilly while I charge it down on my sleek smutty mare?"

"Fuck yeah Dark Ranger. Do it! Get that varmint, run it down!"

I stopped moving so quick and started putting more force into it which damn near made her crawl out of her skin.

"Yee haw baby, Yee fuckin haw," I said gritting against her powerful twat forcing myself to stay in as she got closer, "Hi ho Lilly, and AWAY!"

She came on command, I'd timed it perfectly. If you'd have heard it from outside you would have thought I was killing her. She writhed on the table like a snake after you stepped on its head as she came. I guess I'd gotten the varmint.

"Holy shit!" she said wiping her brow as I slowly stroked her letting her body enjoy and remember the orgasm she'd just had, "You got that varmint but good."

I smiled pulling out of her and helping her up.

"You're my hero dark ranger." She turned around kissing me deeply, "but I don't think the table can take all that iron you're packing. Maybe we should move over here cowboy, and you can enjoy my treats since you rescued me."

"Well ma'am," I replied tipping my hat, "That'd be right fine of you."

We had another table we used for folding letters that was a lot stronger. I moved the vacuum press back to its original position noticing that it had a little more wiggle than it did before we started. I prayed no one would notice and moseyed on over to Lilly.

She was sitting on the table with her legs up and feet on the table. I'd wanted to see her face while we fucked. I wanted to see her face and watch her tits sway as I pumped into her so it was nice to see she wanted the same.

"That's a helluva Springfield rifle you got down there Dark Ranger. Why don't you holster it right here," she smiled and patted her wet pussy, then licked her sauce off her fingers.

I slid into her with ease and pushed her back some onto the table as I semi mounted her. I'd had her rough, now I wanted her smooth. Her body felt amazing as I rubbed against her. She was so warm and supple. I knew I wouldn't be able to last long as her sodden pussy sucked and smacked on my tool.

"Oo Dark Ranger, I think you really got your iron hot on that mare."

"Yes ma'am I did."

"That's okay you just relax at and get your fill here."

I didn't know if Lilly loved cock or she loved the way I was fucking her, but I think it was a little of both. She seemed to adjust to me with ease and I knew she could tell I was getting close. Even as she came she worked my cock into her deeply and ground against the head as it got harder.

We scooted back further onto the table until my lower legs were hanging off and I buried my face in her tits. Lilly wrapped one leg around me, using my body as leverage as she pushed up with the other leg.

"I'm gonna make you cum Dark Ranger," she cooed while she forced my head into her tits, "I want to feel you shoot that rifle in me. Bang bang baby, gimme all of that black cowboy juice."

I'd never had a woman so submissive and so aggressive at the same time. She worked her hips up into me as I moaned into her tits, barely able to get air to my lungs. I didn't even know if I was fucking her from on top or she was fucking me from on the bottom anymore but she was right. Her effort was paying off as I felt my load building up. It felt too good to stop but between Lilly's sweet soft gyrating hips and the sopping wet juice that was all over my cock I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back.

I tried to think of something else desperately, but Lilly's voice pulled me right out of it like she knew I was trying to hold out. She was telling me about what my dark dick was doing in her, how it felt to her, and how she knew it was so good. I'd never had a woman do that before and it made her special. I felt her other arm wrap around my back and she set into a deep grinding, drawing my body in like an octopus and sucking the juices from my body through my hard organ.

"I got you tied up Dark Ranger and thar's only one way you can escape. You have to fill up that varmint's hole to make sure it don't come back. Sweet Lilly is thirstin for your jizz cowboy, what are you gonna do?"

I tried to resist, not just for play either. She was right, she had me trapped, and I strained against her not to cum She just held on working, massaging, and coaxing my climax. The effort got her off again and I realized my struggle was futile. Stuck against her she'd effectively turned the tables and my rod bloated with the load it was trying to contain. Lilly could have cared less as she rubbed her throbbing pussy into me and started extracting my seed.

Her pussy was the Predator and it felt like she was yanking my spine out through my cock in the best of ways. I felt a trickle crawl out of me and before that feeling finished a strong burst ejaculated deep into her. With that encouragement, she boar into me turning her sex canal into a well of man juice. I couldn't even control it as stream after stream of fluid poured out of me. She knew I'd finished when my body went slack, and she began rubbing my back.

"That was a damn good job Dark Ranger. I'm sure that varmint won't be back too soon."

I couldn't move I just nodded my head into her tits. After a couple of minutes with my hard on edging down a bit, everything that we'd said started sinking in and I couldn't help but laugh. Lilly laughed with me. We didn't even have to say anything. We'd had some kind of wild crazy sex. Damn good, but damn crazy as well.

Sounding like two elderly folks we got up and got dressed with shit eating grins pasted all over our faces. We turned off all the lights, came up with a good lie for the vacuum press and locked the door behind us.

"Cold as tarnation out here." I jested as I stepped out into the cold.

"Well well cowboy, I thought I'd warmed you up."

"That you did ma'am, that you did," I replied as we started walking to our cars.

"You didn't do too bad either Dark Ranger. I can still feel you inside of me."

"Nice to know you won't be lonely tonight," she smiled back at me and gave me a quick kiss before she opened the door to her car and got in.

"No siree I won't. If you ever feel the need to wet your whistle again you can feel free to stop by this waterin hole anytime," and before I could say anything she closed the door, started her car, and drove off.

I sat in my car for a moment thinking about everything and determined to buy a cowboy hat and boots as soon as possible. I figured Lilly would get rid of me sooner or later but for the time being I'd enjoy the ride.

"Ha!" I laughed to myself, "Enjoy the ride, Yeehaw to that partner, yee haw to that." I slapped my knee and drove home.

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