Wet Wrestling


"This has been a great, relaxing day. Thanks for having us over. I'm happy it wasn't nearly as awkward as it could have been. Sorry to take away from your Nude Day activities," volunteered Dan, the husband of the love of my life....in college. At 5'1" she had the same petite body style and structure as Kelly Monaco, though with a simpler facial beauty. He had his hand on her right knee, naughtily teasing me by sliding up and down several inches. Though this gave us a sweet view up her shapely, short thighs as he forced her knees apart a bit, she kept shyly squeezing them together.

Meg and I had agreed not to get physical back then, though the blistering chemistry between us boiled thickly. Actually, *I* had agreed to *her* conditions so we'd continue casual dating. I so badly wanted ALL of her! I couldn't have her only because she was already engaged to someone who was away up to a year at a time. We started as close friends, became confidants and, except for any intense physical closeness, became boy/girlfriends. But that's another tearful tale.

After a forced breakup and losing contact for years, we reconnected thru one of the reunion sites about three months ago. We since emailed daily, called often and happily found that the attraction was still there after so many years. Our souls still dovetailed. Unfortunately, we were both married. My very secure and liberal wife, Sue, still needed some time to adjust to the idea of meeting her. Meg's husband needed even more time. Surprisingly, after just two months, we had included our spouses in our calls and melted the ice. We were very open and honest about how we felt about each other in college; they already knew of course. Over the course of then next month, teasing became sly, risky flirting among us all and we soon agreed to bravely risk a gathering. Naturally, Sue chose National Nude Day! Now you understand Dan's comment. Despite denying interest in our naked festivities, the rivalry was still there; their interest piqued.

When we all met for an early lunch date at my home, we left the option open for extending it to include dinner. "I'm sorry, but I'm also kinda glad you guys are delaying your naked day stuff for us. I was afraid you would meet us at the door totally nude." I told her that's what we usually did on this special day. And, in fact, we made sure we slept nude and woke early so we had a long day naked here and around town. THAT shocked her - nude in public?

I'd already told her that I started writing adult tales based on my own history as well as fantasies and imagination; something else I never would have expected to do. In fact, SHE was an inspiration for some of those! Our bond was so strong and intimate that it survived our years apart and she was only the second person on the planet whom I would entrust with my pen name. Laughing uncomfortably, she said she would HAVE to check out some stories. I cheekily suggested HOW-I-MANAGED-MY-MUSE, and my Nude Day stories, eg.: BEARE-HAMLET-ON-NATIONAL-NUDE-DAY, ACCIDENTAL-NUDE-DAY-NOONIE, GAS-GRASS-OR-ASS and other Nude Day stories, though several of my other tales are better. "There's an unpublished Nude Day skiing story coming too. We were planning to revisit Beare Hamlet as volunteer 'cops' this year with Len, Reggie, Bev and Lou, but you are much more important to me. YOU should come with us next time we go!"

"That'll be the day!" she laughed. "If you recall how often we steamed up your car windows, and were caught kissing in elevators, you should have known I was never as shy or easily embarrassed as you thought, but I'm not about to stand up naked before a group or a whole town. My mama did raise me conservative-like!" I took that as a challenge.

Meg was much more important to me than Nude Day, so Sue and I had dressed casually, but Meg and Dan were more upscale. In fact, Meg arrived in a snug and sexy blue knit dress that went to her knees, but kept crawling up her petite and shapely legs. I noticed. And I blatantly stared at the show while I commented that her legs were as sensuous as I remembered. "And stop spreading your thighs like that or I can't control my erection!" They both laughed, but checked out my crotch. The point was to gauge Dan's reaction and see if I could steer them into joining us in their first Nude Day or even a group encounter. For a shy girl, her top was very daring with its wide and deep V cut lapels reaching below her obvious nipple bumps since two of the four large buttons were open. Her full C-cups on her petite frame looked like DDs and she displayed most of her alluring mounds so teasingly in her thin 'natural' bra.

Sue took the hint and the dare. She loves exposing herself to friends, but not strangers, she says. Her yellow, threadbare T-shirt was loose and short, revealing from her hips to her ribs. It also made her nipples seem darker and much more obvious. It was her teasing, cheesy, slutty, 'look at me' shirt. After several beers and a few stronger drinks, she felt Meg was ready and got more daring. She deliberately stood while serving us anything and bent at the waist so Meg could look up her drooping shirt and see her bare boobs. The threat was that she might show her husband her tits. Meg didn't know that Dan was already staring down the stretched neck of the shirt and already had a full view of Sue's bare, dangling tits. Responding to the threat, Meg soon commented on the heat and daringly opened another button on her dress, exposing to all of us the bottom of her grey bra's thin connection strap. I liked where this was going.

Before the competitive girls got to all out exposure, Reggie and Len arrived for an impromptu visit. Both sported cut off jean shorts. Her cropped shirt gave brief peeks at sheerly covered, D-cup, bottom tit flesh. They had planned to strip naked at noon and coax us into us in a walk through a mall for NDD. Instead, we got them a drink and we retold how we all knew each other. Reg and Meg had similar very dark hair and I lustfully wondered if Meg's carpet matched her drapes as I knew Reg's did. Reggie soon took Sue to the kitchen. "Are you really OK with having her over? You seem a little tense and umm, competitive."

Sue responded, "I thought I was, but I'm not sure now. He still has strong feelings for her. She wasn't too shy to open another button. I heard she was very conservative, but she keeps flaunting her legs and tits at us. What a great body! She'd be easier to ignore if she just got naked with us all. I suppose I can just slight her and hardly ever see her again. What do you think?"

"It sure looks like there's still some embers burning there between them. You can fight it, or expose it and maybe get them involved in our play dates. I wouldn't mind fucking either of them, so I hope you'll help me get them naked today. How about it?"

"I think it will take a few more drinks in them before they're ready to try that. If we can all play together, I'm OK with that. What's in your devious little mind? We could try 'Truth or Dare'... no, wait, I think they may need more aggressive examples to suck them into our scheme. Pretend you're drunker than you are and I'll challenge you to a mud wrestling match. I want to see Dan's response to seeing us naked and then I'm sure we can get them involved too."

Sue pushed some more, and stronger, drinks on us. After admitting that the four of us often played together intimately and were often naked together, Nude Day or not, she slyly offered to play some games, but not board games. She said she wanted to stretch and try something more physical, like wrestling! We worked out some rules, but Sue refined them. Since we'd been teasing each other all day, she included teasing. Her rules: "each match will be two rounds five minutes each. Points awarded - pin shoulders for five count for the win and five points; 1 point for each bit of clothes completely removed; 2 points for poking a finger, tongue or any other body part into any of the three major holes." Meg suddenly looked nervous; Dan licked his lips. "We may get repeat points for poking holes after a different hole is filled, so masturbating your opponent only counts two points. The Ref or wrestlers can call FREEZE to confirm points and inspect a hold. The winner fights the other girl, Meg, THEN that winner chooses one man to fight. The overall winner is the one with the highest combined score. Al is our first Ref."

It took some major dares, but soon everyone agreed to the terms. Meg assumed she could just back out of it if it really came to group nakedness. Reggie suggested we use the big wadding pool in our yard "since it has 12" high inflatable walls, and more importantly, has two layers of gym mats under it. Besides, doing it outside is more true to the nature of a Nude Day." Every time she leaned forward or to a side, her big tits swayed and exposed more bra-covered flesh, even both nipples twice. "Hmm.... Instead of mud, let's use some oil. It's cleaner and won't mask our flesh! The adjoining neighbor is away for a week, so we have a small degree of privacy. The other two work nights so they are sleeping all day." Taking the bait, Meg suggested that the two winning women take on one man of their choice next. "Mmm, yes and then we could all have munch. I'm on the menu; I hope all of you are too." She shimmied her tits at all of us. Meg giggled, wrongly thinking that was just a joke.

Reggie vs. Sue, both in jeans and T-shirt, agreed to start so my old friend Meg could be more at ease. Or so they said. We put chairs around the outdoor pool and I splashed a little oil on the bottom. Reggie had a sheer, 'natural cup' bra to hold back her big tits, but Sue didn't need one for her small barely-B cups. Of course, when she hunched over, everyone behind or in front of her could clearly and completely see her dangling little tits. Dan gulped. "Reggie, lose the belt so it doesn't become a weapon. And girls, lose the shoes and open your pants' fasteners. You can leave the zippers up, but release the latches."

The residual booze buzz made everyone very accommodating. Meg giggled as Sue ensured part of her frilly green panty was visible. I convinced Meg to help me oil up the exposed skin on the combatants. We agreed to oil all the new and 'old' skin exposed between rounds. After oiling Reggie's arms and abs, we did the same to Sue. I noticed Meg slid past Sue's abs and high under her shirt. How daring! She blushed, yet obviously cupped her bare tits and, judging by the wince on Sue's face, firmly pinched a nipple. Sue smirked at her; silently promised payback.

They started circling each other then lunged playfully. Arms wrapped around each others neck, they laughed, even giggled and childishly taunted the other, and took the battle very lightly. Sue stopped and turned to us, "OK, that's enough. Since you say you won't participate in Nude Day with us, you can't expect us to really strip fight each oth..." Before she could finish, Reggie grabbed her pants' waist, pulled it open and in one surprise move yanked them over her ass. The zipper slid down, but despite Reggie's harsh tugging, the form-fitting jeans stuck mid thigh. Sue froze, mouth wide open. In the prolonged four seconds or so before she could react, some of us got a long look at her green-cotton-covered camel toe. It swelled and crisply described its beautiful self in those prolonged four seconds. The air hushed. Dan gulped and restrained himself from cheering. Meg glared at him. I noticed a window drape next door pull back and said nothing.

Because of the day, I was sure I needn't be embarrassed for Sue with two new people around. I didn't yet know of the girls' scheme. Those behind Sue had a prolonged view of half her ass crack, exposed to inspection when her panty moved with her pants. She pretended not to know her ass was partially exposed and whipped her head around to see Reggie enjoying the sight and laughing at her predicament. Annoyed, she grabbed for her pants to pull them up and mask her exposure, BUT, as she bent, Reggie lurched again. This time she slid up Sue's oily abs, grabbed the shirt hem and pulled it up. She bumped Sue's arms out of the way and struggled against the shirt.

Despite the struggle, or maybe with the help of it, Reggie jostled the shirt higher and higher. In a second, we all saw the swell of my wife's soft, downy, breasts. It seemed to snag on her tall, puckered nipples then, as if magically, the shirt was gone. "One point to Reggie." Reggie whooped and swung it over her head while Sue shrieked and her tits vibrated, nipples still pointed at the ground. Four of us had already seen her slim, sexy body naked, but the other two were strangers to her. Meg and Dan were embarrassed to see my wife's tits publically displayed, yet didn't turn away. In fact, Meg was all smiles, triumphant even, at my wife's exposed tiny tits.

Sue briefly covered her bared tits, but quickly decided to get even. Though her pants were still stuck at her knees, she hopped onto Reggie's back, flattening her tits on it, slid her hands down firmly over her big boobs and pulled her cropped shirt into her armpits. Reggie's full D-cups were stuck, exposing bulging big rounded mounds of tit flesh between her shirt and her sheer bra which was suddenly crumpled up against her still covered nipples. Now Reggie shrieked and smirked.

Sue continued to use her strong grip as she slid over Reggie's pants. She spread the waist and yanked hard. The zipper flew noisily open and Sue fell down Reggie's legs, pulling the short pants with her. When she approached Reggie's ankles, she gripped them and pushed her shoulders hard against Reggie's hips, toppling her to the mat. As Reggie rolled onto her back, and gathered oil around her torso, Sue pulled her pants completely off. All four tits jiggled for our pleasure. The drinks were working. Meg and Dan laughed at the contrived silliness and Sue whooped and waved Reggie's pants over her head in vengeance. "One point to Sue." Apparently no longer embarrassed by her bare boobs, her hopping made her tasty, tempting tits tumble teasingly.

Free of her pants, Reggie had the mobility to counterattack. When she pulled Sue's pants and Sue resisted, she grabbed for Sue's panty. Sue managed to hold onto the front, but Reggie fully exposed and bared my wife's sweet ass to all. "Great view, no points." Meg squirmed and squealed at the pretty sight, her husband sucked his lips and his slacks lurched. Reggie rolled away, but Sue caught her shirt and pulled it off. "Point for Sue." She tossed the shirt into the group, but Reggie leaped up and pushed a finger into Sue's open mouth. "TWO points for Reggie."

Sue held Reggie's finger firmly in her teeth. When Reggie tried to pry her mouth open, Sue snapped Reggie's bra open and yanked it off her, spilling her huge tits for our pleasure. Her nipples hardened instantly, three dicks surged and we all drooled a little at the more than half naked fighters. The other side of the neighbor drapes moved and I could see two figures standing naked in the window light. "Yea, Point for Sue." She threw the bra at Meg; a warning?

They circled each other again. I shouted over the giggles, "Let's distract them. We can't take their clothes, but we can maul them. Like this." Reggie, wearing just panties, came near me and I patted her clad ass before slipping my hand under the panty to stroke her bare bum. I claimed I was pre-oiling her. As she moved by me, I squeezed her big tit and pulled her nipple. "More oiling!" Reggie's husband, Len, was next to me and waited for her to reach him. Sue was approaching Meg and Dan so both tentatively reached for her. The stiff drinks and I encouraged them so these strangers applied some oil while mauling my wife's tiny tits and perfect nipples. Her panty was still stuck at the joint of her legs and ass. Dan stroked her bared ass with his other oily hand and, as his wife, my dear college girlfriend, watched, he slipped four strange fingers into and deeply down the long, exposed crack of her supple ass. He spread it for Meg to see her lusty, puckered hole. She bit her lower lip. Sue, quietly enjoying the exhibition, crouched more, possibly trying to give them a peek at her fleshy lips, ignored them and stayed focused on Reggie. Meg flushed at the sight of my bare assed wife, but giggled more easily.

Her trapped pants were a hindrance that apparently annoyed Sue. In a surprise move, she dropped to her butt and finished pulling her own pants off. This oiled most of her bare body. "Wow! Point to Sue!" That was within the rules. With just two panties and two points left in clothes, there was an advantage we all suddenly understood. Would either of them go for it? They grabbed at the other's wrists and arms, tits flailed chaotically, they tried for leverage against the slippery skin. Reggie broke away and pulled her own panty up tight, defining her pouting labia for our enjoyment. When the panty pressed into her gash, her lips swelled in a lusty little surge. A wet spot rapidly spread across her gusset. Delicious!

Sue made her decision while Reggie sensuously advertised her arousal. In a mad rush, Sue yanked her own panty off and hopped out of it. "Point to Sue." She threw the wet panty at Meg who gingerly passed it to Dan. The anticipation of her plan swelled my beautiful wife's gorgeous naked pussy. What a sneaky way to fully expose her naked self! Meg and Dan were again treated to the lusty sight of Sue bending over to prepare her next attack. This time her hairless labia were also fully displayed. Her swollen cunt teased them again when she lifted her leg sumo style and they gawked at her moist lips. Meg was squirming and Dan's slacks tented. Bent over still and legs spread wide, Sue circled and shamelessly exhibited her glistening vulva to the rest of us. Her petals opened and exposed her engorged, deep red inner lips. Len rubbed his stiffness. Dan groaned.

"What do you think, Dan? Isn't that a perfectly beautiful pussy?" I suggested loud enough for Meg to hear. "Perfect symmetry, color, classic beauty, firm and supple texture, and she tastes soooo good. Mmmm. If you're lucky, you'll get a very close up view, or more. Feeling lucky?" Meg's eyes widened, but she sat silently then looked between my wife's long legs. As Sue lunged at Reggie, her beautiful, soaked pussy pulsed wider and her swollen bud jumped out from under her hood. It hid again in the flurry of limbs and legs. Sue got Reggie's ankles between her thighs and twisted her scissor grip so she could again thump Reggie to the ground. Before Reggie could counter, Sue pulled her legs up to partially pin her shoulders. When Reggie braced her arms and twisted her shoulders off the mat, Sue grabbed her panty and slid it off her legs. She tossed it to me and I shouted, "Yeah, final clothing point to Sue."

Both women were naked and I didn't hide my throbbing tent from Meg as I circled past her. As Meg watched, I sniffed then licked Reggie's panty and offered her a taste. She 'Ewwwd' loudly! Reggie's hugely swollen pussy gaped open when Sue pulled her legs onto her shoulders. Her inner lips were not as boldly defined as Sue's, but still visible and lusty as they peeked out under a narrow, fuzzy, dark landing strip. "Time for revenge." Sue barked. She pushed Reggie's right leg down and held it with her foot. Pulling on the other leg she still held, Sue forced Reggie into a near full split. Reggie shrieked at being so blatantly exposed, but her tall, pink clit pushed her hood back so we could all admire it. Sue snickered another warning at Meg. I leaned over and, before her husband could reach it, I pushed two fingers past her plump, bald lips and deep into Reggie's wet pussy. She moaned. With a slight twist, my thumb stroked her clit while the others watched. She lurched and her eyes rolled back in her head just before they closed in bliss.

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