Wet Wrestling


Impressed, Meg blushed and looked at me with awe, Dan had slid her dress up her short thigh nearly to her crotch while his other hand conspicuously rubbed his stiffened cock. Meg now had blatant proof that I wasn't just teasing and was no longer the pining, ultra shy kid she knew in college. She allowed Dan to continue to control her skirt without opposition, even when he slyly stroked her mound. The nude neighbors in the window now faced us; the man behind his wife obviously fingered her open vulva.

"No points. I just needed to do that." I said, and winked at Meg. Sue struggled to twist Reggie's shoulders to the floor and bent over to replace my fingers in her friend's cunt with her own. She briskly shoved two fingers deep into the hot, wet slot. "There! Take that, you.... ohhhhh." At just THAT instant, Reggie reached up and shoved her two fingers into Sue's bent over and open pussy.

"Two points to EACH for poking a hole." Both withdrew their fingers and tasted each other's juices as I licked Reggie's sweet juice off my own fingers. Meg gasped at the surprise gastronomy! Sue strategized how to win the match and how to make best use of the Nude Day excuse to flaunt her nakedness when she shoved a still wet finger into her friend's asshole. "Two points for Sue, no points for poking your own holes. Is anyone timing this? I hope not. Is anyone keeping score?" Sue then shoved her finger back into Reggie's pussy. "Two more points for Sue." Reggie lurched at the surprise attacks and tried to match them. She forced a finger into my wife's exposed ass, just as Sue pushed a finger into both her pussy and asshole. "That's two points for Reggie, and FOUR points for Sue." Neither was close to pinning the other, yet Reggie let out a loud grunt and tapped out. "We have a winner, my beautiful Sue." She stood tall, making the classic V sign with her arms before bowing sharply to let each of us see and feel her sopping wet pussy from behind.

As Dan daringly reached for Sue's soaked snatch, Meg squirmed in her seat and looked at him with a bright red face. He took her hand and placed it on his obvious bulge. "No. No. I don't think I can do THAT! I never let Al touch me or even see my naughty bits. You can't ask me..." She stopped talking when Dan squeezed her hand pleadingly around his stiff dick. "Do you really want to risk letting everyone see me naked and, and poke their fingers in me? Really?" Staring silently into her eyes, he unzipped his pants and guided her hand inside his boxers onto his bare flesh. "Ohh, you really do. And..." She fixated on the tall tents in Len's and my pants then at the two naked, shameless women. Downing her drink in one long shot, she gulped and whispered "OK." Sue covered her mouth in glee. She would get to express her surprising furor on her unsuspecting virtual nemesis.

After kicking off her shoes, I quickly volunteered to apply the first round of oil. I genteelly took her delicate hand and helped her step into the pool. In college, I would have punched out anyone who tried to peek at any of her privates, now I was helping her on her path to total nudity with strangers to her. How times change! Dan joined me at his wife's other leg. Fixed on her eyes and smiling, I filled one hand with oil and, starting at her ankle, rubbed up her calf; more caressed than rubbed. Dan and Sue watched me studiously as I passed her knees and nudged them apart. My hands slowly wrapped around her lower thigh, finally reached under her dress. She resolutely squinted at me, but didn't move away. Dan wrapped around her other thigh as I continued North, toward the warm prize that eluded me in college. Sue especially watched the motion and elevation of my hidden hands as they displaced her dress upward. Her hem rose and exposed a short, muscular, tempting thigh.

Finally, my hands found the warm fuzzy cheek I hungered to kiss and caress so long ago. I oiled that firm, warm, round cheek and stretched the knit dress rudely away from her tail end. Dan, drooling, soon reached her other cheek. He was nearly giddy over what he expected to happen soon and deliberately exposed the warm peak of her grey, cotton panty. While my left hand slipped under her panty and gently caressed her cheek, I watched her slowly close her eyes and savor my loving touch. When my right hand wrapped around her inner thigh and slid up until it brushed her still covered labia, she gasped and threw her head back. Her near orgasmic reaction and my own ecstacy intoxicated me and I lost all sense of time. The snug, knit dress couldn't hide my hand cupping her mound under it or the oscillating motion of my thumb across her hardening clit. Dan's face was much more serious and lusted with me and Len as he watched me molest his wife.

Before I spurted in my pants, I rose and rubbed oil on her shoulders and arms. As I reached for her elbow, I pivoted and firmly brushed my stiff shaft against her leg. She snapped her eyes down and gasped. I slapped her thigh again and moved her hand onto my hardness. At first she stiffened her hand so only her palm pressed my cock, then stroked my shaft with it and finally wrapped her fingers around my hidden bishop. My eyes crossed when she squeezed it and the daylight darkened. Though embarrassed, she leaned closer to my ear and whispered, "Is that for me?" and she smirked knowingly. Silently, I moved behind her and dragged my stiffness along her thigh.

With a little more oil in hand, I rubbed it into her neck, shoulders and boldly into the daringly deep V opening. Sue and Dan watched from a foot away as I covered all her exposed sternum and slipped under the bra bridge. I adjusted my dick while holding it tightly against her back then rubbed oil across the swell of her left breast and into that cup. My heart raced wildly, her breathing was ragged as was Dan's. Neither moved to stop me. He retrieved Sue's panty and deeply inhaled her aroma. Meg's cup yielded easily to my roaming fingers. I reached around the plush hillock; caressed, stroked it, found the density of her aureola and thickening nipple. She leaned her head back, onto my shoulder, breathed deeply and squeezed my thighs. This was my college dream finally coming true.

I wrapped my hand around the most tempting tit I've ever held and hefted it until I could see her rosy nipple jutting yet still mostly secluded from the others. For the moment, it was all mine to savor exclusively. I'd never imagined being so satisfied by merely revering a fleshy chest. It was torture to keep from kissing her deeply and ravishing her no matter who was watching. Leaving her to decide when she would drop her modesty with her clothes was my respectful gift. I oiled her other succulent breast the same way. When I savored her mound with my fingers and eyes, I had to step away before I embarrassed myself by unloading in my pants. As I moved away, I unhooked the clasp at the top of her dress and unseated the wide zipper. She purred.

"OK, enough of that for now. Let's go!" blustered my naked wife. When my attention turned to her, I saw four oily hands quitting her legs, ass and tits. One last hand slowly dragged thru her pubes, into her slit and between her legs from behind. Intensely focused on Meg, she hardly noticed the lurid fondling lavished on her. The neighbors were now on the balcony outside their window; the wife bent over the rail, her tits rebounding from the thrashing her husband was giving her. Dan watched them too.

Sue lunged at Meg; both locked arms around the other's neck. They pulled and struggled hunched over. As they fought, Meg's dress stuttered up her thighs. When she crouched, her damp, spotted grey panty appeared. I'd never seen her in panties before, and these were getting wetter as we watched. What a fun sight! A completely naked woman tangling with a fully dressed one. Sue tugged the zipper down about a third; Meg whipped a hand down to Sue's hip at the same time. Obviously nervous and hesitant, Meg finally pulled Sue to her by her ass cheeks, went up between her legs and plunged a determined finger into her pussy. Sue wrapped her arms around Meg and pulled the zipper down to her crack. "TWO POINTS for Meg. Now suck it clean!" She looked horrified and refused.

Sue tsked, grabbed the wet hand and pushed the soaked finger into her mouth. As she wrapped her tongue sensuously around the virgin finger, I shouted, "Two Points for Meg again. " Sue protested. "Sorry sweetie. HER finger went into YOUR mouth hole, so it's her point. Have you never fingered or tasted a woman, Meg?" She silently shook her head NO. I think she lied! Sue charged, twisted around behind Meg and lifted the dress by the hem. Meg fought valiantly, but the dress rose to her navel; her mini bikini was completely exposed from the front. As they spun, I saw the right half of the small bikini was tucked coarsely into her rear crack. This was the same forbidden flesh I oiled moments ago; the same flesh I craved for so long was finally revealed to me. It was spectacular! She tried to cover up, but Sue kept yanking up the hem.

Only the short sleeves kept the top of the dress from falling to her waist. Instead, the unbuttoned fabric flapped, flashing the straining grey 'natural' bra and the swelling tits it struggled to restrain. Why didn't it break apart from the strain? Sue kept her off balance and kept reaching for the bra clasp, but Meg constantly thwarted her. Len said we were approaching the five-minute round end. Sue feigned a thrust then stepped aside as Meg's counter thrust sent her off balance. Sue gently pushed Meg to the ground, face down. The royal blue knit dress darkened with oil. My naked wife quickly hopped on her ass and pulled the zipper past her crack. Though she tried to get under the grey panty and poke Meg's rear hole, she was tossed off and Meg leapt up. While Sue alternately pulled at the hem or shoulders with one hand, I saw her shove her finger into her own wet pussy. Before I could remind her that she got no points for fingering herself, she pushed her wet finger into Meg's gasping mouth and wiped her juices on her tongue and upper lip. "TWO POINTS to Sue!" I recognized the primal act of dominance.

Meg froze an instant as she knew she was tasting my wife. That freeze gave Sue her chance; she grabbed Meg's panty and pulled. Meg recovered and gripped her panty tightly so Sue executed the next part of her plan. The struggle with the panty flashed a dense, dark bush for me and I looked at Dan. He said he'd asked her to trim or shave it, but she refused since no one was going to see it! Sue grabbed the dress by the shoulders and yanked it down to Meg's waist, finally exposing fully the thin, suppliant bra. Meg screamed and tried to pull up her top, but Sue hit her with part three and tripped her. As she fell backwards onto her ass and then her back, Sue pulled the short sleeves off her wrists and the top past her ribs. Meg floundered only a second, but that was long enough for part four! Sue grabbed the dress where it was caught around Meg's navel and quickly stretched and yanked it over her hips, knees and ankles! She waved it over her head for us all and I shouted, "POINT for Sue" just as Len shouted TIME. Anyone listening heard the distant cheer and applause from the spying neighbors.

With the score tied two-two, Meg sat a few seconds and tried to pull up her panty and bra. Both were oily, but I insisted she needed a fresh coat of oil, just as Sue was getting now from Len and DAN! I rubbed oil onto her dry abs, then back on the swells of her tits and under her panty. She looked up into Sue's swollen, gaping pussy and saw Dan's hand rub it with oil. Len's hands were rubbing her tits while Reggie rubbed her belly and legs. Sue smirked wickedly at Meg and squatted so she could spread her legs apart. "Who gets the points for her husband sticking his fingers in my cunt and ass?" she asked loudly. She knew no one did, but wanted Meg to see Dan's fingers invade her. He took the comment as the invitation it was and plunged two fingers into my wife's wet cunt. He stared into Meg's eyes as he slowly licked his fingers.

Meg angrily stood and attacked Sue. Len quickly started his timer again. She pulled Sue by her hair and knocked her to the ground. She quickly pushed fingers into Sue's very wet pussy and ass. "FOUR points for Meg!" Before she could repeat the plunges, Sue bucked her off and sat on her back. She shoved her hand under the panty and said she had two holes plugged. I couldn't verify that so I called "FREEZE" and leaned into the pool. After happily lifting the rear of the panty away from Meg's firm cheek, without any objection from her, I followed Sue's finger and spread the plush cheeks apart. I needlessly looked closer as I inhaled the musky aroma. Nearly slipping my nose under the panty, I followed Sue's other finger into Meg's flushed cunt. Though Sue's finger was only in to the first joint, I pushed mine in to my knuckle. I rotated it inside Meg's special cavern. She moaned and flinched a little. When I found her swollen G-spot she gasped and whimpered. I could have spent the night like that, but Sue pushed her fingers deeper and angrily reminded me to rule.

"Sorry, umm yes, confirmed; FOUR POINTS to Sue!" She would have repeated the invasion, but Meg twisted out of range. The oily bra was getting translucent, but Sue went for the panty. She pulled it over Meg's sweet, shapely ass then twisted her leg so she flopped onto her back. Before Meg could stop her, Sue harshly yanked the panty to her knees. Meg screamed again at the thought of her untrimmed hedge and labia getting exposed to four strangers. Sue blocked her hand from grabbing the panty, so she covered her face. That gave Sue the time to pull the panty past her knees, ankles and toes. "Point to Sue!" The wild bush only blocked part of my view. Meg's swollen inner lips hardly protruded and her clit hood was barely visible, but her swollen outer lips were stupefying, at least to me. I wondered if Dan felt as enamored as I did. I couldn't believe this was the same girl who wouldn't let me touch her tits OVER her bra. Now her delectable pussy was spread open for me and wet. Her cherished nectar was on my finger. This was permission to see and do more, as her husband wanted to do to my wife.

Sue yelped a victory cry and Meg screamed, "You BITCH!" As she struggled to stand, her legs spread and I stared into her sacred, wet, naked, hirsute cavern until Sue dropped to her knees and shoved a finger inside. "Two P-P-Point to oh, my God- uhh Sue!" Dan and Len swung around the pool next to me to enjoy the beautiful sight until Sue's pussy blocked our view of Meg's. NOW I knew how I wanted to die. I wanted Sue's legs around my neck, her pussy on my mouth and Meg slowly cycling thru filling all her holes with my impossibly tall and thick cock, reflecting my love for her. Mirrors on both side walls would let me watch her as I drank my intoxicating Sue! After I filled Meg with my spew, they would switch off. I'm putting that in my living will!

Did I miss anything, I wondered? Meg had fallen back and when her hips rolled up, Sue pushed a finger in her ass too. "TWO Points to Sue!" Meg kicked one leg over Sue's head and twisted until Sue's face was on the ground. She hopped onto Sue's back and pulled her ankles up and apart then planted one foot between Sue's knees so she had a free hand. She angrily stuffed a finger deep into Sue's soft ass and another deep into her soaked pussy. Before I could score her, she repeated two more times. "TWELVE points to Meg!" She took a second to sniff, then licked the finger that was in Sue's pussy. Dominance! This will be a great night!

Just past one, the night workers woke and despite the daylight, lights came on in my other neighbor's bedroom. They stood facing each other in a heated, animated argument. I caught her stripping and moving outside onto their second floor deck. They were close enough that I could see details of their bodies and I could hear most of the conflict. He didn't want her exposing her naked self to everyone; she pointed at us as proof that nude wasn't a problem. She yanked his shorts off then pointed at his stiffening dick. He stared at her akimbo, but shortly, they waved and confirmed they had a great view of us. She leaned over the rail and, mimicking the other neighbor, swung her pendulous tits for us and watched our antics.

Sue finally squirmed out and toppled Meg again. Now she was sitting on Meg's ass and reaching for the bra clip. It popped and Meg's writhing helped loosen it until Sue pulled it over her arms. "Point to Sue!" Her big tits were exactly as I fantasized - cantaloupe size and shape, riding high with silver dollar size aureole and moderate nipples - just like Kelly Monaco's. I couldn't wait to finally get my mouth on them.

They both struggled fiercely until Meg was on her back again and Sue sat on her chest. She slid her ass against Meg's face and Meg turned away. She managed to get fingers into both Sue's holes. "FOUR points to Meg!" Sue pushed a finger into Meg's ass and her tongue into her glistening pussy, quickly followed with a finger in her wet box. "SIX points to Sue!" Meg stuffed her tongue into my wife again and her finger followed. "FOUR points to Meg" Len shouted TIME! Our wives didn't stop. As we watched in surprise, they each licked the other's wet hole and rapidly fingered them as well. In a moment they were breathing hard, in three they were shuddering and climaxing noisily. Sue left an extra spray on Meg's face and mouth and she seemed to savor it. Both rolled to their backs, panting.

When they could breathe normally, I quietly offered to call it a tie. They agreed, but still wanted a man in the pool. Sue decided to sit out the round, so Reg and Meg decided they wanted the ref in the pool. I agreed and decided to offer minimal resistance. I stripped off my shoes, socks, belt and unsnapped my jeans. Len called TIME and immediately groped my wife. She was between the men, so she slipped her hand into Dan's open zipper and boxers. She played with his small dick inside his pants and rubbed Len outside his. Both of them pulled her knees apart for easy access to her tasty, wet pussy.

I was distracted by the stirring sight of my wife's little man standing tall in her wet and open boat. As Dan reached for her clit, my fighters attacked together and knocked me over. Instead of fighting them, I laughed. Meg quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them down while Reg easily yanked my shirt off. In seconds my pants and shirt were out of the pool. Nobody was keeping score! Meg froze looking at our local audience, especially Dan who was fingering Sue. I looked back there too and saw Sue guide Dan's little stiffie out of his pants and jerk it smoothly. She commented it was just like a penis, only smaller. Meg sputtered that it was big enough to do the job! Len unzipped his pants and Sue dug in there too. As both men unsnapped their pants, Meg looked at my briefs and hesitated. Reg asked what she was waiting for since I obviously wasn't resisting. Meg had never touched my dick even over my pants before that day.

When she noticed her naked nipples and remembered she was totally nude, she giddily grabbed my briefs and pulled. Reg helped push them over my ass and Meg bumped my stiff dick with her wrist. She was shocked by its size though it was just a bit over average. Turns out her first fiancee, who was away while we were 'dating', also had a very small cock. That made her think Dan's toy was average. She gave it a squeeze and as she began pulling my briefs off, Reg stuffed her hand in them and covered my dick. She explained that would keep it from snagging on the waistband, but didn't explain how squeezing it would help. Meg pulled the briefs over Reg's hand and down over my hairy balls and thighs. My balls appeared to shock her also.

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