What a Day


It's an early Friday morning. I'm just waking up so I have to go to the bathroom. After I finish peeing, I wipe and my clit is already poking out and super sensitive. I love waking up that way. There is nothing like starting my day off with a nice orgasm. I hop up and almost skip back to my room to get my toys. My pussy is getting wet as I walk, very wet in fact. By the time I reached into my dresser to get Rubber Steve and a vibrator, I am already soaked. I have a few different vibrators, but this pink one is small but it vibrates so hard and fast, it's great. Rubber Steve is my pride and joy. I have had him since I was 16, and now that I'm 21, he gets more use than ever. He is absolutely huge, 12 inches in length, and just about as thick as a soda can. He is dark brown just like a black guy and has huge veins all over it. If my arm didn't get so damn tired, I would spend all day and night with him.

I had a task at hand though so I wasted no time at all. I took Rubber Steve and my vibe to the bed, threw off my little tee then my thong, and I laid back on the bed vibe in my left hand and Rubber Steve in my right. First I turned my vibe all the way up, so it was buzzing like crazy. Then I put Rubber Steve up to my slit and rubbed him up and down my slit, causing shivers to run up and down my spine. I gasp out as I use his head to spread open my lips and find my hole with it. Slowly, ever so slowly I pushed him in. His head finally got in. Looking down at my pussy was soooo hot. There was about 10 inches of huge cock sticking out of my bald, stretched, glistening young pussy. The hottest part was thinking all of that cock was going to be plowing me in a few minutes. Slowly I started to work him in and out of my pussy.

I loved watching him slide in and out, it looked as if his huge size would rip my lips apart. They were stretched so tightly around him I don't think you could slide a hair in between them. Working him deeper and deeper into my open hole, loving the way he stretches out my insides. A very familiar warm feeling was building in the pit of my stomach, I was close to coming. Still working it deeper and deeper, just over half is in and I am starting to get warm all over and my pussy is starting to twitch. I grip Rubber Steve hard and push him into me hard, 9 massive inches split me in 2, causing my pussy to clamp down and my stomach to tighten. I let go of Rubber Steve and gasped at the bed with both hands, my pussy pushing hard at him and pushing him right out, stopping my cum a little short. That is ok though because I hear my vibrator again.

So I grab both again and drive Rubber Steve in as deep as I can, about 10 inches and hold him there. Then I bring the vibe right down to my clit and it causes me to jump as it touches my clit. I am really getting into it now; juices are running down my ass and soaking the bed. Searching for that right spot with the tip of the vibe I find it and its like electricity. I am really starting to get loud with my moans and even screaming now, as I am about to cum again. Eyes tightly shut; I start to scream out, my body covered in sweat. My stomach tightens first, quickly followed by my pussy, and my hole starts to gush out my sweet cum. Going wild, having trouble keeping the vibe on my clit. My knees are up and I am almost sitting up, just before I collapse back onto the bed.

Only sitting back for a second, I get ready for more. I want to have an orgasm, not just coming where it is just centered on my pussy. I want to have a full body, toe curling, mind blowing, pussy squirting orgasm. I am all set for it too. Gripping Rubber Steve I start pushing him in and out, driving in the last couple of inches. Almost pulling him all the way out before driving back in hard, so hard in fact that it hurts, but I love it. Slamming him in and out like a mad woman, moaning out so damn loud. I can feel it coming on so I keep plowing my pussy as hard as I can. Getting so close, using both hands to abuse my hole with my massive rubber lover. Grunting out, body covered is sweat, I am a woman on a mission. Almost there, my whole body is tingling. Switching back to one hand I grab my vibe with the other and mash it onto my clit and it happens. I scream out at the top of my lungs and rip the massive cum covered dildo out of my now gaping hole as my cum begins to spray across the bed. Stream after stream spray from my wide open pussy. My whole body locks up. Tears start to drip down my face as I am being overtaken by my orgasm. The vibrator falls from my hands but I don't care. Griping the sheets so hard I feel one of my nails break. 30 seconds, 45 seconds, I am coming up on a full minute just before my body starts to relax. I collapse back on the bed, exhausted, covered in sweat.

Looking down between my legs I see the mess my pussy has made. I can't believe how much of my cum is on the bed. I must have squirted a pint of cum all over my bed. Slowly I stand up and I have to clean up. I get Rubber Steve and my vibe, take them to the bathroom and wash them and put them away. I take the sheets off the bed and toss them to the side. Looking at the time I have about an hour to get to work. Time for me to go to work, what a great way to start the day.

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