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What a Fuck!

Last week James met a new, possible Bull and called to see if I would allow him to bring the man home. I asked the size of his cock and how long he could last. I heard him ask, "My Mistress asked how big your prick is, sir."

"Open your mouth and I'll show you," I heard the possible Bull tell him.

"One minute Mistress, I will tell you. He lay the phone down and I heard muffled sounds of pleasure as he opened his mouth and the Bull slid his dick down James' throat. I waited patiently.

"It is easily eight inches long, Ma'am! Maybe more"

"Then bring him home and introduce me to him," I commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am! We should be there in about twenty-five minutes, Ma'am."

I hung up the phone and showered. Then standing naked in front of my closet, I tried to find something really sexy and alluring. I found a chiffon dress, which without a slip, would accentuate my best qualities.

Standing in front of the mirror, I admired my figure and the erectness of my nipples. Then I rubbed my hard clit and played in the juices of my hungry pussy. It had been three weeks since James had brought home a real man and his tongue wasn't giving me what I needed lately.

I spritz on my favorite cologne and sat in front of the air conditioner to cool down. The night outside was full of humidity and my skin was moist from the heat. I wore no underwear.

I heard the car door. James was home with a present that I really needed.

When the door opened, James smiled and said, "My Lady, I would like you to meet Tony. He has come to give you gifts that I cannot provide. I hope you will look on this man as a gift from me."

I licked my lips and eyed the man he had brought home. Tony's dark hair was nicely cut and his smile was bright as the full moon that shown through the window. He stood about five-nine and had a nice chest. I couldn't wait for him to wrap is arms around me.

James walked over to me with a smile on his face. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "eight and a half inches with a huge head. You are going to love this one."

"James said you were beautiful, but he could not have described your beauty with mere words. May I kiss you, my lady?

I smiled and bowed my head. He slowly approached me and I could see the bulge in his tight jeans. It made my heart race.

James quickly ran down hall to the bedroom to prepare the bed for our pleasures. He put some lubricant on the bedside table and towels at the foot of the bed. He turned the lights down low and turned off the phone.

He put water ice water on the table so I could have something cool to drink while I was being pleasured.

Returning to the living room where Tony and I were getting acquainted, he asked softly, "Mistress, are you ready to retire to the bedroom?"

I turned to him and smiled, "Yes," then looked at Tony. He nodded his head and a smile crossed his lips. I noticed the bulge in his jeans was growing.

James slowly undressed me and led me to the bed. Tony quickly stripped and I was very happy to see his prick tumble out of his jockeys.

"Master Tony, is there anything you require for this session?"

"Maybe some cold water to keep my mouth from drying out."

James left the room and returned within minutes. Then he sat in the chair that was in the dark corner of the room. I noticed he slipped off his jeans.

Tony gently kissed me as he laid me back on the pile of pillows James had provided. Then he spread my legs wide and ran his tongue the length of my slit and spread my pussy lips wide to lick my erect clit.

Slowly his tongue made little circles around the tiny head. I felt the muscles contracting with excitement. He dipped the tip of his tongue into the juices spewing there then looked into my eyes and licked his lips.

"Mmmm, you taste so good. This is going to take a while."

I looked over at James in his chair and he was touching his little prick, running his thumb over the tiny hole that was covered with is precum.

"Come over here James, I have a job for you," Tony commanded and James jumped to his feet and was on the bed in seconds.

"Lick her pussy until she is wet enough to take my cock!" He commanded and James bent over me, his tongue first saying hello to my hard clit then sinking deep in the juices that were spewing.

He licked deep into my Venus garden and my pussy sung with joy. Then, only minutes later, Tony pushed him off me and guided his thick cock into the juices there without even a pop.

Slowly he dipped his cock deep into my pussy and rhythmically moved in and out of my cunt while occasionally caressing my clit with his thumb and forefinger.

He was so big, that he pounded the back of my cervix. I felt sure he was going to break through the barrier. But then he slowed down once again and started licking my hard nipples and stroking my clit.

His rhythm was erratic, fast then slow then barely moving. He would slip between my trembling legs and lick my juices; then guide his throbbing prick deep in me and bang me hard and fast.

Looking at the chair, where James sat, I saw his pricklett in his hands and a smile on his face as he watched me being pleasured better than I had been in several months.

At times I cried out in pleasure; others I screamed faster, faster. My back arched to meet his thrusts and fell when he came down deep and hard in my cunt.

Then Tony crawled between my legs and suckled my clit and ran his long middle finger in and out of my ass. My back arched as I tried to feel all of the pleasures he was giving me at any given time.

At one point, Tony was in need of water. James scrambled out of the room bring back bottles of cold water.

While Tony sipped down the water I commanded James to lie on the bed. Kneeling over his faces, I placed my dripping pussy over his mouth and he licked the thick cum, excitedly.

Then Tony pushed him off the bed and turned me on my stomach. He asked me to get in a doggy style and sprayed the lubricant onto my ass. He slowly ran the head of his prick along my ass slit. Then slowly, he began to put pressure on my hole and broke through the barrier and into my ass.

It burned for a moment, and then he reached around and squeezed my clit and euphoric warmth filled my body. As he methodically moved his hips slowly, in and out he went deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I felt this full balls slapping my butt with his moves. My legs trembled and my clit begged for attention.

I called James back to the bed and told him to lay under me and lick m clit.

He smiled and looked to Tony for permission to do so. Then his mouth suckled my throbbing clit and my body convulsed as the two of them pleasured me.

Tony finally lost steam. He fell back onto the bed, his chest rising and falling trying to fill his lungs.

I crawled up to his face and planted my throbbing pussy over his mouth. "Lick me," I whispered."

His tongue slipped out between his red lips and snaked into my cunt and I rode up and down while playing with my throbbing clit.

Then Tony threw me over and slammed the full length of his cock deep in my cunt and went fast as he could until he spilled enough cum to overflow my pussy and drip onto the bed.

James eagerly lapped up the spilled cum and then I commanded him, "Clean up my cunt; but first ice the cake, then clean it up."

"Yes, Ma'am as you wish!" He spread my legs wide and took his tiny cock into his hand and started stroking it. Within a few minutes his useless seed mingled with that of Tony's and the coolness of their mixing excited me.

I pushed his face into my pussy and made him lick until I felt he had it all. He suckled my clit and ran his tongue deep into my pussy to get all of the seed.

While he knelt over me, Tony spread his cheeks and put lube on the head of his own prick and took James in the ass. His little dicklett spewed all over my belly.

I pushed his face into it and demanded he get ever drop. Then I put a cage on his dicklett and locked him in his bedroom so that Tony and I could fuck the rest of the night and deny him the pleasure of watching.

The following morning, Tony went to wake James and did so by fucking his ass.

Tony took me to the shower while James made breakfast. The water playing with my body and Tony's hands exploring my secret places of passion drove me wild and Tony wore me out.

James helped me out of the shower and wrapped me in a warm towel. He also handed Tony one.

After breakfast, Tony wanted one more ride; then he had to go to work.

He penetrated me deeper than before and my body sung with desires. Afterwards he took another shower and dressed for work.

Kissing me as he left, he whispered, "You're the hottest woman I've ever had. I want to come back."

"James will call you when I've recovered," I promised then showed him to the door.

Once he was gone, James smiled, "Did I do good, Mistress?"

"Yes, James, but ask me first next time or you will be caged!"

"Yes, Mistress," he bowed his head.

Slipping off my panties I said, "Now come on in the bedroom and clean me up; then you can go to work too."

I stripped and spread my legs wide. His tongue licked from my butt to my clit and lingered there. He licked circles around the erect female dick and my legs trembled. I pressed his face deep in the liquids there and when he came up, my juices were on his chin.

"Jerk off on my pussy, James!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" he rubbed his dicklett until his thin seed spilled on my shaved cunt.

"You stupid little man, lick that useless seed off my cunt!" I scolded.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

As he licked my throbbing clit, I pushed his face in and out of my flowing juices. When I finally came, I let him spew his seed on my clit and made him lick it clean. My orgasm was explosive.

Then I kicked him out of the bed and out of the house as he tried to dress for work. "Time to go to work. I'll see you tonight," I said and pushed him out of the bed.

I went into the bedroom, stripped off my clothes and masturbated while I fantasized about Tony. ~Lady Dora

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