tagIncest/TabooWhat a Good Neighbor Ch. 01

What a Good Neighbor Ch. 01


It has been a few years since my last submissions to Literotica. As such, I wish to first thank jasmine for the time and effort she has given me in editing this series, as well as her editorial insight.

This will be a multi-part series based on true events. Admittedly, I have used a bit of "Artistic License" to help the flow and readability of the events. While not necessary, it is suggested they be read in sequence. The over all genre for this submission is Incest. However, the story builds to that point. Along the way the story will include multiple genres -- Mature, First Time, Anal, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Lesbian and a little Fetish thrown in for a nice garnish. As such, should any of these not be your cup of tea, there are plenty other stories on here for your alternate selection.

As always, constructive criticism, suggestions, positive comments, etc. will be appreciated. However, rants from those who sign their respective comments as Anonymous will be deleted. If you don't have the balls to sign your NIM from here, go grow a set and then come back. For the rest of you, please enjoy!

Names have been changed for the other participants; and, all people involved were at least 18 years of age. Any republication or use without the express written consent of the author is prohibited.

What A Good Neighbor ... Or A Whole New Meaning To S&M

Chapter 01

Introductions and How I Got Myself In To All This

Perhaps the best way to begin is to provide a bit of background. After my wife passed away unexpectedly in 2003, life seemed to just get in the way of being able to move forward. Three moves across country, a devastating financial upheaval when a business partner turned out to be a crook, more death in the immediate extended family, having to support those in the extended family that could not do otherwise for themselves - all in all, it just seemed that the cosmos was misaligned when it came to my life -- especially my sex life!

At one point, it seemed to have turned around -- I had met a woman; we were extremely compatible; planned a life together; but, life just got in the way AGAIN and nothing ever became of the opportunity. And as to a sex life, I had all but given up on that all together. Rosie Palm and her five sisters had even lost their attraction.

For the past few years, I devoted my life to work and minding my own business. Although I knew my neighbors on a first name basis, there was no common ground to become overly friendly with them -- they were just neighbors. When one needed help, I would offer assistance, knowing most likely if the shoe were on the other foot I would not receive a similar courtesy. In short, I had become cynical of not just my life, but of everything in my life. Little did I know, that was about to change -- AND HOW!

There was an odd family just three doors down. They seemed to keep to themselves even more than I did. Bill and I were on neighborly speaking terms. I had loaned him tools which he promptly returned. As well, I had helped him on various projects outside his home and helped him with his computer anytime it was "messed up" as he put it. But I say odd, as he kept his wife and two daughters sequestered away in the house.

I had only seen his wife early on Sunday mornings when the family would parade out to their car and then later in the afternoon when they returned. Always it was the same procession, Bill in the lead, followed by his wife, then his two daughters. Odd again was the dress of the women. Mother and daughters all wore long sleeved dresses that had high button collars and hems down around the ankles -- rain or shine, be it 100 degrees or 40 degrees outside. As well, I could tell all three women had long hair, but it was pinned up atop and towards the back of their heads -- always the same with each successive Sunday ritual procession.

I had bumped into Bill's wife in the grocery store on several occasions, but she was always dressed similarly as on Sunday mornings, albeit more casual attire. She would not speak to me and held her head down avoiding eye contact. As I stated, this was an odd family, to say the least.

Now the daughters were a bit different, but not by much. They had been homeschooled all their lives, as Bill had informed me. I would see the two girls out for precisely two hours every Saturday afternoon. They would bicycle or roller blade down the street -- back and forth -- but no more than two blocks down the street past my house before they would return. However, if I were outside, they would at least smile and wave. On occasion, if I were in the driveway washing my car or out near the street mowing my lawn, they would stop and chat for a while. This is how I learned more about their family that helped fill in the blanks.

It turned out Bill was a fundamentalist preacher. As I recall, his church was something along the lines of a Pentecostal or Jehovah's Witness type congregation. As such, he was a very strict disciplinarian and had strict rules around the house. Sandra, or Sandy as she preferred, was the most talkative. Her sister, Amanda, or Mandy, was friendly, but a bit on the shy side. I just chalked her shyness up to her sequestered upbringing. Sandy and Mandy were identical twins, and had just recently turned 19. They had finished all their homeschooling, had taken the state's homeschool high school equivalency exam, had passed with flying colors, and were now attending the local community college for two years before transferring to one of the near by universities -- that is, if their father would let them attend a school away from home.

Over the past few years, I had also witnessed the blossoming of two very beautiful young women. They each had gone from rather straight, tomboyish figures to knockout, dead gorgeous young women. Each girl had waist length strawberry blonde hair. Their breasts seemed to have exploded over night -- transforming from mosquito bite sized pebbles to what appeared to be rather large handfuls. Whether a large C-cup or D-cup, makes no difference, their breasts were now in a word -- AWESOME. As well, they each possessed a Scarlet O'Hara type tiny waist that flared out to dynamite muscular bubble butts. All that bicycling, roller blading and now flex skate boarding had paid off on their leg development as well -- muscularly toned and well tapered -- not a sign of baby fat anywhere to be seen.

Oh, back to their bubble butts. One can not exclaim enough accolades of such beautiful, young, tight and well tones butts. These two had the type of butts of which an ass man dreams each and every night -- the type an ass man would have to flip a coin to decide if he wanted to sink his teeth into each marvelous globe or sink his throbbing cock in their puckered stars. Either way, to an ass man, it would be a win-win scenario no matter how the coin flip went.

And to confess, these two young women had caused me moments to pause each and every time we spoke. Even though those times were few and far between, I would have to concentrate on keeping my cock from bounding to full attention whenever we did speak. And yes, there had even been several occasions when I would awaken from a very vivid dream of these two beauties.

More recently, things had changed. I hadn't seen Bill's car for over two months. As well, the girls were outside more and more often. And praise the Lord above; the girls were wearing more contemporary clothes. Gone were the long sleeved, high neck blouses and baggy jeans. Here to stay were more and more revealing shirts and tops and, OH MY GOD, short denim shorts that barely contained their butts, and also gave the very definitive "camel toe" outlines of their pronounced clefts. Unfortunately, it was now time to concentrate even more to prevent a full raging hard-on while speaking to either girl.

Sandy had also made a change in her hair -- now cut to shoulder length; while Mandy had only trimmed hers to mid back. To further add to the mystery, their mother, I learned her name was Miranda, had also taken a new turn. She was now venturing out into the yard and wearing shorts, along with cool cotton blouses or an occasional halter top (an event that did not go un-noticed as prior to this she was NEVER seen outside). However, upon close inspection, I was able to see exactly where the girls had attained their beauty. The two girls were the spitting image of their mother -- long strawberry blonde hair, the same large breasts, a tiny waist, long well toned legs, and a simply irresistible ass. DAMN!

It was a Saturday -- that glorious, unforgettable Saturday, when my life began to change for the better. It was not quite noon when the door bell startled me as I seldom had visitors. When I opened the door, I'm not sure if my eyes or my cock recognized Sandy first. There before me, Sandy was wearing a pair of those skin tight denim short shorts (shorter and tighter than any pair of Daisy Dukes I had ever seen), a sleeveless blouse that had the top three buttons either missing or unbuttoned, the shirt tails tied around her waist, and obviously no bra (nor any need for one as her breasts were definitely "pointers", not "sitters"). It was tough to keep my jaw from hitting the floor -- as well to prevent the sudden urge to drool all over myself. I managed to finally speak.

"Well hello Sandy. To what do I owe the honor of your presence on a Saturday afternoon?"

"Mr. J, you had helped Dad with that used computer he bought some time ago. Dad said you seemed to know a lot about computers. Could you take a look at it again? Mandy and I are taking a computer literacy course at the community college and our computer at home seems to have just died," the blonde beauty requested.

"Not a problem Sandy. I'll be glad to look at it if it's OK with your Dad and Mom."

Sandy's smile turned to a rather sullen expression. After an elongated pause, she just opened up. It was as if somehow, the opportunity presented itself and she seized it to unload what had apparently been pent up inside her for some time. Maybe, as I was about to learn, it was her need for a male figure in her life.

"Our Dad doesn't live here any more. He just up and moved out one day a few of months ago. Mom won't say anything, but I know he left with another woman -- his office manager at his church. It is all the gossip at church, which is why we don't go any more."

"Sandy, I am so sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do to help you, your sister or your Mom, just let me know. I know it has to be tough on all three of you," I offered innocently.

"We'll be OK Mr. J. My Mom has her old teaching job at the high school. She was a teacher when she and our Dad met some 20 years ago. She's back at the same high school where she taught before. As well, she is also cleaning homes evenings and weekends to bring in extra money. Mandy and I are working part time with Mom's cleaning service and going to school full time. Mandy and I work jobs during the day around our class schedules and Mom does the evening and weekend jobs. So we are doing OK on our own. But there are just some things Mom, Mandy and I don't know how to do. Like our damn computer."

Sandy's eyes grew wide as soon as she realized she had sworn. She looked up at me and I just smiled at her, which seemed to cause her anguish to subside and to be replaced with a wide smile.

"Mom is the one who sent me down to ask you. So I know it's OK for you to come down and take a look at our computer. That is, if you're agreeable. Mandy and I would be most appreciative."

"OK, give me a minute to grab my shirt and my electronics tool bag. I can't promise anything, but I'll take a look and give it my best try to get you up and running again."

"Thanks a lot Mr. J. Want me to wait?"

"Come on in. It will only take me a minute or two."

'Thanks Mr. J. It feels good in here -- nice and cool. Mom has the thermostat turned up several degrees to cut down on our AC bill. We keep the windows open and use some fans to create a breeze. But it is still warm in the house. Hope you don't mind being around half-dressed women."

Sandy was smiling broadly -- akin to the cat that ate the canary. She was also glancing at the crotch of my gym shorts. As much as I had concentrated, it was no use. I had a raging hard-on that was quite evident in my shorts. You just can't hide 10 inches of hard cock very well in a skimpy pair of gym shorts. Turning, I went down the hall to grab a shirt and my sandals ... and try to get my cock to subside a bit.

"Should I change shorts, Sandy, or will these be OK? Maybe your Mom won't think these very appropriate."

"Oh no, Mr. J. Those will be fine. No telling how warm it will get in the house today. You should be comfortable. And Mom will most likely be dressed just as cool, if not more so. Since Dad left, it's like she is an entirely different person. Mandy and I aren't sure who buys the more revealing clothes now, us or Mom." Sandy openly giggled after her last remark.

In my bedroom, I just shook my head as I heard her giggling after her last remark. I kept telling myself, 'Damn it man. She's only 19 and you're in your early 50s. Don't let your imagination get the best of you. Stay cool, calm and collected.' Yeah right! I felt like throwing Sandy over the arm of my sofa and fucking her senseless. I fetched my shirt and sandals only to duck into the master bath to try and get my cock to cooperate. As well, I splashed some cool tap water on my face. Looking up, I saw an idiot with a shit-eating grin staring back at me in the mirror. Good grief! What am I getting myself into?

When I returned to the den, Sandy was half sitting on my loveseat, almost spread eagle with one leg nonchalantly draped over the arm of the loveseat, bouncing her dangling foot up and down as if in rhythm to some unheard music. Her shorts had ridden up and I could swear that short wisps of her strawberry blonde pubic hair were creeping out of the edge of her camel toe cleft. I couldn't keep from staring openly at the V between her legs. As she looked up, she grinned widely again, causing me to almost be embarrassed at being caught -- ALMOST.

"Um ... OK Sandy. Ready when you are. Lead the way."

"Let's go then, as long as you're sure you're UP to it."

Sandy made no pretense in either the way she emphasized the word "up" or in the way she looked directly at my crotch and then giggled before opening my front door and leading me down the three houses to hers. As she opened her front door, my jaw again almost dropped. There before me with an outstretched hand was her drop dead gorgeous Mom. And just as Sandy had intimated, her Mom was dressed in equally short, tight shorts and a similar blouse as Sandy was wearing, tied at the waist with all the other buttons undone. It was easy to see from her cleavage that she was not wearing a bra, and like her daughters, did not need one.

"Thank you for coming to our rescue. The girls have a mid-term project due for their computer lit class, and I have no idea of what to do. Oh my gosh, please excuse me. I'm Miranda. Even though we've bumped into one another, we've never been introduced. I know the girls and their father call you Mr. J. But that's all I know," she smiled, her hand reaching out to greet mine.

Shaking her soft hand, I replied casually, "Please, call me Doc. That goes for you and your daughters as well. I'll take a look and see what I can do for the ailing computer. But just as I told Sandy, I can't make any promises. Uh, aren't you one short? Where's Mandy?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. Mandy is in the shower trying to cool off a bit. The computer is in the girls' bedroom. Unfortunately, that is also where Mandy is showering, so you will need to wait a few more minutes. Why don't you sit here in the den, if that's OK with you? The fan will keep us cool. Well, sort of. Would you like something to drink? We have iced tea, soda or water."

"Anything will be fine; which ever is easiest for you."

Sandy and Miranda both went into the kitchen. Damn! Two of the finest asses were swaying before me -- both well defined, muscular, and so damn inviting. Damn it -- have to realign my cock again! No use -- the two returned before I could do anything. And both noticed! Their glances were not too obvious at first, but their smiles were. Miranda also had a bit of a blush creeping up her chest and along her neck when she realized I had caught her staring. The more she took notice of my situation, the broader the blush grew. Sandy soon began take notice to the point she was almost staring. I could swear she licked her lips, but that had to be my imagination playing tricks on me. Right? Miranda's hand shook a bit as she finally handed me a glass of iced tea.

Just as Miranda and Sandy seated themselves across from me trying not to overtly stare at "my condition", Mandy comes bounding into the room with a towel wrapped around her wet head -- and that was all. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me sitting in the den, which caused her breasts to jiggle just right -- at least just right for me. As well, when she came to a dead stop, her legs were spread wide enough to give me a complete view of her trimmed strawberry blonde bush and pouty outer labial lips. She had one of those deer in the headlights expressions. And I now had a raging hard-on from hell. I'm not sure of the four of us, who was more surprised - Mandy at me being seated in front of her, Miranda and Sandy at the size and girth of my now throbbing hard-on, or me at the lovely sight before me.

I immediately moved the cold glass of iced tea atop my hard cock and I swear I could hear steam coming from the glass!

Mandy finally snapped to her senses and bolted back to her bedroom. As if on cue, the three of us burst into awkward laughter at the situation.

'Well, Doc. Welcome to the family. As you know, that was Mandy. I apologize for the abrupt introduction."

"Not a problem. Things happen."

"They sure do." Miranda and Sandy laughed as they both were staring at the glass of iced tea atop my raging hard-on. The sweating glass of iced tea had just made my shorts wet and caused the outline of my hard cock to be even more pronounced.

I just shook my head in disbelief. What am I doing here? And what am I getting myself into?

Mandy finally reappeared, dressed, just barely; wearing rather translucent cotton sleeveless top and matching short shorts. She plopped down next to her Mom.

"What's so funny? Were you guys laughing at me? How embarrassing! Someone could have said we had a house guest," Mandy said with a pout, clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

"No, honey; we weren't laughing at you. We were laughing at, how shall I say it, how you never know who or WHAT is going to pop up around here."

Miranda and Sandy both smiled at that comment and once again, mother and daughter took a quick gaze at my "predicament". Sandy nudged Mandy and nodded toward my direction. Mandy immediately took notice of the outline of my large, hard cock that was most visible through my now wet gym shorts. I grabbed my electronics tool bag and while holding it in front of me, I stood up. My legs felt like rubber and were beginning to quiver slightly.

"OK, show me where this sick computer resides. And then give me some time to analyze the situation," I asked, attempting a way out of my awkward, yet stimulating, situation.

"Is he going to fix our computer, Sis?"

"That's the idea, Mandy. Mom had me go ask Doc if he would help us out. So he brought his tools. And from the looks of it, I think he has all the right equipment."

I did my best to conceal my slight gasp at the obvious innuendo, my cock twitching yet again against my will.

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